Now the webmaster Tanhusebian

now under abnormal love love Shanghai: Shanghai has been the emphasis, to eliminate some junk information to the station, the high quality of the site more resources, now the Internet is filled with too much garbage information, all fell in love with the sea stood out, because these external factors, he must improve his algorithm. Make your engine can automatically identify the quality and waste, so he can really do it? I believe that many owners would say, ‘no’, you reach the technical requirements, to rectify the losses, who is in charge, as we are at the bottom of the grassroots, your every act and every move, all affects the majority of grassroots nerves, but now is really about falling in love with the sea at

algorithm and the recent love Shanghai, can let a person remember one of the important reasons is that the 360 engine was born, in fact, this is not born, but a very prepared plan, the 3721 founder and boss Zhou Hongwei leaving YAHOO in China, founded 360 antivirus software, for now enter the search engine foreshadowing, speaking of this, we do not mention, 3721, estimated that many people do not know exactly what the 3721 representative at the time, 2001 of the time, is the site properties of the?

is now the webmaster, especially our grassroots, talk about "tiger" discoloration, here "tiger", refers to the love Shanghai, love Shanghai recently has not been normal, do not know the internal factors and external factors, in our webmaster is a state of extreme nervousness. love Shanghai, action. These grassroots webmaster, began to pray to God, hope that their station can survive in the unrest in All is well., down.

External factors …Changes in the range

for the first love is not normal: the internal factors of Shanghai Shanghai love to update their specific algorithm, he complete how to count, this may be only one person who knows the world, that is because of Robin Li, even his whole team head of senior engineers estimate may not know, in order to prevent leakage of the algorithm, the love of Shanghai the algorithm is in charge of a team everyone index algorithm is composed of many teams, so complex a team, such as coordination problems, then the algorithm will cause large fluctuations, the death of our webmaster · · ·

started the development of the era just around 2000 that Internet users China, realize that the Internet is less and less, 3721 had to form a desktop client for users to download and install, after opening the 3721 client search page will pop up, but this effect obviously is not ideal, the most famous search engines love Shanghai. The year has just started, many people even do not know what the search engine is not to mention the 3721 client. So Zhou Hongyi later used plug-in tied to the promotion of 3721, many users of software tools to download from the Internet, or in the computer city to buy tools CD-ROM, many will.

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