Teach you to do web cycle development to small broad

personal webmaster, has become a lot of people like the occupation, of course, the webmaster is not easy to do, too much sweet and sour in it. See a lot of people write webmaster complain, too difficult to do, it is difficult to make out results, ask him, why there are many excellent individual stationmaster? Well, give you one hundred million dollars available, allowing you to take care of, you can guarantee that the annual profit of 1 million RMB? And you will find reasons to say.

friends, awake now, what to do, what not to do? Not strange, don’t blame the world, hate society, there is a problem, first you have to review their own, find out the reasons, resolve to overcome.

I write this article, also not say to let you give up one’s eyes to do website, do stationmaster, one eye achieves black. Everything is flexible. Personally, I think I should be enthusiastic, persistent, diligent, and flexible in doing things.

don’t rensili, play to their maximum advantage.

the beginning of my income is not much, my website started by K, then Baidu is only a collection of odd Tour online home page, a few months long, this a few months I did not idle, because I am also a novice, I know I haven’t been that level, I would do a single. "," on some domestic league pop, then, I went to Post Bar post, the post also need skills, write a tempting title: a stunning glamorous beauty, you let her why, what is she doing, look! Do you reply to laugh, she would laugh, to cry, she will cry, friends come to try ah, followed by my website, the following is a seductive beauty picture. To some of the more popular popularity Post Bar, day 5 Post Bar, I insist on a month, every day from Post Bar can come to more than 10 thousand IP, and this post is that there has been a reply, so it will not sink, the effect can last for a long time, so every day I can have 30—-50 yuan income of a month can keep the income of 1000 yuan, the 1000 yuan to buy a few 200M space, a space of 60 yuan, with the good, Godaddy will often engage in activities that have a COM domain name to engage in activities, only a 9 yuan, I immediately registered 10.

I’ve developed 10 more stations. I’ve done 2 for these 10 stations. Of course, I lost some, but I still made an early return on the cost.

I’ve been following the idea of recycling persistence, putting 80% of your monthly earnings into renewable websites, provided you’re busy and don’t recommend blind expansion.

One possibility of

success is finding a way to suit yourself.

I just write my own experience, I hope I can give my friends a reference,

comes from: strange Tour online source website: http://s.qiyoo.net >

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