Gorgeous transformation behind HTTPS dark waves



HTTPS conversion will not allow the accident


change all links

HTTPS protocol, is a multi site of a group of URL links, many website conversion of HTTPS protocol, and forget the old protocol processing, the resulting dual link can be opened normally. We all know that URL page links must be strictly only, repeat, but how many people ignore the matter? Conversion protocol conversion is URL! "

don’t want to say what alarmist things, but the HTTPS 80% site after the upgrade will be dropped, it is an indisputable fact. Improper operation, causing the site once capsized, seemingly tall magnificent transformation, but the dark waves surge, your site to complete the HTTPS conversion of it, the next step how to walk? I believe the following information flow, will make you love.



protocol conversion involves the operation of URL is the most sensitive area, it is no exaggeration to say that as long as the deviation, right down is properly done, many webmaster link to change, I want to be deep, so HTTPS transform must ensure zero accident.



many sites have a fatal omission, the site itself do HTTPS, but the station is still the link with the HTTP link, as a result, spiders crawl a page any of the links, and if done on a "301 jump", we may have seen a site all 301 station page Jump? Otherwise website weight must continue to fall

in 2015 when the love of Shanghai official has expressed its full support HTTPS page included, at the same time as the more secure protocol, ranking will be priority. At that time already can be expected, the future is bound to dominate the HTTPS world, but the upgrade site is scanty, because in fact the welfare more just say.

now, love Shanghai to resolute attitude, just a month will HTTPS up to "dominate" the fate of the site level, is a direct line of HTTPS certification, to its foundation, and even the verification speed also called soon.

therefore, we can know: the urgent Https. In the past A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme, I often recommend "transaction" kind of website upgrade, for general types of websites still conservative wait-and-see attitude, and now as a has 12 years of practical experience in Shanghai Longfeng Laoniao, solemnly remind you: the product of the new era has come to time on

dual link accessThe Whether we need to do HTTPS

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