Analysis do some method of the quality of the chain


1, a large number of registered account classification information platform. This is not difficult, as long as you can use the intitle command to search for tens of thousands of classified information platform, then one can click on the registration. Note here that is no need to find the platform with industry, because the industry was not related to weight but with very high platform equally useful, long tail word ranking will be used in later period. After the registration platform to fill in the required information platform, must be complete, because the more complete information to fill in the love of Shanghai included faster and ranked better.

3, selected shops can open platform. What will provide free shops open platform selected open their own company’s shops, a shop as a separate website, we need to take care of. Shop is the chain and guide the flow of the best platform, so all information will be complete. Including company information, product information, Links, technical articles, news and information, shop layout, column to set up perfect. The perfect shops became an independent website in the platform, here is your own space, update the article releases can be oh.

products above is the site of the chain about the process, my bucket elevator site is to do so. Three months "elevator" ranked in the first place, of course, later as well as the promotion of soft effect. Don’t be afraid of a certain period of hard, in the early I registered about 300 platform account, and now is still increasing.

technology site


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2, released products and articles of information. Registered account must release the company’s product information can be released immediately, not a one-time, but half of the products released. Issued after the completion of the product if the platform provides Links can add a one-way Links to the site. In addition to the product information and Links have news and technical articles also needs to be updated, the news must have content, technical articles column update 4-5 technical articles on it, to ensure that the information collected.

such as machinery, clothing, building materials, electronic and electrical etc., this type of product users are mostly for the sale of information in the classification of information site, so the chain to be released in the US classified information platform. If we put this information on micro-blog, so users will be less. This value chain is very low, the flow from certainly very little. So the chain must be posted on the appropriate platform, the chain introduced how to make products of the site now:

is divided into different types of sites: technical articles and products. The reason is the different types of sites facing the user is not the same, most do mechanical in the classification of information platform, but it providers and beauty health articles can do blog. I focused on these two types of methods:

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