New angle of view Sina game brings long tail Entertainment


is the "long tail" theory has been popular, but with the long tail model involved in the industry and industry continues to expand and change, influence and penetration and high efficiency digital also grow with each passing day, the economy is creating many new opportunities, one of the most representative is the long tail of the entertainment industry’s macro".

In fact, "Elliot

entertainment" phenomenon is very interesting, its charm is that he continues to create new value of online advertising, and use others hard to find even a contemptuous disregard the corner to achieve the desired results. In order to change the structure of the economy, and to bring new blood to the vitality of communication.

takes Sina macro to extend the game channel for reading. In fact, there are many kinds of classification of games, but also show the way there, but can not be ignored is only from the senses and interactive experience, can let the users of the products in the true sense from perceptual into rational knowledge. While Sina keyword advertising in the macro world, is to seize this opportunity, the interaction effect, experience the scene, set spare no effort as a whole in the keyword advertising, which has brought new values for web communication.

can say, "long tail entertainment" in the form of alternative, but it is also eye-catching, he is not only to display the form to a height, but also the website itself value is improved. How to add value of mining site, how to improve their earnings, is the webmaster has been struggling to find and explore in the problem, then the macro sector "long tail entertainment" theory for the webmaster is like a piece of undeveloped land, the land of gold.

with the simple page shows the weakening, homogenization of advertising, VOGATE experience the nature of the brand flash game plug-in advertising, will play the ability of unlimited expansion in a limited space, for the future development of Internet advertising has brought new thinking and outlook.

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