Sumner County Sheriff Department weekly jail bookings: Dec. 22- Dec. 29, 2014

first_imgSandell, Aaron C.30Wellington, KS501 N Washington Wellington, KSSUSOWarrants- PV x 212/23/14 Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 12/22/2014 thru 12/29/2014  Walz, Jonathon E.32Hazelton, KSKTA I35 MP33 Sumner County, KSKHPDUI12/29/14 Caldwell PD1 Swing, Jeremy M.29Overland Park, KST-35 mp 16 Sumner County, KSKHPDriving While Suspended12/22/14 Sedgwick Co15 Schulz, Trey L.21Caldwell, KSGrant County, OKSUSOWarrant- PV12/23/14 KHP3 Henry, Timothy P.23Caldwell, KS1000 Blk S. US 81 Wellington, KSWPDDriving While Suspended12/22/14 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Department report for Dec. 22 to Dec. 29, 2014 weekly jail bookings are as follows:  Bobeck, Bryan E.42Caldwell, KSLola and Boyd, Caldwell KSCAPDDestroy, Alter or deface ID number of Motor Vehicle, Illegal Registration, No License12/27/14 Ables, Tyson L.40Belle Plaine, KS956 E 90th Ave. Belle Plaine, KSSUSOServing Sentence12/23/14 NameAgeHome TownArrest locationAgencyChargesArrest date Droneberger, Matthew J.24Ponca City, OKI-35 MM 17 Wellington, KsKHPDUI12/28/14         Dridi, Heshaem B.24Topeka, KSShawnee County Jail Topeka, KSSUSOWarrant- Theft12/22/14 Total31 Sumner Co7 Spillman, Jill A.38Belle Plaine, KS902 N. Timber Road Belle Plaine, KSSUSOWarrant- FTA12/23/14 Trione, Amanda D.28Haysville, KSSedgwick County JailSUSOWarrant- PV12/26/14 Crumine, David D.42Belle Plaine, KS606 N. Main, Belle Plaine, KansasBPPDDV Battery12/28/14 Mulvane PD1 Bookings Belle Plaine2 Spencer, Melanie L.40Arkansas City, KS211 N. 2nd Mulvane, KSMPDWarrant- FTA12/28/14 Littleton, Timi D.51Billings, OK721 Cedar Street Perry, OKSUSOWarrant- PV12/23/14 Howland, Robert H.18Belle Plaine, KS606 N. Main, Belle Plaine, KansasBPPDDV Battery12/28/14 Wellington PD2 Slaight, Eric A.30Wellington, KS215 S. B St Wellington, KSWPDDV Battery12/28/14last_img

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