Meters give novice webmaster some suggestions 1

here I can only say that people share, than I got than I work well, I don’t need to push yourself to go and then you throw in the teeth of the storm on the floor, that is a fool to do, I am not a fool so I don’t do that.

on the Internet for four years, what is declining, met a bunch of good friends. 2008 officially adult, looking for a formal job dawdle, eight hours a day work time, every month on time fixed wages, life moisture, but the lack of passion. I’m not sure what time I’ll kill the back of a rash and too much in haste, but certainly not now, because my mom wouldn’t let, otherwise it will break my leg.

I have said before, mix four years or more than There are plenty of people who I am good, even over a million a month are not unusual, I belong to a failure in the crowd, in addition to making a computer, what did not earn. At the end of 2008, due to the chip in the last year, so the website with the price of 3000 yuan sold, now have no station, blog is not stand.

therefore, losers can not preach, that will be questioned, and occasionally encounter emotional Internet users will be scolded. Losers can only use the word "share", whether they share the cause of failure or share their own experience. In short, there is a certain difference between preaching and preaching.

for those who are better off than me, you can ignore this article or look at it and forget it. Because this article is written to new webmaster, and my level can only flicker new webmaster, and then back to be old webmaster huyou.

I think you have to know what you are good at, and that’s the first point. I’m good at it, not SEO, web design, promotion, or anything like that. But what are your interests in life?. For example, basketball, such as literature, such as video games, choose what you’re most interested in to build your first web site. I think you’ll be full of passion.

secondly, read more tutorials and talk less about QQ. Often see a lot of stationmaster after updating the website, the time is wasted in QQ chat or bubble forum, this is what I do not advocate. Do stand like a business, you must always go to the charging time to learn, a firm can change in the days after the market. The mall is a battlefield, either you die or I die. After I’ve updated my website regularly, I’ve been looking for books about marketing, management, and so on. Maybe we can use it later.

third, you have to be certain. What I call concentration is the immunity to miracles. The Internet is a miracle, but the possibility for you to create a miracle is very small, we should not be too fancy risk investment let you become overnight millionaires, the sky will indeed fall, but fall on your head rate is 1/100000. We should not see someone’s website to get millions or even tens of millions of investment risk, is desperate to give up their website to do.