HTC Deluxe image leaks before the 5inch Android phone goes global

first_imgHTC has discovered that the world really likes 5-inch phones with crazy resolutions and powerful hardware under the hood. With the release of the J Butterfly in Japan and the launch of the Droid DNA on Verizon Wireless here in the US, the rest of the world is probably feeling a bit left out. After all, it was only recently that the HTC One X+ made its way to international carriers. A leaked photo today revealed to the world the existence of a phone that looks closely related to the J Butterfly and the Droid DNA, being called the HTC Deluxe (or DLX).Nothing regarding the specs on this phone have been released, but given HTC’s recent releases it is hard to imagine this 5-inch phone having anything other than a 1080p screen with a quad-core Snapdragon and 2GB of RAM. This hardware would place the phone right in line with HTC’s most recent smartphone announcements, and gives the UK carriers a phone just like the Droid DNA and J Butterfly. Android 4.1 running Sense 4+ is expected to be running the DLX, though there’s not yet any mention of pricing or availability.The design of the DLX more closely resembles the HTC Rezound, with its red soft buttons on the bottom and the subtle red accents on the front of the phone. HTC’s new front-facing camera with a wider frame and IPX5 waterproofing could be among the features offered with this phone, as each have been seen with the Droid DNA and the J Butterfly.If HTC is planning to release this phone by the end of the year, it is most likely that there would be a launch event similar to the ones seen in Japan and NYC recently.For more details on how this phone might look and feel, check out our hands on with the HTC Droid DNA.via evleakslast_img

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