High heat causing cooling complications on campus

Due to the extreme heat that has hit Niagara in recent days, Brock’s main campus cooling systems are operating at maximum capacity.Given the sustained high temperatures, the campus demand has exceeded the cooling capacity.Normally the system recovers overnight, but due to nightly temperatures well over 20°C, the central plant cannot sufficiently ‘catch up.’ As a result, a continual rise in interior temperatures is being experienced.Many areas across campus can expect higher than normal (23°C) indoor temperatures. Facilities Management trades, staff and contractors are monitoring the systems 24-7 and responding to and repairing the various systems as best they can to help alleviate higher temperatures.Please use window shades and blinds where equipped and limit use of any heat generating equipment and lighting.If your area is experiencing extreme or ongoing temperature issues, contact Facilities Management at [email protected] or x3717.

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