On the factors accounting for Shanghai’s love

2, domain name registration time for 10%

recently found on the Internet a lot of love factors accounted for Shanghai ranked the article, I looked at some truth, but most of the content is reproduced. The original text from where has not learned, but I personally do Xi’an website optimization has been a long time, I summarize the rest according to the insulation as follows:

content, the frequency of updates as we all know, is like a child to feed a meal, if you feed too much, a few days to feed second times, so that the children can grow up healthily? Is updated every day is the best update enough time, updated two or three times a day. The update time is 8.9 a.m., 5.6 p.m., there is 10 pm or so, the time is relatively > spider

chain is in the content of the page keyword plus anchor text links, links to the corresponding page. In the chain in the whole proportion is 20% (the Internet said 10%). This is actually a manifestation of our users reflect, love Shanghai encyclopedia is the use of the chain, so we love Shanghai Chinese website ranking is necessary to refer to the products of Shanghai love. Love Shanghai in the ranking algorithm, link factors stand more than 30% links, these 30% factors are included in the chain and chain two chain, the main role is the spider entrance and website recommendation, but bring the vast majority of the chain’s benefits cannot be brought within the chain and the benefits of comparison, except the high weight of the site the chain, after all, that the chain is not so good to do. So don’t ignore the chain effect.


1, the website accounted for about 20%

Update contains the frequency of updates and content quality

we all know the old domain, the high weight of the domain name is more conducive to the website ranking, but the effect of exaggerate. I have ordered the 10% domain factors (Internet is 20%). The weights of the domain name is a time limit, if a good website, there are a large number of the chain high weight domain, get the ranking of the effect is very obvious; if it is a long time, there is a relatively new domain can quickly get good rankings, but the rest of the site is poor, ranking will not keep it can not be too long, and the chain of 20% factors.

I believe we all know that the chain for the emperor, content is king of the classic, outside the chain of quality and quantity of many sites in certain impact site keywords ranking. The chain is ranked in the whole optimized proportion is very large, so many of my friends rush into danger, to buy the black chain, the group chain. In fact, the chain site is not possible, focus on the quality of the chain. There are two kinds of situations, the link anchor text helps love Shanghai rankings, help website bare chain domain, the two complement can better get the relevant keywords ranking.

4, website content update for 10%

The chain of In 3,

chain sites accounted for 15%

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