How to use QQ space to do keyword ranking to promote products.


 Figure two

second: first, love Shanghai products;


log also did not forget to remind you to join their QQ group.

in the optimization of key words, the title is included in the key is one of the most important factors of the rankings, we look at the example above, the title not only contains the keywords, and the position and number of keywords are considered Shanghai dragon. The subtitle content not included in the title inside, so it piled up some key words. The same accumulation of keywords where there is space description:



at present, this is the only way I can explain the reason why such a stable ranking. Simple optimization, even now seems to have been out of date, but reached the Shanghai dragon final, which had to be amazing, really elusive love Shanghai. The original address: 贵族宝贝qiuing Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/wangluotuiguang/124.html references indicate the source "


we don’t get to ask, what is so stable ranking really depends on? Is related with QQ space setting, or love Shanghai gave higher weight QQ space, but I think it should be the keyword optimized results.

but the above was not very long, because of the keyword contains a specific word "space", so the scope is relatively fixed. However, we see another key words: choppingmachine.

QQ group up to a certain number, the managers will transfer some of the log space, to attract users more content to attract Click:

real Yang Mi space QQ certification Tencent ranked fourth.

case: Yang Mi QQ

although the title has slightly changed, but the main keywords unchanged, unchanged and very stable rankings, as shown above. A map is a April 11, 2012 article screenshot, figure two is the latest screenshots, more than two years, ranking remains stable.




third, titled "Yang Mi QQ" QQ space (there are a lot of this "fake" QQ space);

index: 1128 (nearly 30 days)

into this space, is the first to see the certification of enterprises, the advertising intention completely unmasked.

QQ space disguise like authentication of QQ space, and they will stand out in space where to add photos and log want others to see, such as QQ or QQ group:

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