If the issue of migration is tackled properly, citizens of developed and developing countries alike will come to understand how its benefits far outweigh the problems it may bring, the Secretary-General said in accepting the Declaration of The Hague, which was produced by the Society for International Development of the Netherlands.”Politicians have a choice to make,” he said, noting that they can embrace the potential that migrants and refugees represent, or instead use them as political scapegoats. The Secretary-General was accompanied at the Declaration’s launch by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Ruud Lubbers.Afterwards at a press encounter, the Secretary-General reiterated his challenge to world leaders not to scapegoat migrants. “For any number of illegal immigrants, there are thousands more who are in our midst legally and when we come up with laws, we have to be careful not to generalize from the particular, come up with laws that are designed to get certain individuals, but be careful that it is not applied to other innocent and law-abiding people in our midst,” he said.The Secretary-General then met with the judges of the International Court of Justice, who reviewed with him their caseload. He briefed them on his meeting with the Presidents of Cameroon and Nigeria last Friday, following the ICJ’s ruling last month on the countries’ dispute over the Bakassi peninsula.After meeting with the leaders of the UN Association of the Netherlands and thanking them for their work, the Secretary-General had a working luncheon with his Special Adviser on Cyprus, Alvaro de Soto.On Sunday, the Secretary-General will leave the Netherlands for France. read more

Staff who visited the remote Fugnido camp for the first time in weeks described it as still tense, a spokesman for the agency said today. A number of refugees, mainly from minority ethnic groups who were particularly affected by the clashes in November, were found living in desperate conditions. “They lacked basic supplies and had no shelter from the severe, hot and dry weather at this time of year,” Kris Janowski said. “The visiting team immediately distributed plastic sheeting for shelter, jerry cans, blankets and basic kitchen utensils to the affected group.”The ethnic conflict, between the Anuak refugees and the Nuer and Dinka communities, left 42, mainly Dinka, refugees dead and scores wounded. Following the November clashes, aid workers were not permitted to go to the volatile camp for security reasons.On 28 December, 531 refugees were moved from the beleaguered site to Bonga refugee camp, home to nearly 17,000 Sudanese refugees of the Uduk community. Fugnido is home to more than 28,700 people and is the largest of five settlements in southwestern Ethiopia’s Gambella Region, where a total of 85,000 Sudanese are sheltered. The camp was first opened in 1988 but closed in 1991 in the aftermath of civil war that broke out in Ethiopia. read more

“This programme is a turning point in WFP’s food assistance operations in Iraq,” said Jane Pearce, Representative and Country Director of WFP in Iraq, adding that “we now use innovative technology to deliver a faster humanitarian response that is reliable, flexible and scalable.” These electronic cards, known as SCOPE cards, enable WFP to assist in a timely manner those in need with both cash and vouchers, allowing them to choose, and buy their own food from local shops across the country, as well as collecting actual food from WFP distribution points.“The SCOPE cards give displaced Iraqi families and Syrian refugees the assurance that they can access food when they need it,” said Ms. Pearce, adding that more importantly, “it also gives WFP valuable feedback on the types of food people are buying with the cards, which helps us better tailor our programmes to their needs.” In order to receive the SCOPE cards, people need register their personal information and fingerprints into WFP’s database, which is electronically linked to the cards.Therefore, when a card is swiped at a shop, it automatically connects to the database for identity confirmation, then the cost of the purchase is deducted from the total balance and recorded on a receipt.With the $32 million funding from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), WFP has launched a pilot project in Akre, in the northern Kurdish region, where thousands of displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees are sheltering. The conflict in Iraq has triggered mass waves of displacement of more than 3 million Iraqis since January 2014. WFP is currently reaching 1.5 million displaced Iraqis and 70,000 Syrian refugees each month with food assistance. read more

first_imgUkip was in a state of open civil war on Monday night after Nigel Farage publicly warned that the party will collapse unless its sole MP Douglas Carswell is thrown out.Mr Farage, the former UK Independence Party leader, said Mr Carswell had “sought to split and divide Ukip in every way imaginable” since defecting from the Conservatives to Ukip in 2014.The two men have been at odds for years over the party’s policies but their antipathy came to a head amid claims that Mr Carswell frustrated Mr Farage’s chances of being awarded a knighthood. Mr Farage and Lord Pearson – who had kept the campaign for Mr Farage’s knighthood secret – suggested the email showed that Mr Carswell had not seriously backed the honour.Mr Farage said: “It could not be clearer that Douglas Carswell was negative in his response to the chief whip. He is consumed with jealousy and a desire to hurt both Ukip and me. What a sad figure he cuts.”Lord Pearson said the comments showed that it was “pretty clear [that Mr Carswell] he did not support” Mr Farage’s knighthood.He added: “It is true that I and others tried to get a knighthood for Nigel Farage and one way or another we failed, and we still think he should have one.“I am not going to give up. I am going to go on and try to see whether we can get him a K in the Birthday honours in the summer.” But these plans were dropped when the pair realised Mr Farage would have to resign as an MEP first before being allowed to accept the peerage.Lord Pearson then approached the Cabinet Office’s Parliamentary and political service honours committee about a knighthood for Mr Farage. It turned down the application at the end of July.The peer then asked directly Mr Carswell – who is Ukip’s leader in Westminster – to approach Gavin Williamson, the Government’s chief whip, about appealing the decision to reject Mr Farage’s application.Mr Williamson – as an “official member” of the honours committee – is allowed to recommend honours to MPs who represent minor parties in the Commons. Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “As a party, how can we let a man represent us in the House of Commons who actively and transparently seeks to damage us? “I think there is little future for Ukip with him staying inside this party. The time for him to go is now.”   Ukip is already facing a crisis after the party’s leader Paul Nuttall failed to win last week’s by election in Stoke-on-Trent, an area in which people voted heavily for Brexit at last year’s referendum. I think there is little future for UKIP with him staying inside this party. The time for him to go is nowNigel Farage Lord Pearson Douglas Carswell insisted he had supported Nigel Farage’s knighthood Nigel Farage interviewed by Piers Morgan last weekCredit:Kieron McCarron/ITV Nigel Farage interviewed by Piers Morgan last week Lord Pearson asked Mr Carswell in the middle of December to approach Mr Williamson believing this offered “a sporting chance of getting around this committee”.On December 30th Lord Pearson emailed Mr Carswell saying: “Dear Douglas, Could you let me know how your talk with Gavin Williamson went before Christmas? By phone if you prefer? Good wishes. Malcolm.”Mr Carswell replied the next morning on December 31 – the day the New Year’s honours were announced – saying: “As promised, I did speak to the government Chief Whip. “Perhaps we might try angling to get Nigel an OBE next time round?  For services to headline writers? An MBE, maybe?” Lord Pearson replied an hour later: “Dear Douglas, Let’s speak at your convenience. Ring me? Not sure an ‘Other Buggers’ Efforts’ quite hits the spot for  Nige……..?! Malcolm”. Last week Mr Farage said he believed Ukip failed to win the Stoke by-election due to its failure to continue its strong message on migration.Now, leaked emails seen by The Telegraph show Mr Carswell mocked Mr Farage’s chances of an honour after it was turned down, saying he should be given an award “for services to headline writers”.Mr Farage said the leaked online exchange showed Mr Carswell was “consumed with jealousy and a desire to hurt me” and urged Paul Nuttall, Mr Farage’s successor, to sack him.However, Mr Carswell insisted the leaked email “confirms that I made every effort to make sure that Ukip got its fair share of peerages and honours”. Mr Nuttall declined to comment.Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Ukip’s former leader, initially tried to organise a peerage for Mr Farage, backed by Ukip peer Lord Willoughby de Broke, last July in the wake of the EU referendum. Mr Carswell insisted he had supported Mr Farage’s knighthood, and urged The Telegraph to publish his email exchange with Lord Pearson.His email showed he was “commiserating with the person who asking me to lobby on behalf of the party” on the day the New Year’s honours were announced.He said: “I would say the emails you have directly contradict those who suggest I was not trying to ensure that Ukip got its share of peerages and honours.“You cannot regard that email as anything other than being supportive that Ukip gets its fair share of peerages and honours. I am not going to say what I did or didn’t say to Gavin Williamson.“Put the email in the public domain and let readers make up their minds. It reinforces my version of events.” Douglas Carswell Lord Pearson initially tried to organise a peerage for Nigel Farage after the EU referendum in JuneCredit: EDDIE MULHOLLAND for The Telegraph Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? 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first_imgThe election is finally out of the way and the government has a big agenda ahead of it. Right out of the gates it has announced a tax review, a financial services review, a competition review, and a review of government spending. Importantly, the government has said it will consult with and wants to hear from businesses. This is a smart move – the business community does most of Australia’s employing, wholesale consuming and production, and the expectation of a Coalition victory last week was cause in itself for businesses to gain some confidence. We saw evidence of this sentiment in the most recent NAB Business Survey, which switched from a -3 confidence score on the economy to a +6 score, in the space of a month. Improved confidence is a good sign, and this new government brings the promise of change. So I wonder which changes business owners would urge on the new government if they had the access and influence. What would you say to our new treasurer, Joe Hockey, if you could spend the next month as his adviser? Don’t assume he wouldn’t listen: Joe Hockey grew up in a family of business owners and understands the issues well, which is evident in the Coalition’s commitment to reducing company tax rate by 1.5 per cent and cutting regulatory burden on business. So where would you start if you had the opportunity to speak up about red tape, competition and other issues that matter to you? Most small business owners would probably start with taxes – there’s too many of them and they’re too high. But which ones would you reduce, which would you scrap and which part of the system would you reform? Most business owners understand that the political stability and regulatory structure we operate within makes it easy and safe to do business in this country; they also know that it doesn’t come free. That means the business tax system has to raise requisite amounts of cash before it concerns itself with fairness or efficiency. It’s the same with red tape. We all want an easier way of doing business, but which red tape do we advise Joe Hockey to cut? Which ones should he streamline and which regulation is working well? Where do you stop when you cut red tape? One area a business owner might urge the treasurer into would be competition policy. Market dominance by large conglomerates can hurt smaller businesses, which generally means prices rise and choice reduces. But is there a solution when large companies dominate? It’s instructive to note that while the confidence survey found an increase in confidence due to the expectation of a new government, some of the component parts of the survey looked quite sickly. Overall business conditions were considered ‘extremely weak’ in mining, manufacturing, retail, construction, wholesale and transport and utilities, all of which scored in the negative range. There are still problems in this economy for many business owners. But which solutions would you put to the treasurer? This is probably the time to speak up. I’d love to hear your ideas. * Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a financial services company offering home loans, financial planning, accounting & tax and insurance. Email Mark on mark.neos@ybr.com.au with any queries you may have or checkwww.ybr.com.au for your nearest branch. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

first_imgTaxe télécoms : la Commission européenne ouvre une procédure d’infraction contre la FranceFrance – Afin de compenser le manque à gagner de France Télévisions suite à la suppression des écrans publicitaires après 20h, le gouvernement a instauré plusieurs taxes. Parmi elles, celle qui ponctionne de 0,9% les recettes des opérateurs télécoms, vient d’être retoquée par la Commission européenne.Bruxelles a décidé d’ouvrir une procédure officielle d’infraction contre la France, estimant que la taxe imposée depuis mars 2009 aux opérateurs est illégale. “Non seulement cette nouvelle taxation des opérateurs ne semble pas compatible avec les règles européennes, mais elle vient frapper un secteur qui est aujourd’hui l’un des principaux moteurs de la croissance économique” a précisé la commissaire en charge de la société de l’information et des médias, Viviane Reding. Et d’ajouter que cette taxe a de forts risques de se répercuter sur la facture des consommateurs.Cette taxe télécoms ponctionne quelque 300 millions d’euros par an et la décision de la Commission européenne est bien sûr une excellente nouvelle pour les opérateurs, lesquels s’insurgent depuis des mois contre son instauration. “Alors que les opérateurs sont très attentifs à leurs dépenses en raison de la crise, cette taxe freine le déploiement du haut débit et pénalise, au-delà des opérateurs, toute l’industrie d’équipement”, souligne Yves le Mouël, directeur général de la fédération française des télécoms.Le gouvernement français dispose désormais de deux mois pour apporter les preuves de la légalité de cette taxe. S’il n’y parvenait pas, la commission européenne pourrait porter l’affaire devant la cour de justice européenne. L’État pourrait alors être contraint de rembourser aux opérateurs les sommes versées depuis le mois de mars dernier.Le 29 janvier 2010 à 16:42 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgManchester United must keep Anthony Martial at the club says Wayne Rooney.The French forward is reportedly unhappy at Old Trafford but Rooney insists the club must make sure he doesn’t leave. Rooney believes Martial is one of the best players in the league provided his manager can get the best out of him.The 22-year-old signed for United from AS Monaco in 2016 going on to have a stellar campaign with 11 goals whilst also leading the team to FA Cup glory. But his form seems to have dropped since then.Martial is expected to leave Old Trafford this summer after his agent publicly declared his client wanted out of the club.ole gunnar solskjaer, manchester unitedReport: Up to seven first team players out for United George Patchias – September 13, 2019 Manchester United have some serious injury problems with up to seven first-team players out.This Saturday, United have a Premier League clash with Leicester City….With Chelsea and Tottenham lurking around the French striker, Rooney believes his old team must keep him.“I think Martial ability-wise is incredible but how do you get the best out of him.” He said via talkSPORT.“I think it’s difficult to get to know him as a person but once you can do that you’ve to keep him happy.”last_img read more

first_imgFamily and friends of a Vancouver couple missing since Sunday are asking for help locating John and Patricia Norvell.The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has taken a report but a spokesman said Friday there’s “nothing to indicate foul play.”Sgt. Scott Schanaker said the Major Crimes Unit handles missing persons reports.“They’ll start looking at it and see if there’s anything to follow up on,” Schanaker said.John and Patricia Norvell, both 63, were last seen at about 6 p.m. Sunday.The couple could be driving a bluish-green 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Washington license plates 439UDS. No additional information has been released.A public Facebook page dubbed “Findjohnandpat Norvell” had more than 200 “friends” as of this afternoon.last_img read more

first_imgHIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) – A suspicious package was reportedly found at Amelia Earhart Park, Tuesday morning.Later that afternoon it was found to be safe.Police and bomb squad officers responded to the park, located at East 65th Street near LeJeune Road.Officials cleared the area and diverted traffic while they investigated, but nothing dangerous was found.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgMyShot, National Geographic’s popular social hub that allows users to submit and vote on photos, and YourShot, the related submission site—have been two of the magazine industry’s few unmitigated successes on the Web.Now, the magazine is offering readers an opportunity to customize the cover of a special print issue—National Geographic’s Your Shot—that will feature “101 of the best readers’ photographs submitted to National Geographic magazine over the past three years.”Wired, you might recall, was one of (if not the) first national magazine to allow readers to customize a cover. The July 2007 project—funded by Xerox—netted Wired great press, but pulling together the issue, as one former staffer told me, was a “logistical nightmare.”National Geographic, though, might be looking for some incremental revenue, too. Via the press release:Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift? One that fulfills the fantasy of having a favorite photograph featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine? This month, National Geographic is publishing a special collector’s edition, National Geographic Your Shot, featuring 101 of the best readers’ photographs submitted to National Geographic magazine over the past three years. Starting Monday, June 15, readers can create and order a unique, customized cover of this special issue, using a photograph of their choice, by going to ngm.com/your-shot-special. The customized version makes a perfect gift to memorialize a special family snapshot.The custom cover option for National Geographic Your Shot will be available to order, online only, for $19.99 plus shipping. The issue goes on newsstands with a standard cover on Tuesday, June 30, for $10.99.The 144-page issue, with a trim size of 7″x7″, also will also contain advertising—from HP, Fuji and Energizer, among others.last_img read more

first_imgRoad accident logoThree people, including a woman, were killed and 30 others injured in a road accident involving four vehicles in Lalabazar area of Sylhet’s Dakkhin Surma upazila on Sunday, reports UNB.The deceased were Sheuli Chakrabarti, 50, wife of Jotin Biswas Chakrabarti of Tajpur in Osmaninagar upazila, Kajol Patra, 45, son of Amal Patra of Thakurermati village in Jaintapur upazila, and Mahbubul Alam, 30, son of Ashik Ali from the same area.Witnesses said a Sherpur-bound bus collided with a truck at the place around 12:30pm.Soon, another bus and a motorcycle crashed into the accident-ridden vehicles, leaving Mahbubul and Kajol dead on the spot and 31 other people injured.The injured were taken to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital where Sheuli succumbed to her injuries.last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: Jadavpur University on Wednesday formed a two-member committee that will conduct an inquiry to find out whether there were any procedural or other lapses in the evaluation of answer scripts of all the six Humanities subjects for which the varsity had conducted admission tests.”We had the meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) today (Wednesday) where we have unanimously decided on the probe. A retired Justice and an external academician will be part of the committee. If they want, they can also rope in other members to assist them in the process. They will submit a report after the probe,” Pro Vice-Chancellor, JU Pradip Ghosh said. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeEC sources said former Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University Ashutosh Ghosh will be a member of the committee. It may be mentioned that there were allegations of improper evaluation of History answer scripts and the varsity had to re-evaluate those with the help of external academicians.It was found that there was significant variation of marks secured by the candidates in the first and second round evaluation. The first evaluation was conducted by professors of the History department, while the second one was done by external experts. It may be mentioned that there were as many as 15 changes on the revised selection list for History. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedA total number of 15 candidates, who were on the waiting list after the earlier evaluation, made it to the selection list after re-evaluation. There were cases — where a student, who had scored 6 out of 100, got 32 after re-evaluation. A total of 344 scripts were re-evaluated.Apart from History, admission tests were held in English, Bengali, International Relations, Philosophy and Comparative Literature. “There were hardly any questions raised based on the evaluation of the other five subjects. However, the probe will be conducted for all the subjects to ensure transparency,” an EC member said.last_img read more

first_imgTo bring greater focus on digital presence and social media, The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, launched ‘Incredible India 2.0’ at the recently concluded ‘National Tourism Awards, 2015-16.’ The award was presented to various segments of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, at a function organised by the Ministry of Tourism, on the occasion of ‘World Tourism Day.’ Alphons Kannanthanam, Minister of State (I/C) for Tourism, presided over the function. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe President also launched the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ project and a brand new ‘Incredible India’ website on the occasion. ‘Incredible India 2.0 Campaign’ marks a shift from the present generic promotions being undertaken across the world, to market specific promotional plans and product-specific creative, with a greater focus on digital presence and social media. ‘Adopt a Heritage’ project plans to entrust heritage sites to the public sector and private sector companies and individuals for the development of tourist amenities. The new ‘Incredible India’ website is an advanced version of the previous one, with more useful features. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveSpeaking on the occasion, the President said that tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. “Its evolution can be estimated from the fact that the number of tourists all over the world has increased from 2.5 crores in 1950 to 123 crore in 2016. It is estimated that every 10th person in the world works in the tourism industry. In India too, the livelihood of a very large number of people is linked to the tourism industry,” he said.The President added that inclusive tourism development can strengthen inclusive economic development. Every citizen should strive to provide a good experience to tourists at his or her own level. He said that ‘Adopt a Heritage Project’, which was launched with the efforts of the Tourism Ministry, Culture Ministry and Archaeological Survey of India, has great potential to make our rich and diverse heritage monuments, tourist-friendly. He expressed hope that this project will help in the maintenance of our heritage with a partnership of the public and private sectors. Alphons Kannanthanam in his address congratulated the winners of the National Tourism Awards and called upon all to commit ourselves to transform India into one of the most preferred destinations for travelers around the world.He said, “Tourism is in an enviable position with the inherent capacity to create large-scale employment, eradicate poverty, benefit local communities economically and socially, and to generate awareness and support for conservation of the environment. Our policies and actions must aim to strengthen the benefits and reduce the costs of tourism.”The date for the Awards function was selected to coincide with World Tourism Day which is celebrated annually on September 27. The purpose of World Tourism Day celebrations is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.last_img read more

first_img 1. Eagles at Redskins (+2.5) – Washington has been playing out of their minds against the NFC East this year, and they’re on a 3-game winning streak overall. KIrk Cousins has a 100.7 passer rating during the streak, and the defense has 7 takeaways during the stretch. Sorry Carson Wentz, no soup for you. Take Washington and the points, 27-23.2. Colts at Texans (-3.5)  – Colin hates coughing up points, but he loves the Texans giving 3.5 at home against the Colts and their Junior Varsity defense. They just gave up 400 yards (397) and 2 touchdowns to career backup Brian freakin’ Hoyer. The Colts D has allowed a criminally indictable 70 passing plays of 10+ yards this year, and Houston rookie Will Fuller has 12 Receptions of 10+ Yards. Houston’s offense is limited with Osweiler, but not at home, and not against an inferior Indianapolis roster. Texans covers the 3.5 and then some, 36-26.3. Steelers at Dolphins (+7.5) – What the hell is Colin thinking (smoking) taking the Dolphins against the 4-1 Steelers? He’s thinking that the Dolphins have a real defense. They’re 6th best in the NFL in 3rd Down Defense (33.3% conversion rate), and have forced the 2nd most negative plays in the AFC (39). The Steelers D is filled with holes and is allowing the 6th most yards per play (5.94) in the league. Also, it’s desperation time for the Dolphins. Pittsburgh wins, but the Dolphins cover at home. 27-26, Steelers.4. Chiefs (+1) at Raiders – Kansas City is getting a point with Andy Reid coming off a bye, where he’s 15-2 in his career. That means bye bye for the Silver and Black. The Oakland defense is giving up an offensive 7 yards a play, and has allowed 16 offensive touchdowns (only the Browns and the Chargers have allowed more). Colin always loves teams that1.) Get embarrassed on national TV – the Chiefs got drilled 43-14 by the Steelers in their last game on Sunday night, and;2.) Teams that have extra time for preparation.The Chiefs are both. Take Kansas City, the point and the outright win in the Black Hole, 30-24.5. Cowboys at Packers (-4) – Colin has been tough on Aaron Rodgers, but A-Rodg has 49 touchdowns and 6 picks in his last 3 years at home at Lambeau. The Pack has the best rushing defense in the NFL, only allowing 42 yards per game, which matches up well against run-heavy Dallas and NFL leader Ezekiel Elliott. Colin likes Green Bay to cover the 4 at home, 27-20.That’s an NFL Week 6 Blazin’ 5 that’s hotter than an exploding Samsung Galaxy 7!Also, make sure you download, listen and subscribe to Colin’s Blazin’ 5 Prediction Podcast with RJ Bell every Saturday morning through the end of the football season. He’ll sit down with RJ and see how this week’s Blazin’ 5 stacks up against the Vegas sharps.Download and subscribe to it exclusively at TheHerdNow.com,iHeart Radio, Google Play, or iTunes. Don’t miss it!Fresh off another winning week, @ColinCowherd’s Blazin’ 5 is straight ?? pic.twitter.com/WnFnexmpgU— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) October 14, 2016 Advertisement It’s Friday in The Herd and it’s time for the Blazin’ 5 for NFL Week 6. If you hate obscenely early retirements on remote tropical islands, please don’t read any further.Colin came back last week like it was Rocky II. He was 4-1 in Week 5, and is now over .500 (14-11) for the year. There’s no going back. We’re through the looking glass people. Grab the fire extinguisher, Colin is about to burn Vegas to the ground like his name was the “Mad King”.Don’t listen to your buddy Steve “The Epiglottis”. Colin’s got Vegas out on it’s feet, and this week he’s ready to put it into a rear-naked choke hold.Here are Colin’s plays for NFL Week 6. It’s the Blazin’ 5.last_img read more

first_img Register Now » 1 min read June 7, 2017 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.center_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global In the modern business landscape, there is at least one constant: “content is king.” Whether you’re a creative looking to market your skills or you run a business and are looking to come up with content strategies, you may have questions.Our new video series Ask Entrepreneur is back, with staffers taking your questions.Next Thursday, Entrepreneur.com’s network editor, Conrad Martin, will lend some insights into the “ins and outs” of video content strategy and production. From freelance production companies to content generation giants, Conrad will speak from his experience and touch on other aspects of the entrepreneurship of entertainment.Conrad will take your questions (giving a bonus behind-the-scenes peek) during the live broadcast on Thursday, June 15, at 1 p.m ET, but feel free to send a question in the form below or tweet @Entrepreneur using the hashtag #AskEntrepreneur. (Please think twice before sliding in his DMs.)Please join us on our Facebook page on Thursday, June 15, at 1 p.m.last_img read more