How do bring the flow of 1G with a song

from Sogou included little five blog share Xiao Shenyang – I’m just a legend, MP3 speak of.


network built in less than 1 months, the flow of ordinary, after all is not the entertainment website, not so much traffic. However, today’s statistical reports, a shock, in December 5th, small five blog traffic surge, up to 1g, surprised. How many orders of magnitude is 1g? How many people are going to browse my blog?. Not looking at the statistics of CNZZ, and not much IP, very confused.


then login the host background query flow log, found a clue, the original is two days ago and share with your friends, Xiao Shenyang, I’m just a legend, MP3 blame. According to the log prompt, found nearly 1g traffic from Sogou, so go to Sogou MP3 search for a while, I’m just a legend, immediately sweat, so popular keywords I even ranked eighth.


why, after the point opened, impressively discovered the familiar


finally found the root of the problem. 1g traffic for Sogou is not what, but for us this station, it is not to be overlooked.

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