Website construction and Optimization learning to respect can win the future

it is said that the "top three" websites frequently suffer from unknown attacks in the "SEO" competition. In fact, this is not what rare thing, whether the previous "bobaiyou" or before the SEO contest, malicious attacks are always staged farce. If even the most basic respect are not against malicious attacks will do go up, so to win even more concern is what meaning? Not just to attack, and the lack of "respect" website optimization. The website construction, always let people heartache and countless.

once had extreme say, website optimization is a distorted freak originally. Although the view is somewhat extreme left, but if the website construction and website optimization can not reflect and transfer value, but by some of the skills to make up the ranking called freak, too, because it is lack of value. On the web as a pile of keywords, relying on the massive black chain and statements are not smooth pseudo original, perhaps in a short time can do the rankings. But such a lack of respect, lack of user experience, how to bring into effect and marketing? So, website construction and optimization is established on the basis of respect, must win in value, only to learn to respect in order to win the future.

1 respect, acknowledge and follow the rules, start

all have objective laws. To succeed, we must respect the law first. The famous writer Wu Xiaobo in his book "fiasco" in the statement: the failure of many enterprises is ignored due to the law of development of things and blasphemy. In fact, website construction and website optimization is not also true? Need to know the website optimization not one day work, it needs a gradual process. For example, link construction, earth people know that a sufficient number of links can effectively enhance the weight of the site. But if the link within a short period of time the number soared, to a new site is just because of its anti conventional crowning calamity. However, some people ignore the law, through the mass tool and buy black chain and other behavior construction link.

artificial fraud will undoubtedly violate the objective law, although it can be true to the packaging of cheating. As everyone knows, the true nature of the appropriate amount of click and browse depth can effectively enhance the website weight, the search engine is also in order to take care of the user experience, site content will be of concern to a front position, allowing users to more easily find. But the search engine was so benign that it was exploited maliciously, and the tools used to brush traffic were almost flooded. A fool can know, traffic swells in a short period of time is not normal, not to mention such a clever search engine? More than two cases of just throwing bricks, thinking it is worth pondering, bring the behavior of ignoring the law rules will be punished.

two, winning behind the optimization must not deceive

the perfect system has its weak point, from this point of view, proper human intervention is not a bad thing, at least to create a more harmonious competition environment. Many people think that the search engine is not just a few programs, so excellent >

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