British ExPats In Houston Talk Brexit Vote

first_imgBritain votes to leave the European Union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, which is toppling the prime minister and sending global markets plunging.One British ex-pat who lives here in Houston — Ross Hocking — is happy with the vote. BBC News FacebookEngland: Leave Scotland: Remain Wales: Leave Northern Ireland: Remain“I believe that there’s quite a lot of waste in the European government and we don’t really need them to tell us what size our bananas should be and things like that,” Hocking said. “So (it) gives us a chance to renegotiate our trade agreements.”But British ex-pat Russell Cox of Houston is saddened by the vote.“Having any kind of referendum like this causes a big division in the country, which is saddening,” Cox said. “I would say two-thirds of my fellow ex-pats here are remainers and one-third are leavers. It’s interesting. I’m not sure whether that’s because we’re ex-pats and we see things from a different light, or because we’re older. You know, typically I think an ex-pat is slightly older than a remainer.”The decision launches a years-long process to renegotiate trade, business and political links between the United Kingdom and what would become a 27-nation bloc, an unprecedented divorce that could take decades to complete.Video overviews the ‘Brexit’ vote  Sharelast_img

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