A complete set of website operation promotion plan

is a website operated by friends and I discuss the website operation scheme, recall today, web site operators did not seem what things, but depending on the website operation seems what the tube, so for this question, I do not know how to answer is good, only I have in the company operation scheme with take out to him, he said after receiving the user is very large, so here I have to share out

website marketing force


is a large shopping mall, portal, may promote the professional degree is not enough, need a professional programmer to do, because most of these sites are their own development process, whether it is from the aspects of safety, maintenance.

Find thousands of keywords to

was once done in traditional products wholesale company there, do promotion on the Internet, so most of the business is through the Internet to the average, a month can receive a 150-200 needs to buy the phone.

But if the

website user experience improvement

if your company is a corporate website, small website, that can save the occupation, most of the enterprises are direct website promotion personnel to do a simple website, conventional CMS can be satisfied, so in terms of optimization, promotion, promotion personnel should pay to.



normally, a product of the Internet companies have so few must post, respectively: procedures, operations, marketing, customer service or sales for editing, what can be said, that cannot be reduced to the Internet promotion of this piece, relates to the promotion of the main is that so few people!. Most of the operating personnel is mainly responsible for the arrangement, and then check the false data, teasing the boss, this day is over


industry staff editor

operators may understand website vulnerabilities, observe website bounce rate of this kind of problem, in fact, I have been to many Internet Co, operating personnel is actually operating personnel idlers, should be the overall direction in the promotion of the operation, such as:


operator I think is search engine optimization, because the search engine more humane, if know the search engine algorithm, I believe that the operating personnel must have the ability to put their own website to achieve the ultimate user experience.


site activity planning

to promote the development of personnel promotion plan


The basic function of the

, another is the love of Shanghai auction, if the company is in good condition, please a professional bidding auction that is the best, poor conditions, only to the operator, who knows Shanghai Longfeng bidding operation is very simple, love Shanghai auction is nothing more than three core points: price, creativity, conversion.

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