Black Ops PS3 refund petition has over 8800 signatures

first_imgDeveloper Treyarch really messed up when it released Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PS3. While Xbox 360 gamers were enjoying the new game, PS3 owners had to put up with a number of issues, including:lower resolutionframe rate issuesdisconnects for no reasongame soft and hard freezesonline laggenerally buggy softwareno split screen sign in for individual accountsWhile some of those issues can be fixed with a patch, it’s unlikely things like the lower resolution will be. This lead to a petition being started by PS3 Black Ops owners requiring that Activision issue a full refund for the game.Five weeks after the petition went live and it has had more than 8,800 signatures, showing just how bad this problem is. If it had been a few minor problems the petition would never have made the news.Treyarch has posted on the Black Ops forums stating that patches and “many more” updates are coming for the PS3. Currently the team is working on online freezing issues, party reliability, and trying to figure out an “infinite loading screen” issue that has appeared.It’s clear from the sheer number of gamers signing the petition that the work to resolve such big problems has come too late. You have to wonder who decided to ship the PS3 game in such a poor state?Read more at DestructoidMatthew’s OpinionI doubt it was Treyarch that made the final decision to ship the game. Pressure from Activision, and possibly Sony, for a simultaneous release with the 360 version would have made the delivery date unmovable for the development team.In the end, they ran out of time, and the more complicated architecture of the PS3 got the better of them. Where Treyarch has failed since is not delivering the patches needed to make the game on a par with the 360 version, or even playable online it seems. Five weeks and still problems remain is unacceptable, but so is shipping a broken game in the first place.Depending on where you live, you can take the game back to the store you bought it from for a refund within the set return period offered. The issue comes from the promise of fixes making gamers decide to hold on to the game longer than that period because they really want to play it.Should Activision accept 8,800 refunds? If they can’t make the game as playable and reliable as the 360 version, then yes it should.last_img

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