What are the supporting data analysis of Shanghai Dragon

The analysis is crucial to Shanghai dragon

included data charts intuitive performance included data growth and reduction, can effectively analyze the status of the site included.

and tea (贵族宝贝hecha.cn) Shanghai Longfeng original, please keep the link, welcomed the exchange (QQ:sky_123456#qq贵族宝贝 # for @

sometimes list page, page love Shanghai today received, over time and deleted, so important page included analysis becomes very important, you can recall a period of record, would not be so confused.

five, love Shanghai ranked distribution

four, the main page


data analysis using the data as everyone knows, learn, can let you in as much as possible to identify problems early, and analyze problems, and to make the user stickiness according to data adjustment, retain users. Many of my friends want to ask critical data analysis so that the Shanghai dragon what data analysis? Here I briefly introduce what data need to be analyzed in Shanghai Longfeng work.


Shanghai dragon is a complex engineering data, only if you have enough of the data, your plan will change the rankings chapter order, ranking drop can take time for.

The analysis included in



In order to better understand the

and the position of competitors is the website ranking Two, competition analysis of This paper consists of

website rival Shanghai Longfeng data, long-term records of competitor analysis everyone should not unfamiliar.

daily record love station or the station ranking data, can help you analyze what the keyword page not ranked, with this data to analyze these pages why didn’t rank, so you can find problems when ranking drop.

the search flow chart can help you find the search flow change trend.

three, the search flow chart

six, ranking keyword ranking analysis

, a collection of data charts


find your concern keywords, put in the top 10 websites listed, can be very effective to analyze the location of

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