: you can use third party website to provide a platform to do. Can participate in the keywords ranking web pages with credit only contains only the price of words. Shanghai epilepsy hospital search, will come out a lot of the third party platform contains key information.

search optimization, meet the needs of users of professional website will also get good rankings, even if the keywords ranking is not too. Strong professional website can get good rankings, meet the needs of users of the website will also get good rankings, many professional categories, the price also has a large number of companies are doing, the largest demand, Shanghai Longfeng optimization has to do very much, we can do, only behind. read more

with Baidu continues to improve, the cat found a webmaster friends more and more words are mentioned is the user experience, user experience in website optimization which plays an important role in. The title of this article as a "cloak" will virtually decision would appeal to users. A simple and novel, understand the title will allow users to click on view unable to restrain the emotions, it said to the webmaster buddy to enhance the user experience will have the immeasurable. But the cat to remind you webmaster buddies is, if the title and content of the article is totally inconsistent with, then the user is a fraud, users will naturally produce a psychological conflict, you need to do is click the close button to leave the site, not to mention the in-depth reading website the contents of the. The cat has this experience, the result is that I have not been in the website, the user’s loss is also an important influence. read more

invasion rival site, to put it crudely, can grasp the opponent site of all Shanghai Longfeng optimization processes, whether inside or outside the station to master. This common approach is to modify the code part of the site (such as hanging black chain, etc.) using robots.txt shielding search engine for the website included, the accumulation of a large number of keywords caused by punishment.

is the last thing I want to say, Shanghai dragon is a user experience in the first place of work. As an occupation morality of Shanghai dragon Er, hope that we adjust our attitude, using the normal white hat, the formal way to optimize the site. read more

people.cn April 11th news today by the iResearch Consulting Group sponsored by the Internet society, Chinese support at the 2007 Ai Ruixin annual economic conference held in Beijing.

know in sit you, along with the rapid growth of the Internet he, as more and more commercial websites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, how many, now may not have the exact number of special. As the industry people may feel a lot, and I feel more and more. If you think the commercial website is not much, I think you must be in a web site. Because in front of you competitors and the example of so few, if you think now, I think you must be very successful, you can go back and rest on vacation now, but you relax your nerves, you will find your opponent run up, this is the internet. The so-called traditional market segmentation is strong as everyone knows, the traditional Internet occupies most of the market share in the network. But in recent years we found a pack and play, become the hegemony of the situation. As we sat in the front of the site may look beautiful at the same time, each of us in their own thinking, with our thinking, the new concept of the entire Internet basically is emerge in an endless stream. From Web1.0 to Web2.0, from website to search and blog Goods are available in all varieties. There who have a fulcrum and I believe we can pry the earth, this is the characteristic of the internet. The read more

The analysis is crucial to Shanghai dragon

included data charts intuitive performance included data growth and reduction, can effectively analyze the status of the site included.

and tea (贵族宝贝hecha.cn) Shanghai Longfeng original, please keep the link, welcomed the exchange (QQ:sky_123456#qq贵族宝贝 # for @

sometimes list page, page love Shanghai today received, over time and deleted, so important page included analysis becomes very important, you can recall a period of record, would not be so confused. read more

now under abnormal love love Shanghai: Shanghai has been the emphasis, to eliminate some junk information to the station, the high quality of the site more resources, now the Internet is filled with too much garbage information, all fell in love with the sea stood out, because these external factors, he must improve his algorithm. Make your engine can automatically identify the quality and waste, so he can really do it? I believe that many owners would say, ‘no’, you reach the technical requirements, to rectify the losses, who is in charge, as we are at the bottom of the grassroots, your every act and every move, all affects the majority of grassroots nerves, but now is really about falling in love with the sea at read more

first, the three position is how to bring the turnover of

2, show the information platform, is an independent website

4, users enter the site, are generally the first to visit the site, and then consulting

is now bidding and optimization, can directly produce marketing consulting. Because the site and single page than, more information is available on the website, and user interaction, such as business.

3, drainage, is to make your site ranked in the search page in front of

bidding: the first is to have a website, the second step through the price adjustment (quality) ranking for third step up, the user search keywords found site and enter the fourth step, the user to browse the site, the fifth step of the Advisory read more

2, domain name registration time for 10%

recently found on the Internet a lot of love factors accounted for Shanghai ranked the article, I looked at some truth, but most of the content is reproduced. The original text from where has not learned, but I personally do Xi’an website optimization has been a long time, I summarize the rest according to the insulation as follows:

content, the frequency of updates as we all know, is like a child to feed a meal, if you feed too much, a few days to feed second times, so that the children can grow up healthily? Is updated every day is the best update enough time, updated two or three times a day. The update time is 8.9 a.m., 5.6 p.m., there is 10 pm or so, the time is relatively > spider read more

is not standardized;

2: breadcrumb navigation anchor text "accidentally fall in love with you" right URL point, should point to the list of pages from the view of optimization and user experience, and should not be the first set of another URL, so not only to participate in the ranking list page brings interference to users, but also do not experience good;

second, tudou贵族宝贝 give up and optimized the long tail word, why

effect due to the recent work is not love instability in Shanghai, so a long time not to share, today in BSG happened to see someone in the discussion and tudou贵族宝贝, a look, the following two aspects I on tudou贵族宝贝 subtle comments. read more


 Figure two

second: first, love Shanghai products;


log also did not forget to remind you to join their QQ group.

in the optimization of key words, the title is included in the key is one of the most important factors of the rankings, we look at the example above, the title not only contains the keywords, and the position and number of keywords are considered Shanghai dragon. The subtitle content not included in the title inside, so it piled up some key words. The same accumulation of keywords where there is space description: read more

often love Shanghai search is not difficult to find in Shanghai love search results on the lower right corner of the a "love Shanghai snapshot" link, the main role of the link is when the page cannot be loaded for fast browsing page content may be provided, of course, there is also a role is to highlight the search keywords, convenient and rapid positioning. For the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon staff, love Shanghai snapshots and hide what the secret, we can learn from what optimization skills, help us to quickly optimize ranking below you and I love Shanghai to explore the secret of the snapshot. read more

in early a few years ago, Shanghai dragon the technology introduced from abroad, will instantly become hot up online, everywhere all is the chain, copy the article and so on these things. The search engine is not mature, so during this time Shanghai dragon is good to do, a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon industry earned a pot of gold. But as the love Shanghai algorithm continues to improve, Shanghai dragon became difficult, all previous methods will not work, so more and more people give up Shanghai dragon, that Shanghai has been in love with the sea dragon sentenced to death. In fact, it seems to me that love was not found Shanghai Shanghai dragon death, just want to let us love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er evolution to a new height. read more


submitted to the search engine site will need to register an account in Shanghai webmaster tools, should first put the webmaster tools to understand, and then try.

sitemap submitted to love Shanghai, every time after the update submit a can, love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit.

to other forums or blogs, such as zblog is the support link, every day many replies, of course to be able to read other articles to reply, do not want to advertise


is selected, you must be between www domain and top-level domain choose a domain name as the main domain name, domain name only the domain name A record analysis, the other 301 directly to the main domain name domain name, the domain name is to weight all pay attention to the main domain name above read more

is a simple web site is a lot of web form, so there must be a website is larger than a page number level, each page >

1, the anchor text length


is probably the anchor text can be divided into 2, and stood outside the station anchor text anchor text, this bloke will give you a rough write some understanding of these 2 concepts, and summarizes the experience and online articles some personal experience, new friends can understand, so you better in time do the anchor text to make a reasonable maximum effect on the optimization of the site, to avoid black hat. read more

two, tried to draw plenty of traffic from search engines, to attract people to understand a new product, rather than buying on the spot.

four, out of Shanghai Dragon technology service, do Internet marketing, development and popularization of electronic commerce.

two, on their website, in the Shanghai dragon in the process of understanding the industry, analyses the industry people online behavior in the industry.

, by Shanghai dragon, find effective search engine traffic, improve traffic to your site. read more

is change the key word, change after leaving only four, no other what to say, from the actual search and history view is very stable, there is a rise in a position on the words "Lingyuan", and not change after falling by 47 to 63, the actual ranking in the search in the real show address has been seventh pages. There are improved. In order to avoid all suspicious, here to say a mouth, this may also be the most Adsense all know, because of the different regions of your actual search results may differ with my results, mobile phone search results and PC search results also have differences, any similarity is purely coincidence, if different, to me quasi. read more

many websites, especially large sites, there are many topics, these topics are often able to obtain the corresponding ranking, and will not be alone than those who only do a theme of the website ranking effect is poor, even personally think this ranking is better, which is a very important reason, is the relevant web pages, is time a site has a theme, but as long as a theme of the website of the relevant page number, then the weight of this theme can get will be higher, sometimes even higher than a single do the theme of the site, in fact, this is also a lot of the station because of these practices, even if the station is a theme, the number of web pages related to more and better quality, so it can get good rankings. read more

to create a search engine in the eyes of the brand, must build the brand in the eyes of the user, is not Shanghai dragon like WHY? Do Shanghai dragon industry friends still do not know Shanghai dragon WHY? Of course there is no use, I believe that the most important factor is to do the training of Shanghai dragon WHY of course, I’m not saying it’s training is good. It should be the largest Shanghai dragon training institutions, the trainees in the forum, it opened a few years of training, tens of thousands of members, so the Shanghai dragon WHY forum has become more and more popular. More and more people retain, and as long as join Shanghai Longfeng industry friends will Shanghai dragon WHY forum is active, for what, Shanghai dragon WHY is the industry leading, high weight, to mix a chain. So more and more Shanghai dragon WHY forum, the forum of the natural weight is also more and more high, so that today the case ICO icon can also appear in the search results in the love of Shanghai. So why Shanghai dragon WHY several times hit down the right again, because of its position in the minds of users is very high, only to remember that there is a flow of a picture of Shanghai dragon WHY forum is down right after the hair out, then put down right before the picture, we see the results is WHY, Shanghai dragon and not because of love Shanghai right down and traffic fell sharply, only slightly decreased a little, so soon recovered, according to the observation of Shanghai dragon WHY two years, Shanghai dragon WHY is love sea dropped N times, but never more than ten on the restoration of the day. All of this is due to the Shanghai dragon WHY user loyalty. It also shows that the Shanghai dragon WHY to do a kind of realm, that is to get rid of the search engine, has become the Shanghai dragon heart brand users. read more

error two: website isn’t beautiful, I beautify the

today to talk about the three point, there are many misunderstandings with me in the following articles to write you out! "

I was dizzy, that I was not put in the page of a video, this page is a few hundred M

… !

QQ yesterday a new Shanghai dragon came to ask me this question, I say you love Shanghai webmaster tools to see the official explanation, the general page size control can be in 200K.

error: "in the picture is too big, too" occupied read more

Shanghai PPC is to let your customers see you, if the position is not very reliable, how many people see you, since we do show, A angle, if it is feibing a, B feibing, no one will remember your

improve the site open speed, but also pay attention to your website available >

let more customers to find you, love Shanghai PPC keyword must be used by the customers love words, because your advertising is to your customers, your products are sold to your customers! Don’t produce distance and customers, customers love love Shanghai, we will advertise on love Shanghai! We love customer noble baby, baby in the noble do! All two of love, two do not! For our liking to locate customer preferences, otherwise, the customer will go from us read more

selected keywords professional;

We all know that

the advertising creative writing (Canada);

advertising creative writing and not what areas have advanced skills, because many researchers have used very suitable for bidding. But this method is often the most ordinary more is the most effective method. For example: your promotion area is Changsha City, and you can only promote the whole area of Hunan, we all know that in Hunan the whole province traffic will be higher than the hits Changsha City, in order to avoid the invalid traffic Changsha some outside, we can then add title or description of the area, such as "(only Changsha) flower delivery – free distribution of 100% high quality flowers". The creative title is well demonstrated in the area. To avoid some foreign hits. But here the king Chunren to colleagues for advice is: 1, to add in the title; 2, try to show in front of the title. Because the title is the most creative font, some visitors look at the title, but if you add in the title behind the words, there are always some deft visitors haven’t finished the creative click > push read more

here, A5 editor believes that the Google search engine change thought to our careful management of website owners is not no good, through the understanding, clear that focus on the Google algorithm change is the original article and this site is subject to this website to know whether it is beneficial to the user love and judge the behavior of users.

love at the same time, Shanghai also launched the original spark program, also let the original content website becomes more important. Cause some entirely reproduced the contents of the website cannot run down. Thus, for the original web content on a website operation is very important. read more


2, each row represents an instruction, and every blank lines are ignored;

commands are case insensitive, ignoring unknown instructions below is the blog of the robots.txt file in the noble baby Administrator Tool test results;

two, some places need to pay attention to:

3, "#" after the character parameters are ignored;


6, to minimize the use of the Allow instruction, because different search engines on different positions of the Allow instruction will have a different view. read more


and describe the part of the second line will usually intercept part of the description, but more time will grab the text before 200 words, if you want to say the specific display description or intercept text, and user search keywords. For example, in Figure 1, love Shanghai intercepted < h1> in the words, because of Lu Songsong’s blog in the words "Internet". These problems can the intuitive response.

optimization is designed to make the content of the page is easy to understand a spider, I would love to the content of new Shanghai included to illustrate, I with a complete title search, its purpose is to reflect the more love Shanghai natural keywords in the search results page, the search engine can be better is to grab your web page. read more

algorithm itself love Shanghai.

love Shanghai treat original attitude

K station

The relationship of love and the Shanghai algorithm

is known as the Google user experience is better than love Shanghai user experience, at least this Google keyword, so I think the reason why Google in China is so unstable, because too honest, too close to the people. Google, not before the accident with the search, the search is not something to love Shanghai. Google and the whole is greater than the absolute amount collected included the amount of love Shanghai, this is not only the algorithm problem, it is a hardware problem, worthy of Google is the world’s leading search engine. Fall in love with the sea K station, many webmaster down his being K out of the Links, I was calm, wait-and-see attitude. As we all know, love Shanghai snapshot update, do not need to change links to related websites, as long as the included snapshot is strong enough for the link absolute is good, the reason is very simple, love Shanghai spiders also cannot distinguish from A to B is associated between the content of Web sites; Google is not the same, so Google has identified PR. The mutual link between the webmaster, the love of Shanghai’s link light, collapse it, anxious to find the mother, reduce the pressure to change the algorithm. I remember I wrote an article about Google and love ripples sea, don’t see love Shanghai occasionally look at Google, Google snapshot, if there is a snapshot of it, why should the link down. Links, without friendship, but also a link to what read more

UUSee server has recently been unknown attacks, software download speed is affected, resulting in No. 18 data instability so far, the conversion rate dropped by about 20% compared to normal. The technical department is stepping up efforts to repair and emergency additional servers, for today and tomorrow completely back to normal, everyone please wait patiently, inconvenience please forgive.
                                                              & nbsp;             UUSee extension read more

second: content to novel. Although the title is very important, but the content is the core part of the. See a pretty face, but underneath the bloated body has given people the feeling is different. Some people often complain about not writing things, do not know where to start, it is because you do not understand, to write something, if you find yourself familiar with what you want to say a lot of topics. The soft content should be concise and easy to understand. The content is not too long, not as long as possible, but it would give people feel very boring; you also write not too professional, or else an article look down you do not know what to say, it is failure. To focus, clear theme, not equivocate. read more

this is obviously an eye hospital site, but not to update these articles, how such original may bring real value users? On the contrary, false original article is not necessarily does not give the user value, most of the time, not necessarily a never seen the needs of users, they do not need to appreciate the originality and literary talent, they just want to see an article to help them, we can according to the needs of users, to collect some of the authoritative website, and then some opinions or appropriate pseudo original plus, and guide users to browse, it can also bring the real value to the user. read more

the left link is not deleted, but it needs to raise the number, that is to say to update the article, to enhance the visibility of the blog, and then let the love of Shanghai have a high weight of the blog, then it will be a good platform for the link. But this way is to insist for a long time, but also improve the visibility (that is, with some friends or each step in the course of time will have the effect, etc.).


this is not to say, is to take when asking questions or answers when link with link. Do the questions of the chain, many people will choose to know and love Shanghai, search Q & A to do, because the weight of this kind of website is relatively high, but as long as the intention to answer the question, in the bottom of a problem with the link, this is a good chain. read more

second: down to META marker, attract more users to

We all know that the

chain is also can improve the site’s traffic, so you need to find some good websites through a period of time, the establishment of mutual cooperation of the friends of the chain, also can pay by established chain in some high degree of credibility of the website. Try a lot of websites have been more who have been very mature. For example, xinhuanet贵族宝贝, you can in the website "

I believe that many of the Shanghai dragon ER is very concerned about the website keywords ranking, in order to optimize Shanghai Longfeng increase site traffic and better operation site. Such as the recent hit TV series "The Legendary Swordsman" broadcast, play with ratings surge of the actress Joe Chen in Shanghai love star search ranked first on the list. If your site is involved in the entertainment media, then on keyword optimization to make the appropriate changes, so your website ranking will the corresponding front and attract a large number of users, but also can improve the site traffic. This unique position of search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon can be seen, how the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization, make your site keywords in the tens of thousands of talent shows itself in the information, make your website ranking. The next small series from three aspects and colleagues to communicate with each other, how to carry out the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization. read more

well, well, today writing this article, the author Taijiquan has been paying close attention to the Malaysia Airlines lost contact event, so just think of today we have to write the theme, if the search engine optimization and user experience lost, what will happen to

then understand the relationship between search engine optimization and user experience is how

When ?

first we talk about the importance of user experience on the website of the

search engine optimization and user experience is both an inseparable relationship, we both need each other, if Nanjing to dismantle them, I think the consequences are as can be imagined, that when we stand at this point to consider is the website users visit a website or use a system of all experience they, on the website of the impression and personal feeling, is deep, enjoy this experience? If they would come back to visit, this point is very important, and we are on this website search engine optimization when we divided into two point one, one is the station optimization and stood outside optimization, we have a clear understanding of the two station optimization, we must consider the user experience of these four words, if your website content and theme of the site is not to take sides. " read more

, a netizen to trust love Shanghai, Google and other search engines. For most users, the subconscious will think generally ranked first in the website is love Shanghai recommended the best website, you can look around ah non internet practitioners, how many people know that the left and right love Shanghai link? Follow term many parents think that a man of tremendous promise learning on top of the future is countries like, and other aspects of the development of children is not paying attention, first the concept of education attaches great importance to people’s eyes in the north. So the travel website BOSS by day eleven during the let users believe you are the most suitable for the best local tourism website, will try to top in the first place, even before some small clients consult us in a limited advertising budget to allow more keywords into the top three. read more

The promotion of

it can be seen that it is difficult to search specific collections, if the third set of RMB Guinness set "appeared in view of specific collection:

so if Shanghai Longfeng staff do not know the specific circumstances of the product, is not known how the promotion is effective. If in the deep layer of "know the third set of RMB Guinness set of 26" and "third set of RMB complete set of 27 pieces of more specific collections is undoubtedly better.

first, I want to raise a question, there are several Shanghai Longfeng personnel to the promotion of the website and internal product sales enterprises linked together? Asked believe that many people confused, puzzled, the editor with the problem to explain. read more

, a user experience analysis of the relationship between Shanghai and the

so the user experience is very important in the analysis, a website from art to page layout, visitors can often determine the fate, you say Shanghai dragon and user experience also does not have any relationship, after all, as long as the Shanghai dragon at the expense of the user experience is rubbish station, slightly a little formal, are considered the user experience, at least considered their own senses, not to mention that some of the regular station. read more

said the first rank. We all know that in the optimization ranking, the chain is one of the most important factors, and the chain station is mainly by setting the anchor text keywords, then add a hyperlink, connect it to the relevant page, so as to allow users to other pages associated with the content in the browser can jump through the anchor text chain. Reasonable inside chain can quickly improve website ranking, this is an indisputable fact. Besides the user experience, the chain is not in fact more service to the spider, but the user experience, like Shanghai Encyclopedia of each entry in the event of keywords associated with the other entries, it will add a link, through the keywords as the anchor text chain to jump to related entries. In this way we can guide users to access more pages, to make the search engine of the website that the user experience is very good. read more

Although the Shanghai dragon

SMO is the base of the

SMO is a kind of strategy, young online marketing strategy, marketing strategy for social media, social media marketing strategy, we can not say "when you have more than 100 million fans, you is CCTV". SMO strategy >

is a Shanghai Longfeng base, a small number of model

as long as you are careful analysis you will find a lot of marketing methods can get some conclusions from the mathematical theory, the author has got an experience, that is our marketing is a concept based on the multiplier, otherwise you will never get the marketing of some of the results. Here the so-called "multiplier" we can simply say is a kind of a mass ten, ten chuan-100 effect, this is similar to the mathematical algorithm we learned: exponential computation. Online marketing we call viral marketing. Then the author today by one of the index calculation mathematical knowledge analysis of Shanghai Longfeng and SMO of the two different online marketing model. read more

1, trend analysis, grasp the key trend of the heat index, there is a great difference between the search volume and love this piece of the Shanghai index. At present, 360 search index data is less.

2, the demand for spectrum, the real needs of the user’s understanding of map, Shanghai index is more intuitive than love, also called micro-blog content.

Author: Lu Songsong

is mainly divided into three parts:

3, population characteristics, understand the user attribute keywords, and love Shanghai index difference. read more


[what is Shanghai dragon in the sandbox?]

honest, steadfast do stand.

Er [Shanghai Longfeng how fast out of the sandbox period]

into the love Shanghai "sandbox", the most direct manifestation is: optimize the work site of the do, is not ranked.


[site into the sandbox period the most direct expression of]

3, a lot of junk chain. (some may not be garbage outside the chain, but I said a new short-term get so much outside the chain, must enter the Xiaoheiwu ah)


1, Title Key Des (frequently modified label death rhythm) read more

two, the chain was found cheating site to stop

! cheating

two weeks later, a friend told me that his website is a collection of love Shanghai, put out is more than 500 pages, the chain of 400, I was also very happy, it seems many people are not the same! Content outside the chain can easily go! But some worry, just a site 1 months of the site has 400 chain, there seems to be some danger. Indeed, after 3 weeks, a friend invited me to drink tea, complain, love Shanghai included stops, the snapshot is not updated, and the chain and set down to single digits, read more

optimization site, only that it industry, but do not know the use of what kind of good? Do not know what kind of template? What can we do? For example, our industry is the industry trademark registration agency. Below I will use this keyword for trademark registration.

two, how to use the search engine to determine the site keywords


1, or use the words "trademark transfer" as an example, the key words, after each search engine input, their return results recorded.

1, you are in love Shanghai search "trademark transfer" and then return the results of the first ten record for. Then in 360, Google, Sogou input "trademark transfer" this keyword, and you put their search results on record. read more

many people love in some local forums or some entertainment forums such as the signature links, this is not to deny that the forum included rate is very high, basically is the second, a point of the day is also included, and then use the domain command to check the site of the chain, a lot of people see your site a lot of chain, few thousands, tens of thousands of the chain, so happy, in fact these signatures is of no effect. Why do you say that? Because these links can be said is basically no effect on users, specifically for the search engine, the love of Shanghai new algorithm directly to users specified for these invalid links is regarded as cheating. read more


this does not look okay, I was surprised to see a snapshot, love Shanghai actually does not show any link Links column, that is to say love Shanghai not through its station crawling and it changed the link station.

(3) the following is a program by modifying the chain of columns with various conditions relatively advanced, so change the link, you check will not show any abnormal use webmaster tools, but you search the domain name, see its love Shanghai snapshot, without any a chain.

change link is a quite famous education station, PR 5 also has a large collection of hundreds of thousands, exchange web site and I haven’t finished keywords to check, this kind of thing I would not go to see the link with no ordinary people, a good faith or some people say with it the line. read more

we write in, sometimes to quote authoritative data properly, such as what the industry issued by the state report like this can increase the credibility, will give people a sense of trust, can refer to the authority of the data in the prominent position, increase the attractiveness of the content will be true and reliable.

we are writing before, should first analyze the key words, such as love can go to Shanghai search inside some mining related keywords, the keywords can be.

4, write the page title, as far as possible from the user search habits to write read more

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

alliance new UUSkype language with CPA ad, 0.6 yuan /, pay by registration, data returned every other day, the weekend data returned on Monday.


recently heard a lot of Taobao too forum guest complain, I was busy for several weeks or even months but a little and have no income effect. Their mood, confidence and patience are basically broken up, but I want to tell you, Taobao customers want to change their fate, we must adhere to, and the darkness does not mean never see the light hanging. read more


, a trading link cheating

two, low quality links cheating

low quality link refers to mass links and non natural spam links, these links can not solve some of the needs of users, it is no value, because of the low quality link is just to do website ranking, website once these links will be search engine algorithms, so you must not ignore the link of quality control, quality and quality to the number of links, but also about two words first there is a quantity, the webmaster must remember. On the road to the future optimization, I believe that the search engine will increase to link the punishment for cheating, love Shanghai officials have launched the chain tools to help data query outside the chain of effective owners, at the same time I think there are other purpose is to monitor the health of the chain website, thus more accurate to punish cheating site links. read more

Title: Keyword: according to the title; love Shanghai word segmentation technology, automatic segmentation system; Description: title + default answer sort first before (100- title words).


3, ask and answer answer number 1

number, account level, level of detail, answer the answer time, the number of reviews, agree with the number and so are bonus items, however, from the perspective of promoting Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai know ranking the most important factor is Shanghai dragon exploration process will not be with you or say something directly, results: read more

each bidding specialist most concern should be the keywords ranking, the first thing at work every day to see keywords ranking promotion account login, love Shanghai promotion background there is a "query extension live" keywords we look easy across the row, but the promotion of live and sometimes is not very accurate, we have you can use VPN to view around the rankings, with the query extension live "in the rankings compare.

in the bidding promotion, there is a very important issue is the keyword bid, which is a problem we are most concerned about, then keywords > read more

> Event review: )

2, Wikipedia will expand reading content prior to the hidden, will make extensive use of the extended reading before the chain website produced a wide range of chain falling phenomenon, weights of these sites will have a certain impact.

now provides the main function of the extended reading reference sources have been reference function instead of Wikipedia content.

many core users have a deep affection for this function.

DU on behalf of all the staff of Wikipedia, thank you for a long time to understand and support. read more

although the company recruitment requirements more and more, the hope can recruit a mighty man, put all the things in a person, can save a lot of money, but the distribution is really reasonable? The boss, I don’t know what to say, without a clear division of labor for in hiring staff to promote, to do things to do graphic editing, things will do clerk do, get a table like the little things, but the human energy is limited, a staff capable, will no more, but he is always a person, do this no time to do that, you want to do everything very well, this fear is somewhat difficult, after all, his only so much time, energy is limited. But the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team still hope that the webmaster can really enrich oneself, do a Shanghai dragon ER worthy of the name, not afraid of the program is the best Shanghai dragon ER, although ER said, Shanghai dragon must not everything proficient, but at least for the website construction this very understanding just done that simple idea can be achieved through their mastery of the technology. read more

                fortunately, in addition to popular keywords, and many other specific keywords and keywords with various characteristics can be considered the user, still has certain space optimization. Give up a single by popular keyword optimization idea, moderate optimization is a wise choice of small and medium sized enterprises.

of small and medium-sized enterprises, sometimes even larger enterprises, does not have the advantage in the amount of information and network information update, the update cycle and information scale limits their ability to compete for popular keywords, and a deliberately created information scale and speed information update speed, appears in the user experience and business status wrong, does not have the guiding role too obvious, sometimes even conflict of information.   read more

when a user search of the input keywords, each commodity system on the basis of the algorithm model to match the real-time calculation and sorting of goods in accordance with the size of the fraction.

algorithm model, we first need to consider to have what characteristic factor can be applied. For example, in a web search algorithm is the basic model, according to the importance and relevance "to" calculate a score, and then sort. Here the correlation, and the two important factor is the importance of web page ranking model. The correlation factor refers to the search keyword in the document the degree, when the degree is higher, is that the higher the relevance of the document. An important factor for elite baby Pagerank, can be understood as a "super entrance number of links: a web page quoted by other web page is more, the more valuable. In particular, a web page is cited more important ", the" important degree is higher. read more

update mechanism

pictured above, news column. Set this column, will not only make the search engine spiders crawling home when you each have a fresh, will let the search engine spiders better grab web pages, increase website charge rate.

website optimization details of the two: the website home page to have the

website optimization website product page whether to add a specific description of

I do this kind of enterprise website when the anchor text links often love to join a product category in the website home page. The benefits of doing so can not only help the search engine spiders better website crawling pages included, conducive to the site of the inside pages, and to give the user a good user experience, let users in the "three hits" principle, it can accurately find the products they want. The following is the author did a mechanical engineering training enterprise website page, for reference only. read more

if in the past, good ranking means what? Can mean a lot of traffic, get more marketing opportunities. Even now, this rule has never changed, just have some new changes. One is the enterprise search engine marketing, website promotion cost more and more high, but the marketing effect is declining. Apart from the competition factors leading to the rising cost of a single click, the author found that the invalid clicks (i.e. the user through the promotion link to open the site immediately after leaving the marketing without help click) is the main factor to promote the high cost. The author further analysis found that suck the website is the main factors causing invalid clicks, although many website promotion marketing, but in fact is not the case. read more

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization process, a new station on the line is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er relatively difficult thing, mainly due to a new station on the line, the weight itself is very low, we are in the process of operation must always be vigilant, to foreign as example, the chain high weight can effectively enhance the website weight, but the new line has not yet been included eager to release the chain, as a result, will face the risk of being love Shanghai K station, a new station on the line so hard not to do more, this situation requires us to how to grasp a degree of the problem, good gossip continued through their own short the new station in Shanghai love and share the railway station optimization we have to abide by which ideas. read more

now has a hand station website because the replacement program is love Shanghai in the sandbox, all the keywords ranking fell to 100, some fell out of the 1000, included snapshot is normal, but from love home to the sea every day the main keywords flow basically is 0, I think for a webmaster, this it is very painful and lost. But I know that the station is not K off, just love.

Shanghai Longfeng not how profound, but it is to the search engine algorithm. When a lot of the search engine algorithm change, will find that no matter how algorithms change, not from the two core, that is the content and the link, has the high quality of the original content and high quality links, as long as you don’t cheat, no matter how algorithms change, are difficult to K. If you are not a professional Shanghai dragon ER, I think the owners do not have common pondering over how advanced Shanghai Dragon technology, consumes a lot of time and energy, do basic work, we need to be calm, is waiting for. read more

you will often encounter this problem, open a traditional enterprise website, found that the page is the deformation of the picture and text typesetting completely confused, their website even only compatible with IE6, even if you are very interested in their products, but their intuition tell you they can’t be trusted, or for one how beautiful, despite our website, but at least it should let the customer see the page is normal.

for Internet companies or in the taste of sweetness for promotion of the enterprise, online customer service is too important, wait 24 hours a day for online customer service, for fear of losing a customer, but that for many traditional businesses, but what is not a big deal, or there is no website online customer service system love, or install Shanghai bridge is 365 days a year without any online customer service, let you Speechless is part of the traditional industry, although the online customer service network, but the automatic reply is set up, which customers can tolerate this kind of customer service, even asked the 3 sentence, but still ask customer service ". Hello, I am busy, I think it’s better to go home to see it. read more

to create the conditions for spiders visit The first step of

third step: analysis of love Shanghai spiders access page

is a great man once said, there is no love It is without rhyme or reason. no help, also hate, love Shanghai spiders visit for a reason and way, and before, the reason why we don’t need to guess, because even guess guess, but we can create conditions for the love of spiders in Shanghai visit specifically, is to create a way to love Shanghai to shun came to see, that is the construction of the chain, of course, here said the chain is not to let you go but made manufacturing". The method is very simple to do some big site outside the chain, don’t need the top risk of batch manufacturing of spam links. These external links mainly plays a guiding role, let the spider love Shanghai when visiting other websites and also enter into their own website, so as to improve the site visit of the spider. read more