Friends who are ready to stand alone as a local station please do not blindly start

believes that now many webmaster do in place, and many are still doing some personal, and today I say I do read the local station. First explain the situation, I contact, do station more than 3 years, not too professional technology, is considered a hobby! Usually online, often to the webmaster class website to see other people write articles. In the past few years, I have also made five or six websites, but none of them stand up and succeed. Many reasons, no way, still need to continue to work hard!.

read a lot of webmaster before, write articles, say now do stand is not easy, yes. In the current context of the Internet, blind stop, blind insistence has been useless. Therefore, do station, please find the direction, and then start. There must be an entry point at least.

now I am currently in a place to do the station yard – Suzhou (, launched more than two months, Baidu included in good condition, due to various objective factors, all the small courtyard Suzhou is a person I was engaged in, but also engage in part-time, really is not easy ah


had built this place station, analysis of some local site, Baidu search, look at the top of the station, these stations are big, or rely on the bulk of their website, too commercial, advertising that. To tell you the truth, I don’t like this kind of website. Of course, I can’t deny that putting so many ads shows that he can do it, but I feel that they have earned money and haven’t paid much attention to the user’s feelings. So I made a local station that was a bit cleaner for them. I’m sure it will be more or less acceptable, like eating too much fat and wanting a little pickle. What’s more, there are many new users waiting for us to explore,


said dry, leased the host, bought a domain name, but also chose the site procedures. Program selection is PW, because he is optimistic about a style suitable for my station. After a short period of self building, the site is basically built up.

followed by publicity and promotion, and recently also collected good local station promotion experience, prepare one by one to implement the promotion, and then one by one analysis, implementation effect. This period also made a point of Links, in exchange links and a local website, I looked at his Links column, don’t know, a look surprised, so many peers! A little surprised, at first I did not find counterparts there are so many ah, actually I never pay attention to them, the first step is not of a good opponent, no good peer analysis. There seems to be competition. Now that you have done it, do it in accordance with the ideas you have been thinking ahead.

My goal is to put the

into a small courtyard Suzhou Suzhou local good communication platform, of course, is the most popular, I would like to build a platform for the exchange of atmosphere, netizens love exchange platform. At the same time, I understand that it takes one to build such a local communication platform

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