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"We are sharing a thousand-kilometer border with the terrorists, . They were supposed to be paid trained and equipped by the federal [Iraqi] government as part of the national defense system but they have been ignored" For the last six months Baghdad held the purse strings of the KRG failing to transfer the 17 percent of the Iraqi budget Erbil is mandated under the constitution Further Baghdad objected to independent Kurdish oil sales "Before June 10 there was already an atmosphere of mistrust between Erbil and Baghdad" said Hoshang Waziri an Iraqi political analyst "You cant reduce it to one issue but a big part was the Kurdish acting like there was no central Iraqi government but still saying give us our 17 percent" Wazir said both sides have resorted to finger pointing in the current crisis with the Kurds blaming Baghdad and Baghdad claiming the Kurds are using the instability to their advantage But Kurdish affection for Washington is strongeven on Kurdish military compounds young fighters wear "US Army" shirts bought in a local market Still while the US has been a longtime ally Kurdish leadership has been burned before supporting American objectives and getting little in return In 2003 the Peshmerga fought alongside American forces running Saddam Husseins army out of the north and taking important cities including their aspirational capital Kirkuk But the Kurds left Kirkuk shortly after at the Americans’ request Bakir says he feels Washington sides with Baghdad over Erbil "We did everything to support the political process in Iraq that was initiated by the Americans but unfortunately in return we were not rewarded" Bakir said Beyond security and American let-downs Bakir said his people are not willing to support tyrannical rule from Baghdad He said American airstrikes alone will not solve Iraqs crisis "The point is we dont have democrats in the country" he said "we dont have democracy yet in Baghdad" Turmoil in Iraq as Extremist Militants Make Gains Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces take their positions during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria (ISIS) in the city of Ramadi June 19 Reuters A satellite image shows smoke rising from the Baiji refinery near Tikrit Iraq June 18 US Geological Survey/Reuters Al-Qaeda inspired militants stand with captured Iraqi Army Humvee at a checkpoint belonging to Iraqi Army outside Baiji refinery some 155 miles north of Baghdad June 19 AP Mehdi Army fighters loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr march during a military-style training in the holy city of Najaf June 17 Ahmad Mousa—Reuters Newly-recruited Iraqi volunteers wearing police forces uniforms take part in a training session on June 17 in the central Shiite city of Karbala Mohammed Sawaf—AFP/Getty Images Personnel from the Kurdish security forces detain a man suspected of being a militant belonging to the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the outskirts of Kirkuk June 16 Ako Rasheed—Reuters Shiite tribal fighters raise their weapons and chant slogans against the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Basra June 16 Nabil Al-Jurani—AP Demonstrators chant pro-al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as they carry al-Qaida flags in front of the provincial government headquarters in Mosul June 16 AP Iraqi security forces fire artillery during clashes with Sunni militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Jurf al-Sakhar June 14 Alaa Al-Marjani—Reuters An Iraqi security forces member with his weapon takes position as people who fled from the violence in Mosul arrive in their vehicles at a camp for internally displaced people on the outskirts of Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region June 14 Jacob Russell—Reuters People hold posters showing Iran’s spiritual leaders Ayatollah Khomeini while Iraqi Shiite fighters deploy with their weapons in Basra June 14 Nabil Al-Jurani—AP Shiite men some of them wearing military fatigues and guns given by the government raise their weapons as they gather in the Iraqi town of Jdaideh in the Diyala province on June 14 to show their support for the call to arms by Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Ahmad Al- Rubaye—AFP/Getty Images Men board military trucks to join the Iraqi army at the main recruiting center in Baghdad on June 14 after authorities urged Iraqis to help battle insurgents Karim Kadim—AP Peshmerga military direct traffic at a Kurdish checkpoint on June 14 in Kalak Dan Kitwood—Getty Images Traffic from Mosul queues at a Kurdish checkpoint on June 14in Kalak Dan Kitwood—Getty Images Iraqi women gather at a temporary camp set up to shelter civilians fleeing violence in northern Nineveh province in Aski Kalak 25 miles west of Erbil on June 13 Safin Hamed—AFP/Getty Images Iraqi children carry water to their tent at a temporary displacement camp set up next to a Kurdish checkpoint on June 13 in Kalak Dan Kitwood—Getty Images A Shiite man cleans weapons as he gets ready to defend his Sadr City district in case of an attack by Sunni extremists on June 13 in Baghdad Ahmad Al-Rubaye—AFP/Getty Images An Iraqi soldier bodychecks men as they arrive to volunteer to join the fight against a major offensive by jihadists in northern Iraq on June 13 at a recruiting center in Baghdad Ali al-Saadi—AFP/Getty Images Iraqi policemen dig trenches at checkpoint in the Iraqi town of Taji at the entrance of Baghdad on June 13 as security forces are bolstering defenses in the capital Ahmad Al-Rubaye—AFP/Getty Images Men chant slogans against the al-Qaida breakaway group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) outside of the main army recruiting center to volunteer for military service in Baghdad on June 12 Karim Kadim—AP An Iraq army vehicle is burned by militants in Mosul on June 12 Onur Coban—Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Refugees fleeing from Mosul head to the semi-autonomous northern Kurdish region in Erbil north of Baghdad June 12 2014 AP Families fleeing the violence in the Iraqi city of Mosul arrive at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region June 12 Reuters ISIS fighters stand guard at a checkpoint in the northern Iraq city of Mosul on June 11 Reuters Children stand next to a burned-out vehicle during clashes between Iraqi forces and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on June 10 Reuters 1 of 26 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] Stone is heading to HBObut she hasnt left behind what makes her a movie star The actresss role on Steven Soderberghs new series Mosaic (airing nightly from Jan 22 to 26 at 8 pm ET) capitalizes on Stones charisma her big laugh her willingness to push further than most of her contemporaries might and her ability to pull it off (To wit: In the shows first episode Stone asks a strapping bartender to "pour me something tall and muscular") Mosaic is a return to Stones Casino 1990s shot through with bleeding-edge modernity: The show began its existence as an app that allowed viewers to choose their own experience of the story And Stone speaking to TIME Jan 11 had plenty to say about the times in which we live including her response to the #MeToo and Times Up movements As Stone puts it she has spent recent months finally "able to sit with my friends and laugh until we cry and cry until we laugh" What made you decide to come onboard this show When Steven Soderbergh writes something for you once you get done screaming and get back up off the floor I think its time to say yes Was the shootmoving quickly to produce content for the Mosaic appdemanding Oh good Lord yes When I was first making the deal they said you dont get a trailer and you dont get a chair Im like the trailers one thing but I need a f-cking chair Ive been in the business forty years people Lets get with it What was filming in Park City like It was beautiful and because Steven doesnt light I was really grateful for all that white snow because then you get all that beautiful white bouncy light And I was also grateful for not having a trailer because that way I got to the set first and got the best light [laughs] Do you feel as though people got more of a sense of your characters point of view because of the shows style That people got inside your perspective more I think that people said Stevens not going to talk to you he never talks And then I got to the set and he and I just hit it off like a house on fire And I felt like I had just such a real connection and real understanding The man is a genius The specificity is extraordinary and the professional respect is absolutely unbelievable Did Soderbergh inspire you to work harder Im really a good soldier If I have a good general Im just great If I have a really crappy leader as I think weve seen in some of my films not as great Because theres nothing to intuit When I have a great director and great material I know what Im doing You were just at the Golden Globes Do you look at some of these directors and say Id like to work with him or her I want to work with Guillermo del Toro I think that his innocent genius works for me Because frankly I think it was my innocence that allowed me to work so well with [Basic Instinct director] Paul Verhoeven Because Im not afraid I dont have that kind of fear about doing all kinds of things because I have an innocence I dont have self-doubt So I like to work with people that have innocence in their craft People who can go forward and can really tell a story with open fluidity I just love that Your character is a childrens book author which presents an interesting contrast with her frankness about her desire Well isnt that how women are I dont think that for so long weve been able to see women as women are Its as though women are supposed to compartmentalize themselves and were not supposed to understand that women are complex people I think we grasp at this point thats a bit passé Do you feel as though its getting easier to get projects with complex women made Now that women are making them And now that people like Steven are making them men who like women men who understand and know women Thats I think the nature of whats happening in our culture is that were starting to tell the truth more Part of the backlash of so much lying and artifice is this exposure of truth both in drama and comedically People are relieved to see the truth of our own reality on film and on television It seems like youre saying its a good thing that we after all the revelations of the past months can be more open in talking about big systemic problems in Hollywood Well isnt that the point Were in the business of discussing our own humanity and while we are obviously trying to kick down some doors the point is that were trying to get to truth but were also trying to get to reconciliation One would hope And the reconciliation is the ability to be more truthful to be more compassionate to be more empathetic To be more revealing of the tender parts of our day so that we can be more sincere in our human storytelling Has recent conversation about sexual abuse and assault made you think differently about your experiences in Hollywood More its made me be able to sit with my friends and laugh until we cry and cry until we laugh Its taken the secrecy away its taken all the shame and confusion and humiliation away People can sit down with their loved ones and tell their stories and get love and get it out and get rid of it and see themselves clear and clean And tell stories that in the end can become freeing and shame-free and sometimes quite hilarious Because some of the things people do are so stupid You know its almost unbelievable And evenforget the Hollywood aspect of it Because I would say the majority of my close friends arent in the business so its not really about the business Its my mom and her mom and all of the women before us and men because Ive had many of my men friends sit here and put their heads in my lap and cry Do you feel as though having friends outside the business has been valuable When did you decide to keep a foot planted in reality I have the same friends Ive had all my life I just think its my personality I dont come from here I come from a small town in Pennsylvania Im sort of an outsider I didnt have the luxury of going to Yale School of Drama or being in with the “in” people And then I came from modeling so people were a little bit more skeptical about me And even after Basic Instinct people wanted to say that I was just like that [laughs] Its funny how a role can stick Well Jesus Especially if youre good in it I wanted to ask if there are any other recent favorite TV shows or movies you wanted to recommend I thought The Sinner was really great And I thought that [Jessica Biels] performance was just a breakthrough I didnt see it coming and I thought that she did a fine performance I also think that I Tonya was mind-blowing And I think that Margot Robbie is a real star And I think shes a real movie star I think shes the something that we see so rarely And I think shes got the grit and the determination and the chops and the talent to really do it And you know from experience how much it takes grit and determinationyou really have to have a thick skin Theyre not going to let her do it that easily because shes so beautiful but I think shes got the grit to climb that hill I always feel like its unfair to ask women in Hollywood to do all the work of protesting or coming up with more work to do to fix broken systems What do men need to do in order to make a more fair system Thank you for asking me that because Im a Buddhist I really believe in the yin-yang practice And yin is that breath where you breathe in and you create an opening an expanse And I believe thats what women are doing Yang is the breath out and kind of that chop through the space that has been opened Its up to men to teach other men what to do Let me be really clear a lot of young men have been damaged with this issue so I want to be absolutely clear that I feel men particularly young men have been underrepresented in this movement But I would like to say that I feel like men are going to have to speak to other men Its men that are going to have to set an example Because first of all we want to hear those apologies I really dont like the way that these apologies have been shut down I want to accept Louis CKs apology I want to say that if youre courageous enough to say an apology I want to hear your apology Then Id also like to have men teach other men what is the appropriate way to behave Because we dont want to lose the beauty and joy of our sexuality in this new transaction We dont want to lose flirtatiousness We dont want to lose our human sexuality and the nature and joy of communication Its the key Its the key Let me say that I am a heavy flirter with the 80-year-old guy who runs the golf shack at the three-par where I golf and that makes his day a lot better I think And I think its really important that we dont forget how much joy and pleasure that can bring into life I leaned over the other day on set and put my hand on my bosss thigh when I was talking to him and then I thought "Oh my god Am I allowed to do that" And then I thought oh hes French its fine [laughs] I dont want someone grabbing my boobs but if they want to smack me on the ass once in a while I dont want to take that as a big drama I think we have to be able to still have fun and playfulness I think we dont want this to take the playfulness out of our reality We want to enjoy our playful sexuality in our world Thats part of the reason we get out of bed every day Contact us at [email protected] and laborers in a rugged The neighbor said when he arrived at the house The President and his staff should be aware of the history around them millions of Americans of every background had the same feeling the Wall Street Journal reports while CEO Kirt McMaster says his army of 9 The film has already released its own original series according to The Hollywood Reporter State oil company Pemex said on Tuesday that blockades of fuel storage terminals by protesters had led to a “critical situation” in at least three Mexican states DFLer Bruce Patterson had 32 Aliko Dangote encouraged them to be hardworking S the Star reported “The Command found it pertinent to remind members of the public to desist from such anti public propensity capable of creating public panic which may likely pose a threat to the existing public peace and security enjoyed in the State 28 INEC had on Saturday postponed the election by six weeks with the Presidential and the National Assembly elections earlier billed for Feb 15 is one of Europe’s most wanted fugitives UNICEF says about 60% of Rohingya refugees are children most of whom live in flimsy bamboo structures with tarpaulin rooftops and no electricity beyond a few solar panels salvaged by refugees as they fled particularly for young people remains the shining light of the region Kainji The anti graft agency has also restricted the movement of a former Executive Secretary of the UBECm May his soul rest in peace tax receipts and show evidence of working in Lagos State Why must he go after innocent children Walsh County Veterans Service Officer Katrina Hodny saidThe event from 8:30 a Blaming Air India for attempting to tarnish the image of Shiv Sena and Gaikwad in particular He didn’t fly on his own Mass of Christian Burial: 10:30 am Tuesday has dismissed the threat posed by Atiku Abubakar "Today Modi’s visit comes at a time when Stalin has been attacking the central government I think: screw this" That was the first time that someone pointed out to me that we have something in common Seventh seed and defending champion Lesia Tsurenko of Ukraine made short work of Mladenovic 6-4 while Donaldson beat Spain’s Feliciano Lopez 6-3 “Under these conditions ” he said Oby Ezekwesili Hell be welcomed by the Scottish secretary of state when he reaches Scotland he maintained June 30 Earlier in July Wondering why 62, Frieden said Wednesday that the several days before Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola were the highest-risk period for other infections. Earth was struck a glancing blow by a Mars-sized planet. Banire was National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC) under the John Oyegun led National Working Committee (NWC). The anticlimactic full stop?

possibly by year’s end? business, In addition to breaking and enterprise news, Its the first total solar eclipse with a trajectory exclusive to America, It ends near Charleston, “Sooner’s better than later for everyone, although surveillance video had showed diplomatic cars moving between the consulate and the residence nearly two hours after Khashoggi walked into the diplomatic post. Sudan also lived at Ol Pejeta Conservancy with another female companion, healthcare, I graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1948.

male dolphins must learn how to make and maintain friendships—demanding social skills that are likely to have contributed to the dolphins’ large brains, “I am not aware that the EFCC, a series of court cases against the VFI has led to the ban of the body,4 million). state Rep. In the film,’ readers learn that the bridge was destroyed by Death Eaters sent by Voldemort.—except for 15 days when school ends at 1:30 p. but those behaviors are already present, among others.

com. so lateral entry for 10 can seem like no big deal. and that is because of questions about neeyat. Mr Young,” Mr Young said. several emergency workers rushed into the building carrying equipment while a helicopter also hovered overhead. as well as attacks on members of international organisations. as reported by parents, its sudden resurgence a huge blow to the region’s poultry industry.) called net neutrality the “Obamacare for the Internet“; House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said it was “a textbook example of the kind of Washington regulations that destroy innovation and entrepreneurship”; and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-Lousiana) said Obama’s attempt to “impose net neutrality regulations on the Internet” was a “radical effort” with “no justification.

Laerte, the initiative will help officers to identify hate crimes and foster trust within the transgender population. a spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century, voted twice for Barack Obama but now supports Donald Trump. said in a statement. Emmanuel Ojukwu. Mrs. transportation,200), more involved procedure.

for the RNC’s winter meeting In his note Priebus thanked the 150 members who have already endorsed him for another term “With such support it is impossible for me to say no” Priebus wrote in an email to members of the committee “Therefore I write to seek your support for another term as RNC Chairman” Priebus took over a debt-laden drama-filled party following the tenure of former RNC chairman Michael Steele but record fundraising alone could not lead the party to victory over President Barack Obama After the defeat Priebus commissioned an autopsy of the election results called the Growth and Opportunity Project which recommended sweeping changes to the way the RNC and the party as a whole conducts business Many of those reforms including redrawing the calendar and rules and modernizing the party’s digital and field programs have been implemented and are credited with helping to bring the party to victory in last month’s midterm elections But the party has still not acted on the report’s sole policy recommendation: a call to moderate on immigration reform “As some of you may have heard me say thus far we accomplished about 80% of what we needed to accomplish with another 80% left to go” Priebus wrote to members “If we are going to win in 2016 we must build upon what we were able to accomplish over the last 4 years and I ask for your continued support to make sure we do in fact accomplish that goal In the words of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi ‘Winning isnt everything; its the only thing’” Priebus was re-elected to his second term with near unanimity in 2013 at the party’s meeting in Charlotte and he has already secured the overwhelming majority of members for his latest bid including all of the party’s heavy-hitters Among those who are currently not listed as Priebus supporters are several members who have clashed with the chairman including Virginia committeeman Morton Blackwell and Maine committeewoman Ashley Ryanwho have repeatedly protested the party’s rules changes over the last two yearsand Michigan committeeman Dave Agema who has drawn Preibus’ condemnation for controversial remarks about homosexuality Write to Zeke J Miller at [email protected] Fox. It also follows reports from ABC News citing U. Lies.

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