A new station on the line 2 months ranking home experience sharing

was selected for this template and didn’t care about, not the template keyword and description – part, is to update a few days, observed when love Shanghai snapshot, always think less of what was to come! Plus, but some people think the concept of "key words and description of the website weight and the ranking of words have to be ignored, so just simply don’t add try, personally, is not really like this? Effect obviously, but the description, you can write the words written on the best, after all, will only help you without harm.


third, is registered in the Links platform, and then released a free link, I almost went through the love of Shanghai before 10 pages, as long as I do a free release.

(1) in the chain: add anchor text in the article, can be linked to the formation of the sprocket results, to ensure that each article included

3. link

In fact,

always adhere to the original, pseudo original principle, start time, really very confused, can not write! Then Chinaz webmaster network and A5 network owners find articles, watch some of the webmaster soft, try to imitate it, and then improved, finally write their own views and thoughts. Then, write the article, usually in the morning of 9 – a 11 release, hurry up at noon was collected at 3, 4, slowly around.


is the second, and posting replies related forum, Shanghai dragon why, A5, Chinaz the laggards, it quickly! But I hope we don’t just to do link and reply to spam

this year since love Shanghai and update algorithm, said ranking is more and more difficult, especially new sites, constantly facing included slow, long period of assessment. So, I just made a simple Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon personal blog, to experience! Because it is the use of spare time to do, so there is no time to catch so tight, it is expected three months Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon will do the home page, but now it seems! Effect is better than expected. Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon, Shijiazhuang site optimization, Shijiazhuang love Shanghai promotion words have reached home, so I did it up? Simply follow the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" principle, here and share my experience at.

(2) chain: first, do not start doing, published in the soft A5 station network, as shown in figure


1. is the first to buy the domain name space, and then the program template I chose Z-blog, these are not what to say, after the upload is finished, modify the columns into what you need.

fourth to >

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