The value of commercial websites is beneficial to advertisersOA software manager’s car wheels April 11th news today by the iResearch Consulting Group sponsored by the Internet society, Chinese support at the 2007 Ai Ruixin annual economic conference held in Beijing.

know in sit you, along with the rapid growth of the Internet he, as more and more commercial websites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, how many, now may not have the exact number of special. As the industry people may feel a lot, and I feel more and more. If you think the commercial website is not much, I think you must be in a web site. Because in front of you competitors and the example of so few, if you think now, I think you must be very successful, you can go back and rest on vacation now, but you relax your nerves, you will find your opponent run up, this is the internet. The so-called traditional market segmentation is strong as everyone knows, the traditional Internet occupies most of the market share in the network. But in recent years we found a pack and play, become the hegemony of the situation. As we sat in the front of the site may look beautiful at the same time, each of us in their own thinking, with our thinking, the new concept of the entire Internet basically is emerge in an endless stream. From Web1.0 to Web2.0, from website to search and blog Goods are available in all varieties. There who have a fulcrum and I believe we can pry the earth, this is the characteristic of the internet. The

famous Futurist Toffler, the most important prophecy: following the agricultural revolution and industrial revolution, the world will take the Internet as the symbol of the third wave of revolution, into the knowledge-based economy society.


online business product director Liu Tao

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