The website is very important to win at the starting line the title of the article optimization

with Baidu continues to improve, the cat found a webmaster friends more and more words are mentioned is the user experience, user experience in website optimization which plays an important role in. The title of this article as a "cloak" will virtually decision would appeal to users. A simple and novel, understand the title will allow users to click on view unable to restrain the emotions, it said to the webmaster buddy to enhance the user experience will have the immeasurable. But the cat to remind you webmaster buddies is, if the title and content of the article is totally inconsistent with, then the user is a fraud, users will naturally produce a psychological conflict, you need to do is click the close button to leave the site, not to mention the in-depth reading website the contents of the. The cat has this experience, the result is that I have not been in the website, the user’s loss is also an important influence.

on site traffic

increase website traffic is the ultimate goal of stationmaster buddies do, most of the webmaster, the degree of competition keywords ranked in the home, seems to be a five million pace, want to through the competition of keywords to improve web traffic will be increasingly difficult, so we have to do the long tail keywords for the website to improve traffic. The cat analysis background data several sites found that more than 60% of the flow from the inside pages, which is from the long tail keywords in the page, this also is the webmaster buddies to pay more attention to the optimization of the reasons, some of the fierce competition in the website, especially Taobao guest website, even more so.


on the

Effect of

the meaning of the title is the content of this article makes a brief description of the title of the article, the content of this article we want to do a general understanding and grasp, an article can let us have a desire to read, the key lies in the quality of the title, this is we often say "first impression" everybody, do not underestimate the first impression, according to cat survey found that 70% of people see the article is title would appeal to oneself, whether to continue reading interest, this also leads to the webmaster buddies on the station in the optimization of how to do. The kitten to talk about the title of the optimization effect.

how reasonable

is the title of the article is equivalent to an attractive coat, wearing a beautiful can always attract the attention of others, just like the cat saw the fish, always cannot restrain their desire to eat, that feeling,… Oh, can not say, say the kitten slobber all flow out. Speaking of the title of the article, the kitten today to share some of the content of the article is the title, the cat daily vernacular, go up

kitten here to write his title to tell you: first, we can in the quiz platform search >

Write the title

user experience The influence of

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