ACMFL Roundup…Undefeated Wilkinsburg Twerps offer hope for future

first_imgSTRONG “D”—The Wilkinsburg Baby Twerp defense kept Clairton in check with 15 sacks and 25 tackles. Eddie Hyatt (33) got the game ball for getting 10 sacks and 15 tackles with help from teammates Kwame Wilson, Aaron Ovaltin, Monta Presley, Walter Baker, Trevon Finley, Kyree Mitchell, Amer Allen, Keith Thompson and Darnell Anderson; with defensive coach J.R. Nicholas. The day has come. Each team has competed for 10 weeks and the final attempts for playoffs spots came to a close as we know who will now participate in the post-season. In the ACMFL, the top six teams in each of the age/weight categories make the playoffs. “This is the most successful year that we have had thus far as a league,” said ACMFL President Jose Regus. “We are excited about the (onset) of this year’s (post-season) as we are expecting to see some huge matchups.” HOPE FOR THE FUTURE—The undefeated Wilkinsburg Twerps with coaches Omar Doss, Jeffrey Jones, Cliff McCaulley, Milo Gaskin and Tom Harris. To confirm that notion, this year’s playoffs will feature some of the league’s heavy-hitters. According to league standings, there will not be very many surprise matchups. One should expect that these games will bring re-enforcement to some upsets that occurred earlier in the season. As a result, it will naturally give those teams that were upset the opportunity to get their ultimate revenge on the way to a league championship in just a few short weeks. In the final week of the season, there were two sweeps. Lincoln took four games away from Braddock. Congratulations to the Falcons as they’ve had a good year. Best wishes to them in the future. Also, the North Side won four games from the forfeited West Pittsburgh organization. There were also two 2-2 splits between Homewood and Garfield as well as between the Hill District and North Shore.Let’s take a look at the Week 10 results:This Week:Lincoln 4-0North Side 4-0Wilkinsburg 2-0-2Garfield 2-2Hill District 2-2Homewood 2-2North Shore 2-2Clairton 0-2-2Braddock 0-4Scores:Garfield vs Homewood: Twerps—12-0 (Homewood); Termites—19-0 (Garfield); M. Mites—6-0 (Homewood); Midgets—19-0 (Garfield)North Shore vs Hill District: Twerps—26-12 North Shore; Termites—6-0 North Shore; M. Mites—26-0 Hill; Midgets—33-0 HillNorth Side vs W. Pittsburgh: North Side wins all gamesLincoln vs Braddock: Twerps—13-6 Lincoln; Termites—7-0 Lincoln; M. Mites—19-13 Lincoln; Midgets—27-0 LincolnClairton vs Wilkinsburg: Twerps—13-0 Wilkinsburg; Termites—0-0; M. Mites—26-6 Wilkinsburg; Midgets—6-6.Playoff schedule:The first round of the playoffs will be held at Lincoln’s Chadwick Field on Saturday and at Clairton High School on Sunday.Those games will begin at 9 a.m., and are as follows:Twerps: at Lincoln—Homewood Vs North Sideat Clairton—Wilkinsburg vs LincolnMighty Mites: at Lincoln—Wilkinsburg Vs North Shoreat Clairton—Garfield vs LincolnMidgets: at Lincoln—Lincoln vs Wilkinsburgat Clairton—Clairton vs Homewood•All first and second place teams in each age/weight classification will receive a first round bye.•The second round will be played at “The Swamp” in Garfield and the Hill District next Saturday.(Follow Our Weekly Coverage Of The ACMFL and make your comments on

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