Nayan Shah just a cog in the wheel in the huge IPL betting syndicate

first_imgNayan Shah an under-19 cricketer from Maharashtra arrested by the Kanpur police in connection with a betting racket in connection with the ongoing Indian Premier League is a prized catch but just a cog in the wheel. Investigations have revealed that he was just acting as per the orders of several handles spread in at least four states.The cellphone records of Nayan indicated that he was in touch with over 12 bookies spread in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.The most prominent face that has emerged in the investigation with whom Nayan was in regular touch and providing vital information about pitch was Bunty Khandelwal. A team of Kanpur police with the help of Ajmer police had conducted a raid in Ajmer at the suspected hideout of Bunty. While the team managed to get vital evidence apart from 25 cellphones, Bunty managed to give the police a slip moments before the raid. Now the Kanpur police is suspecting a spill over of the information.A lookout notice has been issued against Bunty Khandelwal and all the airports have been alerted. Nayan could be interrogated just for six hours after the arrest by the Kanpur police and now the police will move for his police custody remand.It’s learnt that Nayan was given a contract for all the IPL matches and he was tasked not just to provide information about the pitch but also ensure it was tampered by excessive watering. The design was simple — over water the pitch to make it slow and pass on the information to the bookies who would bet in hundreds of crore knowing well if the pitch in question was a bowlers pitch or that of a batsman.advertisementNayan was in touch with Ramesh Bihari, who was an employee of Green Park stadium in Kanpur, where the matches were to be played. Ramesh was paid Rs 20000 to put additional water on pitch to make it slow by Nayan and also click photographs of the pitch. The police have recovered photographs of the pitch sent by Ramesh to Nayan who in turn forwarded it to bookies with his own comments.The syndicate did not stop here. Nayan also tried contacting some players who stayed in the same Hotel where Nayan checked in and was even adjusted in room No. 1733 on the 17th floor.Nayan in a voice message to Bunty Khandelwal indicated and which is now with the police that he had established his contacts with two IPL players who were allegedly ready to influence 7 to 8 matches for them. The police is not divulging any information on the identity of these players and is neither ruling out the possibility of their interrogation in the near future.On the other hand, the police is under the impression that Nayan is a goldmine of information so he is likely to be taken on police custody remand for interrogation on Monday.Meanwhile raids are expected in several parts if the country in the days to come. The syndicate had deep roots and Nayan had got contract for all the IPL matches.last_img

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