Analysis of the site within the chain the importance of reasonable deployment planning

for a professional Shanghai dragon Er, website optimization need to pay attention to at the same time inside and outside the chain chain website, webmasters often are easily ignored in the planning and deployment of the chain, always think that the chain optimization is the kingly way. In fact, the chain occupies an important position in the whole process of optimization, the chain deployment of a web site is reasonable, can make the search engine on the web crawling more in place, increase the site included, so as to improve the web page in the search engine rankings. Within the site chain reasonable deployment planning importance is mainly reflected in two aspects:

The weight of

anchor text can always point to the front page or directory page, otherwise it will be the search engine that is excessive optimization, thus affecting the transfer weight between the inside pages of website. The anchor text links need to pay attention to the correlation, the number of anchor text in an article appearing in the not too much, the best advice 1-3.

is the role of the chain in the anchor text to explain the role in the content page not only target keywords within the chain point to the point, when the article appeared in the keyword combination, not only for the target keywords optimization, it is necessary to interpret this combination. If you just explain the single term, will be search engine that is within the chain optimization excessive, this chain is no weight, as useless in the chain. Note that the combination can not be separated, because the combination and interpretation of the meaning is not the same.

Transfer directly affects the

chain is to guide the user to enter the web page, how to do the chain is reasonable, standard bounce rate. An important principle is to do well in the chain in the chain is to meet the needs of users. Some people love to do most of the chain, is the link to the website home page, there are some people who love their own important link to the directory page, these links are invalid links, for users, these links are not brought any effect.

a complete good inside chain system like a spider web, can guide the search engine to crawl the entire site, enhance the user of the site’s viscosity, improve the site’s ranking.

, a reasonable chain deployment site can reduce the bounce rate, increase the PV value of the site.

anchor text link in the chain link weights, anchor text links can be up and down the traditional content weight. The anchor text to explain, enhance, supplement, extended reading function, can increase the content of two-way weight, which increased the content of weights in the current sub pages, and increase the weight of links to the page.

in the chain link deployment need to look at the position of the user in terms of whether there is a demand value in saving the user needs time, can meet the needs of users. This is the key chain deployment, we can not because of the role within the chain and internal chain, but holding the attitude of thinking to improve the user experience of the chain deployment.



two, the website chain can help website internal page transfer, improve website PR value overall.

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