Woman Found Dead Following Confessions of Witchcraft

first_imgThe dead body of a woman in her early 30s, was found in a septic tank in the Thumbs Up Community, township of Caldwell on January 6, 2015, by her mother who had gone to look for her.  What appeared to be a suicide is still being investigated by the police.  However, community dwellers, including the pastor of a nearby church said Nayu Kangbo, visited the day before she went missing. According to him, Nayu had earlier confessed to witchcraft activities and was tormented by the spirits of those she had killed.A mother of two children, the late Nayu’s body was discovered behind an unfinished house in Thumbs Up Community near her parents’ house.  Amie Kangbo, Nayu’s mother, told the Daily Observer that the day before, her daughter had confessed at the Pentecostal Church of the Apostle Faith before the pastor and community dwellers, that she had been involved in witchcraft activities. According to Amie, her daughter was sick for about three months and when she asked her, what was the problem, Nayu simply replied that she did not know.  In December 2014, her father took her to Mawah Clinic in Vai Town for treatment, but she was refused after registration.Amie also reported that on Monday night, Nayu had gone to the septic tank unknown to her family members, who later found her there, apparently having tried to kill herself.  Amie said she and Amos, the father of Nayu’s children, managed to pull her daughter to safety. They both agreed that Amos would spend the night in the same room as Nayu to make sure she remained safe.    “In the early hours of Tuesday morning,” Amie narrated, “Amos came to my door calling, saying Nayu is not in the room. I woke up and ran to search for her on the left side of the community, but my daughter was nowhere to be seen.  After the search I came home and heard a voice in the bush near the house.  I ran to take a look and saw my daughter lying dead in the septic tank.  I called for Amos, but he was nowhere to be found.”Meanwhile, according to the senior pastor for the Pentecostal Church of the Apostle Faith, J. Luke Yorsee, Nayu had admitted on Monday to the killing of 17 people as a witch.  She confessed that, at the age of three, she was initiated into witchcraft by her uncle in Grand Bassa County, where she grew up and became ‘queen in the dark world’, before moving to Monrovia.‘’She confessed to being the one responsible for her mother’s miserable state,” the pastor narrated.  Quoting Nayu’s confession, the pastor said, “Forgive me mother, this is my empty body here; I’m already dead. Wachen and Mamie’s spirits won’t let me rest until I follow them.  May God have consideration over my soul.”Pastor Yorsee said he then received a revelation that Wachen and Mamie were two women Nayu had killed.  It was at this point, he said, he knew that Nayu would not survive after her confession.The crowd, indignant about Nayu’s confession, wanted to beat her, shouting “[She] deserved to die!  How could you be so wicked and ask GOD and people to forgive you?”According to eyewitnesses, she confessed to transforming her mother’s hands and feet to fish (in the dark world, for Nayu and fellow witches to feed on, when they did not want to eat human being).  She also made Amos’ life troubled with misfortune.“Nayu told us that the palm nuts and sugar cane she used to sell was pupu and human blood and that she is married in the dark world with three children, in addition to the two she has on earth,” another eyewitness said.  “She carried her mother’s spirit to the dark world to take care of those children.”During the confession, another eyewitness said she saw two living lizards coming from in Nayu’s body.  “Pastor Luke killed one and the other ran away.”Nayu later said she wanted to go to Louisiana to rescue her mother’s spirit from the dark world (under the water).  She therefore ran to the church’s school yard, stripped herself naked and bent over toward the crowd.  Everyone thought she was ready to perform, but two women tied their lappas around Nayu and brought her back into the church.The septic tank in which Nayu’s body was discovered was newly dug and unused, but was filled less than two feet high with water.  Meanwhile, Amos is helping the police with the investigation. According to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Caldwell Zone 7 Police Depot, it is highly unlikely that a grown person could drown themselves in such shallow water.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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