Space selection techniques

did a few years of the site, the election space also spent a lot of thought, see there are still many new Adsense in the space and distress, here I will buy space experience exchange, welcome to cast bricks.

we are small webmaster, first of all, of course, is virtual space. My first use is universal network space (think: China on his best, and retention of the current animal world…… Later, I felt that the price was too high, and I chose a lot of other space, but I didn’t feel good. Isn’t everyone willing to do it? I don’t think so. A lot of space visits in the middle of the night and morning are very fast, and when it’s busy, I can’t do it. This shows that the virtual space is shared resources, busy when you are busy, there are not enough server resources (of course, you may also buy the space is a new server, the top of the site is not much, but the good times don’t last long Oh, ha ha).

so I thought, why do we open this good peak? On the other side of the earth, the American space (not xenophilia), the United States, the first server configuration is high, low price (purchasing qq:120922175); second, there is no power bottleneck letter Unicom; third, we busy they just idle. Although subject to export bandwidth limitations, the actual effect is really good (test site: Remind everyone here, don’t think of doing illegal sites, that will be sealed ip.

if the site do big, then consider renting single server or vs/vps hosting exclusive (purchasing, SRIT host diamond agent qq:120922175), not afraid of others (to account for the occupation of resources is your own, don’t build so many stations on a single machine.), but consider the telecommunications network bottleneck problem, the best the BGP (double test site: sensor).

well, my conclusion is over. There are more advertisements, but I’m sure we can take less detours and lose less money. (I’m still n more space, and who can contact me and give it to you?). Interested in adding me QQ, credit guarantee.

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