Galaxy S4 expected to use your eyes to scroll pages

first_imgYour eyes are a big deal to Samsung. The Galaxy S3 brought about the ability to keep a Samsung phone awake if the software could see that you were reading something on the screen. How do you one-up a trick like that? Using nothing but your eyes to scroll around on a screen.There are a lot of companies working really hard right now on software that takes advantage of eye-tracking. If a computer knows where your eyes are looking on a screen, software can be designed to enhance your user experience based on that information. Intel’s CES presentation showed a Where’s Waldo game that relied entirely on your eyes to play. In a PC environment, your eyes could be used to navigate across increasingly larger higher-resolution displays. What Intel suggested would be a great tool to have in the future, Samsung will be showing off with their new Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone.Samsung filed for several patents that all involve using the front facing camera of a phone to keep tabs on what your eyeballs are doing when the screen is on. Eye scroll and Eye pause each describe features in a smartphone or tablet where the camera uses the position of your eyes and their motion to move around on the screen or pause a video in playback. One anonymous user of the Galaxy S4 has reported to the NYTimes that they have seen the eye-scrolling feature first hand. It would appear that the ability to control your smartphone with your eyes will be a pretty big feature Samsung plans to demonstrate at their launch event on March 14th.In order for Samsung to pull off a feature like eye-scrolling on a smartphone, they would need a powerful front-facing camera with a pretty reasonable backlight sensor in order to work even most of the time. To keep tabs on your eyes and pay attention to how they are moving around, the phone is going to need a great processor with plenty of battery life if it’s going to provide you with that feature all day long. The secondary benefit to this feature would be that if you turn it off, you’ve got a killer FFC and a battery that will do good by you throughout the day.There’s still a lot about the Galaxy S4 that we don’t know for sure. The rumors that surround this phone have been all over the place, usually very light on details and never containing a believable photo or render of the hardware. Samsung has done a remarkable job keeping the phone under wraps so far, but the next week-and-a-half will most likely expose the majority of the details surrounding the phone.last_img

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