How to prevent the loss of old customers in website operation

The importance of

customers for the development of enterprises believe that many enterprises are very clear, many companies now have the idea of trying to attract more users, but many people are complaining that the operation is too difficult to do, also do, prizes are also made, not only failed to attract new customers. Even lead to the loss of the old customers, this is very serious for enterprises caused by the loss of 10 new customers do not come back, so why old customers will be lost, the website operation and how to prevent the loss of my old customers? This is worth a lot of business problems.

one, pay attention to quality marketing,

The quality problem of

the first concern of consumers in the purchase of the product is goods, quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty, is the best weapon against competitors, is the only way to increase sales. Thus, the enterprise wants to retain customers, or attract more customers in the product is the best way to work on, want to occupy a certain advantage in the market in their own blue sky, so long must ensure that the quality of the products, to create a good foundation for the promotion of the operation of the only way to sales and brand products, can attract more customers to retain customers on the basis of the source.

two, pay attention to creativity,

good ideas can cast an enterprise, such as: Wong Lo Kat herbal tea advertising, it created a brand of Chinese herbal tea industry. From a macro perspective, the upgrading of products and the survival of the fittest determines the development of enterprises, once the company’s products can not be adjusted according to market changes and innovation, will slowly out of the market track, gradually eliminated by the market. If the time back to 10 years ago, then the navigation system of fax machines, cameras, cars etc. only these products do not appear, but these products can be created in today, it is because those operators go in front of the market to guide customers to drive the development of the market, before success.


know how to match up

in real life, a person can attract what kind of person, basically depends on the quality and strength of website operation is the same reason, want to retain old customers, the first is to know how to take, to understand their characteristics, understand their interests, understand what kind of people and they can Freemasonry. Then in the process of operation to convey this feeling, let every consumer think you buy the company’s products are granted. Psychology calls this a sense of belonging. Belonging is the feeling of home. It is familiar, kind, trusting and warm.

three, good relationship with customers

While the

era is advancing, it also promotes the evolution of people’s minds. Today people are becoming smarter, stronger and less tolerant of passive marketing. In this case, the emotional communication with customers has become an important way for enterprises to maintain customer relations, daily visits, sincere greetings of holidays, >

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