first_imgMilan: Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence through injury could give Moise Kean the chance to shine with Juventus after the teenager’s stunning breakthrough with Italy during the international break. Ronaldo looks set to miss the champions next three Serie A games, against Empoli on Saturday, Cagliari on April 2, and AC Milan four days later after picking up a right thigh injury playing for Portugal. The 34-year-old was rested by Juventus in their last Serie A game, after his hat-trick against Atletico Madrid sealed a place in the Champions League quarter-finals against Ajax. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhAnd without the Portuguese star Massimiliano Allegri’s side suffered their first league defeat this season 2-0 against Genoa. Juventus are still closing in on an eighth consecutive Scudetto with a 15-point gap on second-placed Napoli. And Kean will be hoping to get a chance to showcase his talents for their first game at home against Empoli since their dramatic victory over Atletico in the Allianz Stadium. The 19-year-old won his first cap for Italy in a friendly last November, but it was his second appearance for the former world champions that has brought him into the spotlight. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced laterHe became the youngest Italian to score in over 60 years in their 2-0 Euro 2020 qualifying win over Finland last Saturday. He scored again in a 6-0 rout of Liechtenstein on Tuesday. Being in a star-studded squad alongside five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo means that Kean’s opportunities of regular action have been limited. But ahead of Juventus’ return leg against Atletico, Allegri handed Kean his first Serie A start of the season against Udinese and the forward seized his rare opportunity with a brace. “I always try to be ready and train regularly so that I’m prepared when the time comes,” Kean said.last_img read more

In his latest report to the Security Council, the Secretary-General says that the Assembly election on 17 November 2001 was an important step forward in the implementation of the Council’s 1999 resolution on Kosovo, which created a UN administrative authority that would gradually hand over control of the province to provisional institutions of self-government.With the electorate giving no single party a majority, political forces have been compelled to work together to overcome the legacy of the past and contribute to the building of a common future. “The time it is taking to elect a President and form a Government is an indication of the difficulties that will have to be overcome,” Mr. Annan observes.Saying security remained a paramount concern, the Secretary-General calls on all Assembly members to lead by example in creating conditions conducive to improving inter-communal relations and promoting reconciliation.”Reconciliation must begin in the Assembly, as members of all communities work side by side to improve the situation of all the people of Kosovo,” Mr. Annan stresses.The Secretary-General also pays tribute to his Special Representative in Kosovo, Hans Haekkerup, “for his steady leadership during a period that has seen significant progress, and to the men and women of UNMIK for their wonderful work in difficult circumstances.”Mr. Annan says that he will be writing to the Security Council about the successor to Mr. Haekkerup, who decided for personal reasons not to continue in his post.The Council has scheduled a public meeting on 21 January to discuss Kosovo. read more

Amy Oliver knew she wanted to go to Brock University, but getting a head start on research cemented that decision.The 17-year-old Ridgeway-Crystal Beach High School student presented research on the health benefits of taking Vitamin E Thursday during the 20th annual Brock Mentorship Program Symposium. Some of the top high school students in Niagara showed off the research they’ve been working on since September under the guidance of Brock faculty and staff members.“Having the experience before coming to the University has been awesome. I know my way around and there are state-of-the-art labs. I feel really good about coming here now,” said Oliver, who will start at Brock in September. “It solidified my decision.”This year’s Mentorship Symposium saw 21 local high school students from both DSBN and NCDSB present their projects Thursday.Since its inception, the program has seen more than 300 students from 20 Niagara high schools participate. Over the years, 80 Brock faculty members and staff have volunteered as mentors to provide the students with the opportunity to experience real-life research.St. Michael High School classmates Matthan Condez and Holly Galinec, who have both been offered acceptance letters by Brock, worked together to design a system that uses a webcam to detect distracted driving. They were mentored by Tom MacDonald, who works in Brock’s electronics shop.“We started from scratch and we had to brainstorm our own project,” Condez said. “We had to teach ourselves the coding and then pull what we both knew into one project.”Galinec said the research project whet her appetite for university research.“I got a taste for university life and explored what I’m into. I had no prior experience coding, but now that I’ve done it, I quite like it,” she said.This year’s group of students were all high-achieving Grade 12 students who were accepted based on their applications to the program. The study disciplines covered the entire spectrum of Math & Science (MATH, BIOL, CHEM, NEURO, Robotics, PHYS) and included Health Sciences and Kinesiology, as well.The program gave the students the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty or staff in the related field. Some were paired up with Master’s students and worked in their labs, others conducted surveys and did statistical analysis on data.“The students are exceptionally talented this year,” said Brock University Associate Professor Joe Engemann, who has been running the mentorship program since its inception. “High school is excellent, but it doesn’t really teach them how science is conducted in the real world. They come here and they’re amazingly quick studies. They understand the research techniques and they do amazing work.” read more

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. This came to just over £37,000 of the total £62,000 costs. The remaining amount, which comes to just under £25,000 will come out of the council coffers.Judge George criticised both parties for not being able to settle their differences and costing taxpayers, what she called, an ‘inordinate amount of public money’. Neighbours who waged a three-year war against each other over a pond for koi carp decorated with plastic herons and a Saudi flag have cost the taxpayer almost £25,000 in legal costsCredit: Martin Pope/ Martin Pope The council tried to end the war by asking the couples to sign voluntary Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, but the Abdel-Khaleks refused, leading the council to take out a civil injunction against them.After several county court hearings, the case ended up at the High Court of Justice in Birmingham last week.The court stated that the Brewsters “harboured irrational thoughts about the significance of the display of the Saudi Arabian flag” – which they complained to the council about 11 times.In the ruling, Judge Jane George stated that the distress caused by the objects was down to the Brewsters’ own “irrational and in some respects frankly bizarre interpretation of what things meant.”In her report she called the reaction from the Brewsters “extraordinary” and added: “No alarm, distress or harassment can be caused to a reasonable person by seeing a country’s flag hanging from a tree in a neighbour’s garden”.The court ruled that an injunction should be enforced against the Abdel-Khaleks to stop them from hanging items in their garden “in plain sight of the Brewsters property”, but said that they should “not be prevented from hanging items over the pond” should they wish to do so.As a result of the case, Mr and Mrs Abdel-Khalek were ordered to pay 60 percent of the council’s legal costs. In their complaints, the Brewsters said the “items hanging from trees” were “offensive”, telling police and council workers the items were put up “deliberately to cause them alarm and distress”. They also said the items were designed to “intimidate them” and made reference in emails to the council and police that accused Mr and Mrs Abdel-Khalek of being “extremists” – despite the police telling them the Saudi flag was the “national flag of a sovereign country”. Neighbours who waged a three-year war against each other over a pond for koi carp have cost the taxpayer almost £25,000 in legal costs.Dr Mohamed Abdel-Khalek, a 67-year-old retired eye surgeon, and his wife Aila, a 42-year-old clinical engineer, installed a 20ft-long pond in their garden in 2015 prompting complaints from neighbours Philip and Jennifer Brewster.Mr Brewster, a 70-year-old solicitor who specialises in land development and commercial property, and his wife Jennifer, 69, complained that the noise from the pond’s pump was “loud and continuous” and claimed it caused “water leakages” into their property.The Brewsters also complained to the council about Mr Abdel-Khalek hanging plastic herons, a small plastic Santa and a Saudi flag in a tree above his pond.Mr Abdel-Khalek said the objects were put there to protect his koi carp from predatory birds. Neighbours who waged a three-year war against each other over a pond for koi carp decorated with plastic herons and a Saudi flag have cost the taxpayer almost £25,000 in legal costs read more

first_imgMineWare, is collaborating with CRCMining and the University of Queensland on an 18-month ACARP (the Australian black coal industry’s research program) project set to advance dragline operations one step closer to automation. Funded by an ACARP grant of more than A$600,000—as well as in-kind support from MineWare and CRCMining—the joint project focuses on developing and implementing a new dig sequencing technology that aims to identify the best sequence of operations and movements for a dragline to excavate in the most efficient and productive way.The technology will give operators instantaneous position, digging and dumping guidance, supporting them to make critical decisions around the sequencing of excavation.MineWare CEO and project co-leader Andrew Jessett said that dragline operations will benefit from a significant improvement in productivity. “On draglines around the world, we continue to see inconsistencies in operator sequences and techniques, which can result in variations in productivity rates in excess of 10%,” he said. “By giving dragline operators accurate, instant guidance, we want to close the gap on these variations and improve productivity as a direct result.”Jessett believes the time is right for industry to revisit the historic problem of dragline automation, capitalising on the readiness of new and emerging technologies. He said the project represents a logical stepping stone towards the realisation of an automated dragline system—one that can bring an immediate benefit to open-pit mining globally. He has been nominated for the 2014 International Mining Technology Hall of Fame inductions in the Surface Load and Haul category.“This project builds upon more than 20 years of initiatives aimed at improving the performance of draglines,” he said. “While the dream of an automated dragline system is still many, many years away, we’re ready to take another big step, harnessing new digital terrain mapping technology and our Pegasys Dragline Production Monitor to semi-automate key dragline dumping and positioning functions.”Forming part of a broader roadmap towards improving dragline performance through automation, the project is split into two major stages. Stage one involves the design of a dragline excavation sequencing system, underpinned by a sophisticated algorithmic approach relevant to all dragline operations worldwide.Stage two will trial the algorithm on a fully operational production dragline, integrated into MineWare’s Pegasys Dragline Monitoring system. During this stage, operator visualisation and supervisor report tools will be developed to analyse operator-based sequencing of excavation against the sequencing algorithm.The project’s immediate benefit to industry will be the development of the operator assistance technology targeting four key areas—minimising average cycle and positioning time while digging; increasing compliance to final pit geometry; reducing rework and rehandling of material, and pre-warning against potential pit issues such as spoil bound scenarios.A further future benefit will be the development of automation technologies that build naturally off the excavation sequencing information provided by the operator assistance technology.Additional benefits for mining companies include an increase in coal uncover rates; improved safety by avoiding leaving high/low walls in danger of slumping and reducing the need for surveyors in the pit; increased operational reliability and consistency, and lower duty cycling.Clarifying the role and importance of dig sequence technology in dragline automation, Jessett said that correct operator decision making is one of the most critical influencers of dragline performance. “There is a direct link between operator performance and dragline productivity, particularly when it comes to excavation planning,” he said.“Only the very best dragline operators are well skilled in this area; they need to know when to reposition a dragline, what the optimal sequence of moves is to dig a block and how the dragline should move to get there. The answers to these questions lie at the very heart of dragline efficiency and productivity. By creating a system that allows us to get dig sequencing right everytime, we will have made a significant step forward towards automation.”Attracting widespread support and interest from mining industry leaders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the project builds upon the work of several previous ACARP projects and research undertaken by CRCMining on tactical mission planning for mining excavators.ACARP’s Open Cut Committee has appointed senior representatives from four of the world’s largest coal mining companies as ‘Industry Monitors’ for the project.The success of the project will be judged on the physical uptake of automation technologies across mines as project partners use research outcomes for commercial development on draglines worldwide.Looking ahead, Jessett said that the natural extension of this project is for the optimal sequencing information to build on previous research on swing automation systems that, in the first instance, automate the swing, dump, and return motions of the dragline.“By combining optimal sequencing and automated motion, we can deliver key improvements to machine productivity in two major areas,” he said. “Firstly, we’ll be able to deliver production rates that match best practice in manual operation; and secondly, we will reduce maintenance downtime by ensuring smooth control actions.”last_img read more

first_imgMost notably, he says that heroism is an attribute to anyone who chooses to work towards it:Habits of wise and effective acts of heroism can be learned, encouraged, modelled and are achievable by anyone at any point in their lives.Key to encouraging ‘everyday heroism’ appears to be the currently-popular term ‘the psychology of positive change’. In a framework for encouraging this type of change in society – and making it last – Zimbardo lays out a three-point plan to get you started. You can read it here.Do you know someone in everyday life who has tried to create a positive change in their environment or society on an everyday basis? We’d love to hear in the comments below.Watch: Bus driver stops woman from jumping off bridge>The Irish social entrepreneurs who want to make society better>- Additional reporting by AFP 2013 MANY HAVE PROCLAIMED Nelson Mandela – to be laid to rest tomorrow – to be a hero. But what are the prerequisites for joining this elite club?Frank Farley of Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, who has been studying the psychology of heroism for three decades, offers this checklist of qualities:courage and strengthcompassion, generosity, devoted to the search for justiceintelligence, being accomplished at somethinghonesty and integritywell-likedadventurous, enjoys risk-takingambitious and determined, should never give up.Some researchers argue that heroism can be learned and that just as evil can lie in banality, that an ordinary person can become the source of extraordinary acts of heroism.Psychologist Philip Zimbardo became well known in the 1970s for the Stanford Prison Experiment which showed that ordinary ‘decent’ people could commit evil or sadistic acts if put in the position to do so without fear of reprisal.More recently, Zimbardo has argued that the converse can be true in terms of motivating people to acts of heroism. He has created a new project,, to explore the nature and psychology of heroism.A study published in Psychological Science journal last year researched the ‘flight-or-fight’ response to danger. It found that “having positive social interactions before being exposed to acute stress” encouraged people to behave in “more pro-social behaviour”; a “tend and befriend” situation, said the scientists. In other words, compassion can inspire acts of heroism towards your fellow humans.Zimbardo defines heroism as:The active attempt to address injustice or create positive change in the world despite pressures to do otherwise.It may involve coping effectively in unclear or emergency, situations, helping others in need, or may involve setting and achieving goals to promote the wellbeing of others.last_img read more

first_imgYES I SEE you crying, and I feel your broken heart…But it’s OK because the lovely Eternal, with their structured hair and colourful leather jackets, were there to soothe you in 1997.The trio were originally a quartet, with Louise Nurding joining Kéllé Bryan and sisters Easther and Vernie Bennett to form the group in 1992.But by 1995 the extremely popular Nurding (who later married footballer Jamie Redknapp) had left to pursue a solo career, and in 1998 Bryan was sacked by the Bennett sisters. Ouch.Still, during their heyday (which came after the success of US band En Vogue, whose style they were ‘inspired’ by), Eternal had a run of hits, including Oh Baby I, Someday, and I Am Blessed.My lord, you too…((babybluemusic0427/YouTube)On this night in 1998 you were listening to… All Saints>On this night in 1999 you were listening to… TLC>last_img read more

first_imgCHINA’S FIFTH MOST-POWERFUL man is in Ireland. The visit of Liu Yunshan, a senior member of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC), the most central body within the Communist Party of China, is a concrete sign of a deepening relationship between Ireland and the country whose economy is the world’s second biggest. The rise of China will significantly shape the way that Irish business leaders, politicians and diplomats engage with the world.For a start, the arrival of Liu suggests that the optimism surrounding the visit of then Vice-President Xi Jinping (now China’s premiere) to Ireland in February 2012 was justified. China sees Ireland as a key partner in Europe, and wants to develop the relationship between our two nations. Each year since 2010, a top-ranking Chinese official has visited Ireland, and Liu is following in the footsteps not only of now-President Xi, but of a Vice-Premier, a Mayor of Beijing, and of his own predecessor on the PSC.In addition, since 2011 nearly 30 Chinese ministers or vice-ministers have visited Ireland, and Liu himself is accompanied by four ministers in a delegation of 51 officials. Clearly, the CPC (Communist Party of China) leadership considers a strengthening of the ties between the two nations to be of benefit for China.The growth of the Ireland-China relationshipSo what does the CPC hope to achieve through the growth of the Ireland-China relationship? Even by the standards of the last four decades, China is now in a period of great change. The cornerstone of President Xi’s leadership has been his policy of the “Chinese Dream”, a catch-all slogan with such mass appeal that it would not be out of place on an Irish election leaflet.With the Chinese Dream, President Xi is essentially offering his citizens the opportunity to have a “moderately prosperous society”, combining a growing economy with a genuine improvement in the quality of life. To achieve this, the CPC will have to develop the economic potential of so-called Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, such as Hefei or Datong, beyond the coastal metropolises which have until now been the engine of growth, like Shanghai or Shenzhen. Many of these targeted cities lie in predominantly agricultural provinces, and to truly contribute to China’s economy they will have to leapfrog industrialisation, and transform directly into modern, services-led economies.There are very few economies that have achieved this transition, with many Chinese analysts believing Ireland is a successful example. This is one of the reasons why now-President Xi Jinping included the Shannon Free Zone on his itinerary during his February 2012 visit.Attracting clients from China’s financial sectorSuch enthusiasm for Ireland among policymakers in Beijing is being encouraged by an ever-deepening engagement with China by the Irish state. In February 2014, before returning home, the previous Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Ireland, Luo Linquan, noted that nearly two-thirds of the Irish Cabinet had visited China during his time in Dublin. The Department of Foreign Affairs plans to open a full Consulate-General in Hong Kong in the autumn. The IDA recently opened a new office in Beijing which has a special focus on attracting clients from China’s financial sector to Ireland, and the agency plans to increase the workforce at its Shanghai office. With the two-way trade between the nations rising by 13.2% in 2013 to more than €4.9 billion, the economic elements of the Ireland-China bilateral relationship are clear.But the continuing rise of China also offers new opportunities for Ireland on the international stage, through the medium of multilateral organisations, that are not always recognised, but if pursued would develop the relationship between the two nations yet further. The most obvious example of this is in relation to China’s ties with the European Union. China and the EU are important economic partners, with bilateral trade in goods and services reaching €478 billion in 2013. But this relationship is set to grow further and Ireland has a number of natural advantages for positioning itself as China’s partner of choice within the EU.Learning EnglishAs an English-speaking nation in the Eurozone, Ireland could be a natural partner for China, where an estimated 300 million people are learning English. Our history of being on the receiving end of imperialism means our relationship with China is free of historical baggage. The key economic strengths of our economy lie in sectors, such as agrifood and digital, where China is trying to increase it capabilities and looking for partners who are unhindered by geostrategic concerns.Ireland’s potential as a partner for China in the realm of multilateral organisations stretches beyond the EU. Many people do not realise that China is a major contributor of troops to the United Nations, and indeed is providing more troops now than the other four permanent members of the Security Council combined. This engagement with the UN is set to increase, but the Chinese are still adapting to the demands of UN peacekeeping. This is an area where Ireland has obvious expertise, and where we can assist China to become a responsible global security actor.The name of Liu Yunshan may not have meant much to most Irish people before this weekend. But his arrival is concrete proof that the efforts being made by Irish diplomats, business and political leaders are bearing fruit, and that Ireland is already proving effective at navigating the challenges and opportunities of the Pacific century. Eoin McDonnell, Lead China Researcher, Institute of International and European Affairs.Read: New visa to let Chinese and Indian tourists travel freely between Ireland and UKlast_img read more

first_img[Screengrab]Palin regards her eponymous channel — where her job title is executive editor — as a way to sidestep the mainstream US media and build a community with like-minded conservatives.Subscriptions are $9.95 a month, or $99.95 a year, with a free two-week trial — and no charge at all for US military personnel. Videos are free for members to repost on social media.[Screengrab]Enabling the venture is TAPP, a Los Angeles start-up that is building a web of personality-driven online TV channels.Its founders include former top executives at CNN and NBC Universal.- © AFP, 2014Read: Australian and Dutch police scrap MH17 site visit over security worries >Read: Israel’s military actions in Gaza ‘could amount to war crimes’ > CONSERVATIVE GADFLY SARAH Palin ramped up her internet profile today with an online TV channel where fans can savor her homespun brand of American patriotism for just $9.95 (€7.40) a month.“Tired of media filters? Well, so am I,” said the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential hopeful upon the launch of the Sarah Palin Channel.“So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel! This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is.”Inaugural content featured Palin, sporting a US flag necklace, encouraging Americans to develop their “God-given” energy resources as a way to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “aggression”. Source: YouWatchMedia/YouTubeMuch of the website lambasts President Barack Obama. In July, Palin became the most prominent right-wing US figure to demand his impeachment over the influx of child migrants from Central America.“His unsecured border crisis is, for me, the last straw. It makes kind of the battered wife say, ‘No mas! Enough is enough!’,” said Palin, who accused Obama of deliberately stirring up “a flood of illegal immigrants.”The home page also sports a running tally of the US national debt (about $17.8 trillion) and the number of days until Obama leaves office (906) — but no hint on whether she might seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.last_img read more

first_imgThe launch of Diablo III at the stroke of midnight last night was a mix of excitement and frustration for gamers. Blizzard had catered for gamers wanting to buy digitally or boxed copies of the game, and they even offered a way to play it for free. What they couldn’t do is cope with the server load, leaving many stuck at the login screen.One gamer managed to login and start playing though, and he has already completed the game. Total playthrough time? 12 hours and 29 minutes.The player in question goes by the handle Yoshichan. He played the game on Normal difficulty and completed it with a level 32 Barbarian. The proof was posted on NeoGAF in the form of the screen grabs you see here.It may seem like he managed to finish the game in a very short space of time, but that is clearly a speed run through the game and it STILL took him over 12 hours to complete. For any normal playthrough, where you actually take time to enjoy and explore the world of Diablo III in its entirety, you can probably multiply that time at least by a factor of three, maybe more.It’s also worth considering this isn’t a game you will play through just once and see everything. There’s different characters to play, areas to unlock, and difficulty levels above Normal to keep you entertained.So, Yoshichan should be congratulated for being the first to complete the game (as far as we know), but I guarantee you he is nowhere near done playing.via Eurogamer.netlast_img read more

first_imgStay on target NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor Following a (so far) fruitless search for life on Mars, NASA is turning its attention to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.But getting landers to these gas giants—which orbit as far as 380 million miles beyond the Red Planet—is much easier said than done.Design and engineering challenges, however, have never stopped the U.S. space agency before. And, thanks to software corporation Autodesk, they won’t now.NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) tapped into Autodesk’s generative design technology to build its concept interplanetary lander, unveiled this week in Las Vegas.Project team members carefully assemble the components of the lander (via Autodesk/JPL)“They were clear that they weren’t interested in incremental gains,” Mark Davis, senior director of industry research at Autodesk, said of the NASA lab.It’s understandable why scientists are careful when considering new processes.“If they were only able to improve performance by 10 percent, they basically weren’t interested,” he continued. “If we could deliver software tools to help them achieve a performance improvement of 30 percent or more, then we had their attention.”There is no word on when the insect-esque spacecraft will be ready for interstellar exploration.The fully-assembled lander measures approximately 8 feet across and 3 feet tall (via Autodesk/JPL)NASA, meanwhile, is preparing to send a hodgepodge of science into space this week.An International Space Station resupply flight will carry several tons of crew supplies, as well as experiments ranging from 3D printing and recycling to stimulating the creation of celestial bodies from stardust.Sounds exciting.Also on board the Northrop Grumman Cygnus 10 (CRS-10) flight are projects to measure the effect of sensory input in microgravity, study the process of cement solidification, and grow crystals to fight Parkinson’s disease.These will join the hundreds of ongoing investigations aboard the orbiting laboratory.More cosmic coverage on Behind the Scenes of Apollo 11 With New Audio RecordingsStartup Rocket Lab Delivers Seven Payloads to OrbitRIP Kepler: NASA Retires Planet-Hunting Space Telescopelast_img read more

first_imgLiverpool star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain revealed he’s returned to running outdoors for the first time since AprilThe English midfielder has been sidelined with a knee injury over the last eight months from Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final clash against AS Roma.The injury cost Oxlade-Chamberlain the chance to compete in the final of the competition and a place in the England squad in this year’s World Cup.But the 25-year-old has now posted a positive update on his recovery at Liverpool’s Melwood training base.“That feeling when you’re finally back out on the grass for the first time in 8 months,” Oxlade-Chamberlain wrote on Instagram along with a picture of himself with his arms raised high (see below).Since joining from Arsenal last year, Oxlade-Chamberlain has managed five goals and eight assists in 42 appearances for Liverpool.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.The England international remains a doubt for the rest of this season, despite stating that he hopes to play in “a few” games.Premier League leaders Liverpool will take on Newcastle today at Anfield with kick-off set for 16:00 (CET).Alex Oxlade Chamberlain back out on the grass for the first time in 8 months 😁👏 #LFC— Anything Liverpool (@AnythingLFC_) December 24, 2018last_img read more

first_img December 19, 2018 Dingeman Elementary perform for KUSI’s annual Songs of the Holiday Season KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Updated: 10:45 PM KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- For 25 years KUSI has produced a Christmas special that has become a tradition for school choirs throughout San Diego County.This year we also chose to spotlight some of the music directors who work tirelessly to get their young choir students ready for a trip to KUSI studios for a performance they will never forget.Meet Dingeman Elementary School’s Music Director Garner Saguil. Posted: December 19, 2018last_img read more

first_imgPipes, bongs, scales and other “tobacco use only” products in local convenience stores may soon be put out of children’s reach, and sight.Vancouver and Clark County are considering a new law that would require the various accoutrements of getting high to be located in a portion of the store restricted to those 18 and up.“The unfortunate perception that could be left with the youth of the community is that the use and sale of these paraphernalia … condones use of the drugs themselves,” City Attorney Ted Gathe told Vancouver City Council in a workshop Monday afternoon.A survey by anti-drug group PREVENT! Coalition found that 16 percent of nonchain convenience stores in Clark County carry drug paraphernalia, often at the front counter.But while most agree that removing bongs from the eye-level of 8-year-olds is a good idea, Vancouver Police Chief Cliff Cook also warned the city council that enforcing any new laws will be a burden on his department, which already struggles to keep up its service levels.last_img read more