Deep thinking what’s so great about laggards and webmasters

for grassroots Adsense, basically all the laggards and Adsense nets as grassroots webmaster successful model, also the fish and diagram king as grassroots webmaster "take the lead"". Indeed, the laggards and webmaster network to me, we are a lot of grassroots webmaster worth learning, but also for our grassroots webmaster won the "group webmaster" respect.

however, we can not only satisfy the achievements, as a grassroots webmaster, there should be greater as the laggards and stationmaster net should learn the successful experience, to lay the foundation for better development of their own, this is what I want to analyze today’s laggards and webmasters what a great

to the end.

behind the times and webmaster nets are grassroots website inside to do early. At first, the grassroots webmaster no special exchange, venting, review and other places, but behind the appearance is emerged, the problem is in urgent need of solution of the webmaster! At the same time, stationmaster net stationmaster Trading Forum is also in the grassroots webmaster want to through the website of profitability was born. There is no one who is not interested in making money, and there is no one who is not interested. However, at that time there was no special website for grassroots Adsense really earn money, GGAD, Baidu alliance, these are far from the grassroots webmaster. When the webmaster Trading Forum appeared, we found that you can use your own small station to earn money, although not much, but this is cash ah. So, stationmaster people all like stationmaster net very much.

so we do website, must recognize the current situation, see what is most needed now, which place is blind spot, that place can develop. Not seen the movie station to make money to make the movie station, QQ station to see people do you do to make money QQ, no idea is completely follow the trend, so you always slow people beat, natural opportunities will be very difficult to have! If you want to complain, now what no place for the development of the. I also did not say what, only give you don’t do the webmaster, sooner or later have to die


also, we can find that many websites are now learning the webmaster Trading Forum model. Have they succeeded? Obviously not success, and this is the result of following the trend completely. For example, everyone in the bustling do GGAD and Baidu promotion, but Ma Yun thought, Ali mother long billing advertising, Ali’s mother was born by the large number of grassroots webmaster welcome, what does that mean? That Ali mother meets the webmaster, and very creative. Although some "experts" do not optimistic about Ali’s mother, but Ali’s mother’s popularity can explain its popularity, here I do not say much,


so, if you want to make a successful website, out of passion, the most important thing is innovation and the needs of others, recognize the current situation, seize the opportunity, and strive for innovation, I think your website will be even better,