work in the talent network for two years, and then take a look at some personal webmaster for the construction of talent network view, will find that in fact, some errors, only really do, will find. Operating a talent network is not like doing an information station, there is only traffic will be able to solve the problem. And there are a few misconceptions that need to be identified before construction.

market gap may not be a good thing,

the development of the Internet is very rapid, has penetrated into all walks of life, the size of the city, so there are many webmaster will find a blank market for themselves and complacent. For example, their own two or three – line city, no one else to do the talent network, and talent network is another person has successfully developed in other regions of the project. read more

since the 04 years of Baidu 50 million acquisition of hao123, many webmaster with the deal, there are many webmaster objection, so why simple page to sell so much money? Probably from the time of site navigation really has been the webmaster attention, more and more like a bamboo like navigation station began to develop on the Internet growth now, the development of the navigation station has not hao123 development time, here now navigation station is how to develop and how to make money. Some people say that the navigation station to search engines, Guan Jian words bring traffic, will die. This sentence is right, the navigation station update is very slow, and search engines included very little, so the navigation station rely on search engines to promote this square line impassability, so how to develop? Listen to me slowly. read more

did a few years of the site, the election space also spent a lot of thought, see there are still many new Adsense in the space and distress, here I will buy space experience exchange, welcome to cast bricks.

we are small webmaster, first of all, of course, is virtual space. My first use is universal network space (think: China on his best, and retention of the current animal world…… Later, I felt that the price was too high, and I chose a lot of other space, but I didn’t feel good. Isn’t everyone willing to do it? I don’t think so. A lot of space visits in the middle of the night and morning are very fast, and when it’s busy, I can’t do it. This shows that the virtual space is shared resources, busy when you are busy, there are not enough server resources (of course, you may also buy the space is a new server, the top of the site is not much, but the good times don’t last long Oh, ha ha). read more

website trading

domain name: contact QQ

type: industry portal

traffic: > 5000 IP

PR value: 4

price: > 5000 yuan

expected price: 99888

contact QQ:9806457

buy website contact QQ:

9806457 (Liu Xing), 935521923 (Qi Bao), 8250617 (radish),

6319796 (with the wind), 5670313 (Hong Min), 5898411 (chief)

1.8 years music station right 4 domain name value about 40 thousand, day IP7K-1W, monthly income 4K+, quote 120 thousand

2. power 6 home appliance information network, mobile phone plus PC average daily traffic 3W+, monthly income 15 thousand +, quote 160 thousand read more

"2011CEEN · zern; world famous shoes Taobao guest promotion competition" the second game has a strong start, a total score of three place Taobao off the momentum of the top three very sharp, has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation situation


"luffi520" was in luck, and the curse was broken by him. After winning the week’s title last week, he succeeded in winning Zhou Guanjun, but this week’s champion appeared in 3 parallel positions. "Yu Qingping 2" this week from the ashes, with 7 single tied Zhou Guanjun, total score of more than second Taobao VIP media alliance last week". Surprisingly, before the mediocre performance of "suzhouker" this week, the state is quite hot, in one fell swoop to win the 7 single tied week champion. The latter situation is going to happen? read more

do to make it more difficult for novice webmaster! Before the site set up, that is nothing more than a good web page design framework and make a stand, full content as possible, and then wait for the search engine included the door. For 05 years I had a station, later because the website topic is partial, data can not be updated in a timely manner, do 2 months not to give up, because the domain name registration only for a year, domain name expires when there is no intention to renew. After this year have no check PR value of the site, I found that the domain name actually before the PR value is 3, and I was the content of the web site or the content of Baidu and Google included, but the domain name has been registered. Later, often visited Admin5 BBS, also refer to a lot of experienced webmaster writing articles, just realize that SEO and website promotion is also very important. Many veterans who introduced the method, I also tried a lot, now with my study and my personal experience, I put the novice Adsense a little experience and we exchange. read more

from the late 1990s to the present, soft Wen in China’s marketing dictionary occupies an important position, because it has a lower cost for several products to create a market miracle.

in many industries, soft Wen is very popular marketing tool. But the real strategy is the pinnacle of the soft, China medicine and health products industry, to create a melatonin myth in this field, which makes the medicine health products marketing later speech will talk about soft wen.

with the passage of time, enhance the ability to identify consumers, consumers have a strong immunity to soft, leading to the function of the soft in losing. Many of the products received only sporadic calls put several newspaper in soft advertising, and some did not even phone, shining white silver boondoggle. Therefore, some people say that soft Wen marketing era has ended. read more

The last step in the

perfect site is to get more people to find you. Search engine is the most ideal way to promote your website, optimize your website for search engine, and make it more in line with the norms of search engine recommendation, which can significantly improve your ranking in natural search. Our SEO rules include:

Each page in the

site should have the title, description, keyword

that matches the content of this page

in your web site every page should contain Title, Description, Keywords three META TAG, and their values should be the content of this page, especially Keywords, the important position they must appear on this page, and keep a certain density, the choice of keywords is very important, first of all they to meet your content, then, they are easier to think and not too hot, too hot keywords often have a large number of sites in the competition, your site is very difficult to survive in the. read more

public information portal is pancake, the larger the better; vertical theme is to dig out the ear, there is a certain depth to feel comfortable. With the "hoodoo" theory in China and the popular real estate, chemical, and a series of industry portal fast, vertical portal theme this form is playing chicken, like the prairie mushrooms, literally on a foot can crush a large. In a large mushroom to stand head and shoulders above others, bacteria must have tall crown, and the huge mushroom drained often because the roots are not deep enough, the vertical landing website to build strong grip, you should pay attention to mining content level. read more

, a product called "sub answer", these two days, "brush detonation" of the circle of friends, Luo thinking and even shouted "knowledge paid era", indeed, the answer to these two days of hot, people unconsciously experience this product.

, this is a paid voice response platform – "answer," "you sleep, your problem is still making money for you.". It is a product of exploring knowledge sharing and realizing knowledge.

a very simple rules of the game: user registration, can be set up to pay ask price, price range in 1 ~ 500 yuan, other users can pay the corresponding amount to ask you a question, if you do not have the answer within 48 hours, the money is automatically returned to the other account. You can also ask questions from other interested users or users. Question and answer method is voice 60 seconds. An interesting feature is: if the other person has to answer the question of interest, you can choose to pay 1 yuan "," eavesdropping on the question and those I can earn 0.5 yuan, is the question and answer can make money. read more

now many webmaster found his new traffic is more and more difficult, in which many old station traffic loss, there will be a decline in their monthly income, prices in the rapid growth of the miserable environment of many owners, so many owners have to give up doing Chinese station, start English station idea. However, when many webmasters really stand at this intersection, many people still hesitate.

I think everyone in the forum a lot of people will see some seniors do English station are called English price so high, is about 10 times Chinese price, this is not a small temptation for many webmaster, but there are also people of life concerns, so today I will tell this some people, your doubts is not necessary, but from the dollar against the RMB exchange rate for RMB and USD is almost 1:7, considering some other factors, so you see at the forum about 10 times what others say, will be not at all surprising. The author began to do English station in half a year, the highest price has reached 1 knives, so the domestic station owners should be confident of the unit price. read more

Tencent technology Zhu Xudong reported November 4th

although the majority of vertical electricity providers have been sentenced to death, but there are still strong survival of an alternative sample. Right now, there is a big inflatable entertainment equipment started by selling 85 after the boy, in Guangzhou by doing foreign trade channels, the vertical electricity supplier operating booming.

although e-commerce is now very popular, but foreign trade electricity supplier is still a lot of people feel strange industry. Compared to the fierce competition of domestic electricity supplier companies, in fact, targeting foreign trade market segments still have great opportunities for electricity suppliers. read more


chose to invest in business, naturally hope that such a business can bring more wealth to return. So, the project can not make money, will become a focus of many entrepreneurs to consider. So, do express contract business can make money?

at the end of 2011 in the network on the courier monthly income of million posts in the community caused a great disturbance. But a number of well-known courier companies have expressed their own income is not so high.

is a network of overblown or insiders do not want to reveal the rich? The author conducted an in-depth investigation! read more

for web game site for how to improve the weight of the website, the most effective method is simple, the highest price of the writing, writing paper and imitation pseudo original, now yesfeng and we analyze 6 kinds of write pseudo original skills common:

1, patchwork,

so-called "patchwork", as the name suggests, is a few of these Raiders article, you me a sentence, you a period of time I together, as long as reasonable and logical, and reverse order is also okay.

2, batch conversion method, read more

1. forum nickname and avatar

nickname settings, as far as possible to set a meaningful name to remember, can play the advertising effect. For example, the name of the website, company name, product name, and some can use the url. General web site is not allowed to set as web site, but part of the site can also, web site is not long advantage, nickname has word limit. The advantage of using URLs is that you can increase the number of Baidu chains. Avatar is more convenient, on the head to write their own business scope, website name and web site, so that advertising effect is more obvious. read more

believes that now many webmaster do in place, and many are still doing some personal, and today I say I do read the local station. First explain the situation, I contact, do station more than 3 years, not too professional technology, is considered a hobby! Usually online, often to the webmaster class website to see other people write articles. In the past few years, I have also made five or six websites, but none of them stand up and succeed. Many reasons, no way, still need to continue to work hard!. read more

for grassroots Adsense, basically all the laggards and Adsense nets as grassroots webmaster successful model, also the fish and diagram king as grassroots webmaster "take the lead"". Indeed, the laggards and webmaster network to me, we are a lot of grassroots webmaster worth learning, but also for our grassroots webmaster won the "group webmaster" respect.

however, we can not only satisfy the achievements, as a grassroots webmaster, there should be greater as the laggards and stationmaster net should learn the successful experience, to lay the foundation for better development of their own, this is what I want to analyze today’s laggards and webmasters what a great read more

here I can only say that people share, than I got than I work well, I don’t need to push yourself to go and then you throw in the teeth of the storm on the floor, that is a fool to do, I am not a fool so I don’t do that.

on the Internet for four years, what is declining, met a bunch of good friends. 2008 officially adult, looking for a formal job dawdle, eight hours a day work time, every month on time fixed wages, life moisture, but the lack of passion. I’m not sure what time I’ll kill the back of a rash and too much in haste, but certainly not now, because my mom wouldn’t let, otherwise it will break my leg. read more

Abstract: Alibaba group wireless technology senior director Chong Nantian, 09 years to join Ali, witnessed the evolution of Ali technology course. The day before, the South made a fun to share, talked about eight years of "fire" in the history, the interesting story behind.

Ma Yun dad once said, because it is because they do not understand the technology, so Ali’s technology is strong, "because I do not understand, I will be curious, looked at them with respect, said," what they say, how to do." read more

from Sogou included little five blog share Xiao Shenyang – I’m just a legend, MP3 speak of.


network built in less than 1 months, the flow of ordinary, after all is not the entertainment website, not so much traffic. However, today’s statistical reports, a shock, in December 5th, small five blog traffic surge, up to 1g, surprised. How many orders of magnitude is 1g? How many people are going to browse my blog?. Not looking at the statistics of CNZZ, and not much IP, very confused. read more

The importance of

customers for the development of enterprises believe that many enterprises are very clear, many companies now have the idea of trying to attract more users, but many people are complaining that the operation is too difficult to do, also do, prizes are also made, not only failed to attract new customers. Even lead to the loss of the old customers, this is very serious for enterprises caused by the loss of 10 new customers do not come back, so why old customers will be lost, the website operation and how to prevent the loss of my old customers? This is worth a lot of business problems. read more

it is said that the "top three" websites frequently suffer from unknown attacks in the "SEO" competition. In fact, this is not what rare thing, whether the previous "bobaiyou" or before the SEO contest, malicious attacks are always staged farce. If even the most basic respect are not against malicious attacks will do go up, so to win even more concern is what meaning? Not just to attack, and the lack of "respect" website optimization. The website construction, always let people heartache and countless. read more

the starting point of a small station, like a person, is experiencing the starting point of life, with age, will experience ups and downs, life and death, fast and happy. The road is unpredictable. A year, there are countless sites come out, there will be countless sites die out. Websites, like Darwin’s theory of evolution, compete, mutate, evolve, and good species survive.

himself is addicted to the Internet and is more interested in experiencing such a process. It is happy no matter how happy it is or how much it is. Spare time, leisurely, like the Internet sharing, but also like to make friends with your webmaster. read more


is the "long tail" theory has been popular, but with the long tail model involved in the industry and industry continues to expand and change, influence and penetration and high efficiency digital also grow with each passing day, the economy is creating many new opportunities, one of the most representative is the long tail of the entertainment industry’s macro".

In fact, "Elliot

entertainment" phenomenon is very interesting, its charm is that he continues to create new value of online advertising, and use others hard to find even a contemptuous disregard the corner to achieve the desired results. In order to change the structure of the economy, and to bring new blood to the vitality of communication. read more

personal webmaster, has become a lot of people like the occupation, of course, the webmaster is not easy to do, too much sweet and sour in it. See a lot of people write webmaster complain, too difficult to do, it is difficult to make out results, ask him, why there are many excellent individual stationmaster? Well, give you one hundred million dollars available, allowing you to take care of, you can guarantee that the annual profit of 1 million RMB? And you will find reasons to say.

friends, awake now, what to do, what not to do? Not strange, don’t blame the world, hate society, there is a problem, first you have to review their own, find out the reasons, resolve to overcome. read more

statement: This article is dedicated to some just entering the industry and want to have success in the webmaster do stand webmaster brothers, veteran don’t laugh at me. I’m also a novice here, I feel new station owners confused and helpless when standing, this article is my own views, hoping to give some help to the novice webmaster. ]

1, webmaster life principle

never expect others to tell you he is how to make money, do not see others earn XX Yuan to apprentice or what, some time ago to write a "master to use faith to make money", a lot of friends with me, I would open my website to see him, and then asked me how to make money, there will be the apprentice. Very silent, money is the need to explore their own, only their own way out of the way is the best, the money needed is a process, do not stop time for half a year, the month earns 10 thousand people is very small. read more