Please friends together to witness the starting point of a small webmaster

the starting point of a small station, like a person, is experiencing the starting point of life, with age, will experience ups and downs, life and death, fast and happy. The road is unpredictable. A year, there are countless sites come out, there will be countless sites die out. Websites, like Darwin’s theory of evolution, compete, mutate, evolve, and good species survive.

himself is addicted to the Internet and is more interested in experiencing such a process. It is happy no matter how happy it is or how much it is. Spare time, leisurely, like the Internet sharing, but also like to make friends with your webmaster.

2008, August, after the Olympic Games, before the Mid Autumn Festival, established this website, the Pakistan network marketing software Count a personal website, or a personal blog. Because I am studying some Internet marketing technology (Software Technology), I hope to share some things slowly on the Internet, and also hope that through this personal website and Internet lovers communicate and exchange. Welcome to trample and friends advice.

Admin5 will also witness the birth and death of this site, growing up and worrying.

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