Optimization, promotion and bidding in which the difference

first, the three position is how to bring the turnover of

2, show the information platform, is an independent website

4, users enter the site, are generally the first to visit the site, and then consulting

is now bidding and optimization, can directly produce marketing consulting. Because the site and single page than, more information is available on the website, and user interaction, such as business.

3, drainage, is to make your site ranked in the search page in front of

bidding: the first is to have a website, the second step through the price adjustment (quality) ranking for third step up, the user search keywords found site and enter the fourth step, the user to browse the site, the fifth step of the Advisory

under analysis, bidding and optimization of the same.

platform, is the search engine

Optimization: the first is to have a website, the website ranking second step third step up to do, users search keyword discovery site and enter the fourth step, the user to browse the site, the fifth step of the Advisory

1, using the

1, are ranked in the search engine, but the means are not the same, do a bidding ranking than those who bid, with little money for a lot of money (although the quality of influence ranking, but the fight is still money); with the optimized ranking, than those who can search for the engine like (search engine has been promoting the user experience, but in reality, the search.

what is the force, to promote information dissemination in weight and a high degree of credibility of the platform, the high weight can make the information better in search engine rankings, a high degree of credibility can make better user information is received; what is the influence, no matter where the user can see your information, this is the influence of. Of course, a page display content is too single, now the platform also cannot bring the business, so the direct consultation, the effect is not very good, in most cases, is through the promotion of the flow into the bidding and optimization, the function of the drainage is also quite big world.


promotion: such as quiz (love Shanghai know, search Q & A), classification (qd8, old passenger class) and the now popular WeChat, these did not direct traffic to consult, but in leveraging the method of influence.

yesterday morning, a consulting sister and I QQ, I asked, "optimization, promotion and bidding in which the difference", give her a simple do explain yesterday, finally she didn’t understand more dizzy. I put the answers into the article today, the way to do summary.

From the top of the

display can be seen only in the promotion play auxiliary role and promote. (remind, do not underestimate the role in supporting and promoting, otherwise you will die very miserably)



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