Calm Returns to Bomi Highway

first_imgCalm has returned to Sasstown on Bomi Highway with businesspeople and farmers carrying on their normal activities in spite of last Sunday night’s shooting incident which brought every activity to a standstill.During a visit to the area yesterday, the Daily Observer reporter observed farmers and businesspeople from the nearby villages and towns, including those from Montserrado and Grand Cape Mount counties, transacting business without any sign of fear or anxiety.People in Sasstown, where the incident occurred, and nearby villages and towns including those along the Bomi highway leading up to Grand Cape Mount County and the Sierra Leone border are carrying on their normal activities. Comfort Kiawu, 26, a resident of Montserrado County, said, “We have to do our businesses, because people from here informed us that normal activities were ongoing.” She even attributed the shooting to “an action by some hunters.”It was also observed that farmers in and around Sasstown were going about their activities, despite the presence of security officers in the area.Ms. Kiawu said she believes that Liberians are neither interested in nor ready for war because of the bad and ugly experiences during the 14 years of war. According to her, considering that the shooting incident did not lead to any injury or death in the area justified her belief that “someone was apparently chasing after an animal.”“The people here said they heard gunshots in the bush. Security people came around and noticed it was nothing, since Monday; and now farmers are here with their goods from this same Sasstown,” she said.Francis Jones, a resident of Sasstown, told the Daily Observer that since the intervention of state security officers who toured the area on Monday, particularly where the shooting was reported, farmers have continued to go to their farms.“We believe that if anything bad was noticed by our security officers upon their arrival on Monday, they would have informed the people and even stopped the movement of people on the highway,” he noted.It was also observed that the number of officers of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) has increased, putting up security measures at the various checkpoints to control the movement of people.A BIN officer told this reporter that the Sunday night incident in Sasstown was enough for the BIN to enforce additional security measures, including displaying passports by travelers, especially those crossing to Sierra Leone. A huge security presence was observed from Clay to the border between Liberia and Sierra Leone, with people heading to the border being asked to give proper information at every checkpoint.It may be recalled that gunshots were heard in Sasstown on Sunday night. The Liberian government sent security officers to verify the cause of the shooting but have not reported apprehending anyone. Meanwhile speculation is rife in the country with theories coming from several quarters about what might have happened on Sunday night.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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