2012 Shanghai dragon Er pain

website is really a chore. We require the next update time, but in the construction of the South site to write content is limited. Write only to find relevant industry news, product updates less. Really do not know what to write, every day for this tangle. If the forum or industry network, it is more convenient to update. Guiqiu master pointing.

said I encountered problems. That content is king, the chain for the emperor, so my first optimization is the content and layout of the site, as well as the distribution of keywords. My first website optimized source code, add the keyword code, title code and description language. Do the work with the webmaster tools to check Shanghai Longfeng information, can see the complete information. Then I began to love Shanghai by statistics Shanghai Longfeng suggestions, modify the image description of the ALT, to facilitate the identification of spiders in Shanghai better love. Then static URLs using dynamic parameters, need to change the static. This I have not, cannot be modified. A master can, under the guidance of. The last is to add and update the content of the Links. For Links troublesome, but to find what kind of Links is appropriate. The Internet is everywhere, I will not bothersome. I just said search method, quite difficult. I am responsible for the site to their people by looking for relevant industry website contact but high PR people do not want to exchange with me, low too much rubbish, I also look not on. There is a forum to find and stationmaster net exchange link plate for exchange. Unfortunately, spent a lot of time with no results. Many are charged, sell high PR station link. I don’t want to spend money, had to give up.

Shanghai dragon doing, feeling so few strokes. Some people would say, just a trick, as long as you can understand, it is enough, you for a lifetime. I admit that there are many veterans by specializing in a feed themselves, that is the accumulation of years of experience and good family background accumulation, for beginners we still do it. Whether in Shanghai dragon Books Online or professional, after all is said and done is that a few, are all the same. What sort of experience sharing, see more, it is not a reference point can be a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the. Don’t know is to hold back, or even taught the apprentice, master starved.

now let me this novice rookie, to share their experiences. What I didn’t treasure, don’t need to hold back. The problems encountered and to use their own methods are with everyone exchanges, hope that under the guidance of master, don’t say what truth, say something specific. The younger brother indebted forever.

said the website content optimization, now the chain optimization problems. I began to do the chain is pure text links, then listen to the peer said very small text effect. I also go online to check the next, do keyword ranking, text and hyperlinks to plain text, so many words, the website ranking have little effect. Do not view the text but do much, if the leader.

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