Diablo III completed in 12 hours 29 minutes

first_imgThe launch of Diablo III at the stroke of midnight last night was a mix of excitement and frustration for gamers. Blizzard had catered for gamers wanting to buy digitally or boxed copies of the game, and they even offered a way to play it for free. What they couldn’t do is cope with the server load, leaving many stuck at the login screen.One gamer managed to login and start playing though, and he has already completed the game. Total playthrough time? 12 hours and 29 minutes.The player in question goes by the handle Yoshichan. He played the game on Normal difficulty and completed it with a level 32 Barbarian. The proof was posted on NeoGAF in the form of the screen grabs you see here.It may seem like he managed to finish the game in a very short space of time, but that is clearly a speed run through the game and it STILL took him over 12 hours to complete. For any normal playthrough, where you actually take time to enjoy and explore the world of Diablo III in its entirety, you can probably multiply that time at least by a factor of three, maybe more.It’s also worth considering this isn’t a game you will play through just once and see everything. There’s different characters to play, areas to unlock, and difficulty levels above Normal to keep you entertained.So, Yoshichan should be congratulated for being the first to complete the game (as far as we know), but I guarantee you he is nowhere near done playing.via Eurogamer.netlast_img

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