McGrady tudou贵族宝贝 subtle comments

is not standardized;

2: breadcrumb navigation anchor text "accidentally fall in love with you" right URL point, should point to the list of pages from the view of optimization and user experience, and should not be the first set of another URL, so not only to participate in the ranking list page brings interference to users, but also do not experience good;

second, tudou贵族宝贝 give up and optimized the long tail word, why

effect due to the recent work is not love instability in Shanghai, so a long time not to share, today in BSG happened to see someone in the discussion and tudou贵族宝贝, a look, the following two aspects I on tudou贵族宝贝 subtle comments.

1 reasons: we can see "accidentally fall in love with you" is a specific drama, not all pages are the same, the easiest way is to simulate the spiders crawl, can also take a look at the basic elements of meta.

love Shanghai search "accidentally fell in love with you", URL is 贵族宝贝tudou贵族宝贝/playlist/album/id67012.html, the page is introduced, can be said to be "accidentally fall in love with you" video list page, the page pointing to the first set of URl is: 贵族宝贝tudou贵族宝贝/ playlist/p/a67012i89200002.html and "accidentally fall in love with you" do not point to the anchor text not only list page, but 贵族宝贝tudou贵族宝贝/playlist/p/a67012.html in the breadcrumb navigation which sets the page, this page is playing the first episode of the first set up page, URL and

1: the same page URL, with my analysis, this kind of URL did not pass the 301 nofollow, canonical redirection, etc.;

first, URL

? are different;

said so much, do not know if you understand me, but I hope that it is best to combine tudou贵族宝贝 specific page to see this article, although only a little comment, do not know where the intention of tudou贵族宝贝, if not my analysis, please also pointed out that the company registered by Hangzhou 贵族宝贝hzgszcw贵族宝贝 webmaster write thank you, please retain the respect.

2: love Shanghai search "accidentally fell in love with you the first set" "accidentally fall in love with you second sets of Related words, the results are not related to drama, but some episodes of conferences, etc., not only poor user experience, but also lost a lot of traffic. I believe that the search which sets a lot of users, do not know how that is tudou贵族宝贝.

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