: you can use third party website to provide a platform to do. Can participate in the keywords ranking web pages with credit only contains only the price of words. Shanghai epilepsy hospital search, will come out a lot of the third party platform contains key information.

search optimization, meet the needs of users of professional website will also get good rankings, even if the keywords ranking is not too. Strong professional website can get good rankings, meet the needs of users of the website will also get good rankings, many professional categories, the price also has a large number of companies are doing, the largest demand, Shanghai Longfeng optimization has to do very much, we can do, only behind. read more

with Baidu continues to improve, the cat found a webmaster friends more and more words are mentioned is the user experience, user experience in website optimization which plays an important role in. The title of this article as a "cloak" will virtually decision would appeal to users. A simple and novel, understand the title will allow users to click on view unable to restrain the emotions, it said to the webmaster buddy to enhance the user experience will have the immeasurable. But the cat to remind you webmaster buddies is, if the title and content of the article is totally inconsistent with, then the user is a fraud, users will naturally produce a psychological conflict, you need to do is click the close button to leave the site, not to mention the in-depth reading website the contents of the. The cat has this experience, the result is that I have not been in the website, the user’s loss is also an important influence. read more

invasion rival site, to put it crudely, can grasp the opponent site of all Shanghai Longfeng optimization processes, whether inside or outside the station to master. This common approach is to modify the code part of the site (such as hanging black chain, etc.) using robots.txt shielding search engine for the website included, the accumulation of a large number of keywords caused by punishment.

is the last thing I want to say, Shanghai dragon is a user experience in the first place of work. As an occupation morality of Shanghai dragon Er, hope that we adjust our attitude, using the normal white hat, the formal way to optimize the site. read more

people.cn April 11th news today by the iResearch Consulting Group sponsored by the Internet society, Chinese support at the 2007 Ai Ruixin annual economic conference held in Beijing.

know in sit you, along with the rapid growth of the Internet he, as more and more commercial websites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, how many, now may not have the exact number of special. As the industry people may feel a lot, and I feel more and more. If you think the commercial website is not much, I think you must be in a web site. Because in front of you competitors and the example of so few, if you think now, I think you must be very successful, you can go back and rest on vacation now, but you relax your nerves, you will find your opponent run up, this is the internet. The so-called traditional market segmentation is strong as everyone knows, the traditional Internet occupies most of the market share in the network. But in recent years we found a pack and play, become the hegemony of the situation. As we sat in the front of the site may look beautiful at the same time, each of us in their own thinking, with our thinking, the new concept of the entire Internet basically is emerge in an endless stream. From Web1.0 to Web2.0, from website to search and blog Goods are available in all varieties. There who have a fulcrum and I believe we can pry the earth, this is the characteristic of the internet. The read more

The analysis is crucial to Shanghai dragon

included data charts intuitive performance included data growth and reduction, can effectively analyze the status of the site included.

and tea (贵族宝贝hecha.cn) Shanghai Longfeng original, please keep the link, welcomed the exchange (QQ:sky_123456#qq贵族宝贝 # for @

sometimes list page, page love Shanghai today received, over time and deleted, so important page included analysis becomes very important, you can recall a period of record, would not be so confused. read more

now under abnormal love love Shanghai: Shanghai has been the emphasis, to eliminate some junk information to the station, the high quality of the site more resources, now the Internet is filled with too much garbage information, all fell in love with the sea stood out, because these external factors, he must improve his algorithm. Make your engine can automatically identify the quality and waste, so he can really do it? I believe that many owners would say, ‘no’, you reach the technical requirements, to rectify the losses, who is in charge, as we are at the bottom of the grassroots, your every act and every move, all affects the majority of grassroots nerves, but now is really about falling in love with the sea at read more

first, the three position is how to bring the turnover of

2, show the information platform, is an independent website

4, users enter the site, are generally the first to visit the site, and then consulting

is now bidding and optimization, can directly produce marketing consulting. Because the site and single page than, more information is available on the website, and user interaction, such as business.

3, drainage, is to make your site ranked in the search page in front of

bidding: the first is to have a website, the second step through the price adjustment (quality) ranking for third step up, the user search keywords found site and enter the fourth step, the user to browse the site, the fifth step of the Advisory read more

2, domain name registration time for 10%

recently found on the Internet a lot of love factors accounted for Shanghai ranked the article, I looked at some truth, but most of the content is reproduced. The original text from where has not learned, but I personally do Xi’an website optimization has been a long time, I summarize the rest according to the insulation as follows:

content, the frequency of updates as we all know, is like a child to feed a meal, if you feed too much, a few days to feed second times, so that the children can grow up healthily? Is updated every day is the best update enough time, updated two or three times a day. The update time is 8.9 a.m., 5.6 p.m., there is 10 pm or so, the time is relatively > spider read more

is not standardized;

2: breadcrumb navigation anchor text "accidentally fall in love with you" right URL point, should point to the list of pages from the view of optimization and user experience, and should not be the first set of another URL, so not only to participate in the ranking list page brings interference to users, but also do not experience good;

second, tudou贵族宝贝 give up and optimized the long tail word, why

effect due to the recent work is not love instability in Shanghai, so a long time not to share, today in BSG happened to see someone in the discussion and tudou贵族宝贝, a look, the following two aspects I on tudou贵族宝贝 subtle comments. read more


 Figure two

second: first, love Shanghai products;


log also did not forget to remind you to join their QQ group.

in the optimization of key words, the title is included in the key is one of the most important factors of the rankings, we look at the example above, the title not only contains the keywords, and the position and number of keywords are considered Shanghai dragon. The subtitle content not included in the title inside, so it piled up some key words. The same accumulation of keywords where there is space description: read more

often love Shanghai search is not difficult to find in Shanghai love search results on the lower right corner of the a "love Shanghai snapshot" link, the main role of the link is when the page cannot be loaded for fast browsing page content may be provided, of course, there is also a role is to highlight the search keywords, convenient and rapid positioning. For the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon staff, love Shanghai snapshots and hide what the secret, we can learn from what optimization skills, help us to quickly optimize ranking below you and I love Shanghai to explore the secret of the snapshot. read more

in early a few years ago, Shanghai dragon the technology introduced from abroad, will instantly become hot up online, everywhere all is the chain, copy the article and so on these things. The search engine is not mature, so during this time Shanghai dragon is good to do, a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon industry earned a pot of gold. But as the love Shanghai algorithm continues to improve, Shanghai dragon became difficult, all previous methods will not work, so more and more people give up Shanghai dragon, that Shanghai has been in love with the sea dragon sentenced to death. In fact, it seems to me that love was not found Shanghai Shanghai dragon death, just want to let us love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er evolution to a new height. read more


submitted to the search engine site will need to register an account in Shanghai webmaster tools, should first put the webmaster tools to understand, and then try.

sitemap submitted to love Shanghai, every time after the update submit a can, love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit.

to other forums or blogs, such as zblog is the support link, every day many replies, of course to be able to read other articles to reply, do not want to advertise


is selected, you must be between www domain and top-level domain choose a domain name as the main domain name, domain name only the domain name A record analysis, the other 301 directly to the main domain name domain name, the domain name is to weight all pay attention to the main domain name above read more

is a simple web site is a lot of web form, so there must be a website is larger than a page number level, each page >

1, the anchor text length


is probably the anchor text can be divided into 2, and stood outside the station anchor text anchor text, this bloke will give you a rough write some understanding of these 2 concepts, and summarizes the experience and online articles some personal experience, new friends can understand, so you better in time do the anchor text to make a reasonable maximum effect on the optimization of the site, to avoid black hat. read more

two, tried to draw plenty of traffic from search engines, to attract people to understand a new product, rather than buying on the spot.

four, out of Shanghai Dragon technology service, do Internet marketing, development and popularization of electronic commerce.

two, on their website, in the Shanghai dragon in the process of understanding the industry, analyses the industry people online behavior in the industry.

, by Shanghai dragon, find effective search engine traffic, improve traffic to your site. read more