Sony reveals the PSP 2 with dual analog sticks

first_imgSony held a press event earlier today in Japan, and with it introduced the successor to the PSP. We want to call it the PSP 2, but Sony refers to it as NGP (Next Generation Portable). That is just a codename, though, and we fully expect PSP 2 to be its final name.As for the device, I think everyone is going to be happy with the new handheld. It looks to have bags of power, a fantastic screen, and of course dual analog sticks!AdChoices广告Here’s the basic spec:Quad-core Cortex-A9 processor5-inch OLED touchscreen (960 x 544)Dual analog sticks5-inch rear-mounted touchpad (matches screen in positioning)Accelerometer, gyroscope and electronic compass3G, WiFi, GPSCameras mounted on the fron and rearSony is promising a “high performance CPU/GPU” combination, but you only need look at the videos of the NGP in action to know the games will look great. Just to give you a comparison of how great, the resolution of the display is double that of the PSP (480 x 272).Alongside games that look great, there’s also room for better control of those games. The dual analog sticks have long been desired by PSP gamers, but Sony has combined them with a touchpad on the back of the device. It matches the OLED display in both size and position which should make for some intuitive and different input including touch, grab, trace, push and pull actions.Each game will be distributed on “a small flash memory based card” meaning Sony has pulled back from the digital-only distribution model introduced by the PSPgo. We don’t know what the cards looks like yet, but they will be specific to the NGP and not just standard flash cards.Sony is also going to allow additional content to be downloaded to a game card as well as save data. So this could allow DLC to be offered for each NGP title through PSN and downloaded to the actual game card rather than the NGP’s internal memory.Sony is following Nintendo’s lead by focusing on social connectivity and location based entertainment for its handheld. Each game will have a Live Area where you can hook up with other players alongside access to the PlayStation Network. A feature called Near will allow you to locate friends nearby your location and share game data with them.The NGP is set to release before the end of 2011 in Japan at least, but we hope Sony means worldwide. As for games: Killzone, Resistance, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted were already being shown off, and Call of Duty was confirmed for the platform by Activision, so expect a bunch of big launch titles.The things we don’t know yet are how much the device will cost, how much the games will cost, and specifics about the internal hardware including battery life. With at least 10 months until launch, though, Sony is sure to drip feed the information to us until then. We also suspect a lot more game announcements in time for the launch.Read more at Engadgetlast_img

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