Yang sails the novice webmaster want to say some words

statement: This article is dedicated to some just entering the industry and want to have success in the webmaster do stand webmaster brothers, veteran don’t laugh at me. I’m also a novice here, I feel new station owners confused and helpless when standing, this article is my own views, hoping to give some help to the novice webmaster. ]

1, webmaster life principle

never expect others to tell you he is how to make money, do not see others earn XX Yuan to apprentice or what, some time ago to write a "master to use faith to make money", a lot of friends with me, I would open my website to see him, and then asked me how to make money, there will be the apprentice. Very silent, money is the need to explore their own, only their own way out of the way is the best, the money needed is a process, do not stop time for half a year, the month earns 10 thousand people is very small.

to be honest, my work in the network, the virtual environment, we still have to treat people, make friends, that our road will be wider.


do Tashi station

station need is faith, day to earn XX Yuan is a project, but also very much, I myself have tried, but generally not long, but will let you lose more, do not always think of others to teach you, but others also through continuous accumulation and try to sum up in fact, when we learn slowly, only to find that his method was a.

don’t give up easily. Stationmaster is an unusual job. At least I’m doing it attentively. I don’t see the rainbow if I don’t experience the storm. No one will succeed casually. Think of a good direction, and do it well.

3, stick to

is a common problem can not adhere to the webmaster, I specifically garbage station, most of the time, I stood for 1 months, found not included directly deleted, in fact, Baidu has included, Baidu gave me a good ranking, but I stand not open.

I have a hypothetical, if you can do every day I spend 2 hours on their website, adhere to 3 months, adhere to update, adhere to the publicity, reasonable optimization, every month 1000-2000 not what problem.

4, how to choose the type of website

choose the type of site is very important, I think the main factors to consider the following aspects: resources are easy to obtain, competition is fierce, Baidu index, how to put the love is not your own, whether copyright infringement, whether the violation of the law, whether it has development potential and so on, like a joke, SMS, blessing, query tool, QQ, non mainstream, the best don’t love, the threshold is too low, the competition is too big, too easy to hit the novice to do. It’s better to do something with a higher threshold. In fact, you don’t have to worry about technical problems at all. Remember: see you on the Internet >!

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