Handling static website increase included experience

in the face of these problems, adjust the structure of the site, increase the update, these directly lead to the website included enough internal page weight is not good, so the website PR and snapshot, and the overall ranking will drop, I think a lot of ways, finally decided to set up a blog on the web, I don’t have a choice of two domain names, because the two level domain is a separate website for more than any help to solve the problem of no, so I chose the directory structure, to build a web site in the blog folder, the Z-blog program put in, because it is the ASP procedure, without any modification to the website, the domain name is 贵族宝贝06xushi.cn/blog/default.asp, so I start processing static web sites and increase the collection process, after the establishment of good blog, I did not do any modification on my first website The title of a web site, preventing unknowingly included, as expected, no deal on the site when the site in the blog included, included the situation is also very good, not only look like search engine crawling file, also crawl the web in folder, I don’t know how do, I first deal with the home page, the content of the website before I made the release of the soft, soft as before is released on A5, links are pointing to now stand the home page, so the website included soon, in which I am afraid of collection is not good, the soft the title change again, fortunately, included good, look like love very much in Shanghai soft link address, so, for 3 consecutive days, the search engine to crawl, finally collected over a hundred, I had basically more than 30 pages, by The structure of Z-blog is very good and there are many plug-ins, so it is very convenient to use, the website included increasing in the middle.

recently noble baby PR update, many sites of PR are significantly improved, but I PR not for several years than that before, or 3, is now 2, from the opposite can explain some of the problems, such as the increase of PR depends on what, after my analysis, I feel internal structure depending on the website and update the website, there is included in the site, I do all of these aspects is very poor.

I basically not to update, because when the site do is static, not done this to the future development of the program, leaving the drawbacks, so now if you intend to do it, there must be procedures, and must be able to easily modify, a person’s words, I suggest Z-blog program to modify the general enterprise station, but also a very good program, although it is ASP, good, not advertising. Going back to the topic, because it is a static web site so that the structure has been largely limited, so the structure is not necessarily good, sometimes because there is often no path problem, website style, changes in time is also very troublesome hungry, more important, it is not the way to update ah, when paging more trouble anyway, the static website is very undesirable.

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