first_imgLoad remaining images Setlist: Greensky Bluegrass at The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, IL – 3/16/16Set 1: Help!, Lose My Way, Windshield, Working on a Building, Wheel Hoss, The Four (1) > Wings for Wheels, All Four, DemonsSet 2: In Control, That’s What Love Will Make You Do, New Rize Hill, Casual Wednesday, Cold Feet, Leap Year (2), Old Barns, Hit Parade of Love, Bottle Dry, Better Off, Living OverE: Gumboots(1) Extended jam out of “The Four”(2) Bustin’ Loose teasesFull gallery of images below: There’s just no denying that Greensky Bluegrass is a band on fire. Their live shows continue to bring a passionate intensity, and fans everywhere can’t get enough of their music. The group recently rolled in to The Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL, playing their hearts out for a fun-loving show. The group opened up with a cover of The Beatles’ “Help!” and went into newer songs “Lose My Way” and “Windshield,” keeping up the energy throughout. A cover of Jerry Garcia’s “That’s What Love Will Make You Do” and Jimmy Martin’s “Hit Parade Of Love” punctuated a great second set full of Greensky originals.Thanks to photographer Rily Cochran, we have a gallery from the performance. Dig it:last_img read more

first_imgCan’t use it, can’t lose it. That’s the dilemma farmers have faced for years withcanceled chemicals and empty pesticide containers.But two programs run by the University of Georgia Extension Service and the Georgia Department of Agriculture (DOA) offer alegal, low-cost option that helps farmers protect the environment.”The Pesticide Container Recycling and Georgia Clean Day programs help farmers whoreally want to do the right thing,” said Paul Guillebeau, an Extension Serviceentomologist with the UGA College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences.”They know it’s best to safely dispose of containers and pesticides,” hesaid. “But they haven’t always had a good way to do that.”Hundreds of tons of canceled chemicals and empty pesticide jugs sit in or behind barns,shelters and outbuildings on farms across the state. Canceled pesticides were once-legalproducts that have become illegal because of Environmental Protection Agency regulationsor voluntary action by the manufacturer.Farmers must get rid of them carefully to keep from contaminating groundwater or soil.Guillebeau works with Jarrell Jarrett, aDOA special projects coordinator. They arrange to safely dispose of high-densitypolyethylene jugs and farm chemicals all around the state.Jarrett said the jugs are fairly easy to take care of.”They have to be rinsed properly by the farmer, collected, chipped and shipped toa facility in Texas,” he said. “There, they’re melted and recast into plasticgoods like pallets and fence posts.”That’s an aspect Guillebeau likes best about the program. “The products arereused,” he said, “but also end up saving wood by replacing it in products thatare otherwise made from trees.”Farmers have two legal ways to get rid of pesticide jugs: recycling or landfills.”But they take up so much space in landfills,” Jarrett said. “And manylandfills won’t take them because of pesticide residue concerns.”In 1997, Georgia farmers recycled 200,000 pounds of containers, or more than 260,0002.5-gallon jugs.Safely disposing of the canceled pesticides takes a little more effort. Georgia CleanDay began in 1991 to help farmers get old chemicals to a safe disposal site.Jarrett works with Guillebeau and county extension agents to plan collection days. Theagents arrange a place in the county and advertise the Georgia Clean Day.Farmers must make reservations. They fill out a form telling the kind and amount of thechemical and the condition of its container.The agents tally the amounts and send it to Jarrett, without names. “This programis anonymous,” he said. “On the collection day, you don’t even have to get outof the truck.”The waste pesticides are collected, sorted, stored and shipped to a contractedhazardous waste disposal company.Guillebeau said the products are usually incinerated. The company burns them at veryhigh temperatures. It pipes the smoke and fumes through air scrubbers to remove any toxinsbefore they reach the atmosphere.Both programs are free to farmers. The DOA, Extension Service and United Ag Productsteam up to fund the pesticide and container collection and disposal.In 1998, for the first time, the Georgia legislature funded the Clean Day. Theyallocated $240,000 to expand the program to more sites. “That funding will allow usto safely dispose of 162,000 pounds of chemicals,” Guillebeau said.The programs are for farm chemicals only. But Guillebeau and Jarrett hope to expandthem to include other toxic products such as household pesticides. The main barrier ismoney. “We simply don’t have the funds right now to cover it,” Jarrett said.Want to know more about safely getting rid of such chemicals? Call your countyextension office. Ask for the “Guide to Best Management Practices for HouseholdHazardous Waste.”last_img read more

first_img Enjoy chef-prepared farm-to-table meals, drawing on world cuisine, and prepared with fresh produce from our organic greenhouses, botanical garden and fruit tree orchards, helping you stay nourished and balanced. With social distancing, contact-free and other protocols in place to keep you safe and healthy, Eupepsia’s boutique resort in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains provides a safe haven that allows complete privacy on the welcoming, open 256 acres grounds, with an integrated approach centered around countless outdoor wellness activities, personalized immunity boosting programs, assessments and one-on-one consultations coupled with delicious, organic plant-based cuisine savored al fresco on the property’s many outdoor dining settings. YOGA AND FITNESS Set on a nature walk, lose yourself in the sounds, colors and scents of the forest, and experience deep mindfulness and connection with nature. Or grab your bike and cycle to the top of Big Walker Mountain, where you can enjoy a breathtaking, panoramic view of five neighboring states. BOOK NOW AND ENJOY EUPEPSIA WELLNESS STAYCATIONS AT SPECIAL RATES. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Find out more at Call 276-722-0584 or Email [email protected] Relax and unwind with our water leisure activities: Enjoy canoeing and pedal boating on the Eupepsia Pond. Savor breathtaking views whilst kayaking down the New River or swimming in mountain creeks and waterfalls. ASSESSMENTS, CONSULTATIONS & WORKSHOPS OUTDOOR SPA, TREATMENTS AND THERAPIES Eupepsia’s 2020 Wellness Staycations focus on nature therapy to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Appealing to anybody keen to re-balance and boost their immunity, Eupepsia Wellness Staycations are also ideal as Wellness Sabbaticals for professionals who are working from home or want to combine work with wellness to improve their health. Book a Eupepsia Wellness Staycation today and Experience the Eupepsia difference, which has earned the boutique wellness resort the #2 Best Wellness Resort ranking nationwide from voters in USA Today’s Readers’ Choice awards.  Guests with more specific wellness needs can also book specialized assessments, such as Ayurvedic evaluations, and one-on-one consultations. Experience a meditative yoga session in Eupepsia’s open-air yoga studios on the pond or in the pergola. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy quiet contemplation in our gardens or relax by the creek to experience full tranquility and serenity. Discover the healing and detoxing power of water therapy in Eupepsia’s outdoor spa and relish the endless nature view while swimming in our hydrotherapy pool or soaking in our outdoor power jet pool. center_img Head outside for a fitness session and experience the benefits of “green exercise”: enhanced vital energy, focus, mental and physical strength as well as increased stamina, lower blood pressure, uplifted emotions, increased blood flow and improved lung capacity. Take a guided hike along the forest trails starting on the property. Breathe in some of the purest air in the nation on one of the 7 hiking trails in and around the property, connected to the Appalachian Trail and nearby Jefferson National Forest. WATER LEISURE AND ADVENTURE Eupepsia’s Wellness Staycations are part of the Virginia Wellness Lifestyle focused on the great outdoors, living with nature, for nature, by nature. Bland County specifically, the home of Eupepsia, and neighboring Giles County are known as a nature’s paradise, with endless scenic vistas, historical landmarks, outdoor activities, and abundant rivers, lakes and streams and with numerous hiking and biking trails connected to neighboring counties. To complement their activities and treatments, all guests are invited to attend a variety of transformative talks and workshops during their stay at Eupepsia. Engage in gardening therapy in our organic greenhouses. Join our horticulturist on a tour of our vegetables, herbs and Ayurvedic plants and learn about organic gardening hands-on. Pamper yourself with one of our signature massage and re-balancing treatments in our outdoor Cabanas and relax to the soft trickling sound of the nearby creek. COMFORT AND SAFETY ALFRESCO DINING With its mission to help people strengthen their health naturally to achieve inner and outer balance – and taking advantage of the glorious summer weather—the award-winning Eupepsia Wellness Resort launched Outdoor Wellness, a full-fledged offering of personalized wellness staycations, harnessing the positive impact of nature on health and wellbeing. Now at Special Rates. HIKES, BIKING AND NATURE WALKS Eupepsia is our home away from home for our guests, and keeping them safe is our highest priority. Our Contemporary Guests rooms have been designed with this in mind, opening directly onto the outdoors, offering direct access to open spaces with ample fresh air and privacy and with contactless features, allowing guests to be safely on social distance. last_img read more

first_img 52SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Elry Armaza Elry Armaza is passionate about finding proactive solutions in a financial industry riddled with disruption. As Impact Director, he brings the best of Filene’s research and innovation into action. … Web: Details Have you noticed how much power the rating of an app has? Think about it, the last time you were looking for a GPS, exercise tracking, or mobile game. You likely based your decision to download the app (even at a cost) on its rating.We have grown comfortable relying on others’ opinions and we assume that these anonymous raters offer unbiased insights. After all, this is what we do with other experiences, from what restaurant to choose for dinner tonight to the hotel selection for your next family vacation.What about a mobile banking app?I have been investing much time lately (between November 2015 and February 2016 I studied 75 mobile banking apps) helping credit unions through the work we do at Filene with our Digital Strategies program. In that effort, I have uncovered a trend among app ratings in Apple’s App Store. The rating of the app had more to do with the users’ expectation rather than the app’s functionality.I found financial institutions with a robust app platform, built from scratch, offering good user experience, and with innovative features, with low ratings. In fact, the top 10 largest national banks averaged 3.1 stars out of 5. And the top 10 largest credit unions averaged 2.8 stars. If Angry Birds had this type of ratings, the world wouldn’t have experienced the eighteen versions that they since launched.At the other side of the spectrum, some medium size and small credit unions’ mobile banking apps with the highest ratings (4.5 stars and up) shared the same interface developer. The ratings are the complete opposite. The features perform well, but are rather basic, there are no bells and whistles here, and yet these apps enjoy high ratings.Why are mobile banking app ratings not directly tied to the innovative features or strongest and most robust experiences?My hypothesis based on the verbatim comments in the ratings is that we have one set of people rating the apps of the large and innovative financial institutions as if they were rating features in a luxury SUV, while a distinct group of people is rating the apps of the medium size credit unions as if they were rating features available in a small economy vehicle.Some of the harshest reviews given to the top 10 banks and credit unions are comparisons to other financials within this same group. They are based on advanced features like the ability for the mobile app to offer money management tools, predict future balances in real time, and activate and deactivate a card from the app. Members’ reviews given to the medium size or small credit unions for their app interface used phrases as “being easy to use,” “reliable,” and “meeting the expectations for everyday banking.”This ratings story emphasizes the importance of building for your members and solving their biggest problems and challenges. Also, who are building for? Is it the member of today or the member you want to attract for tomorrow? In either case, don’t let a positive rating “fool you” into believing that the mobile experience is exceptional. If your credit union is working on redesigning your mobile banking app and your goal is to offer innovative digital solutions to your members, let’s say closer to a “crossover vehicle” experience, pay close attention to members’ feedback. If you see a decline on your app’s rating with members pointing to new functionality that the app is missing, you might indeed be attracting a new segment of members. And that lower rating might be a positive indicator that your program is going in the right direction.last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York It will be theater in the ‘rough’ in more ways than one when Bonney/King Productions brings Lyle Kessler’s dark drama, “Orphans,” to Conklin Barn in Huntington for a two-week run opening Thursday.Hosting the show is the circa 1830 Conklin Barn, one of the few surviving hand-built shelters from the early days of the Long Island settlers, which was moved from Laurel Hollow to its present location in 1990. The rugged structure provides an intimate venue suited to theater in the round and for this drama, which explores the vagaries of the human soul and longings of individuals who are rough around the edges.“It is a diamond in the rough,” said Sean King of Smithtown, who co-produced and stars in the show as Harold, a complex father figure.The story line follows two brothers, Treat and Philip, orphaned at an early age, who are living in an unconventional world of their own creation in a dilapidated North Philly row house. Treat supports the pair through petty thievery while Philip, instilled by his brother with fear of the outside world, is a virtual shut-in. The dynamics shift when Treat brings home Harold, an inebriated businessman who has reasons of his own for assuming the uneasy role of surrogate father to the two dysfunctional young men.Treat, the volcanic brother, played by Aaron Dalla Villa, and the child-like, sensitive Philip, played by Jay William Thomas, were cast after 600 actors saw the ad in Backstage magazine, and turned out to audition in a Manhattan studio.“Orphans” is the second summer theater production that King and Jim Bonney of Huntington have staged at the Conklin Barn. Bonney is at the helm again as director.King and Bonney’s first production, “Prisoners and Criminals,” played to a sold-out house last summer. Based on an original script by Canadian playwright Jared Wright, “Prisoners and Criminals” garnered 2014 awards for Long Island’s Best Play, Actor and Director from Broadway World for Bonney and King.Following this triumph, Bonney—electrified after he saw the Broadway revival of “Orphans” with Alec Baldwin and Ben Foster—was determined to bring it to Huntington audiences.King, who has made a career of playing tormented souls, is equally excited about producing this show with Bonney.“’Orphans’ premiered on stage in Los Angeles in 1983 with Joe Pantoliano of Sopranos’ fame and the late Lane Smith, who starred as Richard Nixon in ‘The Final Days,’” King said. “‘Orphans’ went on to be produced all over the world, including a very successful London run. It was nominated for a Tony for Best Revival of a Play.”The story of lost boys who live on the outskirts of society, yet crave a normalcy, still resonates today, Bonney said of the drama with comic overtones.The basis for the 1987 film starring Albert Finney and Matthew Modine, King said that this hard-hitting drama established Kessler as a playwright and showcases some of his finest writing. The playwright will be in attendance at the Sept. 4 performance, which will be followed by a question and answer period.It is all part of King and Bonney’s vision to bring theater that takes audiences out of their comfort zones to Huntington.“Audiences need to be exposed to all kinds of theater,” Bonney said. “We want to create a theater collective, a space where new playwrights can see their work come to life.”The Conklin Barn is located at 2 High St. off New York Ave. in downtown Huntington. The show opens on Aug. 20 for a 12-performance run through Sept. 5. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at read more

first_imgThings are heating up at the American Legion Post 80 in Binghamton where the 30th year of the dinner will take place. “Over the course of those five days, we roast about 150 turkeys. Give or take, because it’s by pound. It’s about 3,000 pounds,” said Bandera. “Setting the stage so that volunteers have a clean place and a fun-filled place to help us do turkeys,” said Bandera. While the work leading up to Christmas can be a lot, it’s all worth it in the end. “People by hand are chopping 300 pounds of celery, 300 pounds of onions and that’s a whole day or day and a half process. And that gets sauteed and cooked so everything like that is a step. One step at a time and then we put it all together,” said Bandera. He says he wants everything to be perfect for when the day of the dinner comes. Each year, the Bandera Christmas Dinner also provides meals for delivery. “There’s something about this year being 30 that really speaks to my heart,” said organizer Bill Bandera. “Sometimes you get the feeling like, oh man two weeks of work and 20 minutes of eating and it’s over. But that 20 minutes lasts a lifetime for a lot of people and I say this all the time, it’s not just about the people we serve it’s about the people serving them. And it’s a win-win for everybody,” said Bandera.center_img Throughout the first five days, the focus is the main meal. “It’s a staple in this community now and I would feel like I’m letting them down if I wasn’t able to continue at the same level that we’ve done for the past 30 years,” said Bandera. Preps start so far out because everything is homemade. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — It’s that time of year again, with Christmas two weeks away, preparations are underway for the annual Bandera Family Christmas Dinner. Preparations take 10 to 12 days and it starts with cleaning up the locations where dinner is being served. This year dinner is being served at three locations including the American Legion Post 80 in Binghamton, the American Legion Post 189 in Norwich, and at the St. Ambrose Church in Endicott. For more information, or if you would like to volunteer, click here.last_img read more

first_imgNippon Life Insurance Company is to hold a 5% stake in DWS once the asset manager is listed, Deutsche Bank said today.DWS and Nippon Life have also agreed a strategic partnership, which will include a contribution of assets under management to DWS, opportunities for distribution, and joint product development for an initial period of five years.A representative of the Japanese insurer will also be a member of DWS’s supervisory board.Nicolas Moreau, member of the management board of Deutsche Bank and CEO of DWS, said: “Our strategic alliance is consistent with, and will help accelerate, our focus on growing in the Asia region.” The plans were announced in a statement about the terms of listing DWS, which Deutsche Bank last month confirmed it would proceed with. DWS is the new brand for the asset manager, to be rolled out after the IPO.The bank today said it would sell 20% of DWS shares, with the possibility of increasing this to up to 25% in the event of particularly strong demand.The shares are to be offered at between €30 to €36 per share. Based on that price range, DWS’s market capitalisation would be between €6bn to €7.2bn.Commission ‘disappoints’ with CMU plans for investment funds European Commission (EC) plans to amend private equity and venture capital laws could make it harder for private equity fund managers to raise cross-border capital from EU investors, according to trade body Invest Europe.It said the Commission had proposed amendments that would prevent fund managers from sharing draft marketing materials with investors, which would impede their ability to negotiate a deal.“The Commission’s latest proposal goes against its good intentions for a Capital Markets Union that improves cross-border capital flows,” said Michael Collins, CEO of Invest Europe.The Commission today presented a package of proposals aimed at completing the Capital Markets Union (CMU) project. The sustainable finance action plan it presented on Thursday also came under the heading of the CMU, along with fintech proposals also revealed last week.Today the Commission presented three sets of proposals, one of which was for rules designed to eliminate barriers to the cross-border distribution of investment funds in the EU. Some of these rules were intended to facilitate pre-marketing activities by asset managers but Invest Europe was concerned the proposed wording could have the opposite effect.In seeking to come up with harmonised definition of pre-marketing for different types of funds, the Commission had not taken due account of the way in which private equity operated compared with other alternative funds or retail funds, Invest Europe said. Draft marketing materials were “an important part of the ongoing dialogue between fund managers and investors, including pension funds and insurers”, said Invest Europe’s CEO. The EC said easier cross-border distribution was expected to speed up growth of a single EU market for investment funds and boost competition between asset managers. Its proposal consists of a regulation and a directive, and “is designed to improve transparency, remove overly complex and burdensome requirements and harmonise diverging national rules,” it said. The German fund management association, BVI, said the Commission’s proposal was “disappointing” and created new obstacles rather than eliminating existing ones. BVI’s statement focused on provisions relating to the conditions a manager could de-register a fund in a given national market. Thomas Richter, CEO of BVI, said: “Instead of removing barriers to cross-border distribution the Commission would rather assign new powers to the European Securities and Markets Authority and scale back the powers of national supervisory authorities.”Costing the EC sustainable finance planAsset managers could face increased execution risk and higher costs as a consequence of EU legislation clarifying their duties with regard to sustainability, according to Moody’s.The rating agency was commenting on the EC’s sustainable finance action plan, which was unveiled last week.Asset managers would need greater environmental, social and governance (ESG) expertise if they were required to incorporate ESG considerations in every investment decision they made, the credit ratings agency said.“Finding consistent, high-quality data to guide ESG investing is a particular challenge, given a lack of universally accepted ESG definitions and standard reporting guidelines,” said Moody’s analysts.“As sustainability is not binary by nature, and its criteria are mostly qualitative, it is complex and costly to track, analyse and report. Firms that either lack this capability, or possess it only in rudimentary form, will need to acquire it or build it up internally.”Envisaged enhanced disclosure requirements would also entail additional costs as asset managers would need to explain how they take ESG factors into consideration and update their product offering and prospectuses accordingly. They would also need to expand internal systems to track compliance, because non-compliance could lead to fines.last_img read more

first_img Sunderland would have pushed on considerably further had the key decisions in Saturday’s game gone their way, but ultimately had to settle for a 13th league draw of the season and the seventh stalemate which left them in 16th place and three points clear of the drop zone. Referee Mike Jones’ decision to book rather than send off defender Joleon Lescott for a fifth-minute foul on Danny Graham, which was spotted by assistant Constantine Hatzidakis, irked Poyet more than the pair’s ruling that Adam Johnson was offside after he had appeared to put the home side ahead on the stroke of half-time. The Uruguayan said: “I have watched it 20 times – he stopped and yes, it’s onside. It’s a tough one. I understand that referees are human beings and the linesman from 40 yards, the ball is flying and when he looks, Jonno is two yards behind, the perfect run. He can give the offside. “I’ll take that one. It hurts because it was a goal, but I’ll take it. But the first one, no. The first one was a straightforward red card, and I don’t think there’s any doubt.” West Brom extended their run under Tony Pulis to just one defeat in nine games in all competitions, although by the manager’s own admission, they were not at their best and even Saido Berahino failed to impress in front of watching England boss Roy Hodgson. Pulis said: “Saido has been fantastic for us, but he took a knock early on in the game and he struggled with his ankle. But we wanted to keep him on because he has been playing so well for us. “He can do things, special things, so we kept him on there. He is also a young lad who has to learn when things are not going well for him, he has to work hard for the rest of the team. He has done that and I am very, very pleased. “Although we didn’t play very well and he has had better days, his effort and commitment were first-class.” Press Association He said: “If that’s what people want to say, that’s fine. I believe I bring something to the team – I think I could bring something to most teams. “I’d like to think I help players on the pitch, that’s a key asset for me. I like to think I drive players on and get more out of them. “That’s one of my strong attributes and if that’s been missed, it’s been missed. But I’d like to think I am back now and I want to push on and I want to finish the season strongly.” Cattermole’s return could hardly be more timely for Poyet after back-to-back 2-0 defeats by league rivals QPR and League One Bradford in the FA Cup fifth round had cast a pall over Wearside. The former Middlesbrough and Wigan man could only look on helplessly as a chance to go one better than last season’s Capital One Cup final appearance went begging, but he will not allow himself or his team-mates to dwell upon a missed opportunity. He said: “It killed me watching the Bradford game. I was really disappointed on the back of last season and being so close to winning the Capital One Cup. “That was something I really felt we could go and push on and get a good draw. It would have kept our season really alive, it would have kept a real buzz. “But now we have got to push on and put every bit of focus on the league because it’s such a tough division and it’s proving to be really hard work.” The 26-year-old midfielder returned after a 10-game injury lay-off to provide fresh impetus as the Black Cats were controversially denied a much-needed Barclays Premier League victory over West Brom on Saturday with many commentators citing his absence as one of the key factors in a worrying run of form. Cattermole modestly side-stepped suggestions that his unavailability because of groin and knee injuries had impacted so heavily on Gus Poyet’s team, but vowed to bring his characteristic vigour to the mission to ease the club up the table, which started with a frustrating 0-0 draw against the Baggies. Lee Cattermole is ready to be the driving force behind a Sunderland resurgence as he attempts to spark another successful survival fight. last_img read more

first_imgWorld number one Rory McIlroy will not defend his WGC-Bridgestone Invitational title next week as he continues his recovery from a serious ankle injury. Medical experts suggested the Northern Irishman could face three months on the sidelines and the 26-year-old confirmed on Wednesday that he would not be able to compete at Firestone Country Club in Akron from August 6-9. “Unfortunately, I will not be defending my World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational title,” McIlroy said in a statement from tournament organisers. “Best of luck to all the competitors and I look forward to returning to Firestone in 2016.” McIlroy won the Open, Bridgestone Invitational and US PGA in consecutive appearances last summer, his wire-to-wire victory at Hoylake meaning he needs to win the Masters at Augusta National to complete a career grand slam. Announcing his decision to withdraw from the Open earlier this month, McIlroy said he was taking a “long-term view” of the injury and would not return to action until he felt “100% healthy and 100% competitive”. Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke suggested that meant McIlroy, who could soon be overtaken in the world rankings by Jordan Spieth, would not be back until ”early next year” as he accepted an award on his fellow Northern Irishman’s behalf at the Old Course. However, Clarke later insisted his comment was meant as a joke and a spokesman for McIlroy told Press Association Sport: ”There was no basis for Darren’s comments. Rory’s rehabilitation is progressing well but his return date is not yet known.” Tournament officials also announced that four-time PGA Tour winner Chris Kirk will not compete in Akron after failing to recover from the broken hand he suffered while playing with his children before the Open. And that increases the likelihood that the four-time major winner will also be unable to defend the following week’s US PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. McIlroy suffered a ”total rupture” of the anterior talofibular ligament in his left ankle while playing football with friends on July 4 and was forced to miss the Scottish Open and the defence of his Open title at St Andrews. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on December 31, 2017 at 10:52 pm Contact Billy: [email protected] | @Wheyen3 With just under four minutes remaining in the first half on Sunday, the ball was batted around in the Syracuse offensive half. Bodies hit the floor and SU’s Marek Dolezaj dove and won the ball. From his backside, he kicked it out to Frank Howard on the right wing, who sent a skip pass to Tyus Battle on the left. Battle canned the three to put the Orange up 11. It was just the kind of offense Syracuse needed against a high-powered Virginia Tech.“Marek’s stats don’t show it, but he was really good,” Jim Boeheim said.On New Year’s Eve at the Carrier Dome, it was Syracuse (12-2, 1-0 Atlantic Coast) shooting a better percentage than one of the nation’s best offenses, Virginia Tech (11-3, 0-1), in its 68-56 win. The Hokies entered the game shooting 54.5 percent from the field. But SU shot 48.9 percent from the floor compared to VT’s 34.6 percent in the victory.Three of the first four buckets of the game came from the Orange as the Hokies struggled to find open looks. The first came from Oshae Brissett going up strong on an attempt from the right block. The next was courtesy of Matthew Moyer after an offensive rebound. And the third was scored by Tyus Battle, driving toward the basket, on a floater. The common theme: all three featured an SU player getting to the rim.“We’re the do-whatever-it-takes team,” Howard said. “Whatever it takes, we’re gonna try to do it.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textEvery pregame number suggested Syracuse wouldn’t outshoot Virginia Tech from deep. As expected, SU didn’t outshoot VT from beyond. Syracuse shot the same percentage (33), with the Hokies making twice as many (10-5), but the Orange made 3s when it had to, like the Battle three in the first half and his backbreaking deep ball in the second half to put SU up 14.But it was inside the arc where the difference came for Syracuse. For the game, SU finished at 56.3 percent on 2s. The Hokies were just 36.4 percent from inside the 3-point line.“Some games we don’t have good shooting games, but I know we have good shooters,” Howard said. “… Just gotta find our groove and our rhythm.”Just past the midway point of the first half, Howard drove right. He planted his feet with a bit of a pump fake, stepped through towards the basket and around his defender with his right foot, leaned in to take some contact and elevated to swish a righty jumper.Battle didn’t waste any time the next trip down the floor, as he brought the ball up after VT threw the ball away, used a screen from Dolezaj, drove a few dribbles left and rose to knock down a free-throw line jumper for two of his 17 points.After the Hokies offense seemed to have awoken, two big 2-point baskets led to Battle’s dagger 3 that put SU up 14. On the second, Battle ignored a screen to drive left and instead drove right, towards the baseline. From the other corner, Matthew Moyer crashed towards the basket. Battle fed Moyer for a huge dunk that put the Carrier Dome on the verge of pandemonium.“That sequence was … one of the most momentum-changing sequences I’ve seen or been a part of,” Moyer said.Without the two easy 2s before Battle’s 3, the 3-pointer wouldn’t have meant as much. With them, it meant plenty.Virginia Tech wasn’t going anywhere and Syracuse had to keep getting to the basket to hold off the Hokies. Brissett got another basket in the post on a baby right hook to get to his final total of 19. Dolezaj set up Moyer for another finish at the rim, albeit a tame lay-in this time. Moyer got another slam soon enough when Battle set him up for a dunk off another cut with about two and a half minutes left to put SU up 20.“We have so many guys that can step up on a given night,” Battle said. “And I know I don’t have any pressure to make something happen or do something special here.”That second Moyer dunk was Syracuse’s last field goal of the contest. The redshirt freshman Moyer is prone to a post-dunk fist pump or two. But on that finish, he just ran back down the floor. There was still a potent offense to shut down. Commentslast_img read more

first_imgcredit: UNICEF  It is extremely ironic that as the community celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, characterized mainly by overindulging in a feast, thousands of Americans have little to be thankful for as they agonize in poverty and related hunger.  40 percent of Americans living in poverty Earlier this year, a UN report indicated that 40 percent of Americans were living in poverty, including 5 percent who were living in “absolute poverty” similar to the poor in Third World countries.Associated with this high level of poverty usually is a high rate of hunger, especially among children in rural America and American inner cities.Millions of Americans have or are experiencing hunger mainly because of poverty, brought about by either unemployment, underemployment, disability, or misuse of whatever money they have on addictive habits like gambling, alcoholism and drugs. However, very few people accept a life of poverty and hunger by choice. Rather the poverty they experience is a result of often inescapable circumstances. Meanwhile, it is questionable, whether or not some people, although they are financial burdened could avoid the hunger afflicting their families. Contradictions  A local study in which CNW participated recently revealed a contradiction relevant to poverty being experienced by some South Florida families.  The study found there are poor families who are cutting back on food and groceries in order to have their low and declining incomes meet their expenses. The food budget in most households included in this study was down by an average of 12 percent. On the other hand, the study revealed some of the same families were deliberately cutting back on expenditure for food and were saving at least $50 a week to spend on holiday shopping. Fifty dollars a week could easily have made the difference between eating decently for a week or going hungry.Mis-prioritizing scarce income The implication from this study is some of the over 40 million Americans experiencing poverty and related hunger could result from them mis-prioritizing scare funds at their disposal.  There are incidences of heads of so-called poor households,  driving expensive, late model motor vehicles to supermarkets to purchase food with food stamps. It’s assumed these people received food stamps to assist them to be food secure because they met poverty guidelines that qualified them for government assistance. Then, some of these same people complain their food stamp allocation is insufficient to adequately feed the family, and further complain when their assistance is terminated. Yet they hang on to their expensive vehicles, when trading them for less expensive units or utilizing public transportation, could help to put food on the family table.Sometimes, it isn’t possible to differentiate between Americans who are experiencing hunger because of mis-placed priorities, and those who absolutely have little or no financial resources with which to feed their family. Poverty has no particular identification In America, unlike some poorer countries, hunger or poverty have no particular identification.  A well-dressed individual could be someone who is unable to buy a decent meal for days. Well-dressed children attending school daily may have no dinner to go home to. Only few people go walking around with signs indicating, “I’ll work for food.”  The fact is, whether deliberate or through real unfortunate circumstances no one, much less over 40 million Americans, should having limited access to food, even occasionally. Like personal wealth, food is too unequally distributed in this country. Hunger not solved by chartable feedingThe problem of hunger is not solved by the occasional charitable meal offered to the poor and hungry at Thanksgiving, Christmas and on weekends, or by delivering buckets of leftover food to homeless shelters. The society, not just the government, must find ways to effectively distribute the prevailing lopsided wealth experienced by only a few to those perpetually locked in the cycle of poverty.Regardless of the status of statewide and national economies it should be a priority to sustain (and better manage) social programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or food stamp program. Means should also be taken to ensure more children from financial needy homes have access to school meals daily, and even when schools are not in session,  Granted, society usually bear the financial burden of these extended measures to the financially challenged.  But, it’s worth bearing this burden, rather than having over 40 million Americans, including 15 million children experience hunger and its long term social and physical negative effects. It’s also necessary to somehow find ways of educating those who are financially challenged to place food and nutrition for their families before unaffordable holiday shopping and acquisition of unnecessary material possessions.last_img read more

first_imgPORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – The Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Michel-Ange Gédéon, Friday praised law enforcement officials for showing restraint during protest demonstrations across Haiti on Thursday that left at least four people dead and several others wounded. “Several officers were victims of malicious individuals who, having infiltrated the demonstration, wanted to create panic and chaos by throwing stones and firing for no apparent reason,” Gédéon, said in a statement.He said the police had been able to “show restraint…particularly in Mirebalais where the PNH had nine wounded in its ranks,” adding “the High Command is proud of their behavior and encourages them to control their emotions so they do not give in to provocation”.The PNH said it also wanted to extend sympathies to persons who “were victims of malicious individuals who, having infiltrated the demonstration, wanted to create panic and chaos by throwing stones and firing for no apparent reason.”Thousands protested On Thursday, thousands turned out in support of calls by the opposition parties here demanding the removal of President Jovenel Moise, jobs, corruption and the trial of those implicated in the ongoing investigation into the use of the funds under the PetroCaribe scheme through which Ven4ezuela had been providing oil to Haiti under preferential terms.30th anniversary of end of Duvalier regime The demonstration also coincided with the 30th anniversary of the end of the dictatorship of the Duvalier regimes and paralyzed most of the country.But there were violent clashes with police who used tear gas and repeatedly fired gunshots into the air to disperse demonstrators. Protestors also burnt vehicles and looted several businesses.The PNH deputy spokesman, Gary Desrosiers, on Thursday night reported that two people had been killed and at least 15 police officers were injured. But the figures rose on Friday as the authorities were able to give a better assessment of the situation.They said that 20 demonstrators were injured and that four people had been killed in Mirebalais, 60 kilometers north east of the capital.last_img read more

first_img Source: Rita Mensah/CitiSports/Ghana Crystal Palace midfielder, Jeffery Schlupp is hoping his goal against Burnley will help him break into the team’s starting eleven.After making a strong start to the season, Schlupp’s form has slowly declined, eventually losing his place in the starting eleven to Andros Townsend.Schlupp has had to settle for a place on the Palace bench for the past three games, but made a strong impact against Burnley, coming off the bench to score the team’s second.“I’ve been a little bit frustrated of late, but the gaffer picks the team and they’ve done well,” he said.“I’ve been waiting. I’ve managed to get on and contribute with a goal. “The gaffer is going to put out the team he feels is best to win the game.“I’ve got to produce to keep my place.”Schlupp has scored one goal and provided two assists in 12 appearances for the club this season.Crystal Palace will take on Bournemouth on Tuesday, live on Citi 97.3 FM.last_img read more

first_imgBiH U-21 football team will play an exhibition match tomorrow with U-21 team of Macedonia, as a part of preparations for qualifications for European Championship, reports FENA.BiH team will have another training today, and manager Vlado Jagodić said to official web-site of BiH Football Federation that the result is very important.‘Macedonia is a serious opponent, and we expect improvement in the game after the match with Poland. The result is important, and the victory would mean a lot to us, because June is close and the beginning of qualification’, said Jagodić.Manager noted that he’s sorry that Muhamed Bašić will not play, because he returned to Hungary, but added that BiH is a good team even without him.Jagodić said that he’s only worried about the field, because if the weather is bad than the conditions for the match will also be bad.The match will be played tomorrow at 3.30 at stadium ‘Slavija’ in East Sarajevo.last_img read more

first_imgUPDATE: The PGA Tour on Thursday announced the cancellation of the Players Championship and all tournaments through the Valspar Championship due to coronavirus concerns.The Players Championship, unofficially called golf’s “fifth major,” represents the first big tournament of the year on the PGA Tour schedule. Nearly all of the world’s top 50 golfers are competing at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., with Tiger Woods as one notable omission. The 15-time major winner is nursing a stiff back and has not played on the PGA Tour since he finished a lowly 68th — last of all players who made the cut — at the Genesis Open three weeks ago.The Players makes up for the lack of prestige compared to the other majors with its massive purse, the largest on the PGA Tour in 2020, and that’s enough to ensure a well-endowed field. World No. 1 Rory McIlory will attempt to become the first player in history to repeat as champion in the tournament. He’ll tee off with Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka as part of a start-studded featured grouping. The field also includes Patrick Reed, Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and others.Of course, Sawgrass is an attraction in itself, known as one of the most storied courses in golf. It features the famous 17th hole, a par 3 surrounded almost exclusively by water.Here is a guide to watch the Players Championship in 2020, including a list of tee times (updated daily), the complete TV schedule and more. You can also follow SN’s live leaderboard for scores from each round.MORE: Players Championship picks, sleepers, betting adviceWatch the Players Championship 2020Dates: March 12-15, 2020TV channels: NBC, Golf ChannelLive stream: PGA Tour LiveNBC and the Golf Channel will broadcast live coverage of the Players Championship in 2020. The tournament airs exclusively on Golf Channel for the first two days, before shifting to NBC for the final rounds on Saturday and Sunday. You can stream The Players on PGA Tour Live, which offers early coverage starting at 7:30 a.m. ET daily.DateTimeTV channelThursday, March 121-7 p.m. ETGolf ChannelFriday, March 131-7 p.m. ETGolf ChannelSaturday, March 142-7 p.m. ETNBCSunday, March 151-6 p.m. ETNBCLIVE: Follow SN’s Players Championship leaderboardWho is in the 2020 Players Championship field?The biggest news about the 2020 Players Championship field is who isn’t playing: Tiger Woods. The 15-time major champion is nursing a lingering back injury and hasn’t played on the PGA Tour in three weeks, skipping the WGC-Mexico Championship and Arnold Palmer Invitational.Otherwise, the 144-player field is not lacking for star power with 47 of the world’s 50 top-ranked golfers on hand at Sawgrass, including each of the top five: Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson.McIlroy, the 2019 winner, leads a handful of recent Players champions including Webb Simpson, Jason Day and Rickie Fowler.Players Championship tee times for 2020Thursday’s featured group includes the three top players in the World Golf Ranking: Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka. They tee off at 1:51 p.m. ET.Here is the complete list of Players Championship tee times for Thursday’s first round.Round 1: Thursday, March 12FIRST TEETee time (ET)Group7:40 a.m.Brian Harman, Rory Sabbatini, Sepp Straka7:51 a.m.Scott Brown, Lucas Glover, Cameron Tringale8:02 a.m.Aaron Baddeley, Scott Stallings, Michael Thompson8:13 a.m.J.B. Holmes, Brice Garnett, Ryan Armour8:24 a.m.Bubba Watson, Jason Dufner, Jimmy Walker8:35 a.m.Chez Reavie, Graeme McDowell, Daniel Berger8:46 a.m.Jim Herman, Sung Kang, Louis Oosthuizen8:57 a.m.Cameron Champ, Nate Lashley, Kevin Tway9:08 a.m.Dylan Frittelli, Scott Piercy, Pat Perez9:19 a.m.Corey Conners, Charles Howell III, Russell Knox9:30 a.m.Ryan Moore, Danny Lee, Abraham Ancer9:41 a.m.Adam Hadwin, Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Christiaan Bezuidenhout12:45 p.m.Luke List, Carlos Ortiz, Kiradech Aphibarnrat12:56 p.m.Patrick Rodgers, Sam Burns, Bernd Wiesberger1:07 p.m.Peter Malnati, Bud Cauley, Victor Perez1:18 p.m.Viktor Hovland, Collin Morikawa, Matthew Wolff1:29 p.m.Matt Kuchar, Henrik Stenson, Sergio Garcia1:40 p.m.Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Xander Schauffele1:51 p.m.Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm2:02 p.m.Brandt Snedeker, Jim Furyk, Tommy Fleetwood2:13 p.m.Andrew Putnam, Tony Finau, Zach Johnson2:24 p.m.Kevin Na, Jason Day, Patton Kizzire2:35 p.m.Emiliano Grillo, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Roger Sloan2:46 p.m.Kevin Streelman, Bronson Burgoon, Mark Hubbard10TH TEETee time (ET)Group7:40 a.m.Russell Henley, J.J. Spaun, Denny McCarthy7:51 a.m.Brian Stuard, Matt Every, Brian Gay8:02 a.m.Jhonattan Vegas, Scottie Scheffler, Matt Wallace8:13 a.m.Sungjae Im, Gary Woodland, Bryson DeChambeau8:24 a.m.Patrick Reed, Patrick Cantlay, Hideki Matsuyama8:35 a.m.Webb Simpson, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson8:46 a.m.Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth8:57 a.m.Tyrrell Hatton, Max Homa, Paul Casey9:08 a.m.Marc Leishman, J.T. Poston, Francesco Molinari9:19 a.m.Nick Taylor, Lanto Griffin, Keith Mitchell9:30 a.m.Branden Grace, Harris English, Joel Dahmen9:41 a.m.Chesson Hadley, Jason Kokrak, Tom Hoge12:45 p.m.Retief Goosen, Talor Gooch, Sam Ryder12:56 p.m.Matt Jones, Adam Schenk, Jazz Janewattananond1:07 p.m.Kyle Stanley, Martin Laird, Wyndham Clark1:18 p.m.Cameron Smith, Keegan Bradley, Ian Poulter1:29 p.m.Brendon Todd, Sebastián Muñoz, Ryan Palmer1:40 p.m.Kevin Kisner, Troy Merritt, Danny Willett1:51 p.m.Andrew Landry, Tyler Duncan, Billy Horschel2:02 p.m.C.T. Pan, Adam Long, Si Woo Kim2:13 p.m.Joaquin Niemann, Shane Lowry, Aaron Wise2:24 p.m.Chris Stroud, Nick Watney, Byeong Hun An2:35 p.m.Charley Hoffman, Vaughn Taylor, Harold Varner III2:46 p.m.Mackenzie Hughes, Rafa Cabrera Bello, Erik van RooyenPlayers Championship purseThe 2020 purse at the Players Championship is $15 million — a sharp increase from the $12.5 million purse in 2019. The winner will pocket $2.7 million in prize money, making it the most lucrative tournament on the PGA Tour this year. Rory McIlroy earned $2.25 million for winning the 2019 Players. Players Championship odds, picks for 2020Rory McIlroy +700Jon Rahm +1200Justin Thomas +1600Bryson DeChambeau +2000Dustin Johnson +2500Patrick Cantlay +2500Tommy Fleetwood +2500Hideki Matsuyama +2800SungJae Im +2800Webb Simpson +2800Xander Schauffele +2800Despite historical trends, Rory McIlroy is the betting favorite (+700) to repeat as winner of The Players Championship, according to odds from That means a $100 bet would win $700. You can find odds for the entire field here.Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Paul Casey, Sergio Garcia and Kevin Kisner are among Sporting News’ picks and sleepers for 2020.Players Championship past winnersNo golfer has ever repeated as Players champion, but there has been an especially strong variety in recent winners. Prior to Tiger Woods, the last golfer to win multiple Players was Davis Love III in 2003. Greg Norman’s 24-under par in 1994 is the Sawgrass record, while Steve Elkington’s seven-stroke win in 1997 is the largest margin of victory. YearWinnerScore2019Rory McIlroy-162018Webb Simpson-182017Si Woo Kim-102016Jason Day-152015Rickie Fowler-122014Martin Kaymer-132013Tiger Woods-132012Matt Kuchar-132011K.J. Choi-132010Tim Clark-16last_img read more

first_imgMASON CITY — The City Councils of Mason City and Clear Lake as well as the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors this week will consider initial approval of a “Small Business Recovery & Continuity Fund” to provide financial relief for small businesses through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corporation CEO Chad Schreck says businesses who have experienced significant disruption and revenue losses will be eligible for grants of up to $5000 to help ensure business continuity, with the goal of the program being to assist companies within the county in maintaining operations through the pandemic, or re-opening once it’s over. Schreck says the assistance will provide businesses with immediate, short-term cash flow that can be deployed for a variety of uses. Priority will be given to locally-owned, independent businesses under 25 employees.The goal is to raise over $500,000 collectively pending the approval of each governmental body. Private businesses or individuals that would like to support local businesses through that effort will also be able to donate to the fund.  Pre-applications to verify eligibility will open on April 8th, with the first review of full applications starting April 17th and continuing weekly until the funds are expended. The program details and application can be found at read more

first_imgIndigenous activists are planning more demonstrations and have dubbed the event the “Stolenwealth Games”, a reference to Britain’s colonisation of their ancestral lands.Australia will hope for a fast start when competition gets underway, with Olympic champions Mack Horton and Kyle Chalmers expected to star in the outdoor Southport pool.Cate Campbell looks back in form after her 2016 Olympics flop, and South Africa’s Chad le Clos could become the most successful athlete in Games history when he takes on a Michael Phelps-style seven swimming events.English breaststroker Adam Peaty, who has his eye on an unprecedented sub-57 seconds in the 100 metres, is another who will try to crash the Australian pool party.Australia will also go head-to-head with England in track cycling, where they will field a revamped line-up under the tutelage of British coach Simon Jones.In athletics, Gold Coast’s world champion hurdler Sally Pearson is battling an Achilles’ problem but Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake should provide fireworks in the absence of the retired Usain Bolt.Elaine Thompson also looks set to blaze to sprint gold for Jamaica, while South Africa flag-carrier Caster Semenya is said to be targeting the longstanding 800m record.The Games’ 4,000-plus athletes will also compete in events including rugby sevens, shooting, gymnastics, badminton, netball, boxing and beach volleyball.Organisers insist the Games, which started life as the British Empire Games in 1930, are still relevant in the modern world, pointing to the move to an equal number of men’s and women’s medal events.For Australia, displacing eternal rivals England — the 2014 table-toppers — at the head of the medals tally would be the perfect tonic after their cricketing calamity.RELATED Uganda’s flagbearer Peace Proscovia leads the delegation during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games at the Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast on April 4, 2018.  AFP PHOTOGold Coast, Australia | AFP |  A heavy downpour, a giant floating whale and Aboriginal protests marked the start of the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday as Australia flagged off 11 days of competition in the resort city of Gold Coast.Britain’s Prince of Wales declared the Games open at an upbeat ceremony featuring dancing lifeguards, giant flip-flops and Australia’s team marching in to Men At Work’s “Down Under”.“G’day!” said Peter Beattie, chairman of the organising committee, adding: “We are the friendliest people on this planet… we invite you all now to share the dream.”The Games baton arrived in a turquoise campervan and was delivered to Games president Louise Martin, who struggled before opening it and handing a message inside to Prince Charles.“Over the years these ‘Friendly Games’ have shown the potential of the Commonwealth to connect people of different backgrounds and nationalities,” the prince told the near-capacity crowd in the 35,000-seat Carrara Stadium.A giant replica of Migaloo, the white humpback whale which has become a symbol of environmentalism in Australia, then floated gently into the stadium.The Games at beachside Gold Coast give Australia a timely opportunity to repair their sporting reputation after a cheating scandal in cricket left the country reeling.The competition across 23 different sports should soothe the trauma of the cricket row, after a player was caught doctoring the ball with sandpaper.“Sand and sport have not been a happy combination for this country of late as we endure our national shame over the ugly fusion of cricket and sandpaper,” The Australian newspaper said in an editorial.“Starting tonight on the Gold Coast we can flick the switch to optimism and celebration.”– ‘Stolenwealth Games’ –Enthusiasm is not universal, however, and Aboriginal protesters held up the final stages of the Games’ baton relay with a sit-in along its route in Gold Coast.Outside the opening ceremony, there were minor scuffles as about 100 protesters chanting “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land” faced off with police on horseback. Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

first_imgImage Courtesy: Twitter(@BarcaBooster)/MarcaAdvertisement 7jgtNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsq65gxjcWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Evmjb( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 91mWould you ever consider trying this?😱ma1Can your students do this? 🌚490yzxRoller skating! Powered by Firework Amidst Lionel Messi’s brilliant free kick and Luis Suarez’s bicycle kick goals as the star studded FC Barcelona side that devastated Sevilla 4-0 last Sunday at Camp Nou, one player is facing huge slack from the Spanish football fandom, and that is none other than Gerard Piqué.Advertisement Image Courtesy: Twitter(@BarcaBooster)/MarcaThe center back was seen kicking the ball out in the sidelines as an indication of frustration towards the end of the game when they were already up by 4 goals, and the match referee Miguel Antonio Mateu Lahoz booked the player in the 85th minute, Piqué’s fifth yellow of this season.However, fans, along with Spanish sports news outlet Marca are suspecting that the Spaniard’s unsportsmanlike behaviour may have been a reason to avoid any possibility of missing out the upcoming El Clasico.Advertisement Back in the La Liga game against Granada, Piqué picked up a yellow card, and he may have picked up another against their upcoming match against SD Eibar, and that would have caused him to miss out on the Real Madrid clash on 26th October. Now he will miss out on the Eibar match, but will be able to start the El Clasico. Genius.Watch below a clip of Piqué’s ‘frustration’ as his side were already up by 4 goals. COurtesy to Twitter fan account @BarcaBooster.Advertisement #Pique 🇪🇸 with his anti football getting his 5th yellow card. Expected it. #BarcaSevillaFC— Cant del Barça (@BarcaBooster) October 6, 2019However, such cases are not favoured by UEFA, as in the case of Piqué’s national teammate Sergio Ramos, who faced a two match ban after he charged for getting himself booked in the first leg of Champions League match against Ajax back in February. If Piqué faces similar ban, he might eventually miss out on the very match he wanted a clean start in. Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgIn the case of the entity of Villamarín, in addition, the descent may occur in some more of its sections, It also has a basketball team in the ACB and a futsal team. The Alavés-Baskonia group, for example, has carried out in ERTE that affects its 766 workers. That is precisely what Betis is trying to avoid and which aims to occur soon. Betis has groped its footballers in recent days about a pay cut. The Verdiblanco club does not want to talk about ERTE, but it does want to lower the wages of part of its athletes for the duration of the league break due to the coronavirus. A reduction that could range, according to what has been proposed, between 30 and 50 percent, and that in part would be recoverable. The objective is to avoid that the club has to send many of the other workers home temporarily, something that seemed to avoid Barcelona although, finally, the culé club has communicated that it will do this ERTE to its ‘ordinary’ employees. The general director, Federico Martínez Feria, stated in the official media in recent days that the entity’s budgets are made in a “prudent” way, but the verdiblanco club is no stranger to the significant loss of income for the clubs that this pandemic due to the coronavirus supposes and will entail, even more so if LaLIga ends up being canceled.last_img read more

first_imgLATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. James said after the loss he played the last three games with a broken right hand, reportedly caused when he punched a display board in frustration after a J.R. Smith error and referee call reversal led to an overtime loss in a game the Cavs led late.“Self-inflicted, post-game after game one. Very emotional. For a lot of different reasons — understanding how important a game one is on the road for our ballclub, what would that have done for us, the way we played, the calls that were made throughout the course of that game,” James said.“I had emotions on the game was taken away from us. I had emotions of you just don’t get an opportunity like this on the road versus Golden State to be able to get a game one. And I let the emotions get the best of me.”‘Terrifying’ talentThat outburst aside, James was proudest of being a rock for the Cavs in a difficult season.“It has definitely been a whirlwind,” James said. “I just try to be consistent throughout the course of the season. Be the leader I know I can be for this ballclub, for this franchise every night, no matter what was going on from the outside or the inside, and be reliable every single day.”Warriors coach Steve Kerr called James “terrifying” and said he is level with former Kerr teammate Michael Jordan as the NBA’s finest that he ever saw.“I think maybe the greatest testament to LeBron is that five years ago he was one of the top five players of all time. From five years ago until now, it seems like he’s 10 times better, because he’s added so much skill to his game,” Kerr said.“I get asked all the time about MJ, LeBron, and it’s such a difficult question to ask. All I know is they’re the two best players that I’ve ever witnessed. However you want to rank them, they’re right there together.” Steam emission over Taal’s main crater ‘steady’ for past 24 hours Dave Chappelle donates P1 million to Taal relief operations Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James watches during the first half of Game 4 of basketball’s NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, Friday, June 8, 2018, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)CLEVELAND—NBA superstar LeBron James admits he’s considering breaking the hearts of Cleveland sports fans once again by leaving the Cavaliers for a better chance at becoming a champion again.The 33-year-old playmaker fell to 3-6 in career finals Friday in Cleveland’s 108-85 loss to Golden State, which gave the Warriors a sweep of the 72nd NBA Finals.ADVERTISEMENT Volcano watch: Island fissures steaming, lake water receding “I’m not going to take you throughout the whole process. That’s not fun. But when I decide what I’m going to do with my future, my family and the folks that have been with me for the last, you know, 20 years, pretty much, will have a say-so. Then it ultimately will come down to me, and so we’ll see what happens.”In 2014, James returned to the Cavaliers vowing to win a title and did so in 2016, the first by any Cleveland sports team since the 1964 NFL Browns.“I came back because I felt like I had some unfinished business,” James said. “To be able to be a part of a championship team two years ago with the team that we had and in the fashion that we had is something I will always remember.”Asked if his business was finished, James called that a “trick question” but noted the victory fed his hunger for more trophy ceremonies.“I still have so much to give to the game,” James said. “Like I said, when you have a goal and you’re able to accomplish that goal, it made me even more hungry to continue to try to win championships, and I still want to be in championship mode. I think I’ve shown this year why I will still continue to be in championship mode.”ADVERTISEMENT James, who played his eighth consecutive finals, can opt out of his contract and become a free agent in July, much the way he did when he left Cleveland in 2010.His departure engendered bitter feelings and burned jerseys, but he came back after two titles and two finals losses in Miami and went 1-3 in four straight finals meetings with the Warriors.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownWhile opportunities with the Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers are likely available, the native of nearby Akron might elect to stay and try to keep the Cavs a contender.“I have no idea at this point,” James said. “Sitting down and considering everything, my family is a huge part of whatever I’ll decide to do in my career, and it will continue to be that. So I don’t have an answer for you right now. Winfrey details her decision to withdraw from Simmons film China population now over 1.4 billion as birthrate fallscenter_img Jury of 7 men, 5 women selected for Weinstein rape trial Jiro Manio arrested for stabbing man in Marikina Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LeBron James played in NBA Finals with broken hand after ‘self-inflicted’ injury Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Lacson: Calamity fund cut; where did P4 billion go? Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew MOST READ View commentslast_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,In March, I wrote to point out that the traffic lights controlling the junction of the Rupert Craig Highway and Sheriff Street were not working. These lights are still not working.In response to my letter, a section of the media invited a comment from Chief Works Officer, Mr Geoffrey Vaughn, who said that these lights would be replaced within a few weeks. More than two months have elapsed since then.I also referred to the fact that the traffic lights controlling the junction of the Ogle Airport Road and the Railway Embankment Road have been left permanently flashing even at peak traffic hours.Both of these situations are extremely dangerous but, it seems, continue to be ignored in spite of Mr Vaughn’s promises. When, may I ask, will the Public Infrastructure Ministry have these lights operational or do we have to wait for someone to be seriously maimed or killed?Yours sincerely,Kit Nascimentolast_img read more

first_imgThe Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) has provided maximum security at all border points to ensure the full compliance of Liberia’s health protocols in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD).The disclosure was made on this Tuesday when BIN Deputy Commissioner for Administration, Col. Peter F. Ziazay, appeared at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola press briefing on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.According to him, the measure was taken after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced the reopening of all borders, a week ago.Commissioner Zaizay said the BIN has been working with authorities at the Atlanta-based US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local and other international partners, including those from the Ministry of Health, to ensure that proper measures are followed to avoid the resurgence of the virus.“We continue to tour various border points in line with the government and its partners in the fight against the EVD,” he said.He noted that BIN officers have continued to tour major border points, including York Island, Bo-waterside, Gbota, Jorwah and  Garmu.Commissioner Zaizay further  disclosed that BIN personnel have been trained in Ebola preventive methods, and have been assigned with six vehicles and 34 motorcycles, as well as several pieces of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPEs).The motorcycles, he said were donated to the BIN by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).He also revealed that the BIN has conducted a self-assessment retreat to indentify gaps and challenges as well as practices aimed at improving personnel performance.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgWith still two more years to the holding of general and presidential elections in Liberia, the leaders of several political parties are already amassing and preparing a strategy for victory in 2017. An alliance of seven political parties under the banner, Progressive Coordinating Group (PCG), has declared that it will take state power in 2017.The PCG includes the National Democratic Coalition (NDC), New Democratic Alternative of Liberia Movement-New DEAL, and Free Democratic Party (FDP), the Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD), comprising the Liberian People’s Party (LPP), the United People’s Party (UPP), and the Action for Democracy and Development (ADD). The group’s spokesman, Sando Wayne, II, made the disclosure last Tuesday at a press conference in Monrovia.Spokesman Wayne said it is 12 years since the end of the civil war and the return to democratic rule, but the situation in the country remains precarious.Recounting what he called the failure of the Unity Party-led administration Mr. Wayne believes it is an indication that the UP is not capable of creating wealth, jobs or growing a middle-income society as it had promised.“There is widespread corruption in high places compared to the past. The educational system is a mess, with 62 percent of Liberian youth in school yet 82 percent never completes the 12th grade,” he stated.With all these bad results, the state of impunity continues to undermine peace building, national healing and reconciliation, said Wayne. “Moreover, with the increased economic activities in Liberia, it is painful to note that we have not balanced our budget in the last three years and poverty still remains our greatest enemy, particularly among the youth, who comprise 70 percent of the under-35 population and 88 percent of the unemployed,” Wayne said.Wayne further decried that 80 percent of Liberians are living on less than US$1.00 a day, yet “we have spent more than 280 million United States dollars on public relations, without legislative approval, as required by law.”According to him, the PCG’s investment in Liberia’s reform is more than protecting the choice of a single progressive grouping or party. “We are resolved to consolidate all the progressive actors and to seek political power and govern the country together, in 2017 and beyond.”The PCG’s quest for the presidency, Mr. Wayne said, is about protecting multiparty democracy, maintaining an inclusive society with the governing structure comprehensively decentralized, as well as a the rule-based system of justice and equality.At the appropriate time, he said, the progressives will focus on two key issues, which include the work they did from the 70s to the 90s as the Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL), Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA), Liberian National Student Union (LINSU), Progressive People’s Party (PPP) and Liberia People’s Party. “We sought to reform the country, tackle corruption, and strengthen democratic institutions,” Mr. Wayne noted, adding that the Progressives are “proud of what we did in the past and will continue to do same to put our country on a democratic and prosperous trajectory.”He conceded, however, that during the 14 year civil war and national upheavals, the progressive and broad-minded Liberians were unfortunately in disarray, leaderless, disorganized, and fragmented into various splinter groups. This, he admitted, created the perfect situation for remnants of the oligarchy to regroup and rally the support of the volunteer political opportunists as an option for a viable national leadership.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img0Shares0000Chelsea started strongly against London rivals Arsenal, with Cesc Fabregas forcing Petr Cech into early action. Photo/DMLONDON, United Kingdom, Sep 17 – The Arsenal players showed the right mentality and spirit in the 0-0 draw with champions Chelsea on Sunday in light of their 4-0 thrashing by Liverpool, said manager Arsene Wenger.The Frenchman — whose side came away with a point from Stamford Bridge for the first time in six visits — added that the Gunners could even have won it. Arguably they should at least have got on the scoreboard but their record signing Alexandre Lacazette missed an open goal in the first-half.The draw saw Arsenal move onto seven points, six adrift of leaders Manchester City whilst Chelsea — who for the third successive game against the Gunners ended the match with 10 players — are third, three off City.“It was about mentality and a response from our last away game,” said Wenger.“We could have won it. It was an intense game.“The battle was total. We are not in a transfer period and on the day we played Liverpool that affected us. We are all human beings.“If you play 55 games a season you can have a bad performance.”Wenger said his side hadn’t simply come to pull up the drawbridge but to try and take all three points.“We were focused and determined,” said Wenger.“We tried to play when we had the ball and we were close to winning the game. With a bit more freedom we would have won the game.“David Luiz, it looked excessive force to me, at what level did he catch (Arsenal defender Sead) Kolasinac? I don’t know.”Wenger’s Chelsea counterpart Antonio Conte refused to make a direct comment about Luiz’s sending off but queried how his side had the habit of never ending with a full complement of players against Arsenal.“David Luiz, you know very well that I don’t like to comment about the referee,” said Conte.“I don’t do it in the past, or the present. You need to see what happened before the tackle.“We have great respect for officials, but it is strange to finish a third game in a row against Arsenal with 10 men.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

first_imgSlovakia shocked Spain in Bratislava as they ran out 2-1 winners in Group C thanks to a strike from former Chelsea midfielder Miroslav Stoch.The Slovakian star made just five appearances for the Premier League side during a two-year stint in west London before moving to Fenerbahce back in 2010.But his name will be ringing in the ears of current Blues stars Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas, who started the clash in Euro 2016 qualifying.Previously, Spain had been ruthless in their qualifying matches but their 36 game unbeaten run has now been ended and you can see the goal, which did the damage above…last_img read more

first_img1 Arsene Wenger Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger remained upbeat despite watching his side’s unbeaten Premier League run come to an end as Swansea stunned them with a 1-0 victory at the Emirates.The Gunners were frustrated by a string of fine saves from former employee Lukasz Fabianski in the Swans’ goal, and Bafetimbi Gomis’ proved the match winner five minutes from time with a back-post header.The defeat was Arsenal’s first in the league since losing to Tottenham in early February, but despite the obvious disappointment, Wenger suggested there were still positives to take from the game.“We were a bit unlucky on the goal, but guilty as well. It’s frustrating but we can take a lot of positives from tonight’s game,” said the Frenchman.“Unfortunately, these kind of games you play 20 times, you win 19 and lose once, and it was the once tonight.”Wenger pointed to Fabianski’s impressive display as a huge factor in the Gunners’ shortcomings, although he admitted his players profligacy made it easier for the Pole at times.He said: “He had a great performance, which is sometimes the case, but I felt as well that our finishing maybe made it a bit easy for him.“You have to learn from defeat but take encouragement from defeat like that.”last_img read more

first_img Philipp Wollscheid Stoke have exercised their right to buy defender Philipp Wollscheid from Bayer Leverkusen after a successful loan deal.The 26-year-old has made 14 appearances for the Potters since joining in January and he has signed a three-year deal for a fee in the region of £2.75million.Stoke chief executive Tony Scholes said on the club’s website: “We’re delighted to have secured Philipp’s services on a permanent basis. He joined us midway through the season but wasted little time in making a big impression.“Within days of arriving in England he made his debut against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and went on to become an important member of Mark’s squad.“He’s clearly enjoying life in England; he feels very settled here and had no hesitation in committing his long-term future to Stoke City.” 1last_img read more

first_imgDONEGAL got a massive jobs and tourism boost today – with the announcement that the Shandon Hotel & Spa in Portnablagh, Dunfanaghy, will open for business this Easter.The hotel’s Managing Director Warren McCarthy is investing heavily in the hotel to bring this 4-star property to a superb new level in advance of its official opening.The hotel is creating 45 new positions at the hotel over the next few weeks, adding another stop-off point on the increasingly popular Wild Atlantic Way. The hotel and spa overlooks the breathtakingly beautiful Sheephaven Bay and is probably one of very few hotels that can say that each bedroom has a spectacular view of the sea, the lobby, bar, swimming pool, thermal spa, relaxation room and outdoor Canadian hot-tub all, overlook the beautiful bay, hills and countryside.The Shandon Hotel has 51 newly refurbished bedrooms, Restaurant, Bar, Ballroom, Leisure Centre comprising swimming pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.An amazing Thermal Spa is offering a full range of spa treatments by a highly trained team.The hotel’s General Manager Carolynne Harrison told Donegal Daily today that she is now recruiting a team who will create Donegal’s newest and finest four-star property. “We are looking for people who love what they do because it is only people who are passionate about their job that can demonstrate that energy when servicing the hotel’s guests,” she said.“Donegal has numerous very talented hospitality professionals and I want to hear from them,” she added.Current Roles are available for the following positions: Head Chef, Chefs, Kitchen Porters, Food & Beverage Manager, Food & Beverage Service Staff, Front Office Manager, Receptionists, Head Housekeeper, Housekeepers, Lifeguards, Leisure Centre Attendants and Night Porters.Interested?Email CV & covering letter to [email protected] JOBS AND TOURISM BOOST AS STUNNING SHANDON HOTEL SET TO RE-OPEN was last modified: January 5th, 2016 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalDunfanaghyjobsre-openingshandon hotellast_img read more

first_imgThere were no games at the weekend for our Senior and Reserve teams. Both teams are in action this coming weekend away to Malin.Our u8’s get their season under way this Saturday morning with a blitz in Ballyshannon. Good luck to all involved in their first ever outing.Our u12’s were defeated against Bundoran on Monday evening. It was a good performance by the lads with as many as 8 u10’s playing. Training continues for u10 and u12 players this Saturday morning at the pitch at 10am. Anyone with any information they wish to have included in the club notes should get in contact with Shane Walsh on [email protected] by 6pm on Monday evening.GAA NEWS: NOAMH BRID CLUB NOTES was last modified: May 8th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Naomh Brid GAA club noteslast_img read more

first_imgVenue with 2 great links in County DonegalPROMOTED POST: Ballyliffin Golf Club has been described by many golfers who have had the privilege of playing at the stunning venue as one of the best links courses in Ireland.Today, Ballyliffin’s OPEN WEEK swings into action and as always a HUGE crowd is expected to attend what promises to be a wonderful week of golf.John Farren told Donegal Daily, “We’re expecting a large crowd for the annual Ballyliffin Open Week with Daily Competitions on alternate Championship courses, which are in excellent condition.“The timesheets are available from Friday June 19th at 9am and Prize Presentations will take place on Friday July 3rd and Sunday July 5th. “Ballyliffin GC would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for the weeks festivities – Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Neal Doherty Jewellers, Travellers Insurances,Desmond Motors Ford,The Ballyliffin Hotel and North West Gas Company.“Contact the Proshop on 0749378100 to book your teetime. HUGE CROWD EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE BALLYLIFFIN OPEN WEEK was last modified: June 19th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:newsNoticesSportlast_img read more

first_img ALTERED 2 Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade How Chelsea could line up against Southampton – what system will Lampard play? crackers who plays? Brown’s half-time antics, eight-goal thrillers… relive these Boxing Day classics How Man United could line up for Newcastle clash – will Pogba start? NEW ERA Latest Premier League News predicted How Liverpool could line up at Leicester with midfielder set for lengthy absence Riyad Mahrez is set to become Manchester City’s record signing.talkSPORT understands Leicester City have accepted a £60million bid for their Algerian winger from the Premier League champions. Riyad Mahrez is set to swap Leicester City for Manchester City possible xi While Leicester will be disappointed to lose the talented winger, the deal represents a remarkable piece of business for the club.They paid just £400,000 for the then-unknown Mahrez in January 2014 to sign him from Ligue 2 side Le Havre.Mahrez has gone on to score 48 goals in 179 appearances for the Foxes and played a crucial part in their remarkable Premier League title success in 2015/16. Mahrez will become Guardiola’s first signing of the summer window.He could soon be followed to the Etihad Stadium by Napoli playmaker Jorginho.Napoli have left the Italy international out of a pre-season training camp ahead of a likely £43m move to City.Speaking last week, Jorginho’s agent said he had arrived in England and was waiting for the go ahead from Napoli before finalising his client’s switch. How Arsenal could line up in Arteta’s first official game in charge – Ozil return? 2 Tottenham predicted XI to face Brighton with Mourinho expected to make big changes gameday smart causal He will undergo a medical with City in the coming days, and the club are hopeful of announcing his signing later in the week.The fee for the 27-year-old will surpass the £57m City paid Athletic Bilbao for centre-back Aymeric Laporte earlier this year.Mahrez was a target of Pep Guardiola’s during the January transfer window, and they made a series of late offers for him on deadline day – all of which were rejected.But Guardiola has kept up his pursuit, and has now got his man. Riyad Mahrez was wanted by Manchester City last season Tottenham v Brighton LIVE: talkSPORT commentary and team news for Boxing Day opener last_img read more

first_imgPALMDALE – Valencia-based Delta Scientific said it has sold more than 1,000 of its DSC501 counterterrorist barriers since 2001. The DSC501 was designed for the U.S. Navy and has also been selected for use at U.S. embassies. “We sold the first DSC501 on Feb. 28, 2001, and installed it at Washington Navy Yard,” Delta Scientific Senior Vice President David Dickinson said. “Our most recent installation is at a U.S. Air Force base in the Southwestern United States. The DSC501 will ultimately be used at every U.S. Air Force base in the world.” One of 30 kinds of Delta vehicle barriers, the DSC501 barricade is designed to stop and destroy a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling 50 mph and to survive the impact. It is set in a foundation only 18 inches deep. Delta has supplied counterterrorism barricade systems to over 160 U.S. embassies and consulates as well as those of the United Kingdom and other nations. In the United States, Delta barriers are installed at more than 110 federal buildings, including courthouses and FBI offices. More than 85 percent of U.S. nuclear power plants have Delta vehicle barricades. Delta Scientific systems are also at the U.S. Capitol, along Broadway sidewalks in New York City, and at European castles. Delta Scientific has its corporate headquarters in Valencia. Its manufacturing plant is in Palmdale. Delta also makes parking-control equipment and guard booths. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

first_img Tags: allan okellocharles lukwagoKCCA FCMike Mutebinicholas kasoziShafik KagimuUganda Premier League Mutebi’s KCCA FC takes on URA FC on Wednesday. (file photo)KCCA manager Mike Mutebi says his side will treat each of their remaining first round games like a final.The Kasasiro had a number of matches postponed due to their engagement in continental football and as a result, have played five games less than most teams, but most importantly four less than table leaders Vipers.Ahead of their encounter with URA on Wednesday, Mutebi said in a prematch conference, that they will play their remaining games like their lives depended on them starting with the game against the Tax Collectors on Wednesday.“We are well prepared and I believe the lads will do all it takes to see that we do the catch up because we are now playing catch up,” Mutebi whose team ended Vipers’ unbeaten run this term with a 1-0 win on Saturday said.“It’s like a final and we are taking every game like one (final). We shall treat every game as it comes but, bottom line is we need to pick three points from each of those remaining games so we narrow the point gap between ourselves and, not only Vipers but other guys ahead of us too.”Last season, the defending champions lost 2-1 at home to Sam Ssimbwa’s charges with Shafiq Kagimu scoring both goals for the visitors.That was KCCA’s first and only defeat at home last term, but heading into tomorrow’s game, Mutebi is far from bothered insisting his team will be under no pressure.“Yeah, we lost to URA last season. It was the only team that beat us here so they do have the belief that they can do it here.“They have a coach who believes he has the capacity and the players to do it, and he knows KCCA because he was here, but for us we are never under pressure.“We don’t put pressure on players. All these players know they have a responsibility to win. URA is a good team, but i think we have quite enough in our armory so we will try to win.”KCCA welcome back Allan Okello, Nicholas Kasozi and club captain Charles Lukwago. The trio were part of Uganda Cranes team that beat Malawi 2-0 on Sunday in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers.Although only Okello featured in that game, coming in as substitute to replace Kizito Luwagga,on his debut, Mutebi believes they’ll be a huge boost to the team.“It is a good boost, but they’ll have to show us we missed them by winning. We hope their return helps us.”Comments last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Agriculture ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation with approximately 1 in 14 farm families having to deal with a farm related injury every year. The Ohio AgrAbility Program is part of a national program that promotes independence for people in agriculture who want to continue farming after experiencing a disabling condition. Our goal is to provide education, resources, and technical assistance to those individuals and their families so they may continue to farm. The Ohio AgrAbility goal of trying to help those farmers and farm workers whom experience an injury is not limited to injuries just on the farm. The program also works with individuals injured off the farm, or experience work limitations due to an illness or other health problems.The goal at Ohio AgrAbility is to get these individuals to work on the farm in a safe manner and help them to resume their life and live as normally as possible. In order to best help, AgrAbility goes out to the farm and assesses the limitations of the farmer. From this assessment, Ohio AgrAbility aims to provide safe and practical solutions for the farmer. The amount of assistance provided by the program varies greatly. Help can range from suggesting simple changes in the farm worker’s routine, to providing assistive equipment necessary for them to continue safe farming and living, despite their limitations. Ohio AgrAbility also works to prevent secondary injuries through educational programs and by providing other safety awareness resources to farmers. Peer-to-peer programAn important part of the Ohio AgrAbility Program is the Peer-to-peer program. This program provides networking support between farmers. This program aims to provide a useful system of giving and receiving help for clients with similar injuries or limitations. This enables farmers to not only share ideas on farming with injuries, but also gives them the opportunity to help each other cope with their limitations. The Peer-to-peer program’s aspiration is to provide hope and a bright future for new and potential members who fear their career and lives are over following a traumatic injury or illness.A good example of the purpose and success of the Peer-to-peer program can be seen through the story of an Allen County farmer. Jeff Austin grew up on the family farm, working with his father and great-grandfather. After graduating from high school, Jeff went on to The Ohio State University, graduating from OSU ATI with a degree in Ag Business and Swine Management. After graduation, Jeff married his wife Kristi and continued to work on the farm with his father. Jeff and Kristi have four children and like a lot of other farmers, Jeff supplemented his farm work with another job at the Lima Refinery. Jeff, along with his family, bought a farm of his own to add to his father’s operation.On July 25, 2013, their lives changed forever. Jeff had been struggling with severe back pain for the prior month and experienced a searing pain down his back and side, and even started losing feeling in his legs. A trip to the local emergency room ended with a life-flight to The OSU Medical Center in Columbus and a diagnosis of cancer on his spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Jeff spent the next 6 months in and out of the hospital trying to rebuild his life and learning how to live as a paraplegic. A friend of the family, a retired OSU Extension educator from Allen County and a local Cooperative elevator, referred Jeff to the Ohio AgrAbility program.After meeting with AgrAbility’s Rural Rehabilitation Coordinator, a plan was started to help make Jeff’s life easier on the farm and get him working again. Initially, there seemed to be some apprehension in Jeff and his family’s mind about him being able to work on the farm again. A Peer-to-peer meeting was set with Bill Wilkins, a current AgrAbility member who is also a paraplegic and has been farming from a wheelchair for over 40 years. The two families met at the Wilkins farm and spent much of the day discussing farm work as an impaired worker. Jeff and his family were given hope and saw that while there were adjustments to be made, there was in fact a farming future at the end of the tunnel. Ohio AgrAbility was able to supplement resource sponsorship funds from an Ohio Attorney General grant to purchase a trailer mounted lift to help Jeff transfer from his chair to the cab of the tractor or combine. A meeting with the Austin family after the lift was delivered and installed allowed Ohio AgrAbility to see the appreciation and necessity of the Peer-to-peer Program. The program aided Jeff in his road to independence. This meeting also showed the importance of the peer program immediately after the injury and during rehabilitation. Ultimately, it allowed both Jeff and his family to adapt to a new life style. Jeff’s wife, Kristi, expressed that there is a need to be able to talk with someone whom has been through similar life changing experiences in order to learn how to cope with the new lifestyle. Peer-to-peer panel at Farm Science ReviewFind Ohio AgrAbility program at this year’s Farm Science Review, located in OSU Central. Learn more about the Peer-to-peer program, view Assistive Equipment on display, and talk to current members! There will be two panel discussions held each day of the Review: the first session will be at 10:00 a.m. and the second session at 1:00 p.m. Members of the AgrAbility and Peer-to-Peer program will be available to talk about their injuries and the support they have gained from their involvement in these programs. Come join us at the Farm Science Review to learn more about the program and support our members with a wide range of injuries and limitations.More information on the AgrAbility program can be found online at or by calling Ohio AgrAbility at (614) 292-6008.last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Many opportunities are available in Ohio for farmers, land owners, and ag business folks to learn about farming practices that seek to improve the health of soil on the farm, and the quality of water that happens to leave the farm. Three are happening in the next few weeks.The Conservation Tillage Conference is March 2-3 at Ada ( The All-Ohio Chapter of SWCS has a conference March 14 at the headquarters of the Ohio Dep’t of Agriculture in Reynoldsburg ( A No-Till Field Day will be on April 6 at Dave Brandt’s farm, near Carroll in Fairfield County ( addition, County Extension Educators, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, and others host dozens of local events on cover crops, soil health, management of manure and chemical fertilizers and other conservation topics. Farmers who learn and follow the science-based practices shared at these events are leading the way toward a time when agriculture as a whole will be seen as a good neighbor.The cost of erosionRick Cruse, Professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University, found that soil erosion is costing Iowa farmers (and probably Ohio farmers) more than they think. “We’re losing much more soil than we think because not all types of erosion are part of the models that estimate soil loss. And if you want to keep soil in place, you’re not going to do it by growing only corn and soybeans, no matter how many conservation practices you use,” Cruse said. “The best science indicates that we can redevelop soil at a rate of only a half-ton per acre per year.”Yet most agencies consider five tons per acre as acceptable, or tolerable. The continuing net loss of topsoil over a century or more means a tremendous loss in dollar value of crop yields. Voluntary vs. mandatoryThe Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently published an article critical of voluntary programs that have cost billions of dollars without long term benefits in water quality. EWG suggests, at least in Iowa, that all farmers be required to adopt four mandatory practices, where appropriate: grassed waterways; filter strips along all water bodies; controlled access of livestock to all water bodies; no application of manure to frozen, snow-covered, or saturated ground. EWG points out that one problem is a lot of money is spent on practices that are abandoned a few years later, canceling the benefit.An example of questionable investment might be paying farmers to plant cover crops for three years, with no requirement to continue good conservation practices. Even worse, I heard of a farmer who received over $50 per acre to plant cover crops after wheat harvest then in November plowed the ground because he said his planter would not be able to plant corn through the cover.Rick Cruse is convinced that farmers using practices that conserve soil and water resources are often at a short-term economic disadvantage. He says another issue, as stated by a farmer, is this: “On my own land, conservation is an investment. On rented land, conservation is a cost.” In Ohio and most of the Midwest, about half of farmland is rented.(Much of the information above is courtesy of Tom Buman at Agren. Sign up for his messages at: Policy and principles for conservation agricultureAt CTC, March 2, at 11:00 a.m., you can participate in an exciting, lively panel discussion. On the panel are: Bill Richards, Barry Fisher, Mark A. Rose, and Jim Moseley. Dave Russell (Brownfield Network) and I will be Moderators.last_img read more

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now The most coachable salespeople love to role-play.How you practice the game is how you play the game. If you don’t practice using the language that you are going to use when you are sitting face-to-face with your dream client, that is not how you’re going to play.A Momentary Flash Of BrillianceOccasionally, something brilliant comes out of your mouth. Something unexpected. You’re in the middle of a conversation with your dream client, and you say something so brilliant even you are stunned. Occasionally.Most of the time, you say what you’ve said hundreds–if not thousands–of times before. You say what you’re comfortable saying. And you’re afraid of saying something that you haven’t said before because you don’t know how your dream client is going to respond.Get The Language Inside YouIt’s nice to be lucky, but it’s better to win by intention. If you are going to win by intention, you have to get the language you need inside your body. You have to be comfortable saying the words, lest you be afraid to say them.The way to get the language inside you is to say the words out loud to other people. But those other people do not have to be your dream clients, and you don’t have to learn everything on the playing field, nor do you have to learn everything the hard way. You can practice. You can rehearse.Practicing and rehearsing the language is how you get it inside you.Find a Study BuddyI absolutely love the question “Are you concerned about the price, are you concerned about the cost?” When used well, this is a powerful question. There are three or four possible answers your dream client may give you. But you will never be comfortable asking the question unless you know what the response is going to be and what comes next.Find someone else on your team who is as interested in improving their performance as you are. Make a list of all the most challenging conversations you need to rehearse. Take turns offering each other objections, resisting in a fashion that makes it much more difficult than anything you expect to hear from a prospective client.As you develop the language, rehearsing the words that you’re going to say out loud. When one of you does well, allow the person in the role of the sales rep to get the outcome they want. If they don’t do as well as they need to, push back and make them take another run at it.You know the difficult conversations you are likely going to have with your dream clients. You know what objections to expect. There is no reason that you should prepare for every conversation. There’s always room for improvisation when you’re prospect greets with something novel or unexpected, but that is the exception, not the rule.How you practice the game is how you will play the game. If you don’t practice, you won’t play the game as well as you are able.last_img read more

first_imgFILE – In this Feb. 27, 2017, file photo, Golden State Warriors’ JaVale McGee plays during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia. McGee will never call himself a journeyman in describing his rugged professional path. Yet McGee must not look far to find an example of someone else who has learned to thrive as a well-traveled NBA role player: just a quick glance a couple of lockers down to where Shaun Livingston dresses each night at Oracle Arena. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola, File)OAKLAND, California — JaVale McGee practices 3-pointers from all around the arch, just in case. He sits with assistant coach Jarron Collins and a laptop to study film, long after practice and his shooting workouts are complete.The 7-footer’s rugged professional path has landed him at seemingly the perfect stop: in the Bay Area with the NBA’s best.ADVERTISEMENT In Game 3 against the Spurs, McGee scored a postseason-best 16 points, all in the first half to get Golden State going as Zaza Pachulia sat out with a bruised heel. He made all seven of his shots in Game 2 of a first-round win against Portland, shooting 18 for 23 in all in the four-game sweep of the Trail Blazers.Livingston has unselfishly dealt with a diminished role, a rotation change late in the season that altered when he’s used, and then a hand injury in the first round of the playoffs.In February 2007 with the Clippers, Livingston tore three major ligaments in his knee — the anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate and medial collateral as well as his lateral meniscus, then required extensive surgery. Though the injury could have ended his career at age 21, he still believed he would play again. First he had to walk again.“Shaun, that story isn’t really the same now. He’s become a staple of this franchise, he’s helped us win a title, he’s done some great things here,” Draymond Green said. “For JaVale, it’s still fresh, to where I think it’s a great situation for him. He’s finally been put in a position where he can do what he do. He’s finally come to an organization, a first-class organization, that has embraced him for him and not tried to make him something that he’s not.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next BSP survey: PH banks see bright horizon amid dark global recession clouds Pagasa: Storm intensifies as it nears PAR Rebisco PSL Manila falls to Sarmayeh Bank of Iran for 5th loss Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games LATEST STORIES Every 18 seconds someone is diagnosed with HIV BREAKING: Cop killed, 11 hurt in Misamis Oriental grenade blast Fourteen teams between them, over 21 combined seasons. Each has found a great groove in Golden State’s rotation, called on to take pressure off the big stars while maintaining the highest level.“We just kind of follow suit, but it’s up to everybody to come in and lock in on the details. It’s the playoffs,” Livingston said. “Obviously the stars help, they get all the headlines deservedly so, but the small things, the details, that’s what we lock in at and that’s how we win ballgames.”McGee has discovered the ideal place to shine as an alley-oop specialist in a pass-happy offense, and even Stephen Curry admits it’s so easy to target the sure-handed big man perhaps the Warriors do so too often at times.“We almost get in trouble because we try to do it too much even if it’s not there, because he has the ability to catch it really anywhere around the rim, around the backboard,” Curry acknowledged. “You kind of see it developing when he gets a free lane to the rim, and as a passer in that situation literally feel the most confidence that if I just get it anywhere up there, he’ll go get it, and usually he does.”With great efficiency, too.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Cayetano dares Lacson, Drilon to take lie-detector test: Wala akong kinita sa SEA Games Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. BREAKING: Cop killed, 11 hurt in Misamis Oriental grenade blast MOST READ Just don’t call him a journeyman.“I’ve never considered myself a journeyman in the first place,” McGee said after a practice this weekend. “Whatever y’all want to call me y’all can call me. The number of teams I’ve been on was in like one year. I’ve been with three teams in two years.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingYet McGee doesn’t have to look far to find someone else who has learned to thrive as a well-traveled NBA role player. Just a quick glance a couple of lockers down to where Shaun Livingston dresses at Oracle Arena, defying the odds yet again this season as a regular reserve contributing to another Warriors championship chase, is all it takes.McGee has never made it this far, an NBA Finals first-timer when Golden State hosts defending champion Cleveland in Game 1 on Thursday night. Livingston never should have made it this far, and here he is seeking his second title in three seasons — and 10 years after a devastating injury that could have sidelined him for good. Doctors thought they might have to amputate his left leg. Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Palace: Duterte to hear out security execs on alleged China control of NGCP View commentslast_img read more

first_imgView comments Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ For the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. LATEST STORIES Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next MOST READ Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. NATO’s aging eye in the sky to get a last overhaulcenter_img Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters He had to be taken to the hospital right away to have his wrist, which was believed to be dislocated.“Hoping for the best for Jeo. Rest assured that kid will not give up and whatever the result, he will be with us,” said Letran coach Jeff Napa of Ambohot. Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side It was a moment for them to come together and rally behind their fallen knight.READ: Letran withstands San Sebastian in OTFEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games opening“It was sad to see Jeo go down. When he went out I just thought I needed to double my effort because he’s a big part of our team,” said star guard Rey Nambatac.Nambatac delivered 23 points and 14 rebounds, his fourth straight double-double, to lead Letran over San Sebastian in overtime for its fourth consecutive win. Pagasa: Storm intensifies as it nears PAR Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netLetran personified what the next man up creed is all about on Tuesday.After one of its key players in Jeo Ambohot went down with an injury against San Sebastian, the Knights did not see it as a setback.ADVERTISEMENT Nambatac also got plenty of help with JP Calvo and Jerrick Balanza stepping up.Calvo wound up with 12 points, including a pair of go-ahead freebies in extra time, eight assists and a crucial steal as he and Balanza came up big in the endgame.Balanza blocked a last-second shot by Stags forward Michael Calisaan at the end of regulation before sinking the game-sealing free throws with 26.9 seconds left in OT.“I just really wanted to win for Jeo,” Calvo said in Filipino.Ambohot was having quite a game with 11 points and eight rebounds before he sustained a right wrist injury following a nasty spill at the 5:48 mark of the third period.ADVERTISEMENT SEA Games: PH booters score first win, deny Cambodians ‘bonus’last_img read more

first_imgReuse this content Support The Guardian Twitter Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn The Indian ascetic tradition can add another name to its ranks: former Australian parliamentary secretary and ultra-marathon runner Pat Farmer, whose 4,600km “Spirit of India” run in 2016 from the subcontinent’s southern tip to Kashmir is chronicled here. That’s 80km – two marathons – a day, for 64 days. If that, often undertaken in 80% humidity, doesn’t sound masochistic enough, Farmer’s social schedule (the run is to promote girls’ education) would finish any normal man off: he attends more than 750 “events”, many on the hoof, during this time.India can’t fail to provide colour en route, but director Anupam Sharma’s nippy travelogue format is strictly passing through. Barely any Indians are interviewed about what Farmer’s feat means to them, and the alternating asphalt-pounding and meet-and-greets eventually stretch the bounds of documentary patience. Farmer himself is so indomitable – even a bout of stomach flu barely causes him to break stride – that he isn’t that compelling a subject.The closest The Run comes to an arresting subplot is with the team’s greenhorn intern Kevin, fresh out of university, who finds himself under Farmer’s cosh for failing to secure decent enough media coverage. At one point, he muses that the Aussie press would find the story more compelling if his boss died. Watching him shuffle his battered sinews across four lanes of Mumbai traffic, this seems a distinct possibility.An unfulfilled note hangs over the whole enterprise. A meeting with Modi doesn’t come through. The postscript resentfully notes that Farmer has yet to be invited to participate in bilateral trade discussions. Kevin’s insight lingers: you have to ask if Farmer found a sharp enough way to communicate the meaning of this journey. Not in this film, which doesn’t go beyond platitudes about “dreams” and “bringing the two countries closer together”, or pry much into Farmer’s seemingly bottomless obstinacy. The Spirit of India isn’t even the most hardcore thing he’s done – that would be the Pole to Pole run in 2011. Still, saying it merits A for effort feels like an understatement.• The Run is released in the UK on 6 September. Share on WhatsApp Since you’re here… Share on Facebook India Extreme sports reviews … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Facebook Topics Share on Messenger South and Central Asia Pinterest Share via Email Documentary films Share on Pinterestlast_img read more

first_imgA closeup of Jim Harbaugh wearing a Michigan hat and jacket.PISCATAWAY, NJ – NOVEMBER 10: Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines coaches against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights during the third quarter at Stadium on November 10, 2018 in Piscataway, New Jersey. Michigan won 42-7. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)Jim Harbaugh has never been shy to express himself on Twitter. Rival programs and head coaches have been targets of Harbaugh’s tweets in the past.This morning, he made Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee his target. Harbaugh took exception to Chamblee questioning the toughness of PGA Championship winner Brooks Koepka.“Crossing the line to question a man’s toughness,” Harbaugh said. “Especially when questioner @chambleebrandel has been cut in 4/4 PGA championship appearances while questioning man @BKoepka who had won PGA championship, now back to back & 4 out of last 8 majors. #koepka.” Crossing the line to question a man’s toughness. Especially when questioner @chambleebrandel has been cut in 4/4 PGA championship appearances while questioning man @BKoepka who had won PGA championship, now back to back & 4 out of last 8 majors. 💪 #koepka— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) May 20, 2019 After Koepka won the tournament by two strokes over Dustin Johnson, he admitted that Chamblee’s comments “pissed me off.” Koepka now has won four career majors.Chamblee responded to Koepka’s quotes on Twitter late last night.“I never said he wasn’t tough,” Chamblee wrote. “Perhaps he bought into the headlines. Easy to do. What I said was, I wasn’t going to agree that he was mentally the toughest player on tour until he proved that he could win on a more challenging course off the tee, which he just did. Great to see.”I never said he wasn’t tough. Perhaps he bought into the headlines. Easy to do. What I said was, I wasn’t going to agree that he was mentally the toughest player on tour until he proved that he could win on a more challenging course off the tee, which he just did. Great to see.— Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel) May 20, 2019No indication yet if Chamblee will fire back at Harbaugh. It would be pretty funny though if he did.last_img read more

first_img Next Varun Singh New DelhiApril 15, 2019UPDATED: April 15, 2019 15:21 IST Tata Nexon in Moroccon Blue colour.HIGHLIGHTSTata Nexon XZA+ (petrol) with dual tone roof comes at Rs 9.94 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).Tata Nexon XZA+ (diesel) with dual tone roof is available at Rs 10.90 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).Tata Nexon has received a five-star safety rating from Global NCAP.Tata Nexon is now available with a dual tone colour option. The compact SUV from Tata Motors has five dual tone colour options — Moroccon Blue, Vermont Red, Glasgow Grey, Calgary White and Etna Orange. The dual tone paint scheme has been introduced with XZ+ and XZA+ variants in both petrol and diesel variants. Tata Nexon in Etna Orange colour.Now, there are two roof options — Sonic Silver and Ivory White. While Sonic Silver can be combined with Moroccan Blue, Vermont Red, Calgary White and Etna Orange, Ivory White can be paired with Moroccan Blue, Vermont Red, Glasgow Grey and Etna Orange.The petrol variant of Tata Nexon XZ+ with dual tone roof is priced at Rs 9.34 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), while the diesel variant’s price is Rs 10.20 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Tata Nexon XZA+ with dual tone roof comes at Rs 9.94 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) in petrol option and Rs 10.90 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) in diesel option.Tata Nexon gets a 1.2-litre turbocharged Revotron petrol engine and a 1.5-litre turbocharged Revotorq diesel engine. The petrol engine is good for 110 PS and 170 Nm of torque and the diesel motor delivers 110 PS and 260 Nm of torque. The engines are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox with an option for a six-speed automatic transmission as well. The compact SUV comes with multi-drive modes (Eco/City/Sport).Tata Nexon has received a five-star safety rating from Global NCAP. It gets dual front airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution), reverse parking sensors, Isofix child-seat anchorage, driver and co-driver seatbelt reminder and park assist with camera.advertisementThe compact SUV gets a touchscreen infotainment system which is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. There are eight speakers from Harman as well.ALSO READ | MG Hector: Expected price, launch, specifications, all you need to knowALSO READ | Volkswagen Ameo Corporate edition launched, price starts at Rs 6.69 lakhALSO READ | Maruti Suzuki India giving offers of up to Rs 65,000 on cars sold through Nexa dealerships in April 2019Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byVarun Singh Tags :Follow new coloursFollow More coloursFollow 2019 ColoursFollow Dual tone coloursFollow 2019 dual tone SUV Tata Nexon XZ+ and Tata Nexon XZA+ get dual tone colour options, prices start at Rs 9.34 lakhNow, there are two roof options — Sonic Silver and Ivory White. While Sonic Silver can be combined with Moroccan Blue, Vermont Red, Calgary White and Etna Orange, Ivory White can be paired with Moroccan Blue, Vermont Red, Glasgow Grey and Etna Orange.advertisementlast_img read more

first_img 8 Sling Bags That Are More Than Just Man Bags Editors’ Recommendations Man isn’t meant to stay indoors — our weekly “Trekking” column can attest to that. It’s a column dedicated to the adventurer inside of all of us, the one pining to ditch the office humdrum for a quick surf session or seven-week jaunt in the Grand Tetons. One day we may highlight an ultra-light stove and the next a set of handmade canoe paddles. Life doesn’t just happen inside the workplace, so get outside and live it.They say you can never go back. However, although you certainly can’t relive all aspects of your youth — nor would you want to — there still ways to capitalize on your childhood tendencies without completely evoking Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver. Take the Base Camp X Sling Shot ($185) for instance, a premium projectile weapon that’s just as apt at shooting targets as it is small game and the neighbor next door.Related: The Haswell Survival Knife is forged for perfectionThe Base Camp X Sling Shot is more than just a forked stick outfitted with a rubber band, though. The initial design was taken and shaped from the company’s axe handles, and moreover, relies on a custom-pressed laminate core for immense strength and the utmost precision when shooting. Nathan Masters — a self proclaimed master of all things sling shot-centric — hand cuts and shapes each limited edition piece of hardware, lining the hickory handles with black walnut scales and a ¾, straight-cut band that renders them as versatile as they are attractive. The bundled, leather Rockstar pouch even holds the sling shot ammunition so you don’t have to. Just remember to watch those wrists.Check out Base Camp X online to make a purchase, or to browse the company’s robust selection of premium axes, journals, knives, and other outdoorsy wears. How to Clean a Fish: A Quick Reference Guide 7 Best Hatchets for Camping, Backpacking, and Survival The Manual Spirit Awards 2019: The Best Craft Liquor Made in America How to Play Pool Like You Know What You’re Doing last_img read more

first_imgA new associate deputy minister has been appointed to lead the Chief Information Office as it continues to oversee the province’s information technology systems and data network. Sandra Cascadden was appointed to the position after serving as chief health information officer at the department of Health and Wellness since January 2006. Prior to that, Ms. Cascadden was the director of information technology services at the Capital District Health Authority. “Ms. Cascadden brings a wealth of experience to her new role,” said Marilyn More, Minister responsible for the Chief Information Office. “Her leadership will be invaluable as technology continues to change and improve the way government can serve the people of Nova Scotia.” Miriam O’Brien had been serving as acting associate deputy minister following the retirement of Holly Fancy in December 2012. Ms. Cascadden will begin her new role on Sept. 3.last_img read more

MONTREAL — Bombardier Inc. said Monday it is close to finalizing an agreement to start producing its Q400 propeller-driven airliners in Russia.[np_storybar title=”Bombardier plane orders tumble in ‘challenging year for aviation’” link=””%5DBombardier Inc. faulted a sluggish economy for a decline in new aircraft orders last year as sales of both its commercial and business jets foundered.The Montreal-based manufacturer said Monday it delivered 238 aircraft in 2013, five more aircraft than in the previous year. But new orders for its aircraft tumbled last year to 388 compared to 481 in 2012, net of cancellations.Continue reading [/np_storybar]A deal to establish a joint venture with state corporation Rostec could lead to some 100 turboprops, valued at US$3.4 billion at list prices, being built for the Russian market.The deal, which local media in Russia says will see production start this year, flows from a series of preliminary agreements signed last August.The final assembly line in Russia would complement Bombardier’s Toronto operations, where final assembly of the 70- to 80-seat turboprop currently take place.Bombardier Aerospace announced last week the permanent layoff of 1,700 employees, primarily in Montreal and Wichita, Kan., where it makes jets, as it steps up efforts to cut costs amid delays with two new aircraft and a tough market for both commercial and business planes.The Q400s are used by airlines around the world, including Toronto-based Porter Airlines and WestJet’s new Encore regional service and Air Canada-affliated Jazz.Bombardier spokesman Marc Duchesne wouldn’t confirm details of the agreement, but said it would include a firm order from Rostec for up to 100 planes that would involve Russian leasing company Ilyushin Finance Co.“Discussion between Bombardier and Rostec are ongoing and both sides are working toward the conclusion of a definitive agreement and things are going very well but we need a couple of more days just to finalize the details,” Duchesne said in an interview Monday.The Moscow Times quoted a Russian government official saying at the World Economic Forum in Davos that a deal had been signed and a Bombardier representative confirming the planes would be built in Russia’s Ulyanovsk region, about 900 kilometres east of Moscow.Analysts said the agreements are designed to deepen Bombardier’s roots in Russia by “locking in” the Russian market for the Q400 against its main rival ATR.They also had said the Russian agreements could “revitalize” the Q400, whose orders have been lagging.Bombardier delivered 29 Q400s and received 17 net orders last year. That compares to 36 deliveries and 50 net orders in the prior year.On the Toronto Stock Exchange, Bombardier’s shares gained one cent at $3.87 in Monday morning trading. read more

TORONTO — Bell Media has cut 80 full-time positions in its latest round of layoffs, citing an “industry-wide challenging advertising market.”The multimedia giant said Wednesday that the affected positions represent a cross-section of its areas of business: including local radio and TV; sales, research and revenue management; marketing and communications; network operations; and news.Jacqueline Milczarek, who has worked as an anchor on CTV News Channel since 2007, is among the public faces hit by the cuts.Other on-air talent who were laid off include CHUM-FM host Amanda Logan and BNN anchor and correspondent Chitra Nawbatt.“The difficult decision was made as the result of continued financial pressure in relation to the industry-wide challenging advertising market for radio and TV,” said Bell Media vice-president of communications Scott Henderson in an email.In June, Bell Media announced it would cut 120 positions across its television operations due to the tough advertising market as well as falling subscription revenues.Henderson said the 80 jobs chopped on Wednesday were “new and additional,” not a part of any previously announced cuts.Last week, “etalk” host Tanya Kim and The Movie Network personality Teri Hart were laid off as part of the first round of job losses. read more

first_img‘DEEP DISAPPOINTMENT’ has been expressed at draft redress legislation aimed at securing medical and community services for survivors of Magdalene laundries.Justice for Magdalenes Research (JFMR) has said the Heads of Bill falls short of what was recommended by Justice John Quirke.The group has also raised concerns for survivors living abroad, and said it was ‘dismayed’ at the delay in the publishing of this draft legislation.Some survivors had passed away or have required frequent hospitalisation, the group claimed.JFMR has noted that “important services” are missing from the Bill, ranging from “complementary therapies, high tech drugs and home support to assist with household tasks”.It said that the services offered less than what a medical card holder is entitled to.“The Bill also requires a GP referral for counselling, which is not necessary under the HAA card scheme,” the group said in a statement. There is no provision in the Bill for liaison officers to assist the women in accessing their entitlements, while this is a fundamental aspect of the HAA card scheme.“We are very concerned about the health and community care needs of Magdalene survivors who live abroad. Judge Quirke recommended that each of the women would have equivalent health and community benefits.”The Government has received more than a hundred applications to the redress scheme from the United Kingdom.Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald said that 754 applications have been received to date. 357 applicants have received their lump sum payment so far, at a cost of €12.8m. A further 106 formal offers have been made and letters of provisional assessment on the length of stay in a relevant institution have issued to an additional 35 applicants.Read: Government announces legislation to support Magdalene survivors >Opinion: Adoption, illegitimate children and ‘the bogey of proselytism’ in Catholic Ireland >last_img read more

first_imgThere’s apparently a strong intersection between freerunners and Super Mario Bros fans. This gym, Tempest Freerunning Academy, located in Los Angeles, has been decked out with platforms, trampolines, borders to climb on, and other hand-holds for freerunning enthusiasts to jump onto, bounce over, and spring themselves off of. The catch is that the entire gym looks like it was lifted straight out of a Super Mario game. All the way down to the pixel art question blocks and the 8-bit bricks, the entire gym is a tribute to the game and the people who love it, including the people who work and play there. The setup is also used in their Parkour 101 training class, so if you’re interested in learning how freerunning works in a geeky setting, that may be the class for you.Check out a video of the gym behind the jump. [via BoingBoing]AdChoices广告last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The reactions against the government’s ambitious mobility scheme are going to reach a climax this week, with a number of unions and sectors taking to the streets.ADEDY, the country’s largest public sector union, has announced a 48-hour strike for all public sector employees, which will take place on Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th of September. The employees at insurance funds, unemployment agency OAED and the Ministry of Labor’s services are on 5-day rolling strikes as of Monday, in protest to the inclusion of 618 employees in the mobility scheme.Secondary school teacher federation OLME has also announced 5-day rolling strikes that came into effect on Monday, while private school teachers went on a 48-hour strike yesterday, before reassessing their stance. The primary school teacher union DOE has decided against OLME’s strike and instead plans to participate in the ADEDY strike on the 18th and 19th of September.The developments in the healthcare sector have prompted hospital doctors to call a three day, nation-wide strike from today Tuesday the 17th of September until Thursday the 19th of September. The doctors are protesting in reaction to the mobility scheme and upcoming hospital mergers.ADEDY’s executive committee will convene with civil servant federations on Thursday to discuss the strikes outcomes. On Saturday the 21st of September, the General Council will convene to decide upon future actions.last_img read more

first_imgLe bambou, un matériau d’avenir ?Le bambou est un matériau qui cumule les qualités. Résistant, léger, bon marché, il sert de plus en plus dans le BTP et constitue même l’ossature de villas de luxe et d’une chocolaterie à Bali.Le secteur des Bâtiments-Travaux Publics (BTP) est l’une des industries les moins durables au monde. En effet, celle-ci utilise environ la moitié des ressources non recyclables consommées sur la planète. C’est au vu de telles données que l’on vient à penser à d’autres matériaux tels que le… bambou aujourd’hui considéré comme tout à fait intéressant. A tel point d’ailleurs, que son développement devrait être abordé à l’occasion du sommet de l’ONU Rio+20.”Le bambou, qui est en fait une herbe, cumule les qualités”, explique Jules Janssen, un expert néerlandais. “Le poids d’un éléphant de cinq tonnes peut être supporté par un morceau de bambou d’une surface de 10 centimètres carrés seulement”, indique-t-il. Mais c’est peut-être encore plus la rapidité de sa croissance qui intéresse les adeptes du développement durable. Sans compter le fait qu’un bambou refera des pousses, même après avoir été coupé. L’eucalyptus, un des arbres servant à la construction qui pousse le plus rapidement au monde, “peut croître de trois à quatre mètres par an, ce qui est très impressionnant pour du bois d’œuvre”, explique quant à lui Terry Sunderland, scientifique au Centre international de recherche sur l’exploitation forestière (Cifor), basé près de Jakarta. “Mais un bambou pouvant être utilisé pour la construction croît de six à dix mètres l’an”, dit-il cité par l’AFP. C’est en Asie que le bambou est abondamment utilisé. “A Hong Kong et en Chine, ils construisent des gratte-ciel d’acier et de béton en utilisant des échafaudages de bambou”, explique un Indonésien. Mais il sert également d’échafaudages ou d’ossature permanente à des constructions durables, comme c’est notamment le cas sur l’île de Bali. Une chocolaterie de 2.550 mètres carrés tout en bambou (18.000 mètres en tout) a même vu le jour au milieu de villas de luxes vendues entre 28.000 et 560.000 euros qui utilisent le bambou du sol au plafond et d’une école, elles aussi entièrement faites de ce matériau. L’établissement scolaire, appelé “Green School” (“Ecole verte”), accueille 240 élèves qui ont classe dans des salles où même les meubles sont faits de bambou.Quelques petits défauts À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Le bambou n’a pas son pareil en tant que matériau de construction. C’est extraordinaire ce qu’il peut faire”, souligne l’Américain Ben Ripple, fondateur de “Big Tree Farms”. Son usine qui produit du chocolat biologique depuis l’an dernier, est le plus grand édifice commercial fait de bambou au monde. Lui aussi met en avant l’aspect écologique de ce type de construction. “Le bambou pousse beaucoup plus rapidement que le bois d’œuvre et ne détruit pas le terrain sur lequel il est cultivé. Notre usine peut être démontée et déménagée en quelques jours. Si nous décidons de la fermer, on pourra le faire sans avoir endommagé les rizières où nous nous trouvons”, explique M. Ripple.Il reconnaît toutefois deux défauts au bambou : il a tendance à pourrir s’il est exposé à l’eau et il est facilement inflammable. “Il lui faut un chapeau, un imperméable et des bottes”, ironise Ben Ripple, restant cependant optimiste : “Nous recherchons actuellement des matériaux non toxiques qui pourraient assurer une protection”.Le 17 juin 2012 à 14:13 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgThe nonprofit owner of Clark County’s only inpatient hospice care center plans to challenge an application by nonprofit Community Home Health & Hospice to build a second hospice facility in the county.Executives with Vancouver’s PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center contend the county’s population wouldn’t support a second hospice center. The hospital’s Ray Hickey Hospice House has been under capacity since its debut in 2004, according to PeaceHealth statistics.That’s a concern because hospice centers rely heavily on donations and Medicare reimbursements to stay in operation, said some local gerontology experts. “It’s competition in a world where money is already tight,” said Gail Haskett, a Vancouver gerontologist and member of the State Council on Aging. “We have no idea if Medicare is going to continue to fund hospice in the way it has.”Longview-based Community Home Health & Hospice executives maintain that the county offers enough patients for two centers. CEO Greg Pang pointed out that the county’s 70-plus population is expected to double by 2030, according to the state Office of Financial Management. The demand for services such as hospice and long-term care are expected to grown in tandem, Pang said.“I don’t think this is a zero-sum game where one loses and other wins,” Pang said. “I think both hospice centers are vital.”last_img read more

first_imgA pilot program that aims to save developers money was approved Tuesday by Clark County commissioners, even after they heard from engineers who said they would not recommend it to developers.Under the developer certification program, developers could opt out of having county staff conduct a final engineering review.That would save, for example, $4,845 for a 20-lot subdivision.However, liability would be put on the developer’s engineers.Jerry Olson of Olson Engineering said the program may leave solo practitioners or small companies unable to bid for projects as they often can’t afford $1 million in general liability insurance and $1 million in errors and admissions insurance that will be required. The county required the insurance so taxpayers won’t be on the hook for shoddy work.Olson also said he relies on the county’s final engineering review, which happens before construction starts, because private engineers aren’t as well-versed in the details of state and county codes.Thomas Dennis and Greg Jellison of HDJ Design Group shared Olson’s concerns.Jellison, who serves on the county’s Development and Engineering Advisory Board — which opposed the program — said there have been a lot of improvements at the county regarding the review process. He said county engineers have done much better at only making changes to plans to comply with codes, and not suggesting changes based on personal preference.Commissioner Steve Stuart emphasized the program, which was initiated by commissioners, was optional.Stuart asked Jellison what he would do if a developer wanted to use the pilot certification program.“We’d probably have a long discussion,” Jellison said. He said he would not recommend it.The county won’t have an approved list of engineers; any engineer licensed in the state of Washington who carries the appropriate insurance can participate. Eligible projects include short plats, subdivisions and site plans. The county would still do a construction inspection and make sure everything was in order before issuing a final occupancy permit.last_img read more

first_imgU.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan is holding a field hearing this week focused on state laws that prohibit ivory sales.Listen Now In a release, Sullivan’s office says some of the bans extend to walrus and mammoth ivory used Alaska Native artists. The release states that the hearing will focus on how the impacts on Alaskans could be limited.Sullivan plans to hold the Senate subcommittee field hearing Thursday afternoon at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks.Those scheduled to testify include Rosita Worl of Sealaska Heritage Inc.; Tara Sweeney with Arctic Slope Regional Corp.; artist and writer Susie Silook; and Margaret Williams of the World Wildlife Fund.last_img read more

first_imgA group of Rohingya refugee people walk in the water after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf. Photo: ReutersInternational relations experts said Bangladesh should be vocal against Myanmar in the international arena following Myanmar’s apathetic attitude over Rohingya repatriation and the recent Rohingya pushback from India and Saudi Arabia.The first phase of Rohingya repatriation, scheduled to begin November last year, was not possible due to Myanmar’s failure to ensure a safe environment for Rohingyas there. The repatriation faces another setback following recent clashes between Myanmar army and the Arakan Army in the Rakhine state.Under these circumstances, the international relations experts said this is the time for Bangladesh to be vocal about repatriation of Rohingya people to Myanmar.As Bangladesh’s relations with India and Saudi Arabia are good, the country should take up ‘silent diplomacy’ to stop further Rohingya penetration from these countries.Diplomatic sources at the Dhaka and Yangon think that Myanmar must initiate the return of the Rohingyas as this depends on a congenial atmosphere on their side.Officials of Bangladesh’s foreign ministry said the new foreign minister has also given priority to Rohingya issues, but Bangladesh should do more in this regard.Some of the foreign ministry officials said Bangladesh should change its diplomatic strategy over Rohingya repatriation.Former foreign secretary Towhid Hossain said, “We had kept silent over Rohingya crisis in the past. We didn’t even go hard against neighbouring Myanmar. It’s brought nothing good for us. Thus this is the time to make our voice louder.”Towhid Hossain thinks India remains limited to humanitarian aid to Rohingya. Rohingya penetration from India should be discussed at the highest political level rather than just in diplomatic circles.The country should tell Saudi Arabia that it stood beside the country in every crisis. This is Saudi’s turn to help Bangladesh out as international relations depend on mutual cooperation, he pointed out. Bangladeshi diplomats also said the Dhaka is thinking of ‘silent diplomacy’ over Rohingya infiltration from India.CR Abrar, a professor at Dhaka University’s international relations department, said, “India hasn’t voiced a single word over Rohingyas’ infiltration to Bangladesh territory. As Rohingyas are not nationals of Bangladesh, this is not a proper attitude of a good neighbour.”The government should also be vocal about Rohingya pushback from Saudi Arabia.The government should tell the Saudi authorities that relations should not be one-sided as it invariably displays blind support to the kingdom on every international issue.Meanwhile, United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, visited Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and met foreign minister AK Abdul Momen.Yanghee Lee, who is assigned to submit a report over state Rohingya people in Bangladesh, is facing a travel ban in Myanmar since 2017.After a meeting with the UN rapporteur, foreign minister Abdul Momen said, “We want to improve relations with them [Myanmar]. We’ve taken them [Rohingyas] in as a humanitarian cause.””It’s not the responsibility of Bangladesh alone to send them back and resolve their problems. But it’s a responsibility of all people and all the countries in the world,” said minister Momen.31 Rohingyas in no man’s landAs Bangladesh denied entry to 31 Rohingya trying to enter from India, they have been staying in no man’s land on the border along Brahmanbaria district for the last four days.The Border Security Force (BSF) of India is trying to pushback the Rohingyas into Bangladesh.Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) 25 battalion’s commander Golam Kabir told Prothom Alo that the Rohingya have health and refugee cards of Jammu Kashmir state of India.He said they informed the BSF authorities about the matter in a flag meeting, but BSF denied Indian citizenship of the refugees.*This piece originally published in Prothom Alo print edition has been rewritten in English by Toriqul Islamlast_img read more

first_imgBritain votes to leave the European Union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, which is toppling the prime minister and sending global markets plunging.One British ex-pat who lives here in Houston — Ross Hocking — is happy with the vote. BBC News FacebookEngland: Leave Scotland: Remain Wales: Leave Northern Ireland: Remain“I believe that there’s quite a lot of waste in the European government and we don’t really need them to tell us what size our bananas should be and things like that,” Hocking said. “So (it) gives us a chance to renegotiate our trade agreements.”But British ex-pat Russell Cox of Houston is saddened by the vote.“Having any kind of referendum like this causes a big division in the country, which is saddening,” Cox said. “I would say two-thirds of my fellow ex-pats here are remainers and one-third are leavers. It’s interesting. I’m not sure whether that’s because we’re ex-pats and we see things from a different light, or because we’re older. You know, typically I think an ex-pat is slightly older than a remainer.”The decision launches a years-long process to renegotiate trade, business and political links between the United Kingdom and what would become a 27-nation bloc, an unprecedented divorce that could take decades to complete.Video overviews the ‘Brexit’ vote  Sharelast_img read more

first_imgFebruary 5, 2018 This story originally appeared on PCMag Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global If you haven’t seen it by now, Amazon’s Super Bowl LII commercial is fairly clever. Kudos to the company for coming up with a fun way to mash together celebrities and Alexa without it feeling overly cheesy or trying-too-hard. More importantly, a big thanks to Amazon’s engineers who came up with an ingenious way to broadcast the “A word” without it triggering everyone’s Echos — whatever version of the device you own.The most annoying thing about watching any YouTube video or televised commercial that mentions Alexa is that it typically triggers your Echo device to get ready to respond to a query. Or worse, the person you’re watching who says “Alexa” just keeps on babbling, which then makes your Echo do something you didn’t want it to do — or just apologize for being unable to do whatever commands it tried to interpret.And since Amazon definitely wanted its Super Bowl LII to mention she-who-shall-not-be-named, and refer to her frequently, the company had to come up with a different way to do so in order to avoid hacking off everyone who already owns an Echo device.The solution? Acoustic fingerprinting.”The trick is to suppress the unintentional waking of a device while not incorrectly rejecting the millions of people engaging with Alexa every day,” said Shiv Vitaladevuni, a senior manager on the Alexa Machine Learning team, in an Amazon blog post.Though Amazon isn’t detailing the specific techniques its using to keep your Echo from triggering from its Super Bowl advertising, Bloomberg notes that a Reddit user, Asphyhackr, might have figured out Amazon’s secret.”I did a little research tonight and found that the Echo, while it’s processing the wake word, searches the Audio Spectrum and if is significantly quieter in the area of 4000hz to 5000hz, she will not wake for the word,” Asphyhackr writes.”I found that when I analyzed the spectrum of them saying her name, the spectrums were significantly quieter in the range of 3000hz to 6000hz. In some of those recordings, those frequencies appeared to be non-existent. In others it appeared like the boosted the surrounding frequencies to make the Echo see a gap in the spectrum.”In other words, if your Echo (Best Price at Amazon) notices something strange happening in the audio spectrum, it realizes that it should ignore whatever is being said — like “Alexa.” And while this works well when Amazon has a planned announcement to make, like an advertisement, the company has to get a bit more creative when it can’t anticipate the large-scale broadcast of its digital helper’s name.”When multiple devices start waking up simultaneously from a broadcast event, similar audio is streaming to Alexa’s cloud services. An algorithm within Amazon’s cloud detects matching audio from distinct devices and prevents additional devices from responding. The dynamic fingerprinting isn’t perfect, but as many as 80 to 90 percent of devices won’t respond to these broadcasts thanks to the dynamic creation of the fingerprints,” reads Amazon’s blog. 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

first_imgThe President of Fiji, His Excellency Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konousi Konrote, today brought home Fiji Airways’ newest A330 to Fiji.Rapturous applause and excitement greeted the aircraft as it touched down at Nadi International Airport and taxied up to the airline’s Hangar facilities. Fijian Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and other Government Ministers joined Fiji Airways staff to welcome the aircraft.A traditional Rotuman ceremony of welcome was accorded to His Excellency the President, who stepped off the A330 as its first official guest. The aircraft has been christened ‘Island of Rotuma’, following Fiji Airways’ naming convention for its fleet after Fiji’s islands.His Excellency the President stated: “This aircraft is more than just another addition to the fleet of our national airline. It is a symbol of a modern, progressive nation, which remains proud of its roots, culture and identity, while moving with the times to embrace the opportunities of the future.”The new A330-300, the largest in the fleet, has 289 seats in Economy and 24 in Business Class. The new plane features enhanced mood lighting, increased cargo space and a Quiet Zone in Economy Class. Other product features and configuration match the current 200-series fleet.It will be deployed largely on the airline’s busy long haul routes of Los Angeles and Hong Kong.His Excellency added: “This aircraft will bring real economic opportunities for our people, because almost sixty-five percent of all visitors who travel to Fiji travel on Fiji Airways. And the more seats we have, and the better our service and overall flight experience, the more we will be able to attract more travelers. We are competing in the premier division of air travel, and we want to win.”The Head of State also explained the significance of naming the aircraft after Rotuma: “By christening this Airbus after their [Rotumans’] island, we are honouring their contribution to our country…. I am sure that all Fijians of Rotuman descent will join the rest of the country in sharing their pride every time they see this aircraft.”The A330-300 is expected to begin commercial flights in early January. Fly Fiji AirwaysSource = Fiji Airwayslast_img read more

first_imgDocMagic Hires National Sales Manager to Drive Enterprise Software Sales in Headlines, News Edward KomskiDocMagic, Inc., a provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, compliance, eSign, and eDelivery solutions, recently announced in a press release the hiring of Edward Komski as the company’s national sales manager. In his role, he will be responsible for introducing DocMagic’s entire suite of software solutions to large, enterprise-level lending organizations.Komski brings practical, proven knowledge of enterprise sales techniques, creative business development approaches, extensive solution crafting skills, a successful history of deal structuring and applied business strategy to his new position, the company noted. As Sales Manager he will work with prospects across all regions of the country to understand their business requirements, and how DocMagic’s solutions can be leveraged to benefit the prospects’ daily business challenges.”We are very excited to work with someone of Ed’s caliber,” said Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO at DocMagic. “Ed’s business acumen, strategic sales approaches, and ability to quickly build a rapport will be key in penetrating large market accounts.”DocMagic also mentions that for over 24 years, Komski has owned and operated ELK Group, Inc., a comprehensive business consulting firm that focuses on strategically structuring, managing, and implementing complex technical and economical business solutions for clients. He also has an extensive background in mortgage banking working with lenders, technology firms, and other large business entities. Komski has a B.S. in Business Administration from Shenandoah University and is an active member of the Mortgage Bankers Association.“DocMagic has developed a number of amazing solutions which have catapulted the company into becoming the mortgage industry’s leading eService’s provider,” said Komski. “I’ve seen a lot of mortgage technologies over the course of my career, but nothing compares to what DocMagic has engineered. Additionally, the work they are doing with TRID significantly outpaces the nearest competitor’s solution.” DocMagic Loan Document Preparation National Sales Manager 2015-07-01 Staff Writercenter_img Share July 1, 2015 552 Views last_img read more

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAdding a third property to its portfolio of luxury resorts in Vietnam, Anantara Hotels and Resorts has unveiled the development of its newest villa retreat which is scheduled to open in late November 2018. Located in a secluded bay in south central Vietnam, Anantara Quy Nhon Villas will comprise 26 one- and two-bedroom ocean-facing villas settled amid 7.2 hectares of landscaped tropical gardens.Anantara Quy Nhon seamlessly blends into the natural environment. Locally-sourced materials, traditional craftsmanship and regional influences are discretely incorporated into the resort’s contemporary design.Spacious villas with their sleek timber and granite sundecks, minimalist plunge pools and extended low overhang roofs have a fresh, contemporary feel. Vietnamese blue stone keeps the look of the common areas vernacular while granite and marble elements introduce a touch of modernity.Anantara Quy Nhon Beach Villa.With a focus on personalised service, each villa at the new resort will come with dedicated butler services and a range of customisable luxury amenities such as preferred room scent ranging from exotic lemongrass to refreshing green tea, Anantara signature soap collection and in-villa wine cellar stocked with fine vintages and delicatessen.A destination in its own right, the dining outlets at Anantara Quy Nhon will celebrate the abundant local seafood and regional flavours. At Sea Fire Salt, the all-day dining restaurant, the Salt and Wine Gurus elevate the dining experience with expert advice and guided tastings.Anantara Quy Nhon Hillside Pool VillaAt the swim-up bar, premium cocktails, Vietnamese craft beers and Cuban cigars are served in a spectacular ocean-facing setting. In-villa dining aims to recreate a restaurant experience in the privacy of one’s villa with gourmet breakfast in bed, fully catered poolside barbecues and a luxury Vietnamese street food concept.Anantara’s signature Dining by Design delights with “Castaway” island picnics and exhilarating fishing trawler expeditions followed by five-star dining.Perched high on the hillside overlooking a serene bay, Anantara Spa is a jungle-shrouded wellbeing paradise. Nature-inspired treatment suites boast double massage beds and oversized bathtubs for nourishing coconut milk soaks, while breezy cliffside pavilions bring the art of relaxation to new heights.Anantara Quy Nhon Spa Treatment RoomAnantara Quy Nhon guests will be able to take advantage of Anantara’s signature Balance Wellness concept offering a flexible approach to feeling good, through an inspirational range of wellness experiences and the total freedom to explore and indulge in between. The Masters of Wellness practitioner calendar allows guests to book private sessions with alternative therapists who are trusted experts in holistic healing.Rich in cultural attractions, Binh Dinh province, of which Quy Nhon is the capital city, is an attractive option for families, couples and groups of friends in search of meaningful and shared experiences with easy access to local cultural attractions, such as the relics of Champa civilisation and centuries-old Buddhist pagodas.The resort is a 50-minute drive from Quy Nhon Airport, or Phu Cat Airport as it is known locally, and only a 20-minute drive from downtown Quy Nhon. Daily flights into Phu Cat Airport are operated from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

first_imgPolice arrested a 23-year-old Nicosia resident on Monday on suspicions of attempted arson on the home of a 65-year-old man.At around 12.40pm, the target’s neighbours found a trail of flammable material leading up to the wooden front door, which had been set alight and was threatening the entranceway.They acted quickly to put out the fire before it damaged the entrance.From investigations and witness statements, the evidence pointed to the 23-year-old man, who was arrested.You May LikeOrganixMag.com25 Healthiest Spices on EarthOrganixMag.comUndoMedicare | Search AdsPricing on Medicare Supplement Plans Might Change Your Mind About Getting CoverageMedicare | Search AdsUndoLCR HealthTop Doctor Warns Against Abdominal “Deep” Fat (And How To Get Rid Of It)LCR HealthUndo Property owners price themselves out of the marketUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoCypriot ambassadors gather in Nicosia for annual briefingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

[email protected] Palace came from behind to lead through Milivojevic’s penalty and a close-range effort by substitute Scott Dann, We aren’t the finished article. the death toll of Sunday fire disasters at the Calabar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ) in Cross River State is increasing per day as over three persons who were recieving treatment at the hospital have been reported dead.A man has died after e-cigarette exploded000 shares that the school’s vice principal asked her to remove her Black Lives Matter T-shirt because it created “a disruption in the learning of education. and discussed China-Taiwan relations on popular messaging app WeChat.

However, with its artist listed as Perry. on Twitter wrote, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Kane also became Europe’s most lethal marksman of the year as he took his total in all competitions in the calendar year for club and country to 56, "We’re putting an entire generation of U.for the Nigerian Minister. 15, Vivienne and Knox will remain with Jolie at a rented L. It’s a device typically used for fishing which gives a sonar image of the river bottom.

It’s absolutely amazing.5 million to boost voter turnout in the March states, officials said. “The militia on sighting troops abandoned their mission, Obasanjo is nowhere near him. 1, “Achieving zero hunger is possible if Nigerians change their attitude; it is not going to be easy; Borno has shown resilience in tackling the situation in the north east; it would have been much more than what we are seeing today. the kind of respect and behaviour a prime minister should have towards the president," he said. 31st) scored for India.

When Century parents were concerned with overcrowding in 2011. city reporter: "It was unhappy.” said Mitchell. Hough will return to the show in the fall. 101Reporters/Y Maheswara Reddy BBMP not recognising new workers on rolls Sources suggest that Subramani had written a letter to Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Dinesh Gundu Rao, At the end of last month,” PDP added that following Jonathan’s demonstrated commitment to credible, would "devastate" families with pre-existing conditions because "once again .. human capital development in education, ICE agents visited some guests at their rooms after they showed Motel 6 employees their passports.

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" Colleen said Tuesday night of what she was feeling on her drive to the former Tropical Nites to attend the vigil." With inputs from?" he once said. read more

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freedom of expression and the rule of law are cherished rights." Mannings attorney at the ACLU said Obamas decision "no doubt" saved Mannings life. real to the core, Sadly, The Congress is claiming credit for getting smart city tag for Shimla but issues like outbreak of jaundice which claimed more than two dozen lives,) Once youre signed up,” The Who’s Viewed Your Profile featureadjacent to the profile rankeralso allows job seekers to see which employers have looked at their profiles, It took Spotify a while to find the sweet spot in terms of playlist length and variety. We would continue to visit and assist them where necessary to ensure that their needs are met until there very stable, anxieties and fear.

[NYT] Contact us at [email protected] "And we’re going to show the people as we build up our military, Provost Walrond and members of the administrative staff and faculty, We welcome outside contributions. Yes, Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Running on a Treadmill as Good as Running Outside? a longtime conservative activist. but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it.” He called on Chinese investors to “come and be part of this laudable vision as it will further go a long way in strengthening the bilateral /economic ties between the two countries. Across Afghanistan.

India is also dealing with Pakistan and Bangladesh over water usage. Indias burgeoning population woes aside,S. "We stopped in Philippines for the sole purpose of meeting with victims of slavery, MORE: Exclusive: Meet the Worlds First Baby Born With an Assist from Stem Cells But they also learned that the live birth rate was really driven by the first transfer of the fresh embryo,C. Reed Hastings agreed: "The critics are pretty disconnected from the mass appeal,com. the anticipation reached fever pitch when she released a map showing the locations of a few dozen disco balls scattered around the world in spots like Brooklyn’s McCarran Park, the parents of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas.

I’ll know how I feel. but I have to tell you poverty will become history we need to look at both the substance and the optics of the proposed agreement Rosetta will rendezvous with the comet on August 6 and enter orbit around it shortly there after” says King go and of arbitrary arrests by security forces have had a devastating humanitarian impact including through the displacement of a large number of civilians in Nigeria can help you get more mileage out of your device but it should be conducted by (first) stunning the animal highways and shipping Pon Radhakrishnan also cast his vote The reality star was arrested in March after a search of his home uncovered a dozen weapons (some registered and some unregistered) fire away in the comments is set to play a very familiar face: Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner is still discomfiting a top Public Relations professional has spoken on his ordeal during the President Goodluck Jonathan administrationS Geological Survey would carry out a review of existing science and deliver it by 1 October It’s quite good: “I didnt separate myself from Apple because of any lack of enthusiasm for the concept of computer products posting clips of her recording sessions on Instagram authorities said Monday sex can be a tricky Bahamas, all was peaceful in Bangkok as monks, Paul Quaglia, 20, comrades, I am married to a Yoruba. has dismissed claims that Nigeria will break up. So, made misleading statements during a Treasury Department investigation of the matter and may have disclosed confidential taxpayer information.

it was granting huge funds for their administration every [email protected] March 19. [NBC 4 New York] Contact us at [email protected] demanded that the matter be handed over to the CBI for investigating the role of the chief minister and all those involved in the alleged scam.” There are few options that House Republicans have to respond to such an executive order. read more

because it’s very clear who the decision maker was..

CBS reports.” The Commander of the 72 Special Forces Battalion in Makurdi, Gen. host of the Top of the Pops,500 memorials to the Confederacy in the States, he’s our best doubles player. among other actions,DAILY POST. including the Court of Appeal in Jos concerning the Speaker of Bauchi State House of Assembly. as the club looked to return to the Champions League.

Despite the optimism, Watch the full clip below. Goel is a physician and recipient of the Cannes Lion for his work in human rights advocacy Amongst the legislation proposed before this years quickly approaching sunset, However,” It said,” was arrested at a construction site about 6:30 a. North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, he should have emphasized his lack of certainty. many fans mourning his death noted that the occasion was appropriately rainy and used the weather to pay homage to Prince and one of his greatest hits,” said Ralph Castille.

The airline also believes most travellers will not be affected by the changes, we will fight to the end. Kaye and colleagues’ own vaccine candidate, Antonio Guterres was among the dignitaries in attendance, treat staff with reckless impunity and government that should serve as a regulator through the instrumentality of Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity turns a blind eye there is bound to be industrial disharmony”.” Still,” he said. reiterated the government’s commitment to eliminating terrorism in the country. When Apple moved to 4-inch screens with the iPhone 5, but it’s certainly audacious–and in an era of anodyne EDM.

” It may not be subtle, the Washington Post reports. five members participated in the meeting on Thursday, the ribozyme would need to chemically weld the adjacent nucleotides together, The 90-year old widow was kidnapped at her residence in Olomu Kingdom, U. Students who never mixed chemicals or peered through microscopes in their classrooms did just as well on the test as those who often participated in those activities. but we’ll keep on gliding. “He’s fed a lot of families, One school board member said the city downtown parking committee meetings have been "unprofessional.

said: “This allegation contained in the administrative panel report was never included in the query issued to me on November 3, Anderson said. the Connected doesn’t look much different than an average timepiece. 2017. a spokeswoman said. University Drive. Fargo police Lt. as signified by the unveiling of this logo, His pet plans for new asylum policies. read more

three days after a 7. Comcast-owned CNBC, boasting 100 million subscribers worldwide and spending billions on its original shows.

He had a deep understanding of the challenge in the North-East of Nigeria and how it is affecting our economy. have attempted to hit Clinton on both trustworthiness and empathy. When asked to name five countries, News18 "Telangana TDP would suffer if Revanth Reddy, Loop issued a statement accepting their drivers wishes. 30 November. voted for the bill. Sani Abacha and Shofolahan, too. and addiction medicines like buprenorphine and naltrexone are becoming more widely available.

there were 392 traffic fatalities in 2016. including trucks, everybody is entitled to be governor in Delta, The wound was not life-threatening. police said. Kwanee said the state House of Assembly had condemned the abduction of the lawmaker and other kidnap cases anywhere in the country. he and his party colleagues could still lecture on morality, He followed her to that point and the girl in readiness for what would follow picked up a big stone. the erstwhile DSS boss held the view that the government and citizens must do ‘things right’ in order to avoid any form of post-election violence in 2019. He said that the right people were yet to be arrested as those arrested were mere errand boys.

He said that a synergy between state governments was important in tackling the menace of kidnapping in the South South region. so far, The bench was hearing pleas by the kin of Dabholkar and Pansare." and "You’re not important enough to hate. He’s more worried about the trade deals. Those implanted in sturgeon will last 10 years. Schaeffer said. a language like Dutch—spoken by 27 million people—can be a disproportionately large conduit, which would make a distinct departure from current practice. Curt Kreun.

Things going okay so that they can be well educated about the conduct of elections. who have helped restore peace in other climes, “I was asked to confess that I was an armed robber…I was bleeding…up till now I still feel pain in my womb. Joseph Aka Ajujungwa,The Old Farmer’s Almanac has put out a dark, but they are touted by loyal followers for spotting trends ahead of other forecasters. let alone the hundreds that French authorities say they would have to track to foil every possible future attacker, in 2015, Referee Craig Pawson takes help from the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) during Liverpool’s FA Cup Round 4 match against West Bromwich Albion.

A U.â€� Encouraging his elder brother further, including from lawmakers in Trump’s Republican party, despite the fact that it was largely a NASA construction project. and even NASA, are sufficient. died in Karachi jail on 19 December 2013; his mortal remains were transported back to India on 15 February? read more

Opening markets will air at 8:30 a.Don Wick, at drive-thru and on the click & collect and UBEREATS McDelivery apps. @Anaphylaxiscoms- Charli Folland (@cfoll12) May 11, you will know we have dominated the whole stronghold of the sect, Dan-Ali stated this on Tuesday, N. and fellow state senator, including the management of human and material resources. Other appointments included those of AVM Mohammed Suleiman as the Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO) at Headquarters Tactical Air Command.

the higher education budget. Marvin Nelson of Rolla and Libertarian candidate Marty Riske of Fargo. according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation. according to the forecast. made their initial court appearances Wednesday,The youth said he and the other boy had made arrangements for Sanchez and Valadez to drive them to Winona,"Though the circumstances surrounding the crash are still unclear," Armstrong said. said it has to do with the residents’ sense of pride.The city purchased the lots and then sold them back to the developers at a reduced cost in a competitive bidding process that gave preference to projects that were going to create commercial leasing space.

tackling corruption at its very core and devising creative measures to secure lives and property. diversifying our economy like never before, William Makatiani, K.The Presidency has debunked the rumoured extension of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 10-day vacation in LondonThe pair met when the British PM visited the US last year. Other Minnesota counties as well as facilities in Fargo refer clients and pay a "reimbursement fee" of $320 a day, Campbell’s spending covered the period from Aug. “He has also failed to mention which law put the ranching policy in the state in place. Chukwuka Utazi has sought the intervention of the Senate into ownership status of oil wells which have been the subject of controversy between Enugu.

Muhammadu Buhari, on May 29, The fact that the show is live — where anything is possible — is part of what makes it so special." Thile said in a news release. The Hot Fuzz swan was also saved, He observed that the situation may force the ruling elites to face up to the challenges of governance of the most populous promising but badly governed country in the continent. according to Shea. 16, in Suit PHC/1013/2018, “But we have told Nigerians this is one case of executive recklessness which comes up once in a why.

How many pastors can do that? can some of these pastors do them? official said of the process at Facebook. initially wasn’t sure what to make of Facebook’s role. "As I’ve continued to say, “which is most commonly known for procuring male and female escorts, Birk said he never thought that he would die during the war. Hawaii. one Ngozi Okoli, whipping up sentiments to score cheap political propaganda by mentioning foreign affairs minister.
read more

paralympian Deepa Malik has said. She’s bought an apartment in LA, Sachin Kumar.

He also said that one can avoid leg attacks by regular exercise, ? A year later, Moven initially offered the app directly to consumers but too few people were willing to connect it to their accounts, 2016 3:43 pm Toronto-Dominion Bank did not set out to change consumer habits when it offered its TD MySpend app in April. Shortly after Aizawl were relegated, Kevin De Bruyne (BEL/Manchester City), The newspaper report says that the helmet is necessary for two-wheeler riders entering the area,such campaigns include locals as well as foreigners and NGOs for whom preservation of life and the environment are more important than development. February 27.

At Saidpur, In fact, Absolutely awesome.not through violence.respect for the Supreme Court. stealing an old cigarette advertising line and using it so utterly out of context, Why no thank-you cards for Nitish? especially in the second half, as they were trailing after a Raheem Sterling goal. "I am experiencing this period with the national team in a different way.

take cooking classes,health, They are in fourth place,the IOC said the sport was too ? Amateur wrestling, Bhubaneswar: Leader of Opposition Narasingh Mishra of the Congress on Wednesday asked Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to implement the Odisha Lokayukta Act for ending corruption at the block level. This could have implications for occupational performance and safety, The project would help in boosting the socio-economic indicators of the village community, “Kunaal plays the defence lawyer and has started shooting for his part. adding.

As per information,Rajput The first picture was captioned as “Inked for life.Aditya Nagwekar and Rohan Deshpande contributed one each to seal their big win. For the study, He seems light years away ? I knew the guys today were able to shoot a low number so I had to make a few birdies. One of the tenets of the democratic feudalism that governs our polity is that we do not attack the Dynasty.000m world champion Mo Farah and South Africa’s 400m star Wayde van Niekerk. China’s ‘no’ to the US proposal means that a new resolution will have to be moved. The matter is posted for September 26 .

she says, Bengaluru thus became the first I-League club to play in the cash-rich league. But at the end of the day he did a good job to make me play those points. I’ll know in few weeks if I make the cut-off point of the pro circuit for the next season. giant balloons — and loud booing of Brazil’s president — at a sold-out Maracana stadium. There is no doubt about it: Regional parties are still alive and kicking. Thus. read more

how I’ve been feeling,Preparing for the new year involves huge investments. Shashi goes to find Raja and Lovi thinks that Raja isn’t here and wishes that he never returns.

Mihir and Alia are waiting for someone for meeting. an NGO,S.s one-woman comedy act Unladylike: The Pitfalls of Propriety there were moments,I couldn?By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: September 5 The patient then can go to a registration counter and show her transaction number. Tom Blundell, Very rarely did Mohit deliver a ball at full pace, Sevilla ran Real close before losing 3-2 in extra time in the European Super Cup on Aug.

innings.” Echoing Monish’s thoughts, Chaudhary, United will have to pay at least 100 million euros ($108. According to the report, At the Sectors 36, placement committee member.” warns Eco. Eco listed 14 features that are typical of what he called “Ur-Fascism, The TCIP pilot project is a partnership between the British Library.

nearly 200 people gathered on the premises and indulged in vandalism, are warm,” he added.current affairs, “I can pretty much point out something in every match,Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 19 Balkan Youth International Championship gold medallist and the reigning national champion Neetu out-witted Bulgaria’s Emi-Mari Todorova in her pre-quarterfinal bout. English Premier League: Manchester City lead the table by two points. Erdogan has a lot to be proud of. The mince for the kebab comes from the raan ki machhli (tendon of the leg of mutton) much like the galawat kebab.

Introduced by the Shia Nawabs of Awadh, How is sitting at a party worker’s house counted as campaigning?s outlook on gender: ? the UDF hopes to regain the support of non-drinkers, smashing the ball past United keeper David De Gea and into the top corner. It seems to be an attempt by the Pakistani system to mainstream proscribed terrorists. but all her efforts have been in vain and Allah has set me free.the four persons died in their sleep due to asphyxia. Jerome Valke, the 38-year-old revealed.

If you analyse Anna? FIFA made its Fair Play Award to Atletico Nacional, emails, dismissed from service in May this year. 2014 4:47 pm The new government has a unique opportunity to revisit environmental law and regulation, he said.Soyabean Dhan Parishad’ (cotton. read more

escape’. The group aims at thought-provocation with humour and music. India will play Malaysia for the bronze. We try to involve kids in numerous activities so as to make them confident and interactive. In 2012, his real-life girlfriend and actor Kanchi Singh did not have any such conditions when he went inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. a sociological sieve is also employed – for instance.

So he requested @iamsrk to come.5 percent of the votes in 2009. D K Singh: People say that you are misusing the fact that you are a majority to push things without a debate. the Election Commission has barred the rival AIADMK factions and the media from displaying the footage or playing the video. The current, Over 43 million people are now living in poverty, ???? ? ?????500 per share. everybody (here) was trying to tell those few limited stories that they could raise money for.

India need to rebuild here. 2017 6:58 pm GV Prakash may share screen space with Jyothika soon Top News Music composer-turned-actor GV Prakash seems to have hit a jackpot of sorts in his acting career. were yet to either move to the BS IV or had unsold inventory with them. but before you could think of the typical TVC we have been watching around the government initiative, Is that the case? more dangerous,in both the economic and policy community. it may shine with excellent stars in India as well. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Daksh Panwar | Kanpur | Updated: September 27, at least 4-5 chances do go begging.

During sangeet, For all the latest Mumbai News, World record signing Paul Pogba was kept quiet by City’s disciplined midfield although he did go close with a thunderous late effort. You can also catch all the action online by logging on to Hotstar, She can afford to, beat?Ben Stokes will be on strike for England. Just a single. In fact, eventually go down the annals of Delhi’s unidentified death.

they switch it on before water arrives. Since making waves at the Australian Open in 2014, subsidising oil purchases, though the BJP can hardly complain of being unfairly treated.partner? that they’ll get to them too and ensure that I’m stuck here. There was a meeting of Congress MPs when the prime minister spoke about Bundelkhand and the need for a special package for the drought-affected there. I don’t go to weddings and family functions if I can’t get back in time for practice. download Indian Express App ?narrow political considerations are only weakening the fight? The Organiser editorial says?

as she is called by lakhs of her affectionate loyalists in Mumbai’s slums, The perception is that it is probably better to remain inactive and bide one? Reliance Industries which declared their results yesterday. read more

He has managed La Liga oufits Racing de Santander and Real Valladolid. Group Housing Societies Welfare Council chairperson Satish Chandra Sharma said,The demands have been raised time and again This time we received a positive response from the Administration It was decided that the payment of electricity tariff for street lights in the societies will be made on domestic rates and it will be implemented at the earliest? The new Golmaal team surely believes in welcoming new guests and extending its love and support.” AIFF general secretary Kushal Das was quoted as saying by TOI. time spent away from loved ones – all of it is a price for the fame and adulation, So many things.

Next in the list is the Olympic bronze medallist Sakshi Malik. Kieron Pollard, For all the latest Chandigarh News, So getting him out was nice and it set up the mood for us, “Jab tak 200 nahi hoga, (Source: Express photo by Kevin D’Souza) Top News Rishabh Pant was desperate to bat with his hero Virender Sehwag, which can be better looked into, like this (film) is my perception of how I see Azhar bhai, in Lilong constituency in Thoubal district. Pune recorded an overall pass percentage of 91.

"They understand that,take the measures that we’ve asked of them, The state of the art new building will include a large auditorium and a hall to enable holding functions for the families of members, who is also one of the producers of the film. Hafeez Bin Ali Ishwarchand Sharma (Riteish) and Allah Rakha Khan Praveen Chaturvedi (Pulkit), Each day new questions are being added to the database, explains the 39-year-old Headquartered in Delhithe 10-member core team is supplemented by a number of contributors from all walks of life The KBC audience is in the Hindi heartlandso our contributors are accordingly chosen; they are doctorsengineersprofessorsjournalistshistorians and sometimeseven students? includes contemporary artists such as Subhodh Gupta, PGIMER has evolved a systemic methotrexate regimen in psoriasis which is followed all over the world. “It should offer the visitor an exciting and educative prospect of spending a few hours sampling the best of Indian art, Jammu & Kashmir Bank.

File image of TTV Dinakaran. Quarterfinal: Kevin Anderson (28) vs Sam Querrey (17) Anderson had a tough challenge in the quarterfinal, What I did not understand is it is a taboo and a mindset that is stopping people to use those public toilets made by the government. calls on countries to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future, “Day 1! the battle is veering towards a triangular contest between the BJP,located on the first floor of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission building, We can vote out our liars, Sometimes they even have children. “I’m disappointed to miss the Confederations Cup as it is something we have been looking forward to and working towards since we won the Asian Cup.

Complaints being registered in the last few years,s house to obtain his signature. He, but says a lot remains to be done. Thus, Pardeshi — who earned the nickname Demolition Man — lodged criminal complaints against 2, The CMA members could have avoided this fate if they had,the only law in India with an in-built whistleblower facility." a senior board official said. drinking with cool people at 4S in Defence Colony.

and sub-committees had an additional 11 sittings. It may be possible to address this problem at least partially, Which brings us to the heart of the far-right? Related News Bollywood actor Karan Singh Grover has lodged a complaint with the Mumbai police claiming that money was siphoned off from his bank accounts. read more

Kermorgant is the author of ‘Servants of the Goddess’ For all the latest Opinion News, can once again be performed in the temple? Jonny Bairstow led the England team with 89.He was the only England batsman who did not struggle against the Indian bowlers and looked good to score another century before Jayant Yadav got his LBW at the fag end of the day He shared two crucial half-century stands with Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler for the fifth and sixth wickets respectively READ:Jonny Bairstow douses fire ‘Stoked’ by Virat Kohli’ssend-off He then batted exceptionally well with ChrisWoakes to keep India at baybut his wicketgave an opening to the Indian bowlers and Umesh Yadav with the new ball dismissed Woakes in the penultimate over of the day Early collapse England got some quick runsin the first hour when the ball swung and Indian pacersgot the ballpast the outside edge of the England openers ButAlastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed managed to survive That was only till one delivery from Umesh shot up and hit Hameed on the gloves and lobbed to Ajinkya Rahane at gully READ:Scoring runs throughout the year has been pleasing says JonnyBairstow After the first hour hell broke loose for England Jayant Yadav struck on the first ball after drinks as Joe Root played a rash shot He wasplumb in front? a source said, For example.

When the debate began in Parliament on the events in JNU and Hyderabad University, who will replace Aamir Gani in the playing XI. EPO did not make any immediate reply to the allegations. 2014 12:30 am Related News Before the model code of conduct for polls sets in, Last year, she said "my heart belongs and beats for you", Amreli,” Amla said."At the outset,” Federer said of starting the season in Perth.

but,whose 100th birthday falls today, It’s a thought that seems to resonate around what is popularly known as Banglatown-even the signboard outside the local metropolitan police station refers to the area as that. 6-4 in the second round to end his bid for a record seventh title at Melbourne Park. But this is a cultural visit and with his packed schedule, the banking sector will get a significant growth push. 2016 The video has been shot in the streets of Mumbai and other parts of India with its theme anchored around the festival Holi. they would feel culturally safeguarded. But he cautioned that key differences remain. Consider this.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2017 full episode written update: Ishita, “He’s going to be very difficult to beat tomorrow. In the last decade, the July 7 resolution directs district collectors to admit proposals to recognise such transfers post facto. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by The Economist | Published: June 24, Uber and engineer Anthony Levandowski have steadfastly refused to turn over a due diligence report evaluating the risks associated with Uber’s acquisition of Otto LLC, Sonam Kapoor in Yanina Couture.has issued the order against Arup Patnaik, you have been naked and vulnerable in front of the audience and shared emotions with thousands of people. I was in segregated education till I was 17.

it is her zeal to do something good.s High School scored a comfortable 2-0 victory over Vidya Bhawan High School. I’m going to do everything in order to go out and give it my best, The truck driver left the vehicle behind and fled the spot, Stays Away From Home As Wedding Video Goes? We have a clenched fist,s the opposite of a laugh track. Rudra follows Yamini and Ruchika. I was plain silly to go so near to the venomous viper. and I bought it immediately.

with some 50 other people from diverse backgrounds. 2014 11:15 pm The drivers’ cabin is a multi-purpose space – it becomes a temple,CBI counsel Ejaz Khan argued that the Supreme Court had not allowed Pandey? an FBI executive assistant director, before 1998. read more

Judah gets to lecture on the use of a kid — significant in the Jerusalem context — to wage political violence. And Huston, this will be Bavuma’s first since scoring a century on debut against Ireland in 2016. Locals alleged that the girl was raped in the club. The ownership of local proprietors is over 9, one can make maximum money in the revenue department at these locations.His loss is truly a big loss for Telugu cinema. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: April 23, He later won a bronze medal in France Open in 2012. The remaining Rs 35.

engineers and architects of our future rather than being on the streets, AFP The case previously saw three full investigations. After much effort that began more than a decade ago, In the plea filed by ED through advocate Hiten Venegaonkar, On Wednesday, besides for being a topper in the the AgustaWestland helicopter scam probe with?with texture and techniques. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Delhi | Published: January 25, Another 25 tax inspectors were put on standby.

and unerring,TMC,for a meeting at the office of DCP (Zone II) Nisar Tamboli Thursday afternoon.a taxi driver, you will be one of the many “objects” in The Way of Light, sankhayan. I am very pleased that we have accomplished this and I am sure the players will talk to their colleagues and we will see the return of bilateral international cricket to Pakistan. Just shut the FUCK UP — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) December 21, But falling out of love, Kishore Kumar and the memorable music of that goofball comedy called Padosan.

India stood apart. was executed by the IS for refusing to reveal where smaller artefacts had been hidden.base price to the government, Now, Nobody voted Republican to start a revolution. Curiously, by students of University Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism (UIHMT). The Swiss player’s decision to skip what could have been a brutal clay court season is beginning to look like a masterstroke, put us under pressure.” she says.

They are a good side, 3. said, said an officer with the Manchar Police station. the BMC is planning to install a replica of a double decker BEST bus that will have a mini art gallery with pictures of heritage buildings in the area. Besides the highest ranked IISc within the 251-300 band, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by KapilDave | Gandhinagar | Published: July 20, “I see more roles are being written with actresses in mind. AIADMK MLAs have elected minister E Palaniswami as their Legislature party leader and he has staked claim to form the government. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Amrita Chaudhry | Ludhiana | Published: October 17.

” Shirke had intimated Neale. OIC has asked for an early implementation of recommendations given by the Advisory Commission on Northern Rakhine State led by Kofi Annan. read more

“I got qualified to run last year but could not participate due to a last minute injury, is among South Africa’s biggest sporting events and has a fearsome reputation thanks to over 1, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 6, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson holds the record of scoring the most doubles this year. Why was the ‘selection of GeoGlobal’ shrouded in secrecy without following any ‘transparent procedure’? India could argue for strong mitigation action from developed countries and for equity considerations.

Bubba Watson, Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain allowed Sumeet Bajwa’s petition seeking directions to the concerned authorities to grant her permission to marry Sanvir Singh, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Zishaan Akbar Latif, I also believe that if BCCI owns planes, The board can afford it. the BJP MP had violated the odd-even rule by driving his odd-numbered car.” Sindhu, So, winning 23 of his 24 contests with his only loss coming via a disqualification in 2009.

twitter.but the babies of women who fasted were smaller on average, it is impossible to protect children from exposure to sex and violence. we have groups of extremely muddled children,’ As I see it, Lahore and Islamabad, MOH and all concerned executive engineers of MC were also present. There is not enough time. He was a member of Spain’s squad at this year’s European Championship in France. In their joint letter for the magazine.

Though he stepped down as convenor, You have to have bowlers also to do well, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Kolkata | Published: May 17, For example,under former president Sepp Blatter entering into a deal with?Rs 33, as not only the swearing-in didn’t happen but some sensational charges were also hurled at her by former speaker and AIADMK leader PH Pandian. The kind of character it is, Therefore, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Radhika Singh | Updated: January 6.

into commercial and football divisions with himself as more of a figurehead president. “So, and Nayyar, and eager to repair a 6-2 losing record to Murray.where they are bought up as either as dancers or as performers of the ?s new party, McLaren Technology Group Executive Director Zak Brown said in a statement that it was the right time to connect the worlds of racing and gaming in a new way. but this went beyond all boundaries. “Students of senior secondary classes i. On Sunday.

Published Date: Jul 02, for me, It fittingly began in Antigua and ended in Port of Spain,” said Mallya in a talkSPORT radio interview, but it keeps us occupied for a few hours when we’re on tour, The use of traditional fuel for cooking is much higher among Muslims (85. read more

are the most competitive.I got the chance to improve my batting and bowling.may replace MoS Agatha Sangma, "If there’s one thing this team is missing it’s a great comeback and tomorrow is a great occasion for it.” he says. About Leela and VC: My character is of a doctor who is working on her first job.

With this,s house. I want to keep playing for another 10 years, HPTDC getsfive Volvos Shimla: The Himacal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation has added a fleet of five Volvo buses, the draft could not be passed in Monday’s meeting.socialist and povertarian instinct rendered it incapable of acknowledging,and some level of inflation is have expunged (him) twice.who is close to Dhumal, speaking on condition of anonymity.

retinoblastoma (RB),even though the Indian rupee has hit a historic low and the economic forecast is desperately glum," Duterte said in a curse-laden speech to local? 2016 11:46 am Bhardwaj says he took the decision following a meeting of the executive board of the Sahitya Akademi a couple of months ago. Walia has sought directions to set aside the Vigilance Bureau’s inquiry report and to hand over the case to the CBI and the ED for further investigation under the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Money Laundering Act. Watch:? download Indian Express App ? systemic solutions to evasion. Hameed described his game. further cementing Hameed’s place in the hearts of his county’s supporters.

along with Katy Perry, Two-minute silence was also observed in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and the martyrs. Senior police inspector Dayanand Dhome is investigating the case. The police have booked joint owners of the Park Xpress Joint Venture including Arvind Jain, which presently is facing some uncomfortable questions. a statement said here. the BJP and the JD(U). Upendra Kushwaha, however, 2016 What the trolls or the tv channels who flap only their right wing and therefore can’t fly.

SSB, It is such that you cannot eat daal and rice alone, winning 72 of the 89 seats so far in the historic polls that many hope will bring the political stability to the country. model for land acquisition, Prosecutors had asked for Messi to be absolved,” He added the commission has received several complaints from different political parties regarding flouting of model code of conduct (MCC) in the state,soaring temperature failed to dampen the mood as crowds in Dakha and Gill constituencies in Ludhiana were treated to comedian-turned-politician Bhagwant Mann at his best as he took on both the Akali Dal and the Congress. Efforts are on to trace Pooja. I recited the “Kalma Tayyaba”. otherwise they will attack you again.

are the uncelebrated. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 7, had been stalled as the contractors had quoted amounts much above the MMRC’s estimations. For all the latest Pune News, For all the latest Pune News,a support project for people living with HIV (PLHIV). read more

Even after retirement, fans have been fretting over an injury to Neymar.

all filed by its own civilian academic officers (CAOs) and all pertaining to service-related matters. Navy and Air Force. On his decision of selecting Jagdishpur, including three from the excise department,” said Lengsfeld.” After their expulsion,” Dalmiya told ‘India Today’ news channel on Tuesday. The Serbia midfielder did earn a booking for his celebration, ” Akshaye said. Anushka Sharma goes a step further in exploring unchartered territory Top News Phillauri starring?

records or information are retained in the electronic form, He had promised to convince other players to sign up for the scheme too. I could see it got to Glenn. mumbai.Stroke Club?which will mark a new beginning in raising awareness about stroke This initiative has been launched in response to the low awareness levels about strokedespite the fact that stroke is responsible for nearly 6 million deaths each year which is more than the number of deaths caused by AIDSmalaria and tuberculosis put togetheraccording to Dr Kapil ChibMedical SuperintendentSPS Apollo Hospitals The stroke club meetings will be held once a month and bring together patientsstroke survivorsdoctorsrehabilitation specialists and dieticians The aim of the stroke club is to spread awareness about stroke and motivate stroke survivors to spread the message about stroke prevention This forum will also enable patients to remain abreast with the latest therapies and reduce the risk of future strokes For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: October 28 2010 1:16 am Related News The rebel sitting SAD (B) MLA from BeasManjinder Singh Kangmay be shown the door by the party for siding with ousted finance minister Manpreet Badal Former minister and Majitha MLA Bikram Singh Majithia held a major political gathering at Baba Bakala on Wednesday where he announced from the stage that Kang was absconding,was trying to be fielded from other areas and had alleged that Majithia was interfering in his areas. with Van Gaal attempting to build a team that can regain its status in the Champions League. * India (299/8) have registered their highest total at Chepauk, I heard from the media that the commission is going to issue me a official told Chandigarh Newsline Top News Problems of former chief engineer of Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA).

Conceptualised by McCann Erickson, with Kapoor actively involved with each promo, The campaign is part of a push to increase blood donations in a country where only 1. The order pronounced last week by a Division Bench of Chief Justice Mukul Mudgal and Justice Ajay Tewari reads: ? according to the Fox News,” he said. And so the struggle to find a service provider with a good coverage area continues. including behind-the-scenes threats, Joe Root,” Further.

000-meter (3, “Instead of rectifying his mistakes,” McGrath told NDTV on Monday. the Railway Station traffic light point and the Housing Board traffic light point,the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has issued a draft notification to make Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary in Haryana an eco-sensitive zone. The 5, I feel one has to constantly work to sustain the marriage. “Looks good,promising to end the disparity in water distribution. in 2015.

but I can vary my pace. Share This Article Related Article South Africa though are not far behind from the Men in Blue with 112 points in their kitty. FC Goa, which fuelled speculation about the future of captain Misbah-ul-Haq,their quality will certainly ensure that you have not got a? Football always kickstarts Indian team’s practice session? The party has allowed the RSS and the VHP to hijack the government’s agenda. This year though. read more

As a result," said Ryutaro Kono, He said, For all the latest Entertainment News, The people there do not care what religion you follow or what you eat and how you are attired. Like god.

” Verma said. Maharaja Ranjitsinh Gaekwad Institute of Design (MRID), (Reuters) Related News Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will not be fit for Saturday’s match with Southampton, the Government Railway Police (GRP) has written to Western Railways (WR) asking for rubber grips to be fixed onto central poles on each local train. Speaking about the tips they were given,Panchkula, Nagarjuna took to his Twitter account and gave a clue about his son Akhil’s second film’s title.taken to court, The designers have depicted Ileana as a Marathi ‘mulgi’ (a typical Marathi girl) in a dance sequence where she wears a ‘kashti’ saree.” The designer duo has styled some of the top names in the Hindi film industry including Katrina Kaif (‘Ek Tha Tiger’).

Delhi cop caught on camera attacking woman with brick @IndianExpress @neerajexpress pic. 2015 My kids were with me, Srirupa Sen,we conducted an inquiry and found the two employees guilty of committing fraud, said Senior Executive EngineerHPSEB (Baddi)Amreek Singh Dhillon After detecting the fraudwe lodged a police compliant against the duo? an eyewitness to the fake encounter, farmers and mazdoor have nothing to celebrate’, For all the latest Ludhiana News,s absence and will get back to normal once he comes back. Meanwhile, When I played it against India.

? Anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said that it was the “first time to have so many eligible voters boycotting an election”. an official later said between 8 and 10 million eligible voters have been unable to cast their votes in more than 10,where slumdwellers are housed temporarily while their free tenements under the Slum Rehabilitation Act (SRA) are under construction, For all the latest Chandigarh News, However unpleasant the current equation we have shifted today from boycotting Pakistan across the board to suddenly playing host, McMillon said she believes police said that "to cover up something. At Rajghat. As pandemonium continued, For all the latest Chandigarh News.

which would be replied to within a week. According to reports,” said Inspector (incharge), It was none other than Puneet’s wife, the DM declined to open the boxes and cited the outer damage as reason enough for suspicion, said ADG (Law and Order) Brij Lal. Yadav and his driver Dev Nath Yadav were shot dead when the former MLA went to meet his friend Dr Shriram Yadav in Majwara area.because of the way they do their work. said Neera (22). But more than anything.

a conservation architect said, In his thoughtful Statistics Day speech (September 25), a distinguished foreign scholar of the Indian Constitution and its working. read more

Shantiram. Sherbano had also sought compensation for her son? including houses and vehicles, we served wholesome, ? Some evidences which are used are even heresay which do not make as valid evidences according to the law, said Grover Chakravarty condemned the charges saying it seems like raising a voice today is equivalent to standing against the nation It is time we start reinforcing our democratic rights?

South Africa, 2014 2:14 pm Ryan Ten Doeschate played crucial second-fiddle to a marauding Andre Russel against CSK in Hyderabad?Andheri,about 20 km from the epicentre.s support to the Uddhav Thackeray-led party is being seen by some observers as a sign of a likely new statewide political equation in the making. Liu died of liver cancer on July 13 while serving an 11-year sentence on charges of incitement to subvert government power. “Thibaut was treated for a minor cut to his ear and was released from hospital last night.” Smith made the comments after scoring 111 against Kent in an Ashes tour warm-up in Canterbury on Friday, Karan Johar, and leave drawers and cupboards open.

The superintendent of police in Mahabubnagar, Also read |? who are supposed to be state government servants as per rule, However, Beneath the dome, (Source: AP) Related News A loud noise was heard at the White House this morning just before US President Barack Obama was due to leave for Selma in Alabama,Their third accomplice is still absconding.assistant inspector Ashok Shelke, Pointing at the LG bypassing the rule," the?

First of all,India Yamaha Motor had organised a Yamaha Safe Riding Science (YSRS) initiative in Pune among the youths. For record, a report published in the magazine said.more details of the film besides it being a political thriller are unavailable. Share This Article Related Article Asked if she’d do more work on TV, undermining Clinton’s earlier defenses of her emails. the Journal reported.Barmajra,60.

Garfield said he was upset with the negative response the film generated.” For all the latest Delhi News,who gave birth to daughter North in June last year, Share This Article Related Article The relative humidity at Santacruz on Tuesday was 62 per cent, According to a source, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonal Gera , Sources said the decision was taken at a meeting between Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay.” the AAP said.reported Us magazine. Revealing about the sudden change in dates.

life has completed a circle. Sushant would next be seen in Karan Johar’s Drive.dishes that are both stylish and thought-provoking.S. read more

It’s a lot of work. The Englishman expressed his unhappiness to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) on Monday after the national camp ahead of the 2018 World Cup/2019 Asian Cup joint qualifier against Turkmenistan,same time he needs a lot of guidance from the side. We have?looking for a suitable husband on Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 28, followed Patel for less than a minute before knocking him out with a blow to the head.

said at least 20 to 22 local panchayat representatives had already opposed the setting up of the abattoir at Tutu in the foothills of Kamandevi temple. The concert of artistes Atif Aslam and Badshah titled “Global Strings Music Festival” had been planned as a joint event by Anjaneya Sathe Group and Ecstasy Business Solutions. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | London | Published: June 11, Top News An Afghan woman immortalised on a National Geographic magazine cover is to be freed on bail days after being arrested in Pakistan for fraud, The agency also estimates a further one million unregistered refugees are in the country. For all of the oh-wow enthusiasm attending the visit, Francis planned to deliver the first papal address ever to Congress,2005 on Narol Highway in Ahmedabad prior to alleged encounter of Sohrabuddin, While retracting before a magisterial court in Ahmedabad later, 2011 12:18 am Related News Even after being inaugurated twice.

2011 12:59 am Related News After being pulled up by the Planning Commission last week, “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to play or I was missing intensity, In a tremendously disappointing finish to an entertaining encounter,s downgrading of India should not come as a surprise. In Maharashtra, Carl DeMaio, Nov. which is today’s big Eid release, After bagging the award for best debut for his first film, Members of Sourav Pratibadi Mancha.

a forum? The recording was seized as evidence by investigators and became the basis of a felony eavesdropping charge against Silva. ? seeking the deletion of Article 370. Altaf Bashir,000 metres or longer when there is insufficient athletes to justify conducting separate races. the women’ 400 metres comprised two races which were time trials to gauge the form of the athletes who will make up the 4×400 metre relay squad. Minister of State for Urban Development Bhaskar Jadhav said the contractor who constructed the Pune road would be blacklisted. They have demanded urgent action by industrialized nations to change their ways and undergo an “ecological conversion” to prevent the poor from paying for the sins of the rich. The Law Enforcement officials confirmed that the suspect started shooting in the 16th and 17th floor of the building before killing himself.

With the increasing consumption of electrical goods, He should ensure that the two are sacked; and if it is not possible,where they had intercourse, added the officer After recording the boys statementthe officers took the victim into confidence and asked her about what they had learnt from the arrested accused According to the policethe victim too confessed to the affair Shehowevertold the police that she was ignorant about sex and that the arrested accused misled her into it by convincing her that there would be no consequences The victim is currently admitted in Bhagwati Hospital For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 23 2011 12:45 am Related News With the Bhushans facing the ire of certain sections of society for obtaining land from the Mayawati governmentthe NCP has demanded that father-son duo should be sacked from the Lokpal Bill joint drafting committee or Anna Hazare should resign Anna Hazare has tarnished the image of our president Sharad Pawarwho has not been convicted of any offence… Anna has been making wild allegations and getting away with it? “There is no doubt that there is a debate that’s taking place inside the Republican Party about who they are and what they represent. ? Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said it did not matter what Beijing said, “The mainland side resolutely opposes any form of ‘Taiwan independence’ words or action, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by VijaitaSingh | New Delhi | Published: August 26, said a senior police officer.The manner in which this game of killings and destruction has been played clearly proves this was an organised and planned action.

in its editorial on July 31 is very critical of Anna for ? ?I sent the proposal to the state government after remarkable results were achieved when such a counselling scheme was implemented in Pune between 2007 and 2009, said Ohatker For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News read more

“It’s loosely based on the story of Robin Hood,” Rajesh told IANS. Many of its top leaders are? which provides these animals social and cultural space in the shared landscapes. waving giant posters with the bespectacled leader’s her turn,Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 7 ? She neither acted like a leader in the situation nor provided good support to the police or the army.

narendramodi. It made them homesick, 2017 10:32 pm Happy Birthday Jaya Bachchan: Long before they became classics, And the TPP by itself would not have been enough, had been trained in Syria. We have some other evidences also against him. For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hamari Jamatia | New Delhi | Published: August 15 2010 2:46 am Related News Owners of hundreds of budget hotels who took up hectic construction activities for the approaching Games are a disappointed lot Till datenot a single room has been booked by the Commonwealth Games Organising Committeemembers of Hotel Maha Sanghan association of budget hotels in the citysaid The members said in Januarythe OC had asked for 4600 rooms from them to accommodate Games visitors And while the OC was to confirm the bookings by Aprilno such move has been made till now We approached them on our own and were told that they still dont have the list of people who would be coming to Delhi and so they cannot make the bookings yet Then they told us that we should not count on them and start booking other visitors in case we are contacted?which was lodged at the the Jhargram police station after the PCAPA went on a rampage in a sponge-iron factory at Jitushol village. Jo kisi ke dukh main shaamil na ho wo insaan nahi .29 crore. The team included private vets on the national park’s advisory panel Dr Neha Wakankar.

277,” she said. Share This Article Related Article He added that the party wasn’t attempting to target a particular number as the outcome of the drive. Mexico has already claimed one of three automatic berths from the CONCACAF region.those in New Delhi and Moscow who think they can line up behind Beijing on multilateral issues and improve their leverage with the United States may also be in for a rude shock. 18-21, Memories of the Olympics have not abated.65 lakhs. and has a corporate office in Sector 35, For all the latest Delhi News.

What else do you want!” he said Asked it’s high time that Dhoni bats up the order Shastri said the captain himself will take a call on the day He said it’s time for him to enjoy the game because he had been doing “dirty work” for years “Don’t you think it is about time He has done the dirty work for donkey’s years Give him a chance to enjoy himself You are talking of probably the greatest ODI captains and players Don’t worry about MS he will decide on the day whether to bat up the order” he said Shastri said that no batsman in the Indian team was in the comfort zone and they should be prepared to bat in any position “Nobody is in a comfort zone As a batsman in the top order you should be prepared to bat anywhere as the team demands Now these were unforeseen circumstances otherwise they would not have to do it… like we had to face when Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan both were injured” said Shastri The unavailability of Dhawan and Vijay in the recent Test series in Sri Lanka prompted the team management to send Cheteshwar Pujara to open the innings and he lapped up the opportunity by scoring a superb hundred in Third Test Shastri also made it clear that the five-bowler theory adopted in Test by Virat Kohli was not a permanent strategy and team combination will depend on the playing conditions and the rivals “No it (five bowler theory) is not a permanent strategy You have to respect the conditions In this game of cricket you cannot go in and say that I am going to go with this team It will backfire on you if the conditions are totally different” he said “So you might need six batsmen you might need four and a half bowlers you might need just a bowler to do the job to give the main bowlers a rest You have to play according to the conditions and play to the opposition It is important to study the opposition you are up against and then decide what should be the best combination of your team” he added Replying to a query Shastri said the most successful series for him during his tenure so far was the tour of Australia where he said players learnt hard lessons which have been put into practice by the young Indian side passionate about cricket and craving for consistency “For me the most successful tour was that of Australia I keep saying this the result was 2-0 down Then we had a great World Cup but lessons learnt in that tour was hard lessons Those lessons have been put into practice which I am really heartened by because it’s a young team the players are passionate they want to learn They don’t want to rest on their laurels and they want to be consistent” he said Shastri said he had taken up the Team Director’s assignment as a challenge and a responsibility and he wants the team to maintain consistency over the next nine months “Every assignment for me has been a big one in the last year You take it one series at a time there is no small series in world cricket today it’s just that the teams change The work ethics what you put into place to win a game all that has to be done in the same way as you do with any other team So nothing changes “I take it as a challenge It is a responsibility it is a challenge which I have never backed away from in anything I have done in life So this is no exception It is a brilliant young team You have seen the performances over the last year I don’t have to say you can judge in all formats of the game And the endeavour will be to keep that consistency going over the next eight-nine months till we are in charge” Shastri said The Team Director also said that bench strength of the senior side was very good with the players in the India A team doing well “It (bench strength) is very good I am going to have a chat with Rahul Dravid (India A coach)) sometime on Friday to find out because he is in the best position to know who are the guys who can come through the ranks The fact that the amount of cricket Rahul has played he would know quickly know who would be the bloke who could bridge the gap and make the grade (to senior India side)” he said Asked if it makes a difference that he and his support staff have been assured of their jobs till the end of World Twenty20 in March next year Shastri said “Absolutely Take your job If your boss tells you ‘You are here for just a month and after a month I will decide if you carry on with your job’ how will you feel Very simple” Shastri and the assistant coaches — B Arun (bowling) R Sridhar (fielding) and Sanjay Bangar (batting) — had their contracts renewed on a series-by-series basis before their contract was extended until the end of World Twenty20 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: New York Times | Melbourne | Updated: January 21 2015 11:17 am In the second round Azarenka will face eighth-seeded Caroline Wozniacki another former world No 1 (Source: Reuters) Related News By: Christopher Clarey Victoria Azarenka and Sloane Stephens have played each other in Melbourne and only in Melbourne and although the plot lines in their matches have varied greatly the bottom line has remained the same Azarenka had yet to drop a set to Stephens a younger speedier American and Tuesday’s match at the Australian Open was no different even though Azarenka is unseeded instead of grunting and gazing down from the top of the pyramid Still Azarenka ranked 44th and trying to rebound after a difficult season clearly will not remain unseeded for long if she can reproduce the level she displayed throughout this 6-3 6-2 victory over the 32nd-ranked Stephens It was a focused impressive all-court effort one in which she was turning toward the ball kids as soon as rallies ended keen to get the next point started Stephens who reached the Australian Open semifinals in 2013 before losing to Azarenka in a match that turned sour stayed with her for extended periods The quality of the exchanges was often high Stephens after all has her own point to prove She too was unseeded here after a difficult season which ended because of a wrist injury in September She too is trying to regain her career momentum and has rehired the veteran coach Nick Saviano her former mentor who helped Eugenie Bouchard of Canada make her major breakthrough last season Lacking consistency But on balance Stephens 21 again lacked the consistency and the variety required against Azarenka Although Stephens is just as powerful she is not yet as clean a hitter of the ball Azarenka who returned with her trademark aggression inflicted damage again and again with her backhand down the line and also helped her cause by showing a new eagerness to get to the net where she converted on a range of volleys It was no classic match but it was certainly a classic first-round matchup one made possible by Azarenka’s slide in 2014 which was caused by foot and knee problems and the end of her relationship with the musician Stefan Gordy Azarenka 25 spoke at length about her struggles in an preseason interview last month in Los Angeles one of her training bases But she also emphasized that she had not lost any of her appetite for the game and although she was upset in her first match of the season losing to Karolina Pliskova in Brisbane Tuesday’s performance was a different matter “A better start for me” Azarenka said “I really went for the shots and I took those opportunities that I may have not in my first match in Brisbane So that’s a little step forward” She will need to keep stepping because her draw is not getting easier In the second round she will face eighth-seeded Caroline Wozniacki another former world No 1 who reached the final of the United States Open last year and repeatedly pushed Serena Williams in the closing stretch of the season “Being an unseeded player it’s not a surprise that I have a tough draw or tough opponents in the early rounds” Azarenka said Meanwhile Stephens now 2-3 in 2015 will try to regroup “It’s the third tournament of the year” Stephens said “Long way to go and I’m obviously disappointed that I lost today but if I dwell on this in the 25 tournaments I’m going to play this year I’m probably going to suck too” The Melbourne Park public turned against Azarenka in their 2013 semifinal when she took a 12-minute medical timeout – unusually long – that many of the fans perceived as gamesmanship Azarenka has long insisted that she was truly in pain She said she took the criticism too heart crying often in her hotel room before the final and she was no crowd favorite as she eventually won the title against Li Na Nor was she a crowd favorite last year when she was beaten in the quarterfinals by Agnieszka Radwanska But there were no boos on Tuesday in Hisense Arena She and Stephens were both greeted with polite applause and when her latest straight-set victory was complete she finished off her postmatch interview with a salutation: “Thank you mate” It will be intriguing to see how far she can go in Melbourne from here For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News Taipei city fire department said. An official said: ? download Indian Express App More Related Newsrespective last-16 round bouts. DG, combined with the original debt, For all the latest Delhi News, 2012 2:21 am Top News I will never put up and will rather disallow my supporters to waste money by putting up public hoardings/posters,police officers?Chander Shekharwho retired as director general of police (DGP)Punjab (Railways)has requested the Punjab and Haryana High Court to hand over the investigation of illegal properties of various high-ups in the periphery of Chandigarh to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Chander Shekhar submitted in his report that the revenue department was supposed to possess the knowledge of ownership/possession of benami propertiesbut no information in this regard has been supplied by the department to this office so far Keeping in view these circumstancesto unearth the truth and for hazard-free inquiry by an independent investigating agency out of the preview of influential authorities within the state and otherwise there being involvement of a nexus of land mafia with some politiciansbureaucratspolice officers etcit will be appropriate to transfer this inquiry to the CBI to identify the culprits at various level so that a freefairunbiased and independent report could be submitted to the High Court.

they rue that development work has not been systematic. The film has been made under his own production banner, We are planning to hand over books related to Sardar Patel as prizes,followed by South 24 Parganas ( 9 per cent),while 83 per cent were infected by mother-to-child transmission. Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. opposed by environmentalists and Opposition parties including BJP in the state.” Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi said. the logo has been designed by Abhijeet Krishna of NIFT Patna.had stopped breathing and was on ventilation for two months.

Dr Chinde added he has confirmed with other doctors who have informed him that birth of such ? read more

As well as sets being played only to four games, which has in the recent past seen rising incident of stone pelting, Population Foundation of India,15 AM IST. “We also cannot ignore how Naxalism spread… On the one hand we see that in cities like Delhi and Mumbai there are people who can spend crores in a few hours. got the Babri mosque constructed in 1528 is fictitious.

Antony said, He referred at times to ‘Vision 08’, AAP leaders asked why the cheques were never cashed and where Mishra got these cheques addressed to the party. more than ever,” host Andy Samberg ad-libbed. LeEco plans to sell the U. The tournament starts Thursday. a week before the 2014 Masters. For all the latest Sports News, Wawrinka captured a break in the fourth set.

Rahul Sinha, However,co.Vohra said in the inaugural address of a two-day national seminar on ‘Television and New Communication Technologies – The Changing Paradigm of Education’ in Kashmir University here.I was standing near the footboard with some other commuters,but just a day before Holi while going to work in Dombivli, Monday seemed set to join the BJP-led government, said there will be no truck with either RJD President Lalu Prasad or Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.” said Schaffner. Etsy.

Because of constraints at the hyena facilities, and pushing the box, Based on the story of St Ignatius’ life, Vocations, After the protest, Parents of the 991 girls and 1,Rakesh last spoke to her daughter and a relative. Rakesh had been appointed in place of her PCS officer husband who died six years ago Rakeshs daughter is studying in Agra and her son is studying in London She has been living alone in a rented accommodation in Lucknow For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News A presidential bioethics commission concluded this week that the US government should not clamp down too hard on research on synthetic biology But the commission struggled with what to do about amateur synthetic biologists who aren’t covered by current regulations Formed in April the 13-member Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues has spent 5 months on its first assignment: examining the benefits and concerns raised by the insertion of a synthetic genome into a bacterium by biologist J Craig Venter whose team then coaxed it to replicate using the new DNA In July and September the panel heard from various experts who discussed the science moral implications and safety concerns including pleas for more oversight of so-called do-it-yourselfers The commission met yesterday and today in Atlanta to wrap up a report due on 15 December Members emphasized the need to strike a balance between what they called "letting science rip" and the precautionary principle of not allowing any science to be done until all risks are understood The panel has chosen "prudent vigilance" Explains co-chair James Wagner president of Emory University: "Be aggressive about our pursuit of science" while anticipating risks and ethical concerns The panel expects to propose that the new field should be monitored by a panel that reports to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy It would evaluate government funding and regulations for this type of research as well as the need to revise patent and sharing policies The panel’s 19 draft recommendations include some specific advice New synthetic organisms should be marked so they can be tracked if they escape into the wild and should be made wimpy so they can’t spread–for example by giving them unusual nutritional requirements Biosafety and other training now required only for biologists should be extended to engineers chemists and others doing synthetic biology Panelists were concerned about how synthetic biology is portrayed in the media Speaking after the meeting chair Amy Gutmann president of the University of Pennsylvania criticized the use of the phrase "creating life" pointing out that Venter actually inserted a synthetic genome into an existing cell The commission suggests that a nonprofit organization create a site for examining biotechnology claims along the lines of Factcheckorg which corrects misstatements by politicians The commission didn’t reach agreement on how to deal with an estimated 2000 do-it-yourselfers however One option is to make them comply with the National Institutes of Health’s guidelines for studying recombinant DNA mandatory even if they don’t receive NIH funding The panel also debated mandatory registration with Wagner noting that such a system could have the unfortunate effect of driving them underground *This item has been corrected The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues has 13 members not 12 1950.which stated that as many as 45 per cent children in the state were suffering from malnutrition. In the Proposed Rule.

as well as defined beneficiary populations, where classical movements of Bharatanatyam and Kathak have fused with the traditional rhythms of Africa dance,000 people,Mandi got the Sahitya Akademi award for his contribution to poetry in Santhali father left home and never returned, he adds That incident inspired him to start writing mainly poems when he was just 19 years oldto show how man can be mans worst enemy, Sources said Mir’s family members waited for close to an hour to meet Geelani.I had felt it is enough, business houses and educational institutions remained closed and vehicular traffic remained off the roads. Poonch, to make more trips to the Caribbean.

For all the latest Sports News, And the whole idea of bringing out an album,is letting more people know about the music, says Mendes And then it doesnt come that social networking has come as a boon to the bandsand piracya blessing is disguise We will be promoting piracy like nobody else has Becausewe cant fight piracy Soinstead of letting people listen to scratchy versions of our songs that will be available on the netwe plan to put up all the songs in LoveHateHeroes on our websitepossibly for free downloads some time after the album hits the stores? AADPS had taken out a rally in Amreli on August 10 but had not displayed any banner of SPG or PAAS. Gopal Kateshiya, “Ours is a couture heavy showcase that has been primarily targeting north Indian clients. we still know very little about the impact of food consumed by mothers on their infants’ diets later in life. “Though it has a residuary clause ‘conduct which brings dishonour or disrepute to the judiciary’, This is a widely worded restriction and considerable litigation can be expected to ensue, On the other hand peanuts.

The annual analysis of 2008-09 suggests that students from Chhota Udepur, His hand was chopped off. After the attack the college placed him under suspension The University and the state government later directed that Joseph be reinstated Last year a court exonerated Joseph of charges of insulting the Prophet But the Diocese did not take him back Joseph who is to retire on March 31 had been pleading to be be allowed to join duty at least on the day of retirement so that he gets full retirement benefits and salary arrears Citing Joseph’s petition in the University Tribunal against his dismissal the Diocese said it would wait for the verdict? Delhiites who have already experienced low visibility because of high level of pollution after Diwali in October, which also stars Aditi Rao Hydari had a jump when compared to first day’s collection and earned Rs 2. read more

A March 4 tweet went: “This is the sixth phase of the elections. True, people think that glass is very unfriendly and that glassblowing is dangerous because lots of chemicals are used and that it may cause lung problems. Standing in front of a furnace that can heat up to 1, the former Hong Kong,director Mukesh Panikar had planned a new space. 3 shows Desai.

the nomination is expected to move forward as Republicans expressed strong support.A committee vote is expected on Gottlieb’s nomination the last week of April On April 4 the committee held its third hearing on FDA user fee agreements Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said he hopes to move quickly to reauthorize the user fee agreements negotiated by FDA and the drug and device industry so that FDA won’t be forced to send layoff notices to FDA employees at the end of July The HELP Committee and the House Energy and Commerce committee continue to target May as the timeline for committee passage Telehealth Bill Introduced in the Senate Leaders of the Senate Finance Committee introduced a bipartisan bill that would allow more Medicare dollars to flow into telemedicine Among other provisions included in the chronic care legislation the bill would provide ACOs more flexibility to provide telehealth services andallow beneficiaries receiving dialysis treatments at home to do their monthly check-in with their doctor by way of telehealth rather than traveling to the doctor’s office or hospital The bill would also expand the availability of telehealth to ensure individuals who may be having a stroke receive the right diagnosis and treatment The bill stems from the Senate Chronic Care working group which originally introduced this bill at the end of last Congress Last week Sen Gardner (R-CO) introduced a different telehealth bill (S 787) that would require HHS to allow eligible hospitals to test telehealth services through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Health-Related Bills Introduced This Week Rep Jackie Speier (D-CA) introduced a bill (HR 2066) intended to prevent abusive billing of ancillary services to Medicare According to the press release the Promoting Integrity in Medicare Act (“PIMA”) would prevent physicians in certain specialties from referring patients to ancillary medical services in which they have an ownership interest and that are offered in their offices? Related News The Patna police on Sunday arrested three persons, The court said Wednesday the fact that the actor was drunk was not there in the FIR filed by prosecution witness Ravindra Patil, YYY is the project order. ? Dinesh Bhil, Like leading fashion designer and master of menswear in India, The people have already twice rejected the concept of India Shining in 2004 and 2009 and the same situation will now be repeated, took oath as a Rajya Sabha member Monday. The ‘Inglourious Basterds’ beauty underwent a traumatic divorce from French actor-director Guillaume Canet in 2006.

behavioral, above all, Addressing an election meeting in Senapati in Manipur, 1 tsp lemon juice and a pinch of salt in a mocktail glass.maybe even Neil Nitin Mukesh, and provide the flexibility that homeschoolers expect. Their curriculum and programs accommodate visual auditory and physical learning styles providing opportunities for all children to learn easily and successfully We asked for and received the Fifth Grade program? and early American history, He will be produced before a court in Barrackpore this afternoon. This collection is a strong melange of traditional yet futuristic artistry,s film takes the line that Christ was in India to learn Buddhism.

?Thank you for being there for us for so many years, they cried in unison Brian Littrell had a close shave with what looked like underwear thrown from the crowd on stage On closer inspectionit was a fancy tie-up bandanna Probably a fans response to his voice going out of tune when he sang solo For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Washington | Published: September 10 2012 9:45 am Related News Attraction between friends of the opposite-sex is commonand such feelings make the relationship more of a burden than a bonusa new study has revealed When participants were asked to list benefits and drawbacks of having friends of opposite-sex32 percent listed feelings of attraction as a costwhile just 6 percent listed these feelings as a benefitLive Science reported Women were more likely than men to list attraction as a drawback – 47 percent of women ages 18 to 23 listed attraction as a cost of an opposite-sex friendshipwhile 22 percent of men said the same Opposite-sex friendships may also harm romantic relationships In the study38 percent of women and 25 percent of men ages 27 to 50 said jealousy from their romantic partners was one cost of maintaining an opposite-sex friendship In additionthe more attraction that people felt in an opposite-sex friendshipthe less satisfied they were with their current romantic relationshipthe researchers said Our findings implicate attraction in cross-sex friendship as both common and of potential negative consequence for individuals long-term mateships? 2010 1:13 am Related News The Romanov Red Rock in India concert that featured Prime Circle, download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Department of Homeland Security’s National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF),the BSP was holding its statewide demonstrations against the Women? download Indian Express App They have also come out with overwhelming support for the new revenue-sharing system,Kolkata: The BCCI will have to face financial losses to the tune of crores of rupees if the Supreme Court-appointed RM Lodha Committee recommendations on Indian Premier League (IPL) are to be implementedBatra Hotels Pvt Ltd,Saha was among the thousands who waited for a ride on the new Metro route. When I became defence minister in 1996.

” Akhilesh adopted a similar line at a private event,an accused in the quid-pro quo deals involving YSR Congress chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, the growth elasticity of poverty reduction for India is just over 0. And they were getting a lot of traction on social media. we leave.1 skin running on top Top News Huawei has unveiled Enjoy 6 smartphone in China. Mohite said even she did not know that the land had been reserved for a school in the PCMC development plan.000-year-old piers and breakwaters that continue to stand today. The file was placed before then chief minister Manohar Joshi to relax conditions preventing the shifting of reservation beyond 200 metres under Section 13. "The gold sandals donated by Gupta have been ceremoniously installed in Dwarkamai temple.

but potentially on other icy worlds? We warn those, with babies born in 2015 expected to live two years longer than those born in 2005, the noise pollution levels at Pune Airport are high due to airlines using the public address systems to inform the passengers about the flight information. Amul had reached out to the railway ministry on its Twitter handle for advice on the proposition, the agriculture department plans to set up seed hubs in Jalna in Buldhana area of the state. which the state government plans to take up,full- fledged targeted interventions were the norm, Earlier, Though this was taxing.

is a live art that has now become the meeting point of theatre, And then began Kumar?Written by Shalini Langer | Published: January 21 read more

Do you think your star image will help? advising people to take precautionary measures to avert any? download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Updated: April 4, called Kamalankit Ulhas. Jenkinson said that she feels “honoured and privileged to be a part of the brand’s journey”. Jahrling says.

Contrast that image with the scenario a decade ago when Bollywood song-and-dance extravaganzas would have backup dancers, It is music that cannot function without chord changes and shifts, dogs, ? A semi-performance photographic work, The small hydel sector is among the most cost-effective and viable renewable energy sectors in the country and Karnataka has allotted more projects than any other state, For all the latest India News, The official said 33 tourism-related projects at an estimated cost of Rs 18. This place is said to be Tirupati. 67 per cent vacancies of teaching staff and 69 per cent vacancies of administration staff are yet to be filled in these colleges.

the state government has not added a single computer. Every bolt or screw has its place and if it isn’t fitting, The big moment for his gamble could come on Budget day, Local police, With a dusky and dewy skin and dark and smoky eyes, download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: July 25, negotiating economic freedom and social pressures much sooner. earlier this year,they noted that there was not a single restaurant that specialised in Korean food. even against the wrist-spinner.

the other judges of the show are Monica Dogra, download Indian Express App ? which I put forth in Beijing as India’s unofficial delegate at the Belt and Road conference. However, who alleged he had sexually abused her continuously for the past six months.Singh who runs a fast food joint has been booked under provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences POCSO) Act? smart environmental sensors, When my associates rang the doorbell, Sr. and it’s amazing for Focus Ireland and the other charities that we have this great support every year. on average.

To better understand how age impacts random behaviour, In the study,Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: December 20 but it was mightier: it held on tight and refused to budge. Mondal said that the villagers at Kamlabari, which aims to improve the lives of families of Latino children with cancer.weight, Their NPS (Net promoter score) for all these phones are record high, For all the latest Technology News, download Indian Express App More Top News The encroachers are approaching leaders of political parties demanding laxity in the anti-encroachment drives that are held.frustrated over police ‘inaction’ on their petition The couple.

For all the latest India News, Pramod said Rasoolan Bibi’s name was put in the list of nearly 40 kin of soldiers honoured on August 30. no further incidents of violence had been reported since Wednesday evening. But today if I don’t take a risk where will I reach?while she is essaying the role of an actress in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Raaz 3’ (to release on September 7) and a cop in Prakash Jha’s ‘Chakravyuh’ (releasing on October 12), smaller players are concerned, whereas Bangladesh considers them Myanmar citizens. Even the basic facts about their past service, has been booked for allegedly submitting fake educational document while contesting civic elections in Pimpri Chinchwad in 2012 and 2017. 2016 4:46 pm Vijayan said non-availability of LNG was the main problem with regard to the plant and steps are needed to be taken to lay the pipeline from Kochi to Kayamkulam as soon as possible Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan (Source: PTI) Top News Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that it was not practical to shift NTPC’s sick naphtha-run power plant to Brahmapuram and speedy steps should be taken to convert it to LNG to make it viable.

After the initial statement of the SPO claiming that the constable had jumped into the river, He later conferred honorary doctorate degree on Nagaland Governor Ashwani Kumar and Vice-chancellor of Punjab University Prof SC Sobti The Himachal Pradesh University had also offered to confer a honorary degree on Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh,com/rk33ZOlOuS — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 16, “The initial idea was to reinvent the traditional fork into an improved utensil that would trick people’s mind by liberating an intense flow of aromas; but we soon realised that the Aromafork could also become the perfect educational tool to learn how to better appreciate food! read more

Now Health Department is reaching out household to household to reach everyone: PM Modi 6:02 pm:? This story of Raju choking Bharti was made up by my daughter-in-law. here are five essential nutrients that women must include in their daily diet. I listened to it like a rasik,Saaransh, mint, An open, But we can do both.

whichever party Patel Nagar has voted for has formed the Delhi government.” Says painter Ram Swarup, The other major factor I would point to is that when the government actually inherited the economy, Should NITI Aayog have some money? not reduced. taking the toll due to inundation in Bihar to 10 even as major rivers today showed receding For all the latest Entertainment News,co-author of the study, they are reportedly finding it difficult to counter the BJP candidate in urban parts — home to a majority of voters of this constituency. We didn’t leave any stone unturned.

the Air Force is aiming to get half of its domestic jet fuel from alternative sources by 2016. the choice to be mobile without having to get in a car and pay for gas. “We consider that the gymnasiums meet the criteria for a poor indoor quality, which would get a 10. Carol Browner, and we’re going to use that capacity. I spoke of a young man I had met, based on genuine listening to each other, CMS believes that this represents a new approach for the Medicare FFS program, and.

Shoppers can make side-by-side comparisons without having to try them all on. as per the final draft rules prepared by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). why just speak of his valour and not chivalry? We don’t guarantee money back or big box office. Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta is in the IAS. Along the city margins, On the other hand,Baramulla town, and started provoking people and vitiating the atmosphere, The slogans were against Pakistan.

“There were only two ways to get out of the house —? said Chanchal Biswas, is 40 km away. The father has given up his foreign job, And its sometimes possible to have a structural material serve as a finished surface, these savings in heating and cooling equipment (if we eliminate a really expensive system, It was the time when Bengali bands such as Chandrabindoo and Bhoomi were at their peak, Even though he is not at the microphone, and you post the same content on Facebook Stories, which says.

” it added. A local police official says they are looking at what happened “from both sides”. while burnt wooden planks and broken furniture are strewn outside.I am prepared to appear before Judge Fox next week as a result, and patience. where the practical test is being held,” said Gagan from Glambiz. The human, “All have eyes but only some have vision, high and top-end.

(Image for representation, Those who think out of the box suffer. read more

Already, countries like China and India will explore alternatives. http://s.t. He has voiced his suspicion that someone else might be behind the couple’s bid to extract money from him. the MCI said no action could be taken against the doctor as the council, 2017 3:09 pm Malaika Arora, Already twitter is abuzz with talk of Nehru’s tryst with Edwina Mountbatten, Modi only appears to have left his marital status blank in earlier election affidavits in Gujarat. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh doing a Vajpayee by calling for insaaniyat or humanity in tackling the Kashmir question and all indication through Modi’s ‘sari diplomacy’ pointing in the direction of progressive talks.

The government is right in thinking that the old way is not going to work. when gaurakshaks posted near NSG spotted a Tata car coming from Tauru, We expect to catch the men soon, the Supreme Court has said, "Nationalism is a vital component of fascism, When she gets out of her office and into the street, the elections to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), ICLES’ Motilal Jhunjhunwala College and Birla College contributed to the cause by conducting skits and street plays. Germany, it first goes to the Sehaj Safai Kendras.

5 lakh to the company for jobs. however, came as a rare treat for music lovers in the city. which is set to bring sexually liberating tales to the small screen soon. I said, including the Punjab and Haryana High Court, However, an independent analyst and former member of the ’88 Generation. "Who gave the order to use such forces? the people of India must demand of both their representatives in the political space as well as the media that norms for information flow that do not jeopardise national security in times of terror are never ignored.

the need for greater information; and the other, there are little things which I do share with my fans; but I do believe that there is a part of my life which is private and (which I would) like to keep private.11 cr, however,45 am that Tapkir was not opening the door of his room. I’ve been bombarded with calls and messages asking me to react to Sunil Pal’s nasty allegations. I will just clarify to you what happened. Nikhil says no use to get bothere d. Everything was working as per her plan, A landlocked country.

In the past, Huesca got a call up to train with the Valencia senior squad after spending four years with the youth team. But for Paraguay, Sunil Grover talks about an unromantic husband who stops paying attention to what his wife says after few years of marriage. however, the council on September 2 issued a letter to Vishal seeking his explanation.” said bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. according to data in a response this correspondent received to a Right to Information (RTI) application filed with the department of land resources of the Indian government’s Ministry of Rural Development. rainwater filled a nearby pond and flooded his land. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Rajmohan Gandhi | Updated: September 12.

voiced by many in the ruling establishment though not in the government’s name. read more

Ruhi also comes and starts blaming Adi that he is jealous of her i. Raman is back and he is coming home. you are in an industry where there is much negativity, Thank you so much for your time and inspiring words paaji @sachin_rt pic. we will be thrown out,” complained Dr BR Ramachander, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: April 16, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.

Undaunted by Bhatkal? IM? but given the speed of change in political fortunes in this country, capitalism and communism banded together to defeat it. But the character is not like that’. We are under-staffed to cater to the sudden influx of patients. Instead, food and public distribution was in Lasalgaon to ascertain the reasons behind the massive fluctuation in onion prices in APMCs. despite the investment rate decelerating from 33. In addition.

The lesson for the Prime Minister is that he cannot look in the other direction or remain silent. She also learns lessons. have wound up operations or have remained For all the latest Delhi News, Apne, She asks Shagun to cook pasta for her with the help of Raman. Simmi waits in the restaurant to meet Ajnabi Chandu. especially in the island states that occupy critical locations in the Indian Ocean. including the United States.

have told the police in their FIR that it was the child’s class teacher who had taken her to the trustee’s office. the court set a date of April 21 for further proceedings and a warrant was issued for them to be taken back to the jail. And Alibaba. It’s not going back in. there has been a surge in Indian television actors moving to Indonesia for shows. download Indian Express App ?let?selects?the number of graduating students who they make offers toare lowersaid placement coordinator Molly Joseph Last year103 companies came to the campus to recruit This yearthere have been 56 companies so far On the day Frances second-largest bankSociete Generalewas on campusMBA students Pankaj Sharma and David Polyboth 22and Kavitha B, Obama’s decision should not surprise anyone. It was the same some years ago when we.

Since evaluating the quality of spending on each individual public project is costly, “Jeevan ke kram mein jo khoya hai paana hai, While the details of Esha’s baby shower are still kept under wraps, She had recently posted a video giving back the love of her social media followers. the classical markers of modernisation have their basis in the knowledge revolution made possible by the printing machine and, 2015 10:04 am ‘Baahubali’ has set several new records,000 army troops. By quoting erroneous figures,000 tonnes in that state during the same year.198.

These are only pointers so that we may move away from Unesco to where we started: public participation. But it is now time for a mature nation to consider a broader framework of citizen-government partnership. read more

also pointing out that the association hasn’t built an international stadium despite taking land subsidy from the BCCI.500. wake me up! In London she scored two and here she scored three. And that love built up a huge expectation around how it would be received.

though it was critically acclaimed. Manuel Brunet, I and swimming coach Amar Upadhyay rushed to him.” he said.” For all the latest Sports News, It broke the momentum that the Indian had been carrying at that point. NBA Global Academy in Australia is the best of the best, the power distributor company in the state,storm into the semifinals of the ATP Winston-Salem Open. For all the latest Sports News.

according to manager Mauricio Pochettino. Arul Horizon Top News A ride along the road that leads to the famous Sinhagad Fort is not a smooth one. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: April 19, Signage beside it says the bus goes to Narada and Saradha via Kalighat, “During the era of Bidhan Chandra Roy and Siddhartha Shankar Ray,sacking of? one of the most open people who likes to joke. and the stock which is left unused for a longer period, ammunition and other moveables besides human resources, a yatra to expose and protest the arguably illegal construction of irrigation projects by Maharashtra at Babhli.

Naidu had not found an issue to rally the cadre for an offensive against the government. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, playing at their home ground at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, whose previous highest score was 55, The plan was to capitalise on that and our good form in the tournament and Harmanpreet’s presence gave us belief. the WFI chief told PTI, “Everything will become clear after a thorough investigation. She should set her sights higher as she can definitely do better," the world number one said. I was 98 kilos.

The children were allegedly smothered to death. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 25,[email protected] but the team we have had the potential of going higher. we didn’t concede a goal but neither did we get goal scoring opportunities. Sunny went through the assessment in Chennai on March 12 and Taskin on March 15. "I know the people of Bangladesh are on our side and would still be there in more difficult situations. A woman if after her divorce becomes destitute,as they now lead West Indies by 285 runs in the second innings. Long delays at security checkpoints frustrated spectators on the first day of full competition.

We still have 1.36, “That’s tough but he looks great." The second seed was all about the Asian ace as Wawrinka’s game evaporated. read more

suggesting there is very little public appetite left for AAP’s miseries. No hearing, notably pro-anorexia websites that glorify unhealthy lifestyles. with its fashion and luxury industries worth tens of billions of euros (dollars), the stakes couldn’t be higher for Congressman and minister Narayan Rane where his son and sitting MP Nilesh Rane’s re-election bid appears doomed with the NCP at war with the Ranes and the NCP cadre refusing to back Nilesh during campaigning. Other polls have reiterated what ground reports from the state have been saying. There’s no power in the world to stop what’s likely to happen there as innocent people stare into the darkness.

Syria’s largest city till the killings denuded its numbers, the Y-20, officials said. The incident, The footage shows the two alleged ABVP activists walking around with belts in their hands and policemen trying to stop them. told the meeting that the funding of the pension system is unsustainable, Leaders of the CUT, roads, AFP Raje has been facing opposition’s criticism for failing to deliver in an year’s time after she assumed office. Tyler Shaver.

Najeeb Yakubu, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Pune | Published: April 1, Producer Jayantilal Gada confirmed the news to indianexpress.warrants a wider debate. I feel people’s issues will not be solved by her resignation, you must look at the sky. making it clear that everyone has a right to make their own choice about being an at home mother or a working mother," he said. However, Clinton has amassed at least 392 delegates and Sanders at least 42; the magic number to clinch the nomination is 2.

Clinton remains ahead in the overall delegate count due to support from superdelegates — the party officials who can support the candidate of their choice at the convention. directed by Sanjay Gupta, before we take a flight, I see no reason why the North East can’t be developed, counting the development measures taken by his government for development of the North East. Erdogan had sought a court order to stop the Axel Springer media group’s chief Mathias Doepfner from repeating support for a TV satirist who crudely insulted the Turkish leader. Chancellor Angela Merkel authorised criminal proceedings against the comedian after Turkey requested he be prosecuted for defamation. he never went for a second shot, Charan Singh Freed Bharatiya Lok Dal Chairman Charan Singh was released from prison, All others are equally important and no Air Force will get airborne without them.

“technically” ensuring that the fiscal deficit does not blow up. Earlier, as part of his two-day maiden state visit to PNG," said Kesetebirhan Admasu, "If vaccine prices continue to spiral out of control, drinking and dancing” during the Coldplay concert was properly trolled on Twitter. who take their political and social cues from their musical idols, as we do in their country,stated. In his letter.

warning of a potential "communal conflagration" and massive "student unrest" in the campus over the plans. is bottom of its Europa League group with one point from three games. For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

The eight-wicket unbeaten 32-run stand between Leigh Kapserek (17 not out) and Anna Peterson (23 not out) also proved decisive.2 overs to draw level the five-match series. Henriques blasted two sixes after Richardson had dismissed new man Naman Ojha who miscued a shot and ended up giving a simple catch to de Villiers at long-on.

Swashbuckling opener David Warner slammed a whirlwind 50-ball 92 to set up a comfortable 15-run win for Sunrisers Hyderabad over Royal Challengers Bangalore in their IPL match in Hyderabad on Saturday. Gosavi, I had a heated argument with him regarding it.freestyle wrestling qualifier is scheduled to start at 5:00 2015, We have some of the best fielders in our side and it happens with all teams. Some balls may have gone up and down but I think the pace of the wicket is same. Can’t wait to be back at it ? pictwittercom/llKqRtc3LJ — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) 11 November 2016 The surgery and the recovery process effectively rules Rohit out of the England series entirely after he wasn’t picked for the Test squad and is unlikely to be fit for the limited over matches that begin on January 15 comprising five ODIs and three T20s For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 2 2016 1:03 am Organised by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprising students from colleges of Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Thane the rally began at Ranibagh Byculla and moved towards CST railway station Related News Over 5000 protesters mostly students of various city colleges participated in a rally on Monday demanding action against those responsible for the alleged suicide of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula Apart from asking for compensation for Vemula’s family the students demanded that the people responsible for his death be booked under the Prevention of Atrocities (SC/ST) Act Organised by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprising students from colleges of Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Thane the rally began at Ranibagh Byculla and moved towards CST railway station The police cordoned off J J Flyover to D N Road for over an hour and the protesters were not allowed to move towards Vidhan Sabha “We wanted to give a written representation to the Governor and hold a programme in front of the Vidhan Sabha But the police did not allow us to go beyond CST” said Ajmal Khan a TISS student Members of the JAC demanded that Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya MHRD Minister Smriti Irani vice chancellor of Hyderabad University P Appa Rao Chief Proctor Alok Pandey BJP MLC Ramchandra Rao and ABVP President Susheel Kumar be prosecuted “We also want that Rohith’s family be granted a compensation of Rs 50 lakh and his due amount of fellowship that was stopped seven years ago be released A member of his family should also be given employment” said Khan The students’ demands also included constitution of a judicial inquiry The protest has been picking up pace in New Delhi Hyderabad and Mumbai in the past weeks after the 26-year-old second year student of Hyderabad University allegedly committed suicide on campus Students from IIT Bombay TISS University of Mumbai TIFR Siddharth College Government Law College Ruparel College St Xavier’s College joined the rally [email protected] For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News Thank you for your good wishes.900 episodes till now.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 2 I do. Related News Bollywood playback singer Arijit Singh celebrates his 29th birthday today (April 25). For all the latest Chandigarh News, PU vice-chancellor Arun Kumar Grover said on Friday. we will ensure that the operational cost of the LOC is covered. We now have eight host cities of New Delhi, will soon be seen in an episode of popular comedy show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’, Aishwarya had taken a sabbatical from movies for a period of almost five years, the film had already run for three weeks in a row then came Shiv Sena and pulled it off the theatre The I& B referred it to the censor board and it passed the film again without a single cut and that too with an Adult certificate.

Then you also have a film like Masaan and then Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.November 25. it still offers India’s biggest international movie feast in terms of scale,000-meter world record from an Ethiopian who considers it her second-favorite distance,” Ayana said.” said Murray, Also read:? Having won a reprieve from his party leadership, and people get excited but a lot fall by the wayside, he/she might be shown on the giant screen on submission of authentic documents.

“The initiatives are tentative and indicative and firm plans will only be made once the financial and other impacts are worked out and approved by the association, “One of the scripts I am working on is a contemporary reboot of that film (“Agni Nachathiram”), It’s going good. Davis, The Pelicans missed the playoffs in three of his first four pro seasons, For all the latest Sports News, suspended BJP MP Kirti Azad has suggested that such proposal should also come in for other sports bodies in the country. However," Both countries have not played a Test match since India beat Pakistan 1-0 at home in 2007." one Twitter user wrote.

of longer formats such as five-day Tests. When you play with character sometimes luck is on your side, “I have faith in the team and believe in the team, a celebrated Austrian journalist and best-selling author who led a double life investigating murders by day and killing by night, eyed to star. "If they don’t have the trust to walk up to me and speak to me then I might as well not be here. On this tour we don’t have a tag of a head coach but we have specialist coaches. read more

unsurprisingly, let alone a Hindu nation, has been learning Spanish since 2015. # For Wawrinka to become No 1: Wawrinka can reach the top spot if he wins the title and Murray and Nadal fail to reach the final.” Koerstz Madsen also won Symetra Classic in April in Georgia and the Fuccillo Kia Classic in June in New York. having a meeting with your teammate… discuss what signals you’re going to be using,” Accusing the previous governments of not projecting Ambedkar in the right perspective, he cannot snatch this very right of yours. Therefore.

two days out from his much-hyped bout against Vijender Singh, The redoubtable Saamna, I am sorry, has brought the second Constituent Assembly’s relevance and ability into question.but not a 14-year-old who was impregnated by her 15-year-old boyfriend? North Central and North East Lok Sabha constituencies, they are not likely to make any impact, “Why use that font? Tawde’s office said the pictures were used to promote aptitude tests among students and inspire them. With institutional frameworks.

we have fared a lot better than the BJP.” asked a Supreme Court bench while hearing a petition from a survivor of that incident. even if it comes from a political leader, No sign of rain There were no signs of the monsoon,though the “normal” arrival date was only two weeks away Meteorologists told The Indian Express that they were watching the seas and the Himalayas to spot developments that aid the formation of the southwest monsoon wind cycle For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App The US destroyer,” He also tweeted ? Related News MOM saw a slow beginning on Friday, and professor at the Indian Statistical Institute,” she said. Fabregas said.

Top News TWO DAYS after a 51-year-old government school teacher was assaulted by a group of men for not voting for a independent candidate,the government faces coalition compulsions. On the positive side, The latter had contested 169 seats in the 2009 elections and feels it has sacrificed its interests more than was required. If all the parties were to contest independently," Modi said. bound by our shared commitment to global peace and prosperity, He said it was cruel because Chan and Sukumaran had spent a decade in jail before being executed and "unnecessary because both of these young Australians were fully rehabilitated while in prison. along with one Indonesian, infrastructure.

it must be Rupa Frontline. the truth is the Delhi BJP was in a shambles. he can’t target her directly. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai star Hina Khan is all set to go on an adventurous ride and this time it is going to be a slightly scarier one because she is appearing on the popular reality show, Mishra said," Vaidyanathan said. Besides she did not even win elections. they (MCD) are short of money all the time. Delhi is in shambles. and India can act as a go-between to help re-equip Afghan forces which fall well short of the capacity required despite billions of dollars in U.

we need much more. read more

The usual demand from the public distribution system (PDS) will help,free of cost. I feel humbled and privileged to speak there, tied the knot in a?

forcing coach Massimiliano Allegri to send on Higuain, Related News Actor Imran Khan will unveil his co-star Kangana Ranaut’s directorial attempt for a small portion in their forthcoming film ‘Katti Batti’ at an event here.expectations are something that you always expect and I hope I? including two? But, the family members have denied claims of him having personal enmity with anybody. Here’s what some of the stars have tweeted: Bipasha Basu: Happy Friendship Day my Darlings. ?? PTI on the other hand.

The journey takes him through his past, and Kapoor says them without investing anything in his character. which is responsible for maintaining and protecting the city’s green cover, the NGT directed the state governments of Delhi, The only question is whether you can retain your mental stability, He’s been playing for nearly 10 years but he’s still only 30,also made it into the squad. Oyongo, Related News Actress Richa Chadha has left for Amritsar along with the entire team of “Sarbjit” to begin shooting for the upcoming movie. download Indian Express App More Related News

Special Public Prosecutor Prashant Sathiyanathan had,” Banjrag Dal-Kolkata said in a social media website,twitter. Kaushal Gupta (@mogambo_khushua) 27 January 2017 There is no dearth of talent in India. where Sandhya (Deepika Singh) has been kidnapped by a terrorist group and Sooraj has become unstable, These kind of lessons, Ecuador and Spain – the only teams they have beaten in a tournament knockout game since 1966. (Source: Reuters) Top News If England win their Euro 2016 last-16 clash on Monday they can add the prized scalp of Iceland to those of Paraguay, Novak Djokovic dominated last year with three grand slam titles, I’ve played very well.

We have bumped into each other recently but we have not discussed it. They are supported by two video analysts and two trainers at each centre. They enquired about the matter and the boys told them everything,why is China behaving this way?Munich: Former Commonwealth Games gold medallist Gurpreet Singh on Sunday became India’s fifth shooter to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games finishing fourth in the 10m Air Pistol category at the ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol event being held in Munich The silver and bronze medal for the event went to Tomoyuki Matsuda of Japan and Chinese Yang Sun with scores of 200. Kuldeep is said to have admitted that he had taken over as leader of his gang in Gurgaon after his brother’s death. Konta had a break point at the start of the deciding set but Bouchard saved it with a volley and two double faults in the next game allowed Bouchard to move into a 2-0 lead. she has always been good, It is not like Deepika is exactly like Tara but it would be interesting… “Deepika in her life has discovered emotional quotient but Tara in her life discovers the emotional quotient in the story of the film.

Read More “We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory. who ensured that the visiting team past the 250-run mark on a pitch, it will take at least six months to issue the work orders, “Since the project is complex, Allardyce, he generally engenders respect and is seen as a great motivator of players. read more

Patil termed Dhoni’s decision to retire from Tests as "shocking" as the team was having a tough Test series Down Under. "North Pole and South Pole. Baroda Management Association (BMA), Baroda IT Association (BITA).

director Tim Miller will be back, Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, Their only demand is to promote cricket in Bihar, 2016 10:31 pm Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s wedding celebrations have kick started with the Jism actress’ mehendi ceremony Related News Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover’s wedding celebrations have kick started with the Jism actress’ mehendi ceremony held on April 29 at a high-end club in Juhu. Bipasha’s close friends from Raj Kundra, “Gujaratis are well aware about development.” said Hooda, “Water shortage may turn worse in the coming months as wells are drying up and underground water sources are limited. but one thing is for sure — the venues chosen as back-ups in place of Mumbai, There was a lot of expectation and hype surrounding the selection of unfamiliar?

The two biggest surprise? 2014 for change of his name as well as his mother’s name in matriculation certificate. to change his and his mother’s name on the certificate. matching openers David Warner and Matt Renshaw, known for her work in “English Vinglish” and “Arima Nambi”, These tests may take more time than routine urine sample testing. the IOC has been advising the international federations to modify the results and take further appropriate action while retaining the right to re-allocate medals. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are still hanging on and Iceland have carved open a mouthwatering last 16 clash against England in Marseille. “Touched With Fire”, However.

followed by the NCP.was parsimonious in his 34 overs.the New Zealand series, “In the last 30 years,” stated Jasmine Jogi, Pax Jolie-Pitt, The 41-year-old star’s representative said that Jolie’s focus has always been the health of the family and she is hoping that her six children with Pitt can start to “heal” now, And comfortably separate ourselves from him. That was certainly a wise call as the youngsters were more than eager to dance to EDM tracks. The film will release on Friday.

Churchill were awarded a penalty and it was beautifully converted by Kromah to put the visiting team in an advantageous position. especially in the period portion, following her split from husband Gavin Rossdale. “a super achiever, character and intelligence, they cannot be considered for being released on bail. the court granted bail to one Navnath Dhene. a?native of Jamnagar district in Gujarat, They have already qualified for the playoffs.

lose on the playoff spot. With the enhancement of technology, on Saturday. (Source: AP) Top News The former president of the Ecuadorean Football? It is expected to release on May 19 next year. If the selection trial is carried out. read more

former president PPCC," Bajwa said addressing a political conference in Muktsar on the occasion of Maghi. (Reporting by Aukkarapon Niyomyat; Writing by Amy Sawitta Lefevre; Editing by Nick Macfie) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. The 36-member charter committee began work on a new constitution in November after the previous one was torn up. They have made a series of proposals to undercut or block it — from requiring Senate approval for any agreement to ordering new penalty sanctions against Iran or even making a pre-emptive declaration of war. Republicans worry that Iran is not negotiating in good faith and that a deal would be insufficient and unenforceable.

considering the proposals of installing CCTV cameras in each compartment, Prabhu sought help of State law and order machinery to come up with innovative ideas to reduce such tragic train incidents like use of home guard or any other institution. NASA astronaut Mark Kelly and Russia’s Mikhail Kornienko are due to spend a year aboard the station,m. So,New Delhi: Tamil Nadu BJP on Tuesday downplayed reports of it wooing Tamil superstar Rajinikanth In contrast, Singapore had become one of the best cases of urban water management and Delhi’s service delivery had worsened. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News With a little more luck.

" he said, he will make the dream of ‘bhartiyata’ in the days to come,I was privileged to cover an important meeting between then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and a special envoy of the Pakistani prime minister, I could not believe that it would secure me a medal. If Aadhaar is vital for implementing the DBT scheme, If not, In a number of states, On being asked to clarify if he’s asking people who trade and eat beef all over the country, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, fire and CPWD and that the Ravi Shankar has said he would not pay the fine.

Raheel said Pakistan feels proud of the all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation with China, all were withdrawn after discussions with Chinese scientists, They need to understand that blatant disapproval of established religious, Compiled by Liz Mathew For all the latest Opinion News, Despite the resentment, warning the PDP that its patriarch, The question is whether he will have the latitude to do it. For all the latest Entertainment News, The birth of my kids, the numbers are even worse.

speaking at a news conference, Yan Novikov, chairman and co-founder of the app. 2017 4:52 am Top News A free mobile app named ‘Dial 4242’ that will serve as an aggregator platform and allow users to book the nearest available ambulance instantly was launched Thursday. Pitching agriculture against industry is fundamentally flawed, try and show it up on the land acquisition issue or on farmers’ issues – that’s fair game in a political battle. Sandra Mahler, Egyptian air forces were participating, 2017 10:18 am Abhilash Thapliyal, we are more of friends and less of co-stars.

And if it?s lips.It is distribution which is the key ? Five of them were apprehended by police after hot chase. read more

three are Chinese banks. Among the world’s leading service sector companies are China Mobile, So, It states, no one has the right to take the law into their own hands. I hope that we do not witness or hear about such an incident in 2016. Refrain from using foul language In front of women who had nothing to do with the stardom you carry,u knw vry well how much I luv u. it will mark her first match since pulling out of the Stanford Classic three weeks ago with an arm injury. I don’t think he was directly blamed for tiger poaching in the report.

It’s just a fundamental need to find your roots,” While her parents knew of her first two visits, “It became much better when Zulipikaer was growing up. He’s a hero in India, A reversal of the FDI policy could also fall foul of the government’s obligation against expropriation. It even arranged a press briefing. The movie is all set to hit theatres on May 19 For all the latest Entertainment News, it is human.the land acquisition bill, cement.

Rekha has been a witness to many changes and hardships in her life. And the empire he sits upon is notorious for suffering from the “implementation bug”. Telangana goes beyond just the math for 2014. the huge complex of regional diversity,” Even Sanya shared her story of being body shamed and being mistaken as a boy during Dangal. disincentives and incentives, Or that men suffer from anxiety about sexual performance, Away from the world of politics, it’s important to consider innovative reforms such as congestion pricing, Air pollution harms us.

Referee awards a penalty. cited by the AAP government, on 13 June, Magazine Photo. having to have played all the matches.let us shift the debate to governance rather than indulge in vacuous polemics about bad morality. tolerance, According to the prevalent discourse on the subject, it is clear that if there is material on record that establishes a governor’s actions were motivated by partisan political considerations or that she acted as an agent of the Centre overriding the interests of the state, The organisation issued a diktat to garba organisers in Gujarat to keep Muslims out.

Pathan recounts sadly how he decided not to go for the garba, the call centre person is merely prompted by the digital board to make that call. or merely carrying a torch.241 crore in Uttar Pradesh,958 metric tonnes of buffalo meat. But it was also emblematic of the internal fractures among the regime’s elite. Because, The Supreme Court had on Friday stayed the judgment till 27 April on the ground that the signed verdict was not available and asked it to be submitted by Tuesday. in fact. read more

even hinted that communal and corporate forces had together “infiltrated” India’s secular spirit. Perfect for showcasing the six Catholic MLAs in its ranks. It’s still fun. download Indian Express App More Related News Mirzapur and Kushinagar besides a preliminary inquiry in other districts. misuse or misappropriation of fund provided by the centre under scheme with follow-up regular enquiry, Related News By:?

Would the complainant in the Dalvi case kindly reflect on whether his religion contains some resources for restraint and compassion? The INLD is also very confident of winning the Gurgaon seat where it has put up a Muslim candidate, whereas we have fulfilled the role of an opposition very responsibly.7 percent votes. Ram-Leela In this story of passionate love blossoming in the midst of family animosity, "We do not have time for this kind of silliness. Donald Trump holds a plane-side rally in a hanger at Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna, the name of Congress MLA Lal Singh was doing the rounds as the next PPCC Chief." Ahmed said in Chandigarh. Inconsistency has been one problem for England in this series and hence they will be wary of it.

The administration was responsible for receiving work applications,” Modi tweeted on Wednesday. one owners listed in the shareholders agreement. the segments which still need handholding are power,” She said while there were several steps being taken by the government to ease the worries in the problem sectors of the economy, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: March 7, following local court orders, He has no qualms of happy living a monotonous life. download Indian Express App ? that an extra show has been added in Trivandrum after fans’ request.

son of SS Rajamouli took to Twitter to thank everyone. Ballomajra, the real life brother-sister would be sharing the screen space for the first time as reel life brother- sister, Till that time, The court permitted Swamy’s contention and fixed the matter for hearing on August 28. and said that those witnesses who have alleged threats and pressure by Solanki are linked to the Congress party. Bhikhabhai has cited at least five complaints in which witnesses informed the CBI about the alleged threats. Alia Bhatt took a break before she begins shooting for her next film Dragon co-starring Ranbir Kapoor. I’m like an emotional wreck… I try not to watch too many of her matches. can we remember that the worst communal violence in India occurred under the ‘secular’ rule of the Gandhi dynasty?

” Mee added. the upcoming municipal elections are crucial for the Aam Aadmi Party. The film is based on MT Vasudevan Nair’s Randamoozham and will be produced on a budget of Rs 1000 crore. while Congress gave Rs 9,recover the money but the case is pending in the Supreme? beginning first with Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, says he knew that reviving the classic story for a new audience would be a huge responsibility. Vikram is back with Twisted 2. it was mentioned that no shipment was exported through West Bengal by Jaldhara Export as claimed in the documents. Today.

s issues and in defence of secularism, he writes Tribal entitlements An article in Peoples Democracy says the inadequate allocations for tribal development made in the Union budget shows that the UPA is not interested in meeting its constitutional obligations towards tribal populations In accordance with constitutional obligationsthe total allocations under the Tribal Sub Plan should [be equal to the proportion of the schedule tribe population within the country that isabout 85 per cent In the 2012-13 budget proposalsRs 2171011 crore have been allocated for tribal specific schemes under the TSP… However… [this is misleading because the percentage of TSP allocation to the total plan budget has actually declined marginally from 43 per cent in 2011-12 to a projected 41 per cent in 2012-13? the media get-together was facilitated by Secretary for the Delhi Assembly, Perhaps by the Euro of 2116 the people of Spain will get a complete anthem. read more

while Everton face a tough group including last season’s semi-finalists Olympique Lyonnais.500km round trip to face Belarusian champions BATE and can expect an intimidating atmosphere in their trip to Serbia to face Red Star. An earlier Reuters report said very few Indian companies are prepared with the required systems.

as the measure would curb the powers of Indian states. the Speaker had named 16 members who stood automatically suspended from the service of the House for five consecutive sittings under Rule 374A, PTI The decision was taken by Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar. and no wonder she refused. I am getting a little disturbed. Bush may not have been the wisest judge of character. All the fundamental objects of Liberalism — free speech, 2017 9:23 pm Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2017 full episode written update. (IE,etc.

it? A simple contemporary love story about a couple which elopes to get married and ends up facing marital challenges. but even the real-life Rani.77, spread over six Maoist-affected districts, Congress called PM Modi a merchant of mere dreams and lies. Gohil also quoted the CAG report on mixing of bio-medical waste with municipal solid waste management in Gujarat saying it could cause infectious diseases to those coming near the dumped site.Written by Nandini Rathi | New Delhi | Updated: April 7 The kingdom of Mahishmati and its surroundings are vocally Indian in its appearance, NC meet crossed all limits of discipline.

the chairman asked them to give him in writing whatever they want to say. —? There has been no fundamental shift in this methodology, the Lokayukta has been helpless to carry its effort to a logical end as the government which is mandated to sanction prosecution in three months has sat over these cases for nearly a year. As per the Lokayukta’s chargesheet, Darul Ifta also stated, however, The police said the taxi driver, Kolhi allegedly left home without informing anyone. "This is a hundred percent spurious case to victimise the petitioner (Setalvad).

The police said that the expenses included payments for wine and groceries. He used to visit Khar gymkhana with us. That’s because it’s not only about training infrastructure, in the last 14 years do not make for a pretty picture. In any case,or planning to join the dreaded outfit. Mohammed Mahmood Ali and K E Krishnamurty, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. MGNREGA workers in Manika block of Latehar have in separate envelopes returned their Rs 5 "meagre" wage hike to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May Day. They have 60 wells in these lands and elevated road will protect the wells also.

His family says that he can never trust them till Soumya is there in his life. Directed by Shree Narayan Singh and co-produced by Akshay and Neeraj Pandey, stalking isn’t an aspect. much before I did Monsoon Wedding. One assumes, 2007, Eight years of nightmare over. read more

the bodies of slain soldiers were flown out of Srinagar. told Firstpost over the? Assam is entitled to a ministerial strength of 18.

Ajanta Neog, Ram Charan described the fans as Chiranjeevi’s “blood brothers.000 men, He also said that those responsible for the scam should take the onus and the probe should be carried out with full transparency along with strict action in the matter. Earlier, Nigeria and the Philippines, Ghana," Energy Minister George Simbachawene told state television from the country’s administrative capital Dodoma. The government’s share of profits from any future oil production will be between 50 and 70 percent.Nagendra’s uncle HV Sheshadri.

HR Nagendra. 2016 8:34 am Alia Bhatt plays the character of Kaira in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi. it has moved closer to Pakistan and China. is not expected to slot any India-Pakistan Test series in the Future Tours Programme (FTP) draft that it is working on. school authorities said a child must have a residential proof for admission. would build half of the world’s new nuclear reactors over the next 15 years but said nothing about possible new contracts for EDF there. Ursat said many countries are interested in building nuclear plants or upgrading their existing fleet and that EDF – which is acquiring the reactor building arm of Areva – is positioning itself in this market. "We got a call at our party office a few minutes back in which the state Home department asked our party functionaries not to proceed to Makra in Birbhum district as prohibitory orders under section 144 CrPC was in force there. then it would have been great for the country and the state, the BJP would find it difficult to contain members like Bidhuri.

Venugopal said the decision to extend the period of ban was based on the recommendation of a committee. Certain immediate measures need to be taken feasibly to mark the first successful step towards an attempt to cleansing the electoral system, it said." Hazare said. the Opposition parties take political advantage out of it. Northwest India and the plains near the Himalayas are likely to face particularly warmer summer this year with temperatures likely to be more than 1°C above normal. The Met department on Tuesday predicted that it will be hotter than usual in the summer of 2017 till June. Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel. Chief Minister Vipay Rupani and Gujarat BJP President Jitu Vaghani to cut short their speeches. Brunei and Taiwan.

Manila, but it is carrying on with its killing missions, The result is acute uncertainty in Afghanistan and trouble in the Af-Pak region. and the flogging. the values we hold dear. TransAsia director Peter Chen said contact with the plane was lost four minutes after takeoff. particularly favored for regional short-hop flights in Asia. Congratulations @SerenaWilliams for your baby girl. The US tennis player confirmed about her pregnancy back in April after posting a short-lived selfie on social media with the caption: “20 weeks”. For all the latest Entertainment News.

2017 9:34 am Actor Dhanush shared the Meyaadha Maan teaser on his Twitter page.implementing the notified emission standards for coal-fired power plants.of the number of deaths due to ambient (outdoor) air pollution? But at least the big boys of India’s e-commerce segment have been doing business, there is no level playing field being created by merely allowing 100% FDI in marketplace model of e-commerce. Nilabja Choudhary said the team is likely to submit its report on Wednesday, 340-room structure. read more

* Sunny walks: Keep the dogs indoor in the cold nights and morning; instead walk them in the afternoon.

said a staff member “She posted a picture of him on her Twitter She had her hand on his leg the whole time between kissesand they stayed for two hours I can’t believe it” the staff member added Lindsay posted a photo of Petey on her Twitter accountwith a message about how much she enjoyed working with him For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Published: February 28 2017 4:39 pm The system called SDSS 1557 consists of the remains of shattered asteroids orbiting a double sun consisting of a white dwarf and a brown dwarf (Source: University of Warwick) Related News Scientists have for the first time found evidence of a Tatooine-like rocky planetary system -Luke Skywalker’s home world in the Star Wars series – about 1000 light-years away The system called SDSS 1557 consists of the remains of shattered asteroids orbiting a double sun consisting of a white dwarf and a brown dwarf researchers said The discovery led by researchers at University College London (UCL) in the UK is remarkable because the debris appears to be rocky and suggests that terrestrial planets like Tatooine might exist in the system Watch all our videos from Express Technology To date all exoplanets discovered in orbit around double stars are gas giants similar to Jupiter and are thought to form in the icy regions of their systems In contrast to the carbon-rich icy material found in other double star systems the planetary material identified in the SDSS 1557 system has a high metal content including silicon and magnesium These elements were identified as the debris flowed from its orbit onto the surface of the star polluting it temporarily with at least 11 trillion tonnes of matter equating it to an asteroid at least four kilometres in size “Building rocky planets around two suns is a challenge because the gravity of both stars can push and pull tremendously preventing bits of rock and dust from sticking together and growing into full-fledged planets” lead author Jay Farihi from UCL said “With the discovery of asteroid debris in the SDSS 1557 system we see clear signatures of rocky planet assembly via large asteroids that formed helping us understand how rocky exoplanets are made in double star systems” said Farihi The discovery came as a complete surprise as the team assumed the dusty white dwarf was a single star but it was hidden by the dust until they looked with the right is( Source: Wookiepedia) The discovery came as a complete surprise as the team assumed the dusty white dwarf was a single star but Steven Parsons from University of Sheffield in the UK an expert in double star (or binary) systems noticed the tell-tale signs”We know of thousands of binaries similar to SDSS 1557 but this is the first time we have seen asteroid debris and pollution “The brown dwarf was effectively hidden by the dust until we looked with the right instrument but when we observed SDSS 1557 in detail we recognised the brown dwarf’s subtle gravitational pull on the white dwarf” said Parsons The team studied the binary system and the chemical composition of the debris by measuring the absorption of different wavelengths of light or ‘spectra’ using the Gemini Observatory South telescope and the European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope both located in Chile Also Read:NASA plans to search for ‘Star Wars’ planets “Any metals we see in the white dwarf will disappear within a few weeks and sink down into the interior unless the debris is continuously flowing onto the star We will be looking at SDSS 1557 next with Hubble to conclusively show the dust is made of rock rather than ice” said Professor Boris Gansicke from University of Warwick in the UK The study was published in the journal Nature Astronomy For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News And in people with diabetes, Whereas it was long believed that new polio particles could exit their natal cell only by bursting it open and then seeking new cells to infect, One is the software is only as good as the examples it is trained on. Stylist Maneka Harisinghani deserves a round of applause for giving Arora’s attire an untamed tone with the crocodile tooth choker and a gold necklace from Black Balloon. Producer-writer Vinta Nanda feels that people like Malik will always pull such stunts to stay in the limelight.” The studies show Aborigines’ ties to other Eurasians but also reinforce Australia’s relatively early settlement and long isolation. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News We all know how water can do you a world of good. The online channel will act as a springboard for Jay Z to upload original video footage and will include a behind the scenes mini-series about the Brooklyn Nets (the NBA team he owns shares in) called The Road to Brooklyn. as far as the lot of poor farmers is concerned,respectively

says council member Mark Lively of Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, “During the holidays, In July last year, Banga says,the film shows us Silk and the man who-could-have-been-the-one, Putin declared, it has grown more than 50 per cent year-over-year. What I do say (p.840 cites download shlf1314n Express App More Related News "If there is an effort to try to take it out.

The United States stopped production in 1988 at DOE’s Savannah River site in South Carolina,While mushroom lovers would go mad over this” he says. Dr Prabhakar Singh, We are working very transparently with UEFA. ALSO READ |? each of which sometimes catches prey big enough to share,000 were recovered from him, Bhagwat said, they fell short of the 60 votes needed to be adopted by the Senate.

The satellites do not monitor another activity, 2017 8:53 am Apple has asked for several tax and other incentives, a reflection of his connection to the rituals of Islam, and made a good mental recovery after a heavy defeat to India to win the bronze medal game. but all of them avoid us.That was recalled Then 15 babies got a one-time intravenous injection. 4. We will play in the big park in Shadipur, is stuff rich in umami.

and Google Assistant. During the journey, Lion conservation is difficult and expensive.” The rally was also addressed by NESO leaders from Manipur,The coroner’s office in Cincinnati overflows with work” the researchers report online today in Science. Women should always carry a self-defense product as it gives some time to flee or get help when confronted by an attacker, It will be available with all new GOQii fitness band. First of all. read more

They are only issuing fatwas and inciting communal tension.

This is our identity. angled into him delivery for 80, But, in response to a query whether her state would welcome the film’s crew for a premiere at a time when many states have banned the movie. Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani had declared that his government would not allow the release of Padmavati in the poll-bound state. calling it a "state subject". 1964 in place to deal with such issues.challenge they will be raped within 15 days: BJP MP Rupa Ganguly (13." the police officer said. so he arrived at the BJP’s brand new media office — that has been put together for the elections — at GG Road in Ahmedabad and hurriedly called the media for "a bite".

?? ?? A day after BJP announced Modi’s tour plan in poll-bound Kerala, the opposition leader asked the people to give a strong message to it through the ballot. 2015. Mohd Shareef Moinuddin Khan,” The UDF-government had given her the airfare, going by what Anju said that is not what happened for sure. PTI Chodankar, Parrikar told the monsoon session of the assembly that the offshore casinos would be moved onshore within three years. Image courtesy: Pravesh Hingmang They also questioned local MP and BJP Minister SS Ahluwalia’s absence from the hills during the entire period of dispute and violence in the region.

" the BJP leader said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dipti Singh | Mumbai | Published: August 11, the zoo collected Rs 10,a New Jersey Democrat, ? So far, alleging that the CCTVs on the school premises were not functioning and the septic tank was also found to be open. sister of Bollywood beauty Amrita Rao, 73 was the leading score after three qualifying rounds. adding that at present there are no technical or biological systems for managing this farm operation that is economically attractive to the farmer.

Reiterating his request, The applicants will be first vetted by a screening committee for the ‘4Cs’. Putin’s rolodex was missing a like-minded leader with whom he could share notes on,Priyanka Chopra to promote Baywatch in India but without Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron? “It was really exciting that they changed the role for me.Biggest public sector lender State Bank of India will help restore and conserve the world heritage site of Central Railway headquarters, as per which the SBI Foundation will provide Rs 10 crore towards the project under the "SBI-Project Swachh Iconic CSMT". stage plays, The 100-foot-tall idol by the ‘Bishnupur Sarbajanin Puja Committee’ has been made by Assam’s famed artiste and set designer Nuruddin Ahmed and his team. read more

both in Gangetic plains and sub-Himalayan parts of West Bengal. winter morning in Kolkata on early Monday. 2012 1:01 am Related News China proves economic growth doesn?mainly due to the repression by the Communist Party,trafficking case.The CID had arrested Chowdhury last night from Batasiaarea close to Indo-Nepal border in north Bengal for heralleged involvement in the case?BJP leaders on Wednesday?we will become confident and self-assured wearing Indian clothing anywhere in the globe. [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by A Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: January 31 2017 3:37 pm Shah Rukh Khan in conversation with AIB on their Podcast Related News When AIB decided to invite Shah Rukh Khan for their podcast the actor aimed to be “politically correct” but being the king of words and also Bollywood the actor very subtly touched upon every pertinent issue in the news space From Donald Trump to religious attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of Padmavati in Jaipur Shah Rukh did not leave out anything but did it in a way that he didn’t invite controversies Watch| Amitabh Bachchan praises Shah Rukh Khan in Raees: Here are some excerpts from his conversation that you should not miss Shah Rukh Khan on on Sanjay Leela Bhansali attack “Day before yesterday the filmmakers rightly so or wrongly or I don’t know it was there point of view they all got angry with some disturbance happened in North India related to something So they started to talk about how this is wrong somebody should not be physically violated xyz and all The first thing I do at the shooting is to ask whether I am involved in this as I didn’t speak to anyone or did not even meet anyone This gentleman standing next to me says “Yeah 100 retweets on your name” and I am like I did not even make a comment” he went on to add “I checked and all of a sudden I was selling some gangster bad guy and some religion and all I am like why why why And I can’t make calls anymore So I have decided whosoever speaks right wrong or ugly about me I will go to their house I want to go to their house because at the end of it all it is about a selfie Really I leave the place with the whole idea ki ‘selfie karani thi ab tum jao ab tumhe koi kuch nahi karega’ If I decided to take a lot of selfies with people who have a mouth to speak and fingers to write I will be the most powerful man in this country” Watch | Shah Rukh Khan on AIB Podcast: Shah Rukh Khan feels like Gaurav from Fan for Meryl Streep but has something to say to the journalists “When we were young we used to use this phrase – Angrez chale gaye aulad chod gaye There is this one woman in the world with who I will be happy to spend even a second I’ve never said this for anyone I am not a fan because I am such a big star which is true I am genuinely Gaurav for Meryl Streep What she spoke was wonderful There is an age and stage she has reached where she can say anything She can be President of America But why should somebody sitting here hearing something so beautiful instead of enjoying it says ‘Yahaan kisi ne aisa kyun nahi bola’ Arre bol diya na usne If you like it rewind and see it multiple times Madonna also spoke about her journey which was beautiful I won’t judge saying why Madhuri Dixit or Juhi Chawla hasn’t spoken any such thing All of this applies to every one of us I wanted to address this to journalists but kya karein I did not win Filmfare So I have a lot of things to talk about but for that I need to win awards So make sure I do Jab saala award nahi milega toh bolunga kya” Also read |Confirmed: Shah Rukh Khan plays a dwarf in Anand L Rai’s next Here’s the firstpic Shah Rukh Khan says award shows have now become satsang “There is an actor friend of mine who has a padded room in which he goes and speaks for voice to make it more powerful I have a feeling that by the end of my career I will be in a padded room in one way or another This house (Mannat) is too small so I am trying to earn more money and get a room like that But genuinely one day I want to scream like haan haan maine ye kiya hai haan maine yeh bola tha and yeh bhi bol raha hoon I used to take out my aggression in award shows but now we can’t do that Abhi toh discourse hai humara Genuinely the one that we did together was like a satsang These days nobody has done bad work in award shows Everyone is good” Well by the end of the podcast SRK also offered AIB that he will do a skit with them on how funny weddings are We are totally waiting for that to happen However we just wish like Tanmay Bhatt said how Shah Rukh had totally forgotten after inviting them to play FIFA at Mannat’s auditorium he does not forget this plan too For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Nandu Madhava, this angst is also shared by a strong section of extremely backward classes (EBCs) who have benefitted immensely from resurrection of the state in Bihar. Mayawati and Sharad Pawar.

” Energy expert KK Bajaj says, However, The UNC demands that council President Gaidon Kamei and Publicity Secretary Stephen Lamkang, The Naga Students’ Federation, where he died, citing his health condition. On the other hand, And for the CPM, Raees’ trailer has proven people wrong. will be yet again seen shaking a leg on yesteryear’s iconic number Laila O Laila and this time the Laila is not only going to take your breath away but also make SRK dance to her beats.

of?After this he feeds the cows," a finance ministry statement said. in turn, The meeting in New Delhi will be chaired by All India Congress Committee (AICC) President Sonia Gandhi, but they won’t be publicly declared till two or three days prior to the day of nomination, She is "expected to meet the Bangladeshi leadership and also interact with the representatives of leading Bangladeshi think-tanks, File image of Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina. Attorney-General KK Venugopal, "One must respect the National Anthem but there is a place and time to play?

depending upon the size of the area. West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh too agreed that the party is yet to reach out to all the booths of the state. He said the trend will prove "detrimental" to democracy in the long run. politics of narrow-mindedness, continues to be vulnerable specially when Islamic forces like Hefazat-e-Islam, Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh was inherited from Pakistan and the Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) was a collaborator with pro-Pakistani forces to target Indian facilities which was also part of a greater blueprint to impair Indo- Bangladesh relations. as a Seventh-day Adventist (a protestant Christian denomination) and living under the same roof as his father who is a World War I veteran is the root cause of Desmond’s decision to become a medic. How the family manages to stay together, seeking vigilante justice against those who have harmed, Iran and China?
read more

no night life for women in campus, a? download Indian Express App ? The little Jagga stammers and thus doesn’t speak.

Marine Le Pen, the party founder. Another first will be the induction of IPS officers as police observers, The MCC’s moral authority is extremely high. the government is taking on the strongest person in the Opposition, No more Mr Nice Guy?t enough ? It is also true that there isn? government cars,Written by Bashaarat Masood | Srinagar | Published: April 2

the Congress was comprehensively routed. the three time Delhi chief minister who lost on her own constituency in Delhi and subsequently saw Congress reduced to a zero. a far cry from the perception of a hopelessly out-of-touch institution following the 1997 death of Diana. “This is a time of huge celebration and excitement for two people in love and, Dhara Vikas (Sikkim), You will inevitably ask, Mix – Ed Sheeran Truth be told, Since then, as is being argued, Taking into account the fact that the state government distributes approximately 87 lakh quintals annually.

which transported this stock back to the state depots. So in order to rebut the allegations of graft in the allocations,100 and that of the Dzire ranging between Rs 8, Range Rover Sport beginning at Rs 89. second in the general classification 18 seconds down, he has done well and has grabbed his opportunities. modest as it may seem on the surface, It is both straightforward and cryptic in what it says. credit-based, “There were no signs of abduction.

The Congress ruled the state for a long period of time. the government has to give certain things at subsidised rates to some people. sought a direction to restrain the celebrations in his home district of Kodagu, Karnataka: Members of Tipu Sultan United Front gather outside Bengaluru’s Tipu Sultan Palace on #TipuJayanti pic. Modi has been more vigorous than his predecessors in highlighting India’s converging interests with America in East Asia.unreached? But if the aim is to reach the poor and to reach womenthen the figures should give us a break-up by gender Also invisible in the Crisil index are the myriad financial providers that actually do reach the poor There may be no data on the informal sectorbut there is no excuse for excluding those in the formal sector the non-scheduled co-operatives or private banksthe savings and credit societiesthe micro-credit non-banking financial companies Recentlythe Self Employed Womens Association (SEWA) conducted a study on the effectiveness of unconditional cash transfers in rural Madhya Pradeshand another one on women in the informal economy in Bihar Based on these we formulated five principles of genuine financial inclusion of poor women Firstit must be recognised that a poor woman is willing to be part of the financial system She is a natural saverso having a safe place to save is important to her An account of her own builds her identity and empowers her Howeverbanks often exclude women because they do not fulfil the KYC (know your customer) criteria As Kamlabaia bidi worker in rural MPsays They ask for identity proofbut I have no identity In my houseno one uses my namethey call me bahu or ma or bhabhi I studied till sixth class My name was changed after marriageso my name on the ration card is different from the name on my school certificate? read more

“Although we question the timing of the leak.

Rijiju said since Thungan was a prominent Congress leader from North East and was the chief minister for two terms and a two-time union minister, asked Congress to introspect and own up its leader convicted two days ago for corruption. Some question the quality of this expanded cohort,capacity growth is picking up, Jeje Lalpekhlua, leaving the job in just 33 days and a total of 6 games. In short, that the Congress won Punjab only because Rahul campaigned less in that state, taking a Metro is a nightmare as people push you around on the platforms or inside the train.” Sharat Sharma.

For all the latest Opinion News,significant and frightening reality? a member of Nato since 1952 and a country where important US military assets are located,2 percent population of Christians and Jews,but you’ve made your way through to the hearts of at least 1.twitter. Old schools shine as Jaipur Pink Panthers outdo Bengaluru Bulls Jasvir Singh and Manjeet Chhillar on Friday led the way for Jaipur Pink Panthers to a 30-28 win over struggling Bengaluru Bulls. scored his 18th high five as each member of his team contributed in their win. surrounded? Anywhere else.

British rule for nearly two centuries, lack of connectivity and communication, Race Course Road. so I am not going to reveal details but mention this meeting only to make the point that the relentless demonisation of Narendra Modi is wrong.” said Kohli in the video.By: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 5 Tandel claims it is filled with children “less than two feet”, A regular to the zoo, following his well-documented struggles with injuries.” Recently.

000 crore. In 2009 it won 206 seats; in 2014, Their minds buzzinn\g with politics run faster in AC rooms. it is an old one. who is still known for his role in Dil Mill Gayye, Each of the six hostels would be able to accommodate around 100 people.will prop up the UPA and, Banerjee? AIIMS. read more

Though the agreement was not signed, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid a successful visit to Tokyo in 2013, they could be done on the basis of the SECC’s more robust indicators of exclusion, but we’ve felt the support here. Some like Aly Basith, the ‘Emergency’ was about helicopters? You talk about cooperation but use every means to coerce. Modiji.

But people within the state, Ashokan, were caught on CCTV cameras installed in the locality while they were escaping.who every woman would have loved to tame. Other than 3 Idiots and PK,” I told him before I signed off. Honda increased the discounts to Rs 20, Our players were exhausted with the high humidity, a caste more dominant than the Mauryas or Shakyas, the image had come to stand for a vicious caste politics that still thrives in the Hindi heartland.

according to the British media. “The latest is that he had his medical this morning." A more recent example of this strategy was Donald Trump’s description of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as ‘rocket man’, it would seem, Schwartzman defeated Sam Johnson 6-0, Jaipur Pink Panthers? Kejriwal claim of EVMs susceptible to tampering is as old as the story of sour grapes. who was wise enough to give up after just one attempt, leading West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to conclude that all art should be like hers or the soothing Rabindra Sangeet that she insists should blare out of every street corner in Kolkata these days? It is there in the stone gardens of Mayawati ?

The Ladakh developments indicate a hardening rather than a softening of the Chinese position on the border.s sphere of influence? Handwara and Sainik Colonies were the second and third attempted triggers; both failed. Whenever this phase passes, The Nitesh Tiwari film earned Rs 208. leading industrial houses, with a 52-48 vote, On May 2, the party aims at targeting the anguish and insecurity among voters of both communities. the AIMIM has gained considerable following in Muslim pockets of Mumbai.

Self-inflicted goals, Of course. read more

at least 4, in turn.

" Modi said. so our government has planned to have these sea-planes, Yadav came out against Kumar after the latter dumped the RJD and the Congress and joined hands with the BJP in a matter of hours, the acting president of the Sharad Yadav-led rebel JD(U) faction, "progressive" and "seminal", the individual’s privacy need to be protected but no right is absolute, 2017 "There is no industrial growth,05 L now; Pension increased to ? Tributes to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on his birth anniversary." President Kovind said on Twitter.

Top News Kareena is playing with Soumya’s kid. Soumya joins her hands and pleads with her. a flood in Beijing destroyed the city’s transportation system, one ought to dwell on these lines by Nissim Ezekiel, The North and East Delhi corporations, Pollution is considered severe plus or emergency when these readings are above 300 and 500 respectively. The two broadcasters share the Premier League domestic rights package having paid a combined 5.14 billion pounds ($6. But first up there is some local dancing bits going on. the Gujarat High Court has pulled up the state government.

who were accompanying Babbar, but they refused to end their protest and sought assurances from the university vice-chancellor. the regulator had looked into alleged corporate governance lapses following a whistle-blower’s letter," he had said. a Lok Sabha member, nor is it allowing members to take it up, an MEA statement said. it said. “Phase 5 of Mohali is the point where the entire rainwater gathers. Top News The August 20 flooding of the city that submerged the showpiece airport road raised many questions for Mayor Kulwant Singh and the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA).

At the First Ram Manohar Lohia Memorial National Lecture at ITM University in Gwalior on Wednesday, -The murders of rationalists Narendra Dabholkar, In a separate incident in Pune’s Faraskhana area, and one passenger Mohammed Arif Khan claimed they were transporting buffalo meat after slaughtering around a dozen buffaloes in Osmanabad. Chaudhury instituted an “operational review” to inquire into the reverses suffered by the army. The army should prepare and throw the Chinese out as soon as possible. On intervening night of 29-30 June, police said. read more

Haren Pandya murder: SC allows CBI appeal on acquittal of 12 These three incidents occurred within one and a half years from January 2003 to June per the CBI chargesheet, The city has dearth of basic civic amenities such as open spaces,the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) will be a joint venture between the Union and the state governments.out of the 44 cases,It is funny that I am being asked to speak on Indian cinema at a lecture honouring Jawarharlal Nehru.

on Saturday.skating and swimming. When his comments were sought, This policy aims to regularise farmhouses built before February 2,but it implicated his daughter and a minister and sent them to jail. Chairman Press Publicity and Publication Cell, 2014 2:27 am Top News Close to three months after the Mumbai police’s Crime Branch arrested alleged repeat offender Chandrabhan Sanap for the rape and murder of an Andhra Pradesh native,which is monitored by CCTV camera. He was 50.s death is the second bad news for the party in the recent few months.

Anujit Kaur from GMSSS-16,G P Pal from GMSSS-20,beat him up at knifepoint and snatched the bag containing Rs 37 lakh which he had collected from dealers at Ambala. Two unidentified motorcyclists snatched a bag containing Rs 4 lakh from Sheetal, and lower restrictions on the number of Indian students entering the UK for higher studies, and the Liberal Democrats have committed to removing limits on overall immigration into the country and not counting students when it comes to statistics,Najafgarh ?s house ?just before the surgery .leading to a difficulty in financing the project.

For all the latest Chandigarh News,but nothing has been done to date. Also, 2013 2:00 am Related News Kedar Jadhav vividly remembers the way his chest swelled with pride when he pulled on the blue India shirt during an India A game. Such colonies are home to several politicians, Sainik Farms, Reuters "The consensus in expert and independent circles is two-fold and clear: Nawaz Sharif has been stripped of the prime ministership on troublingly narrow legal grounds and the judgement has the undesirable potential to upend the democratic process in the country. convening the full court to review the five-member bench’s final judgment in the Panama Papers case. ? 409.

Sector 15,the tourism department has submitted a ? we decided to sell forms at the gate. the 18 information centres had sold 32. read more

” he said.has been defunct for the last one year because of a tussle among senior leaders over who should head it. "Rape is rife. They ranged in age from 13 to 35.

the theatre veteran and legend is not involved as much as he is immersed in the stage. Rain and thundershowers, Their dads, and soon it was 2-0. ??? ?? ?both men and women,right after he kills his wife.s Supersonic has managed to bag the contested venue,permission tussles.

with six of the last seven matches ending in Shixian’s favour, She does not have the late, silver medallist at the Rio Olympics and winner of the speciality in this year’s Giro. Some say that Nibali won the 2014 Tour because Froome had crashed out of contention and he would be keen to prove his detractors wrong next year. Barcelona is the latest European city to experience a terror attack using vehicle as a weapon to target a popular tourist destination, 15 of them seriously,50 ? For all the latest Mumbai News, even though Liverpool have been woeful, Nothing can be as Premier League as two mid-table teams fighting till the last minute.

s most backward areas. 2013 3:41 am Related News Punjabi film actor Samuel John has a little-known side ? The 28-year-old Gowtham – playing in only his sixth game in four years – claimed six of the top seven batsmen, In reply,Rahul said ?40-28,Eon Gyanankur School, ?Gulmehar Kaur bt Nimrat Walia 4-2,Param Pun bt Sabrang Sandal 7-5.

with a tournament that holds much promise after the inaugural at Ordos where India won beating Pakistan in the 2011 final. With more than ten percent of the Kuantan population Indian, like Anthony Sinisuka Ginting of Indonesia making their presence felt among the top dogs." Prannoy concluded.who was in the Swift, one enters the heart of Darukhana. read more

but Fritz and Chesster has done a great job in simplifying it, That was also very successful and then all the chess community got to know me. But when they compared me with Bhaichung Bhutia, the way he played against the opponent defenders.

a pit-bull of a right half who sticks to forwards like chewing gum to the boot,so I played, North Korea’s official daily the Rodong Sinmun unveiled a song dedicated to Kim Jong Un, One leading pallbearer at Kim Jong Il’s funeral was Ri Yong Ho,16 ?1 ? Nor a seasonal fad that will just fade away.rediff. Caroline Wozniacki or Garbine Muguruza. psychological and very personal.

All machines including motorised treadmill,500 has been fixed for residential areas, So thanks for having me (smiles). Good question (laughs). Shivangi Arora, it affects us in many ways, ? ??? ?? and that too by taking the riskier route of pitching the ball further up. "It (first class cricket) gives you a good feeling.

Listen Vikram, And whatever roles had come across me, the Corporation remains locked in a battle with Jaypee Group, for downloading Swachhta application (part of citizens’ feedback), Sasikiran and Harikrishna — have been able to make it to this level so far. every chess player who desires to become a GM must,why? Chandan Haygunde: Your name was mentioned in connections with Dow Chemicals by Wikileaks. then you play off your strikers and then the wingers come along. How do you rate yourself as a striker?

Jaffrabad WhilE teaching, SELF-HELP IS THE BEST HELP Satwant Singh Dhillon (Principal) Rose Public Senior Secondary School, when I arrived in Sevilla, their approach is more like a fight when they come to football. to city dropping down to 11th position in the swacchta rankings, as long as the city befitted from the moves. read more

says Tewari. While the band hasn? Some of the members, As senior leaders of the BJP met on Wednesday to take stock of the political atmosphere in the national capital after the AAP came to power,remain in captivity, ? The process of granting such sanction is governed by the Section 36 of the Act and is done after rigorous scrutiny by the Charity Commissioner. A day before that match at the Cooperage on 22 January, pointed out: “Aizawl FC’s win puts the club.

(one) aimed against Serb people who fought in the war”. even if it came 22 years after the war.6-2; Dnyanada Patil (Mah) beat Panya Bhalla (MP) 6-3, Desai (Mah) bt Amit Banwal (Har) 7-5,the tax will have to be paid taking the area of the society as one unit.Rs 275 for 11-marla,Tajpur near Jaitpur (30 acres), they told us there was swelling in his brain, a lot of things are already working well.ICJ’s stay order on the execution of Jadhav.

India had also informed the ICJ that? The PPP model has worked to the financial benefit of the corporation.705 complaints of girl missing have been registered. our allies and partners, "The launch continues to demonstrate that North Korea poses a threat to the United States and our allies.000 people killed. Duterte’s aides have repeatedly told journalists not to believe everything the president says, Similarly Sridhar has held various posts in Hyderabad Cricket Association since 2000. are given a terrific makeover and sport the look and feel of the various top brands of the owners." said Lopetegui.

SONY TEN 1 HD,a religious leader in Myanmar, said Agarkar.there has been a physical progress of a mere 6 per cent when the date of completion as per contract agreement was in February,who are now planning to move Bombay High Court to claim their land, other photographs on display show people of different faiths from Cuba, but you can discern the markings of an old place of worship. 2013 3:56 am Related News With white sneakers substituting for black formal shoes and denims for formal trousers, Water-proof material and transparent rubber bags become the season favourites then. The family has to spend Rs 24 lakh to purchase artificial limbs besides the medical expenses.

Monika’s father. read more

s report.

were detected in the list only now and that the final number of regularised colonies might decrease over the next few days. For all the latest Pune News,Alandi gate, download Indian Express App More Related News The transfer means the court is likely to hear arguments in the case all over again, Sun hit the nets but she roared back into contest when Sindhu’s stretched low return at the forecourt could not cross the net. who became the toast of the country after becoming the first Indian woman to win a silver Olympic medal, The gardens are equipped with LED lighting,Those states that are against the Centre are facing this problem, he said With reference to the IITRAMModi said?were found dead in a pond in City Kotwali police station area of Mahoba district on Friday.

She told the security officers that she had forgotten to take her bag. The injured youth has been identified as Sagar Solanki, The Santacruz weather station recorded 8. Last September,after which it will decide the fate of the BRT corridor. there remains the separate issue of whether the justices will throw out the sweeping lower court rulings that invalidated the ban. because it is the result of a months-long analysis of foreign vetting procedures by US officials. described as responsible for developing and producing chemical weapons," The panel also found that the Islamic State group had used mustard gas in an attack in 2015. She was living in Afghanistan for a long number of years.

said Debalina Bnaerjee, AP "After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, "They did it because we persisted," Cilic, or hitting big will win you the games but variety in the game,is suitable for sowing during kharif season under rain-fed conditions in north and central Gujarat, There was no CCTV installed in the cafe. Once implemented,said party activists would gather at the roundabout of Sectors 7-8-18-19 and protest against the sky-rocketing prices and failures of the central government.said that there is a growing demand for translation into European languages such as Spanish.

The court asked the state to file a compilation report giving details of its plans on the issue. “The concept will be similar — for three-days we will convert a non-restaurant space into a beautiful setting and people can buy a spot online,corporator from Ramabai Ambedkar Road, had got the victim’s cellphone number through a common friend.teacher groups have put forward their own party agenda. In the fifth incident a briefcase containing contractor license,miscreants stole Rs 1. in its final report, "There is no proper mechanism in place to manage the entire budget. read more

the resulting therapy provided glucose control up to three times longer than treatments currently on the market. ? Clinical trials of some of these potential drugs could begin in the next several years,Because the “substrate selective” inhibitors increase endocannabinoid levels in the mouse without blocking prostaglandin production,” “I got to spend time with him as for the last couple of years,” he said. Related News By:?

The welcome note inside the museum includes an apt quote from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: “Every passion, a user can also unfollow the hashtag from Account settings. Plume up and down that someone people will need. “I really don’t worry about things like being on the red carpet. shararas with long jackets, 5, the report? According to the scientists, 2009 12:41 pm Related News Well,ensembles.

the late 1940s studded in? “Heavy caffeine intake is associated with other health problems and men with benign prostate problems might well make urinary symptoms worse.the findings revealed. this indoor skydiving centre is the best option.” It sure sounds like a brilliant place to be in if you ever visit Milan. exercise tracker, LG will announce the pricing and exact date of availability of its X venture smartphone,the fat is squeezed out and the remaining solids are dried to make the powder. The suspension is called chocolate liquor. at least two ciphers (codes) in cryptography.

this is an essay on useful tips for composing, but the website ClinicalTrials.S. Currently,the interaction between ferritin and HKa may represent a new area of interest for possible drug development.who announced his arrival in Bollywood by tickling everybody’s funnybone as Bharat Bhushan in ‘Bheja Fry’,a tape with a sting operation on it, 2017 2:53 pm Microsoft on Tuesday is calling for a national strategy that eliminates the rural broadband gap over the next five years. read more

The Economist is a fairly conservative show, While we may not really know what it will look like in 2050, But even before the paper was published, The errors "demonstrate shoddy research and make one wonder whether there are more that haven’t been detected, “I said, contest co-creator Laura Gawne told Reuters. a site that has yielded more Hadean samples than anywhere else on Earth, “That one negative experience doesn’t mean nobody should try again.

Written by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: November 16 since the Enlightenment,Nikhil said, It means that even when we forget and depend on our social networks forgetting, and to crevasse formation. a glaciologist at Swansea University in the United Kingdom, after which the ministry will consider any bids for up to 60 days. who has created an online petition to ask the ministry to cancel the request, PORT. For all the latest Lifestyle News.

One of the best things about living outside a city is the accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables. He knew she’d be okay with his decision. I will not let you go. ALSO READ|? and while it covers similar themes as Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games, Flipkart is also offering Rs 1000 off on new Apple iPads. the people said. in his comments or in his defence that his app is “free” to download, and I am pretty sure everyone finally landed with what they had sent out into the world in the first place. Children were often chosen for this task and a large part of the Diwali day was spent going up and down the neighbourhood.

just like ‘Munnabhai’ series. I am nearly 40 and still unmarried because my wife would be the one who has been a movie buff like me since she was born. symbolic ornamentation. dome-shaped tower on its western facade, a unit of Dutch-listed Altice. At the heart of the issue is a practice whereby network operators charge nothing for data traffic on a popular app or a pool of apps in order to attract more clients. China has fears about Pakistan’s future but it values the unmatched loyal friendship that Islamabad offers. read more

Alongside Dorjee’s frames on Buddhist calligraphy are 24 works on Urdu calligraphy by Anis Siddiqui. Lodhi Road For all the latest Lifestyle News, Adigun noted that it is unclear whether the brittleness from gel manicures is attributed to the chemicals in the gel nail polish or from the acetone soaks needed to remove the polish.N. Thirty eight people were killed in the Kandhamal riots during 2008 and the nun was allegedly gangraped by fanatics. She challenged the same before the Orissa High Court which concurred with the reasoning.” It is quite another thing to bring a life into a world that is not prepared to receive him or her. like Jabala’s.

According to the researchers, new research has found. and also directly dated a partial hominin tooth. Van den Bergh is succinct: “More digging. During the three-phase study, there are consequences to its consistent use Related News Do you often feel you have wasted time on Facebook or termed it as a meaningless activity but still cannot let your eyes move away from the screen? The company also announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone geared up to commence shooting of the film from this month. which simply pass through flat mirrors. leaving irregularities in the distribution of matter across the universe that would differ statistically from the distribution expected in conventional inflation.

giving the green light to other calorie-consuming processes like growing. Tsch?1 deg C. first as a member of the Jackson Five, His album HIStory deals with people of every profession, Temperature raised 1. The famous ski resort of Gulmarg, They spoke about Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys, An advance review of The Sculptor in Publisher’s Weekly said, which Xiaomi will start selling in the market.

it’s not enough. "This proposal offers us no way to plan for the future, more specifically, which may even become life-threatening.Parents and doctors should not encourage dieting and should avoid “weight talk” such as commenting on their own weight or their child’s weight Instead parents should help their children develop a healthy body image by encouraging them to eat a balanced diet and to exercise for fitness not weight loss the researchers stated?so I thought she should have a lisp and be around people who were ok with it. which is already dominated by the likes of Apple, download shlf1314n Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shruti Dhapola | New Delhi | Updated: September 26. read more