Days of awe

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re: “26,000 LAUSD students protest” (March 28): I have seen half a million people crowd downtown Los Angeles; I have seen students (for the most part) peacefully protest what they view as wrong. Plus, I have seen Congress take a leap backward by introducing legislation that will allow some people who are undocumented to become part of the American dream. The American people need to realize that we have a national economy that relies on the hard work of these undocumented workers. If the masses of Latino immigrants, both legal and illegal, want America to see how much we rely upon them, then a nationwide boycott or strike, like the one being planned for May 1, needs to be done. But in order for this to work, then it needs to be all Latinos, not just those with the most to lose. – E. Lee Murray Palmdale Immigrant story Re: “26,000 LAUSD students protest” (March 28): It was surprising to see generations of young American/mestizo students demonstrating in the streets of L.A. instead of exerting that energy in the classrooms. These children apparently did not understand the sacrifices their grandparents and parents have made to preserve a piece of the American pie in the form of educational opportunities. What our children need to understand is that their forefathers came to this country and became American citizens. Their descendants born in this country are born American citizens. I am proud to identify myself as a second-generation American of Mexican ancestry and not as a Mexican-American. That title died with my grandparents over 30 years ago. – Hector C. Rodriquez Arleta A better life For the majority of the immigration demonstrators, this is their country, too. I understand that most migrants are decent people who are simply looking for a better life for themselves and their families. I’m wondering, though, if the demonstrators consider the possibility that curtailing the influx of “illegals” would open opportunities for more legal immigration, in a system which allows a screen for limiting the influx of thieves, rapists, murderers and terrorists into our country. – Ronald Presson North Hollywood Free lunch I am 75 years old and have always been proud to have never been prejudiced. I still don’t think I am. However, I’m sick to death of these illegals demanding their rights. What about my rights and the fact that I am legal? They haven’t earned anything as far as I’m concerned. They have always been paid a good wage for the work they have done. They want all the rest of the pie for free. – Barbara Clark Malibu Sounds like amnesty Re: “Border wars” (Editorials, March 28): In your editorial, you state “Tougher laws alone will never stem illegal immigration. Nor will simple feel-good answers like amnesty programs do the trick. Amnesty solves nothing. It rewards law-breaking,thus encouraging more of the same.” You go on to say, with respect to the “estimated 12 million illegals who are already here. They must be offered a chance to obtain legal status.” Huh? That sounds like amnesty to me. – Greg Tarizzo Valencia Pressing importance Re: “Border wars” (Our Opinions, March 28): I agree with your statement that this is “an issue of pressing national importance” and “one over which we are bitterly divided.” We are in a critical period in our history when we the people and our elected representatives must decide if we want to be governed by rules of law or by mob rule. We should have a system that provides legal status for all foreign workers, but not citizenship for illegal immigrants, especially those waving Mexican and other foreign-country flags. Just remember that “united we stand, divided we fall,” and the fall can be disastrous for all. – Bill Zelenka Granada Hills Blinded by bias Re: “Latinos: It’s way overdue” (Their Opinions, March 29): In his poem at the end of his rant on immigration, Rodolfo Acu a compares the persecuting of those here illegally to the persecution of Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists and Jews. The difference he fails to mention is that it was not illegal to be a Communist, Social Democrat, trade unionist or Jew, so the basis of his entire argument is false. Could it be that the professor of Chicano studies is blinded by his bias? – Bryan Hays Saugus Acu a’s opinions Re: “Latinos: It’s way overdue” (Their Opinions, March 29): Suppose one morning, Rodolfo Acu a neglected to lock his door as he left for work, then returned to find strangers camped out in his living room, eating his food and insulting his hospitality. Would he speak up for their rights as “undocumented” residents of his home? The frightening thing about Acu a’s rant (white people aRe: “narcissistic and consumed by angst”) is its incoherence. Rather than spew venom, Acu a should count himself lucky. Where else but America could such a middling intellect become a professor and get published in a newspaper? – Jim Bass Thousand Oaks It’s called exodus Re: “Wrong country” (Your Opinions, March 28): It’s amazing how quickly Irving Leemon forgets the history of this country. What he doesn’t understand is, they are migrating for the same reason his great-grand parents migrated from Europe. And just like his great-grand parents, they will never wipe out the turkey population. You still enjoy the tradition of Thanksgiving. So the goose will continue to lay those golden eggs. You need to blame our corrupt government, which supports their corrupt government. They are all selfish and greedy and do not care for their citizens. I feel the only people who should have a say are the Native Americans. The rest of you should thank them for letting your great-grandparents settle on their land. – Angela Morgan Van Nuys Catholic PAC I just figured out how to close the $18 trillion deficit our country has run up … The Catholic Church has now became a political activist and knows how to run our country, which they have demonstrated by participating in immigration marches and holding services dedicated to opposing immigration laws that they don’t agree with. It seems to me they have now migrated from the field of religion and became a political action group for the Mexican government. Let’s now remove their tax status. I think we can cut into that $18 trillion really fast. – John Wilde Santa Clarita Chaotic holiday Here’s what happens when a state designates a holiday such as Cesar Chavez Day with guidelines like “It will be celebrated on March 31, or the appropriate Monday or Friday following or preceding that date”: Los Angeles city offices and libraries are closed today (Monday), but city trash collection is operating. San Fernando City Hall, most state offices, Superior Courts, community colleges and CSUN are open today (Monday) but will be closed Friday. LAUSD, usually so politically correct, is ignoring the holiday altogether and schools are open both days, as are L.A. County offices. What a confusing mess. – Jan Brown Panorama City The gas is cheaper Price of gas as reported in your paper on March 26, retail regular gas price $2.52 in Sacramento, retail gas price $2.70 in San Diego, and in Glendale where I live it is $2.76. I wonder why the lawmakers pay less? Could it be to take the attention off the situation? – Michael Malone Glendalelast_img

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