n Ali save eight years of fire program the ape tells Taobao’s history of technological evolution

Abstract: Alibaba group wireless technology senior director Chong Nantian, 09 years to join Ali, witnessed the evolution of Ali technology course. The day before, the South made a fun to share, talked about eight years of "fire" in the history, the interesting story behind.


Ma Yun dad once said, because it is because they do not understand the technology, so Ali’s technology is strong, "because I do not understand, I will be curious, looked at them with respect, said," what they say, how to do."

it is said that the earliest version of Taobao, that is, Ali, took a credit card from his father and went to Canada to buy an open source system. At that time, Taobao was still a community.

, but Ma said very light, the program behind the ape is really not easy. Rome is not built in a day, whether it is the user thinking, breaking technology every year hollowed out brains "double 11" exam, or Taobao from the PC to the mobile end of the transformation, is a great test for programmers.

wireless technology group Alibaba senior director Zhuang Zoran (nickname: South) told titanium media, in 2009 he joined Ali, Ali in the nearly 8 years, from the first engineer to lead the whole team to make products, do business, every node he grew up with ALI technology evolutionary history has a great relevance, his words is "stepped".

made an interesting share of a few days ago in the southern sky, talking about the interesting behind the scenes story in the fire fighting history of eight years:

program, ape’s Ali, eight years,


wireless technology group Alibaba senior director Zhuang Zoran (nickname: South)

Nantian was originally responsible for the technical architecture in Taobao, in 2011, "three Amoy spin off" (Taobao split into a Amoy, Taobao and Tmall), he was transferred to Tmall, complex led Tmall product technology team.

2013 is an important node of Ali – fully switched to wireless. Then, the wireless business has placed great expectations, Ali formed from various BU, transferred into veteran soldiers and able captains wireless division, was transferred to the south is the wireless division in that year, became responsible for hand wash technology.

last year, Ali merged hand Amoy and Taobao, the reason for doing such a move, South sky also tells the reason. 13 years to the transformation of mobile Taobao, is actually in a very passive situation, many small scale mobile providers already have millions of magnitude, when Taobao first thought was quick to move their business to the mobile terminal, as for what is the mobile electricity supplier, was not clear.

later, as Taobao DAU continues to rise, the volume of mobile terminals has accounted for 60% to 70%, so a single group of people to do the meaning of PC is not

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