Show off your geek cred with this ASCII wallpaper

first_imgThe amount of awesome that is displayed in the picture above is almost too much for words. Created by Seattle artist Erich Ginder, the wallpaper you see above depicts a classic floral print that has been created entirely by using ASCII text. Bringing together the decorations your grandmother had in her house with the textual art, you can adorn the walls in your home with “Warez Rose” as a conversation piece when friends come over.Before you rush out with your checkbook to brighten the walls of your abode (you better be a fan of white), you may want to check out what they are asking for a single roll of the paper: $150. That might not be too expensive for artwork (depending on the size of your room), but it has me wondering if I’d be able to get myself a dot-matrix printer on-the-cheap, find some paper, and create the same effect for much less money.A self proclaimed design, web, interior and photography professional, Ginder works with his partner Aaron Cruz as a team that specializes in creating thoughtful and off the wall pieces that bring out the story of their clients. Browsing the duo’s website shows other work inspired by vintage technology, including a spa that actually used the wallpaper pictured above in one of its rooms.Like I mentioned before, if buying piece of art is something you are committed to, you can’t go wrong with this wallpaper. I for one will be trying to convince my wife that long strips of paper with ASCII pictures of Optimus Prime is a great idea for the man-cave.Ginder’s site via Fancy Jewels.last_img

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