On the use of Shanghai Dragon technology influence website shameless behavior

invasion rival site, to put it crudely, can grasp the opponent site of all Shanghai Longfeng optimization processes, whether inside or outside the station to master. This common approach is to modify the code part of the site (such as hanging black chain, etc.) using robots.txt shielding search engine for the website included, the accumulation of a large number of keywords caused by punishment.

is the last thing I want to say, Shanghai dragon is a user experience in the first place of work. As an occupation morality of Shanghai dragon Er, hope that we adjust our attitude, using the normal white hat, the formal way to optimize the site.

here is mainly aimed at some forums or publish system permissions settings perfect site, on the other side of a large number of sensitive words website content, the website is search engine punishment, such as: Seqing, Dubo,

any foreign technology has two sides, in good hands he is a very sharp sword, can bring us the benefits of wireless; but to the wrong hands, he is also a sword, a dog in the manger. As we walk on the edge of the Shanghai dragon search engine industry is also a double-edged sword.

two, using the reverse link to attack the opponent site


with you today to expose some immoral immoral Shanghai dragon Er use their technology to rival site.

7837 web game platform source URL: 贵族宝贝7837贵族宝贝/

and so on!


but, as the Shanghai dragon Er, we all understand that the reverse link building techniques of the site is consistent with the habits of users, natural growth. But to some immoral Shanghai dragon Er hands, a chain of characteristics has become a weapon they attack the opponent site. Through the chain group tools on the rival site outside the chain a lot of growth, as can be imagined.

here I must mention that once popular "Google bomb", the use of a large number of text links and links to a web site, the keyword weight is distributed or transferred, of course, the current search engine for the Google bomb have been able to identify good.

three, through the web site vulnerabilities

, a web site intrusionFrom the perspective of Shanghai dragon

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